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Celebrating my longest run since September before I fractured my pelvis!!!!!!!!
This run felt so easy! I didn’t look at my watch once at any of my mile splits and honestly it’s a mental struggle sometimes but it has really been helping me.

Also, my boyfriend cooked my pasta at 11:30pm last night and a bought me banana chocolate chip bagel with honey and peanut butter this morning so I was super carbo loaded heheheh


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Broadside - “Paradise”

[On a very hot day…]

Hamilton: You’re not sweating.

Jefferson: Uh-huh.

Hamilton: How could you not be sweating?

Jefferson: I don’t sweat.

Hamilton: Everybody sweats.

Madison: Not Thomas.

Burr: Thomas never sweats.

Hamilton: What do you mean he never sweats?

Jefferson: Sweating is gross, so I don’t do it.

Hamilton: So what? You’re just like…cold-blooded?

Madison [sarcastically]: Jefferson? Cold-blooded? What a surprise.

  • *trapped by Zarkon*
  • Lance: We gotta get out of here!
  • Allura: Yeah, thank you, Katherine Obvious!
  • Lance: What?
  • Allura: I said, thank you, Katherine Obvious.
  • Pidge: Did he say "Katherine Obvious"?
  • Hunk: It's "Captain Obvious".
  • Allura: Huh?
  • Lance: The expression is "Thank you, CAPTAIN Obvious."
  • Allura: It's not Katherine?
  • Lance: No.
  • Keith: Who would Katherine be?
  • Allura: Katherine could be a captain!