Ship to Wreck // Sammie & Victor

Sammie threw open the door to the dormitory boisterously. “I have arrived!” He announced, and stood in the doorway for a moment, waiting for a response. When he received none, Sammie marched inside, throwing the tie that had been hanging around his neck onto the ground. “Where is every– Ah! If it isn’t my favorite roommate,” he said, spotting the other boy. “How are ya, Prince Charming?”

oaks and lakes | victor & quinn


It was another free period, and it was another afternoon at the Black Lake. When did his life become so predictable? But the air was breathable down there, his mind was unclouded, and the thought of spending longer than he needed to in the Dungeons left a cold distaste in his bones. As Quinn strolled through the beaten path, he heard a couple of rowdy Fourth Years pass back and forth a Fanged Frisbee. They splashed on the shore, with no clear idea at how loud and obnoxious they were being. Ignoring them as he walked by, his appetite for fresh air was lost and was replaced by an irate annoyance. He kept walking a little while longer along the Black Lake to his usual spot. The dirt was drier, the stones were smoother to sit on, and there was a big tree to landmark it when he went swimming in it during the warmer seasons. Approaching, he noticed a familiar figure lounging in the outstretched branch that hung high above the ground. Quinn bent down and gathered a couple of small pebbles in his hand. “This what you do all day, Victor?” He called out and tossed a pebble at him. “Sit around, brooding, asking your diary why you don’t have better hair?” He kept hurling rocks on him, one after the other.