Me Watching Penny Dreadful

Show: *introduces Victor Frankenstein*
Me: Oh no. Oh no here it comes.
Show: *has Victor awaken his undead man-baby and, instead of running away, step up and be a parent to that undead man-baby like a fucking adult*
Me: Oh! Oh, this is different from the book. This is quite nice actually.
Show: *Victor teaches his man-baby how to eat, helps him pick his name, takes him outside on nice strolls and lets him pet a horse*
Me: Oh, this is really nice! This is so sweet! Look at him and his man-baby!
Show: So you like this? You like Victor being a good creator!daddy to Proteus?
Me: Yes! Yes, I really really do! Wait, why do you -
Show: *kills Proteus horribly* BAM say hello to Caliban!
Me:……… what the ACTUAL FUCK