Living Cities by Victor Enrich

Victor Enrich sees cities in a unique way.  A Catalan artist working in Barcelona, he gives buildings “self-determination” .  To him cities are alive, and so in his art buildings bend and stretch, even jump.  According to Victor Enrich:

Each part of the city acts as a catalyst of feelings, ideas and digressions that, once after its empowered soul emerges, becomes alive, unrestricted from norms, ready to fly into new, yet unexplored shapes (via Victor Enrich)

His images are taken from Munich, Barcelona, and other cities around the world.  Thanks to Design Boom.

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Posted by Lisa.


Víctor Enrich, photographer and illustrator, gets a kick out of bending reality. NHDK is a series of 88 whimsical photographs that show the NH München Deutscher Kaiser Hotel in Munich twisting and turning like it’s made of rubber.

Read about the project and check out more photos.

Victor Enrich is the kind of guy who can’t walk down the street without analyzing and comparing buildings. It’s a huge inspiration for his photography, which features humorous digitally manipulated photos of fantastical structures you’d never find in real life and the occasional measuring system you’ve never considered.

Measure is one such photograph. It features the narrow, wedge-shaped building that houses New York’s Storefront gallery inverted on a replica of the Spanish Pavilion built for the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. The image, though trippy, isn’t completely nonsensical: It proves the pavilion measures exactly one “storefront,” or 100 feet long.

Read more about Enrich’s project and his take on the concept of measurement.