victor ie atobe and tamaki's beautiful child

victor has just won his fourth consecutive world championship, and he and his good friend chris decide to take a few weeks off and soak in some sun on the Amalfi Coast.  what victor doesn’t really take into account but should have was that chris comes with his super hot boyfriend.  well, of course he does, and it’s not really like victor is third-wheeling it.  not really.  he’s with makkachin, and they’re doing their thing, playing on the beach and taking hikes, and chris and his super hot boyfriend are pretty much only on the beach (and in bed).  

but.  over dinners, while shopping, meeting up for a drink at night… chris and his super hot boyfriend are just so casually intimate, chris is just glowing and happy, there’s just something so comfortable and loving about them…

suddenly, victor is Thinking About Things.  things that victor Definitely Does Not Want to Think About.  winning year after year didn’t just happen.  he’s poured his heart, sweat, and soul into every season to make it happen.  and… as it turns out, it’s not as… satisfying as expected.  and now victor is faced with the Very Real Likelihood that he is lonely.  and that’s not something he wants to think about.  after all, he’s Victor freakin’ Nikiforov, certified to be one of the most desirable men in the world and the indisputable best figure skater alive.  if he hasn’t found someone yet then… whelp.

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i know fandom is in love with the idea of victor and yuri as yurio’s ‘parents’ and i’m not trying to change anyone’s idea about that, but it always hits me wrong.  their interaction just SCREAMS siblings to me.  i mean, i have three older brothers, so… just, too much of it reminds me of that sibling dynamic.  like…

victor not only taunting his little brother with how much more awesome he is, but taunting his little brother with how much more awesome he is while going to great pains to look even more down on him than normal and loving every second of it.

victor, loving the fact that he’s just set yurio off.  because that’s an older brother’s favorite pastime.  that look in victor’s eyes… he pretty much only gets that when he’s teasing the fuck out of yurio, because he loves it so much.

and on the other end…

not only is yurio kicking victor in the back a dozen times in a row such a Little Brother Thing, but victor just calmly waiting for yurio to be done kicking him is such a big brother thing.  not to mention everything that follows this…

these are just a few moments that hit me, but.  i just love their sibling bond. 

it’s really too bad that Victor didn’t get to see Yuri’s room with all the posters up etc, because i can 100000000% assure you that he wouldn’t have thought it was at all odd and would have heartily approved of Yuri’s design sense, and here is some proof:

see what Victor brought to Hasetsu!  a… framed picture… of… himself.  he doesn’t just HAVE a framed picture of himself, he has one, and he brought it with him to Japan.  couldn’t be without it.

oh, but it gets better.

because this is the same picture that yuri was looking at so longingly after taking his posters down…


a good relationship is based on similar tastes in art, decor, that sort of thing… *coughs*

look at victor as yuri walks away…  i mean….

he’s genuinely distressed here!!!!

and as yuri is leaving…

like, you can’t tell me that right here, there isn’t some part of victor that wants to go after yuri and find out what’s wrong… also… he def wanted a picture with yuri, too…!

(this is also almost certainly the first time someone has turned their back on victor…………. yuri, you player, you believe in the ‘make ‘em want it’ school of flirting, huh?)

this wouldn’t happen but…

if our favorite russian punk was giving yuri a hard time about his last grand prix performance… and someone else, who knows, phichit or yu-chan or even victor himself, depending on where they were, mentions that yuri’s dog, vicchan, had died just before then, so ofc yuri did poorly.

yuri braces himself for being teased, but yuri p. just gets really quiet.  really?  your dog died?  that sucks, man.  what happened to him?

blinking, yuri smiles shyly.  ah, he had cancer…

cancer?!  yuri p. is really upset.  what do you mean, cancer?  animals can get cancer!?!?!

our yuri doesn’t know what to say.  er, i think any living organism can get cancer…

why do animals have to get cancer? yuri demands.  animals are good and pure and do nothing wrong!  people get cancer because they suck!  what kind of world are we living in where animals can get cancer!?!?  victor!  victor did you know this????  animals can get cancer apparently!!!

victor isn’t even paying attention to him, really.  i don’t have time to teach you EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, yuri.  you have to figure some things out yourself.

this is bullshit!  i just googled it, apparently ANY animal can get cancer!  CATS CAN GET CANCER, VICTOR.  WHAT THE HELL.  WHAT THE EVER LOVING HELL.  i gotta go, he gets up right away.  i gotta go hug my cat.

yuri… victor starts, but it’s no good.

I HAVE TO GO HUG MY CAT, yuri stomps out.

victor shakes his head and turns to his yuri.  that child… he starts, but.

yuri is shaking, and there are tears streaming down his face.  he’s right, victor.  why do animals have to get cancer?  it’s not fair, it’s not right.  he was such a good doggy… and i didn’t even go to see him when he was sick…

and now victor has a crying yuri in his arms and he has to agree, animals shouldn’t get cancer…

so, picture this…

around the time of the ED, when victor and yuri are honeymooning frolicking on the coastal cliffs and playing in outdoor showers together… *coughs*

so, one night, they get pretty sloppy drunk, and then they decide that it would be a GREAT idea to go ice dancing.  even though victor in particular can barely stand on the normal ground, once they have skates on and are on the ice, they’re actually doing quite well.  they have good rhythm even without music, and they’re doing a pretty badass waltz, but

victor dips yuri a bit too low, and they nearly lose balance, but yuri manages to get his skates under him and keep them upright by sheer athletic ability.  unfortunately, they start laughing like crazy and end up in a pile on top of each other on the ice anyway.  oh well.

as long as they’re on top of each other, though… they start making out.  and then things get a bit heated.  and then it gets a bit more heated.  until yuri complains that it’s really cold in here for some reason and nearly slices victor’s leg open with his skate.  then, it occurs to them that having sex on the ice is not, actually, a Good Idea at all.  however, the cold did sober them up enough to get back to their bedroom (wherever that is…)

the next morning, victor REALLY laments that they didn’t film that last night!!  he was REALLY sure they were doing a good job!  hey, hey, yuri, let’s go back and dance some more!  let’s film it!  hey, hey, hey, don’t you think it’s unfair that there can’t be same sex couples in ice dancing????  there are no jumps or throws, so why not?????  let’s make a video of us dancing so amazing they HAVE to let us dance competitively!  yuri?  yuri!!!!

and so this becomes The Story of How Yuri Finally Agreed To Go Skinny-Dipping with Victor (To Make Him Shut Up About Revolutionizing the Ice Dancing World).