I've been so busy being excited about the Luke Cage cast, the Black Panther cast, and Baron Mordo, that I completely neglected to show my love to the DC sides of things.

We’ve got the lovely Kiersey Clemons as Iris West

And the super cool Ray Fisher as Cyborg/Vic Stone

Can’t forget about Will Smith’s Deadshot

Hell yeah.

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The signs as moments in the discovery of the secret room:
  • Aries:Zakiyah waking up and being confused
  • Taurus:Paulie taking a nap
  • Gemini:James and Natalie's phone call
  • Cancer:Victor hitting his head on the tunnel door
  • Leo:Nicole wanting to wake up Corey
  • Virgo:Paul's attempt to lie about what was in the room
  • Libra:Zakiyah and Da'vonne accusing production of rigging
  • Scorpio:Paul running around the house like a mad man
  • Sagittarius:Corey walking around mumbling
  • Capricorn:Michelle going in the room last
  • Aquarius:Paul not caring and going in the room in front of Da'vonne, Bridgette, and Natalie
  • Pisces:James and Corey refusing to go downstairs when Paul asked them to