The Tally of the Victors’ Vote

Was it like this then? Seventy-five years or so ago? Did a group of people sit around and cast their votes on initiating the Hunger Games? Was there dissent? Did someone make a case for mercy that was beaten down by the calls for the deaths of the districts’ children? The scent of Snow’s rose curls up into my nose, down into my throat, squeezing it tight with despair. All those people I loved, dead, and we are discussing the next Hunger Games in an attempt to avoid wasting life. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now.

Before discovering the Impressionists, Paul Durand-Ruel first joined his father’s art gallery to sell works by artists like Eugène Delacroix, who inspired him to spend his life working to support great artists.

Interior of a Dominican Convent in Madrid,” 1831, by Ferdinand-Victor-Eugène Delacroix


Britain’s Cold War nuclear bombers:

The Short Sperrin - August 1951, an insurance policy for the truly space-age endeavors being undertaken at Handley Page and Avro - only two were built.

The Vickers Valiant - May 1951, a very capable but less advanced aircraft, crucially available much sooner than the competition.

The Avro Vulcan -  August 1952, the most iconic and enduring design, rugged and highly maneuverable at high altitude, they were effectively immune to interception by early jets.

The Handley Page Victor - December 1952, with its crescent-shaped swept wing it was the most aerodynamically advanced aircraft to fly at that time. Downward lift on the tailplane also meant that in calm winds the aircraft would level itself out and land smoothly without input from the pilot.

The Vickers Valiant B.2 - September 1953, an all black one-off badass independently developed by Vickers. Capable of 640 mph (1030 km/h) at sea-level it could even outrun the Boeing B-47 Stratojet. It was scrapped in 1958 however, ironically as new missiles would force the ill-suited V-Bombers to low altitude - where this thing thrived. When Vickers test pilot Brian Trubshaw saw the bomber’s muscular shape in the Vickers design office, he signalled his approval, then added “And paint the fucker black”. Best of the lot.

The TSR-2 - September 1964, it represented the same generational jump in capability as the Vulcan and Victor had from the Lancaster. As an all-weather mach 2+ low level penetrator, the aircraft was groundbreaking. Spiraling costs, a hostile press and an idiotic Labour government however, all contrived to steal a truly magnificent aircraft and valuable export product from the nation. As James Holland said: ”…it’s the culmination of 20 years of being at the top of there game - makes you wanna weep".

Another excerpt from my upcoming original story, The Antagonists:

“Wait a minute,” Minnie spoke up, “If Merlin had the power of foresight, why wasn’t he able to see his own death?”

“We don’t know,” Victor sadly said .

Nicolas nodded and added, “We’ve wondered that for sixteen-hundred-years.”

Perry slipped out of the room.

Minnie frowned at the abrupt departure. She realized that Victor and Nicolas hadn’t noticed. They continued to admiringly talk about Merlin.

Minnie hesitated before saying, “I’m…umm…going to get some more water.”

“Do you want me to get it?” Victor asked.

“No, it’s okay,” Minnie quickly said, “I’m just…going to…”

She lamely broke off and left without another word.

She wheeled through Victor’s house, trying not to bump into anything. She kept an eye out for Perry. Minnie finally heard the soft, yet unmistakable, sound of crying. She followed it and stopped outside the closed bathroom door.

Minnie knocked and whispered Perry’s name.

She heard a muffled, “Yes?”

“Do you want me to get Nicolas?” Minnie asked.

“No, no,” Perry croaked, “I’m fine, really.”

“Okay,” Minnie uncertainly said, “Well…if you need to talk…”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t talk to you,” Perry sighed, “I can’t talk to anyone.”

“You can talk to me,” Minnie immediately said.

Minnie was about to add that Perry could trust her.

Then again, Minnie realized that Perry had only met her yesterday.

The door opened and Perry whispered, “I do trust you.”

Minnie still had to get used to the fact that she was talking to someone who could hear her every thought. Still, Perry’s statement caused her to smile. She followed the upset woman back into the bathroom. Perry sat on the edge of the tub and buried her face in her hands.

Minnie patiently waited.

At long last, Perry croaked, “What I’m about to tell you cannot be repeated to Nicolas or Victor. I’ve hidden it from them for sixteen-hundred-years.”

“What is it?”

Perry took a deep breath and whispered……..

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Random happy Batfam thing! Imagine someone from the league coming to Wayne Manor to talk to Bruce about something. Damian answers the door for them and gets this sly, grin on his face; "He's in the kitchen." So the leaguers go to the kitchen to find Bruce Wayne, the God damned Batman, singing "Rag Time Gal" with his kids at the top of his lungs and making cookies and macaroni or alphabet soup. Glitter is everywhere. Bruce has a genuine, wide smile. It becomes a JLA legend.


cyborg just. casually takes fourteen hundred photos. the flash slips and falls and brings the attention to them. wonder woman lasso-ing bruce to make sure it really is him (’the lasso compels you to tell me whether or not you’re really bruce wayne. and also what those cookies are made of. hal has a peanut sensitivity.’)
Transgender advocates land meeting with Victor Boudreau
New Brunswick Transgender Health Network says province is last to fund gender reassignment surgery

The New Brunswick Transgender Health Network will be meeting Health Minister Victor Boudreau next month as the group continues to lobby for provincial funding for gender reassignment surgery.

New Brunswickers seeking gender reassignment surgery are the only ones in the country who have to pay out-of-pocket for the costly procedure.

Michelle Leard, a founder of the New Brunswick Transgender Health Network, said her organization has been trying unsuccessfully for months to get a meeting with the province’s health minister to raise this concern.

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