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I keep seeing all these posts where people say they want to be with Ives, Begbie, or Gaz and I think that is so crazy! Who wants to really be with a cannibal, an abusive mental case, or an irresponsible jerk? I mean, Bobby is beautiful always, but the characters are not always good choices for relationships. Please be honest and give me the 10 Bobby characters you believe you could have a GOOD relationship with based more than just looks and 10 characters you would never want to be with.

Wow Anon… you’re gonna ask me the tough questions, I see… ;-)

While I do agree that some people pick certain Bobby characters to love/lust after based on that character’s particular look, I believe that some people really find a connection with characters like Begbie or Gaz for whatever reason.  Ives… I’m hoping people just like because Bobby looks so incredibly hot and not because they really want to participate in any kind of cannibalistic lifestyle! ;-)

Because this topic interests me so much, I’m going to give you three lists: The ten characters I believe I could have a good relationship with, the ten characters I would never have a relationship with, and the ten characters I lust after based solely on their physical appeal.

10 RC Characters I Could Have A Realistic Relationship With:

1- Frank Keane (Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School)

Frank is not only a great guy, but he’s full of passion and he’s someone longing for love. We’ve both loved and lost and I think we could relate to each other and build something together.  Plus, I love a man who bakes! :-)

2- Tom Monroe (Class Of ‘76)

Tom is a kind and loyal man who takes his job and responsibilities very seriously.  Sure, he spends a lot of time at work, but I’ve got things I want to do in life as well and I’m sure I could get him to take a day or two off to have fun… with the right incentives, of course! ;-)

3- George Lennox (Carla’s Song)

Sweet, passionate George might have a little damsel in distress complex I need to watch out for, but he’s obviously looking for someone to love and share his life with.  Adventuring with this guy is a must and I have a feeling that he would stick around for someone who kept things interesting! ;-)

4- Nicholas Rush (Stargate Universe)

Sure Rush is a prickly workaholic, but I’m in a relationship with an engineer, so I know how to handle a man who has work on his mind a little too much.  Plus, I’m a sapiosexual, which means I’m attracted to intelligence and we all know Rush is a very smart man.  I bet we would have lovely conversations discussing books, music, movies… as long as he didn’t want me to do math, we would be fine! :-)

5- Peter Cameron (Marooned)

Peter is obviously looking for a connection and wants to have someone in his life. He’s a good guy and good partner material. :-)

6- O (The Mighty Celt)

O has some obvious issues from his past, but he seems like he’s in a place in his life where he wants to be responsible and do things right. Plus, you know he wouldn’t shirk on the housecleaning! ;-)

7- Hamish Macbeth (Hamish Macbeth)

He’s a man with a steady job who likes to have fun and is good to those around him. Plus, he has a great sense of humor! ;-)

8- William Plunkett (Plunkett & Macleane)

Sure, Will has been in trouble with the law, but once he has enough money to open his apothecary, I have no doubt he will pretty much be a law abiding citizen.  He is the type of man to settle down and be very loyal to a woman! It’s his amoral friends you’ll have to worry about… ;-)

9- Eric Wirral (There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble)

Eric most certainly has got to work on getting more of a backbone and moving on from his past, but I’m sure the right woman could help restore his confidence and get him moving in the right direction. :-)

10- Carl Benton (24: Redemption)

It’s true that Carl has a somewhat shady military past, but he’s all about redemption, as the title suggests.  Carl needs someone to help heal his tortured soul and help him make a difference in the world. :-)

10 RC Characters I Would Never Want A Relationship With:

1- Adolph Hitler (Hitler: The Rise Of Evil)

I shouldn’t have to explain this one… he was a mass-murdering fuckhead! :-(

2-  Sergei Karpovich (Human Trafficking)

This one should be pretty self-explanatory too… he’s a human sex trafficker! :-(

3- Albert (Albie) Kinsella (Cracker)

A mentally unstable murderer is not for me, no matter how much he loves cats! :-(

4- Col. Ives/ F.W. Colqhoun (Ravenous)

No matter how attractive and sinfully appealing this eater of human flesh is, I could never truly relax around him.  What if he got really hungry? Plus, I like meat… but I’m pretty sure I would never go cannibal unless I had to! :-(

5- King James I (Gunpowder, Treason & Plot)

His awful behavior toward women, his extracurricular (and sometimes forced) activities with men while he was married, and his anger issues make this one man I would not want to be with. The guy has some serious issues! :-(

6- Victor Zokas a.k.a. "Renard" (The World Is Not Enough)

He’s a sympathetic character to be sure, but still a terrorist who murdered a lot of people and the whole unable to feel anything is a  definite deal breaker for me. :-(

7- Francis (Franco) Begbie (Trainspotting)

I couldn't and wouldn't put up with any of his macho, aggressive, and violent behavior. :-(

8- Malachy McCourt (Angela’s Ashes)

An alcoholic who runs away from his responsibilities is someone I definitely don’t want to get involved with. :-(

9- Jimmy (Once Upon A Time In The Midlands)

Jimmy is a selfish prick who doesn’t care that he’s hurting the people around him. He’s also far too enamored with himself to be a good partner in any relationship.

10- Gary (Gaz) Schofield (The Full Monty)

Much like Jimmy, Gaz is a guy who will let you down most of the time. He would be really annoying as a partner in a relationship.

10 RC Characters I Find The Most Physically Appealing:

1- Nicholas Rush (Stargate Universe)

2- Mr. Gold (Once Upon A Time)

3- Lachlan MacAldonich (California Solo)

4- Col. Ives (Ravenous)

5- William Plunkett (Plunkett & Macleane)

6- Frank Keane  (Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School)

7- Ray (Face)

8- Jimmy (Once Upon A Time In The Midlands)

9- John MacCormick (Stone Of Destiny)

10- Joseph MacAvoy (The Tournament)

I would be interested to get the take of other Bobby movie lovers who have seen a lot of his filmography. @gameoftywinning , @nothingeverlost , @computersimulationofme  … and anyone else who wants to chime in…

On Mountaintops in Russia (15/?): Judas

Pairing: Renbelle (Ouat/James Bond)
Author: CruiseControl (thatlassiegotglassed)
Rating: M

Read from the beginning on [AO3] and [FF.NET]

Chapter Summary: The mole is discovered.

Belle opened her eyes to the sound of yelling. Renard was still at her back so at least it meant he hadn’t gotten up in the middle of the night and picked another fight with Anderson. It wasn’t as bright as it should have been and after a quick glance at the clock she found out why. They had been asleep for almost fifteen hours.

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James Bond: [as the puts the silencer on his P99] I usually hate killing an unarmed man. Cold-blooded murder is a filthy business.
Renard: A man tires of being executed.
James Bond: But in your case, I feel nothing, just like you.
Renard: But then again, there’s no point living if you can’t feel alive?

On Mountaintops in Russia: (14/?) The World is Not Enough

Pairing: Renbelle (Ouat/James Bond)
Author: CruiseControl (thatlassiegotglassed)
Rating: M

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Chapter Summary: Renard and Belle try and rescue her father. (Almost there guys…)

Belle stepped off the sidewalk and into the busy street only to jump back as a car honked and swerved to miss her. The driver cursed loudly out the window and tourists on either side of her looked towards the commotion.

“S-shit,” she whispered, catching her breath before trying once more. This time she looked both ways.

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On Mountaintops in Russia: From the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell (16/17)

Pairing: Renbelle (Ouat/James Bond)
Author: CruiseControl (thatlassiegotglassed)
Rating: M

Read from the beginning on [AO3] and [FF.NET]

Chapter Summary: The story is complete on my computer and I will post the final part tomorrow. This is nuts. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks again to Beeeinyourbonnet for beta-ing this chapter. She’s amazing guys.

This wasn’t the first time she had been tied to a chair. Belle’s eyes opened and closed, her vision swimming between the darkness and the room around her until the blurriness cleared and a deep throb set into her skull. Everything hurt. From the tension in her shoulders to the soles of her bare feet, she ached and for a moment she couldn’t think why.

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