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Victor & Valentino - Cartoon Network Pilot

I wanna see more of this. Or in general more Mexican stuff on there.


After fleeing as a teenager from the rising unrest in Tsarist Russia, Viktor Nikiforov quickly assumes a shining role in the new craze of “moving pictures” that sweeps across the world. A talented dancer, singer, actor and wit, the “Exiled Prince” became a heartthrob and personification of the break from conformity that came in the wake of the Great War. 

One day he hears a familiar voice on the wireless; a stray recording of a young  actor reciting one of his most famous speeches that rekindles an old memory.

Because that 1920s au.  Quick doodle before bed. I just wanted to draw Victor as Valentino tbh.

Y’allllllll ok I know everyone is talking about Infinity Train (Which I absolutely LOVE don’t get me wrong) but why haven’t I seen anything about Victor and Valentino yet? It’s another pilot episode CN put on its Youtube channel

I think it’s got a lot of promise! Seems like it has more “random” humor than it really needs, but otherwise I really like it. The animation and designs are really nice and the voice work is great too, so please check this one out!

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Infinity Train would be better off as a miniseries than a full one.

What do you guys think about having “Infinity Train” as a MINISERIES on CN. Because to be frank, I can’t see it’s concept stretching out to 3 or more seasons, kind of much like “Over the Garden Wall”. It might be better off in that format rather than a full series. I can honestly see “Victor & Valentino” or “Twelve Forever” work as full series like the recently greenlit “OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes!” & “Summer Camp Island”. (PS I’d also like to see a “Back to Backspace” miniseries as well)

Please comment below and tell me what you think!


I now have at least one picture of each goat here on the Fortson 4-H center’s farm. The two babies here are Victor (short ears) and Valentino (long ears). The mom is Jill (the bottom one of the trio) and their aunt, Daisy (the one trying to eat my camera). We also have a guest appearance of my Rubber Ducky!

These two have grown quite a bit since my arriving at Fortson.