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CodotVerse Rogue Heights

I’ve been getting a few questions about the height of the rogues, so I figured I would just show my reference list (for artistic reference or general curiosity).


R’AS AL GHUL - 5′11″
THE JOKER - 6′1″


I’ll be sure to update this as new rogues enter the fray.


After fleeing as a teenager from the rising unrest in Tsarist Russia, Viktor Nikiforov quickly assumes a shining role in the new craze of “moving pictures” that sweeps across the world. A talented dancer, singer, actor and wit, the “Exiled Prince” became a heartthrob and personification of the break from conformity that came in the wake of the Great War. 

One day he hears a familiar voice on the wireless; a stray recording of a young  actor reciting one of his most famous speeches that rekindles an old memory.

Because that 1920s au.  Quick doodle before bed. I just wanted to draw Victor as Valentino tbh.

Look i know yall dont wanna give pixars CoCo a chance because u think they ripped of Book of Life or whatever other reason but im actually interested in seeing it because 1…love triangles in any shape or form always un interest me, and 2nd, Cocos premise is:

“Coco follows a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who sets off a chain of events relating to a century-old mystery, leading to an extraordinary family reunion.

Despite his family’s generation-old ban on music, Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector (Gael García Bernal) and together they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.”

Like??? u dont wanna see it fine but hey look there can be more than one movie that takes on The Day of The Dead setting and besides its obviously not the same story. As a latinx i feel drawn to it, we need more latinx kid characters on the big screen!! We need more of them being seen going on magical adventures too!!! Also The person in charge is known to be good about writing kid stuff, hes literally the director for toy story like idk why im typing any of this other than im annoyed by whites on tumblr driving other people away from seeing this movie and giving it a chance for some more representation to get out there, especually after the way some of yall shat on that one cartoon pilot about latino boys CREATED by a LATINO :/ (i see u cartoon network u posted dates and times for the premier of inf//inity tr//ain and straight up uploaded the whole pilot of it on ur twitter but for Victor ans Valentino u didnt even show a picture of the main chars)

Anyway, iv rambled a while. Im not saying u gotta like CoCo or go see it,or if you are latinx you havto like it, same with Victor or Valentino, just…read what iv talked about and try to see where im coming from thanks

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You did heights but what about ages? I'm new to the Codotverse, forgive me

The ages have yet to be set in stone for all the rogues, but here’s what I do know:


Edward Nygma is 37
Jonathan Crane is 44
Bruce Wayne is 43
Harvey Dent is 43
Lucenzo Valentino is 35
Victor Fries is 92
Basil Karlo is 119
Jervis Tetch is 36
Selina Kyle is 39
Thomas Elliot is 42

Those are the ages that I have made an actual note on. Others will fall into place as I need them to.


Victor & Valentino - Cartoon Network Pilot

I wanna see more of this. Or in general more Mexican stuff on there.

Y’allllllll ok I know everyone is talking about Infinity Train (Which I absolutely LOVE don’t get me wrong) but why haven’t I seen anything about Victor and Valentino yet? It’s another pilot episode CN put on its Youtube channel

I think it’s got a lot of promise! Seems like it has more “random” humor than it really needs, but otherwise I really like it. The animation and designs are really nice and the voice work is great too, so please check this one out!

List of Names

A: Apple, Alaska, Aster, Augusta, Azul, Agate, Amber, Apricot, Amazon, Ambrosia, Astra, Andromache, Apollonia, Adele, Arabelle, Antoinette, Aruna, Aynur, Alma, Amalia, Avalon, Agnete, Arabella, Alba, Anais, Aphra, Amabel, Anouk, Amica, Andorra, Ada, Adelaide, Agnes, Alberta, Anastasia, Ash, Amanda, Arcadia, Allegra, Aubade
B: Bloom, Blaise, Belle, Becka, Birdie, Basma, Belinda, Bronte, Bechette, Blossom, Bluebell, Blanche, Banana, Bijou
C: Cheese, Cantaloupe, Cherry, Clementine, Coral, Candle, Confetti, Camilla, Cora, Cundrie, Ceres, Clover, Camelia, Clio, Cyra, Carrot, Constance, Citron, Celeste
D: Dahlia, Daisy, Dot, Dagmar, Ditte, Destry, Donatella, Demeter, Dolly, Dillon, Domino, Dora, Delphine, Diva, Diana, Daphne, Demi, Duff
E: Emmy, Eloise, Echo, Elfie, Elsie, Elle, Ennui, Evita, Estella, Eudora, Easter, Eowyn, Euphemia, Elsbeth, Electra, Etta, Eugenia, Epiphania, Effy, Eliza, Emma, Eureka
F: Fleur, Firefly, Flame, Frida, Fidda, Freya, Franka, Florika, Fauna, Fran, Fay, Faith, Fabiola, Flora, Fenna, Future, Flair, Fanny, Fritzi, Finka, Fear
G: Gürsel, Greta, Gaia, Glenda, Guinevere, Gilda, Grace, Gray, Geraldine, Gail,Gloria, Gusta, Gwen, Goldie, Gia, Gorgette, Gala
H: Hazel, Honey, Helena, Harriett, Hedy, Haruna, Heidi, Holly, Huda, Hella, Hadley, Hatti, Honoria, Hester, Hope, Harp, Honolulu, Haven, Hermione,
I: Iris, Imogen, Ivy, Iole, Ink, Isadora, Ida, Isle, Ira, Ilona, Ina, Irini, Ilka, Ilma
J: Jasmine, Jane, Jules, Jacinta, Jonquil, Josephine, Joy, Jala, Jackie, Jemsa, Julitta, Justice, Juno, Juba, Jolie
K: Klarissa, Kitz, Kaja, Kira, Kay, Kali, Katti, Karina, Khloe, Kiki, Kylie
L: Lady, Laurel, Lily, Luna, Lexa, Lavender, Lorelei, Lali, Lane, Luminita, Lissy, Lisel, Laurinda, Laverne, Linette, Laudine, Lone, Lale, Lark, Lupe, Lou, Lyssa, Lake, Lucienne, Lilac, Lotus, Lavinia, Letitia, Lucasta, Lux, Lilibeth, Liberty
M: Marnie, Mae, Magnolia, Mai, Melon, Marigold, Majesty, Mitra, Moon, Minnie, Müge, Miu, Mondra, Molly, Mazel, Mala, Masika, Meliur, Melusine, Meret, Medusa, Mafalda, Margo, Madigan, Mauve, Mardi, Madrigal, Mecki, Mireille, Marguerite, Mamie, Martha, Mabel, Mildred, Maude, Mia, Minerva, Miriam, Muriel, Morgane
N: Naomi, Nanda, Nur, Norma, North, Nyx, Ninon, November, Nod, Nana, Nedda, Nelly, Nina, Nicki, Nolwenn
O: Opal, Octavia, Olivia, Ono, Odessa, Olympia, Orchid, Oceane, Oak
P: Prism, Paisley, Poppy, Peach, Pepper, Psalmody, Pearl, Pinkie, Pretty, Paula, Puma, Plum, Paz, Philomena, Pippa, Pansy, Petunia, Priscilla
Q: Quirl
R: Roux, Rose, Ravi, Rukmini, Regina, Renata, Rudy, Rosanna, Rica, Reggie, Raven, Rhapsody, Raga, Rahel
S: Sage, Siren, Scarlet, Suki, Snow, Salome, Shani, Sidonie, Suri, Solstice, Saara, Signy, Sam, Sid, Salmon, Sabra, Spring, Sidra, Sinead, Stella, Serenade, Sophie, Solveig, Sölve
T: Tawny, Topaz, Tabulah, Trixie, Thelma, Theodora, Thordis, Tovi, Tauria, Tribeca, Taja, Tulip, Tempest, Toccata, Trudi
U: Ursula, Umbria, Unity, Undine, Ute, Uma
V: Violetta, Vivian, Valda, Vox, Verna, Vega, Vita, Virginia
W: Windy, Winter, Wallis, Wilhelmina, Winifred, Wanda, Wicca
X: Xena
Z: Zlota, Zita, Zuzu, Zee, Zelfa, Zulma

/ / / / / / / / / /

A: Amos, Alonzo, Asti, Attwell, Atlas, Adam, Anakin, Attila, Aulus, Abner, Alfredo, Alvaro, Alcott, Auden, August, Austen, Ansel, Alistair, Ambrose, Adonis, Axel
B: Banjo, Benjamin, Bert, Barnabas, Beech, Barley, Buddy, Balthasar, Bruce, Bass, Brain, Bug, Bay, Basilo, Babek, Byron, Boden, Branch, Betto, Baer, Buddy, Bart, Bly, Bowie, Buzz, Bernard, Bello
C: Clay, Cooper, Crispin, Cedar, Cosmo, Cupid, Cyrus, Cedreg, Chandler, Crane, Canaan, Claudius, Caesar, Carl
D: Dudley, Dagobert, Dexter, Dusk, Duke, Dunstan, Dante, Dixerid, Dingo, Dale, Damon, Darwin, Darold, Decker, Dickson, Doolish, Dumas, Drake, Dundee, Dwayne, Dutch
E: Eli, Egon, Eurig, Erec, Esteban, Emerson, Ed, Evander, Emery, Ebenezer, Eduardo, Eldred, Emilio, Elmo, Endicott, Ennis, Enzo, Erasmus, Essex, Etan, Elvin, Edgar, Eagle
F: Fife, Fritz, Ferdinand, Forrest, Flint, Fred, Fishel, Fortunato, Forster, Frank, Fiodor, Fillmore, Fabius, Faro, Fidel, Fairchild, Finnley, Ford, Frisco, Frodo, Fuji, Franklin
G: Glen, Gustav, Grendel, Guy, Guille, Galway, Guybrush, Glasgow, Gore, Grover, Gunner, Gaius, Gamal, Gonzalo, Gert, Granger, Greco, Gulliver, Goliath, Gogol, Godfrey, Gentry, George, Gawain, Gable
H: Humphrey, Harkin, Hunter, Hamlet, Hans, Horatio, Hector, Henry, Holden, Hero, Hermes, Hari, Hammett, Hart, Hannu, Hagen, Homer, Hook, Hal, Hadden, Helgi, Heinrich, Hobbes, Hogan, Huck, Horst
I: Ingmar, Ibsen, Igor, Ignaz, Issac, Irving, Iso
J: Jet, Jasper, John, Jethro, Jebediah, Juju, Joktan, Jericho, Jonah, Joseph, Janosch, Jack, Johann, Javor, Jaxon, Joost, Justus, Julien, José
K: Ken, Knox, Kazuki, Kale, Kenzo, Kun, Kerl, Kaddish, Kurt, Keanu, Kent, King, Knight, Kofi, Konrad, Kamil, Kafka
L: Lark, Lionel, Ludwig, Lupus, Lion, Laser, Laszlo, Leif, Lanval, Lowell, Lynx, Lazarus, Leander, Land, Levi, Lester, Lochlan, Lincoln, Lynch, Lysander, Luther, Leonardo, Lem
M: Mercury, Milo, Meatball, Marmaduke, Maverick, Magnet, Marius, Miles, Monte, Marcello, Muck, Montgomery, Maddox, Mac, Malcolm, Manfred, Massimo, Milas, Musa, Merton
N: Neo, Neptune, Narcomon, Nocturnus, Nelson, Noll, Nash, Napoleon, Nigel, Nate, Nacho, Nemo, Nero, Norton, Norwood, Noam, Nick
O: Otto, Oliver, Ovid, Orion, Oriol, Orson, Otis, Oswald, Oz, Oro, Oslo, Orwell, Olec
P: Park, Peter, Pilot, Paul, Pit, Pumba, Pike, Pollo, Paddy, Pagan, Pie, Pomeroy, Prince, Ponti
Q: Quentin, Quebec, Quince, Quirin
R: Rhett, Rio, Ralph, Rory, Rusty, Rye, Rock, Remus, Romulus, Reginald, Rex, River, Ridge, Rufus, Ruvik, Rupert, Radcliff, Rad, Rawson, Rocco, Roland, Ryder, Roper, Ruben
S: Shale, Sylvester, Saul, Samson, Sheldon, Sonic, Sterling, Sparrow, Severus, Sailor, Simba, Silas, Salvatore, Santo, Sergeant, Sean, Scully, Sherlock, Stewart, Spike, Sim, Stieg, Sultan, Saladin
T: Thorpe, Thaddeus, Tito, Tango, Titan, Triton, Thor, Theobald, Tamir, Tomato, Thorn, Tybalt, Tristan, Taran, Taft, Tanner, Telmo, Talbot, Templeton, Tom, Thurgood, Track, Tower, Twain, Tasso
U: Uri, Ulric, Uriel, Usher, Umberto, Ulysses, Upton
V: Voltaire, Victor, Vlad, Vipul, Valentino, Vasu
W: Wilder, Wheatly, Weldon, Willie, Wolfgang, Walt, Waldo
Y: Yule, York, Yves, Yair, Yaw, Yorik
Z: Zinc, Zac, Zander, Zul, Zephyr, Ziggy, Zeus, Zeno, Zed

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Is Infinity Train part of something like The Cartoonstitute or are they just releasing a few pilots? I saw them promote another pilot called Victor and Valentino, I only know of these two pilots so far.

Sort of.

There are two programs at Cartoon Network: there’s the comedy development program and the action development program (I think they now call themselves the “Play” program). They’re separate teams with separate focuses, but both of them have the main goal of helping develop pilots and shows for the network.

I don’t know much about the play program, so I won’t really go into it. All I know is they made Ben 10, Mixels, and Mighty Magiswords. I can definitely talk about the comedy program though.

Comedy focuses on, oddly enough, comedy! They listen to pitches from different show creators and studios who have ideas for a comedy series and then pick ones they’re interested working on further. If it’s partnering with another studio to make a short, then that studio will work on it. However, as is often the case, there are a lot of creators that come to the Cartoon Network or are from in house that CN then supports and helps to make their pilot. This is how most of the pilots at CN get made.

CN has a few people that work in comedy development permanently and they are very skilled. There are artists, executive heads, and production staff, and they’re all there to try and help your pilot become the best it can possible be.

The executive team is there to sort of oversee the whole process. They’ll often give you story notes or notes from Standards and Practices (the people whose job it is to make sure you don’t swear in any country’s language, mention anything about death, or draw a turd) and sometimes they even help you argue against some of those notes. They’re supposed to find great ideas and help nurture them into fully fledged shows, and they want your show to be good, they’re investing in it after all. They’re tasked with the difficult job of figuring out if some random person who says “I have a show for you, and it’s all about the color puce” is to be trusted to make a pilot and then possibly a show. These are the same people that had to sit there and make the final decision on “Ok, is there any merit to a show about a blue jay, a raccoon, a yeti, a gumball machine, and a ghost with a hand on its head that work at a park?”

Mike Roth is the supervising producer, his job is to be your guide through the whole process because he’s worked on so many shows in so many different capacities (including regular show). He’s an invaluable tool in helping you predict things like “Hey, word this differently, otherwise your voice actor will think you hate them.” Stuff like that, that you would only learn through experience.

@ncrossanimation is the art director (also the art director on Over the Garden Wall). His job is be a perfect chameleon artist that can switch to any style seamlessly and beautifully while also managing assets and other artists and getting them to do the same. He’s basically someone you want in the room at all times because he can tell you what steps you need to take to achieve whatever look you’re going for.

Some shows that were developed from pilots that were made through this program include Steven Universe, Clarence, We Bare Bears, Long Live the Royals, and Tome of the Unknown/Over the Garden Wall.

Infinity Train, along with Diego Molano’s Victor and Valentino (which is beautiful btw) are also part of this program. Victor and Valentino I believe comes out this weekend on TV, and then both of our shorts come out on VOD this Tuesday and Youtube this Wednesday.

Anyway it’s a pretty fun process. You should try it sometime!


Good news, I’ve got ALL* of the [new] cryptograms deciphered for you! In nice, easy-to-find categories, no less! (*With the exception of A) the Shape-Shifter’s page and the Blind Eye page, as there’s nothing new there to decipher. B) The seemingly random numeric values scattered on some of the pages. C) The possibly-morse-code(?) blocks.)

Naturally, there are SPOILERS FOR JOURNAL 3 below the break:

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