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Victor Anderson was initiated into various forms of indigenous traditions throughout his childhood and early teens in 1920-1930’s American West. He would go on to found the Feri witchcraft tradition with his wife Cora, who was raised with traditional wise folk healing traditions in the Appalachians.

This amazing text presents never before seen interviews Victor and Cora gave with Cornelia Benavidez clarifying many of the rumors and misconceptions about himself and Feri. I had the great pleasure of typing these from the original cassette tapes. William Wallworth and I were researching Victor and his past prior to joining with Cornelia and so all three of us have added commentary and documentary evidence, research and analysis.

Signed copy will ship last week of May 2017

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teen victor being teased by older russian rinkmates about his changing voice and he gets annoyed and yells at them to stop but it comes out like "stOp it yoU GuyYss" and he storms out

Victor tries so hard to be taken seriously but it’s hard when his voice cracks every other sentence so he puts all of his energy into his skating instead. He wins the Junior Worlds Championship and the interviewer asks him about his prospects for the next season. He squeaks on his answer and Yakov comforts him but Yuuri finds the video online years later and can’t stop laughing (Victor laughs, too)

(in ref to this)