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The definition of Fast Friends

I have already spewed endlessly on how much I love Yuri on Ice and the way they present their narrative. What I love most is their theme of mirroring and contrasting certain elements. 

I’m not sure if this particular point has been brought to attention yet. I think in establishing Yuri and Otabek’s friendship, what the creators want to show is how close they got in an immense short span of time. What I have noticed in the imagery is the following.

Take note of how Yuuri and Victor first sit together at the beginning of their story arch: 

They sit apart, indicating that they have to grow towards each other. This of course has to do with Yuuri’s character development: learning to accept help from others and in his turn place trust in himself and his abilities. 

Compare this to how Otabek and Yuri sit together on the beach in Barcelona, about two days into their friendship:

There’s literally no space between them. What this implies is how willing Yuri was to accept Otabek into his life as a friend. Whereas Yuuri is hesitant to let people near because of his self-doubt, Yuri is pretty much desperate for a friend; a peer who will understand him in the way he wants to be seen. It’s why Yuri is so clingy. I think he feels completely understood by Otabek from the very beginning and things in their (platonic) relationship happen at lightening speed. There is immediate trust, because Yuri (and Otabek too, for that matter) are so willing. They are the definition of fast friends.

And I got all of that just by how they are sitting on a bench, which shows how well the YOI creators think out their characterization. 


Revampin’ old favorites is apparently my bag right now. So, Minx here (right) was created by my pal @caowens77 and I way the heck back in the late 90’s for what would quickly become a multi-artist-run XMen AU fan website called Next X Comics, which ran actively for years, producing a ton of art and stories by all kinds of folks, back in the early 00’s. (It was a website essentially based on the fictitious “next generation” of XMen and associated villains) The upside of all this? It was all mad fun shared with some amazing, talented folks, and some of my first exposure to creative collaboration. The downside? This was largely way back in high school for me (and just thereafter) which means a whole lot of terrible artwork and utterly confusing design choices were created along the way. (And sweet baby Jesus, the typos in that fanfic!) 😂 So, it’s been fun here over the past few months to step back and reconsider a nearly 20 year old character made way back when I was a pup… before college or art career and all… as well as her Old Man, of course. She almost looks like a presentable comic villain now. Heyyyy 😜

YOI Old Hollywood AU Teaser

It’s been a while since I posted the character outline for my YOI Old Hollywood AU. Believe me when I say I think about my AU daily, but the writing is going slow because of other projects. Now see, @kirinvlinder tagged me in a post to give the first lines from 20 of your fics. I don’t have 20 fics but I figured I could give you a teaser of the first chapter of this AU instead. Keep in mind that this is still a WIP and this small part just serves as an impression of how the story starts. I also post it to motivate myself a little bit to keep at it. Your response has been so amazing! But it also means the pressure is on… Here goes nothing.


Chapter 1

Though the room was filled with people, it became awfully quiet as everyone seemed to wait with baited breath for the name to be called out. The presenter carefully slid the card out of the envelope, briefly glanced at it and cast her eyes on the crowd with a smile.

“Victor Nikiforov,” she announced and as expected the room erupted with riotous applause.  

Near the foot of the stage a figure stood up. Even from his spot, tucked away in the back, Yuuri could distinguish that brilliantly colored hair, which shone platinum as soon as the spotlight hit it.

Though he was sitting right next to him, Yuuri had trouble registering Celestino’s lilting voice. “Well, I’ll be damned. He did it again.”

It was then that Yuuri realized, he himself wasn’t clapping, too transfixed by Victor stepping up to the stage. He quickly put his hands together, but every sound seemed distant and muffled.

Victor kissed the cheek of a beaming Joan Fontaine, who handed him the small, golden statuette. Yuuri could see him mouth a thank you to her before approaching the microphone.

He gave the room a dazzling smile, though Yuuri couldn’t help but notice he looked a little tired around the eyes. Still, he was the most beautiful man Yuuri had ever seen.

Victor waited for the applause to quiet down and addressed the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for this honor,” he said and added with that buoyant boyishness he was known for, “Wow. I’m speechless.” 

“No really,” he quipped, “I have no speech.”

The audience laughed.

Victor continued. “Truly, I would like to thank my studio, Ice Pictures, and Mr. Yakov Feltsman for giving me the opportunity to star in such a wonderful picture as ‘Stay Close to Me’. Of course, the director…”

anonymous asked:

same anon from several days ago asking about your yoi old hollywood au! oh man youre so sweet and receptive agh. can u give any additional headcanons on any characters or events bc i rlly love world building tbh

I’m so happy to comply!!! Let’s play ‘spot the ships’ in this one:

-          The way Yuuri’s anxiety manifests itself is in line with how nervous, perfectionist actors would behave. He comes late on set and spends too much time fretting in his dressing room. He gets so nervous he forgets lines. He needs multiple takes for scenes. This is all behaviour you can get away with if you are an established name, but Yuuri isn’t quite there yet. Directors get frustrated with him and this sets him off even more. When he does get it together though, he nails it and gives a great performance. One of these performances make Victor fall in love with him.

-          Victor is definitely an inspiration to Yuuri and you can see that in his acting as well.

-          Yuuri’s hometown gang, Yuko and Nishigori, were part of his theatre group in his youth. Minako is an ex-Broadway star who runs a theatre and the Nishigoris own a cinema.

-          Morooka is a reporter who runs a famous gossip column.

-          Since Chris is so similar to Marilyn Monroe, I imagine that people cannot look past this on-screen persona he has. He revels in portraying the ditzy bombshell type but feels suffocated by it too. He has two failed marriages to his name, because his partners were unable to deal with all the attention on-screen Chris got. This hurt him deeply. After his second husband walked out on him, Chris called Victor up in tears late one night. Things happened.

-          Emil has it so badly for his friend Michele. Of course Mickey is oblivious and poor Emil is dead nervous to just come forth and tell him. Since Emil is a well-known comedian that often writes his own jokes, the studio gives him the freedom to work on a script on his own. He comes up with the perfect set-up for a romantic comedy to make his feelings for Michele known. He suspects Michele to turn down the project, unless he can get the help of Michele’s sister Sara. She would rather do projects on her own, but Emil desperately tries to get her on board and convince Michele to take up the project. The romantic screwball comedy is so meta it hurts though. It’s about a guy, his sister and their best friend since childhood. The friendship gets tense when the guy thinks his friend is after his sister, but it turns out the friend has been pining for the guy all along. The movie is called ‘Serenade for Two’.

-          Keep your eyes on Jean Jacques Leroy and Otabek Altin because a couple years back they were in a movie together and there was TENSION, let me tell you.

-          You better believe Otabek takes Yuri Plisetsky all the way up to that Hollywoodland sign to show him the view and deliver that ‘unforgettable eyes of a soldier’ line.

How’s that? :D


Inspired by a recent sketchbook doodle, I grabbed a few hours after a long day of work to upgrade the design of a character my buddy Carl and I created wayyyy the hell back while I was in high school in the late 90’s. Made for an interesting challenge, and I dig the weird sort of blend between Motocross and Victorian vibe her costume has now. As always, more art coming soon. Thanks for viewing!