victor krueger

little monster … we have all been children and our favorite slasher have not been less … they were small, and sometimes mistreated …

Jason for his deformity was called a monster or freak
Freddy was mistreated by his host father and called “son of a hundred insane”
Michael Myers (in the remake of Rob Zombie) was a bullying victim and his stepfather insulted him.
Leatherface (in the remake of 2003) insult him for being delayed and self mutilated because he did not look like the others.

Yes, they are monsters … the monsters we have created

Leatherface- The Texas Chain Saw Massacre © Marcus Nispel (idea Tobe Hopper)

Jason Voorhees- Friday the 13th © Victor Miller

Freddy Krueger- A Nightmare on Elm Street © Wes Craven

Micheal Myers - Halloween © Rob Zombie - Remake