victor is so weird


                                                 stammi vicino, non te ne andare
                                             stay by my side and never leave me

                                                                     aria / duet

One of the things I adore about the banquet reveal was how well everything came together at once, and you get this epiphany moment I hadn’t experienced since reading Fight Club for the first time. It pulled together not only the most obvious pieces of the story (e.g., poor Victor’s desperation to get laid in the first 3 episodes), but also the tiniest lines, and the latter is what I wanna talk about. 

The attention to detail on this show makes me lose my mind. There’s so much work that has to be done to get foreshadowing to work properly; I think your audience should be smacking themselves with the realization that “we were told, but we didn’t listen!” and YOI  managed to do that with at least a couple short lines that came quickly and unassumingly and left just as quick. The first line I noticed was in the first episode, and it’s something Yuuko says after Yuuri performs Stammi Vicino for her: 

“A perfect copy of Victor.” You have no idea how much that line bothered me, because, based on all the evidence we had in the first couple episodes, there was no reason Yuuri should be a perfect copy of Victor! Stammi is a song about longing for another/something and not being able to reach them/it. We knew early on what this song means to Yuuri; we knew already that Victor was Yuuri’s idol and Yuuri’s version of the skate could easily be (and probably is/was) about him. Yuuri was where he perceived to be at the rock bottom of his life, so it makes sense for him to feel that sort of longing. Therefore, the comparison to Victor, a playboy at the top of the world who can have anything/one he wants at any moment, seemingly made no sense. 

(Funnily enough, I remember tagging a gifset of Victor skating Stammi with something along the lines of “i’d like to see his skating post-yuuri, i’m interested in how different it would be,” oh past me, you had a big storm comin!)

The other one occurred in episode 5 at the Japanese regionals. During Yuuri’s Eros, he says this:

And I remember being like “?????what????why????” well-crafted shows never bring attention to something we already know about unless it’s incredibly important to the story. 

We all know the original Eros story: playboy comes into town, seduces most beautiful woman, leaves her heartbroken in the end. The moment Yuuri identified himself with the woman in the story in episode 3, the woman becomes a stand-in for Yuuri. Any time the woman is mentioned after this point, it’s specifically about Yuuri. 

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Yuuri changes the story around. The woman, Yuuri himself, leaves at the end of the story and breaks the heart of playboy instead. I think at this point in the series, it’s valid to identify Victor with the playboy since, you know, that’s who Yuuri’s trying to seduce outside of the story. 

(lol also they have a shot of Victor when he says “love-crazed couple,” like……subtle guys…….)

Now, there’s a difference between lines for the audience and lines for the characters. I think this one falls under both categories. 

Pre-banquet reveal, this can only be interpreted as character development for Yuuri. He’s gaining confidence and can create the idea that he could have the power over another person to break their heart. This is a huge step for Yuuri and his self worth. 

That’s the line in-canon, or the line for the characters as I said above. Here’s the line as for the audience. 

Post-banquet reveal, we can now interpret that line as a massive hint to us about the true Eros story! The sentence is not only Yuuri’s progression through his arc, but also foreshadowing for the audience to pick up on later! 

I love this show!!

(moral of story: if something you’re watching or reading has a line, or a look, or an event that’s repeated or specifically brought attention to, even in the most casual way, it’s probably something you should look for later. it’s gonna be important.)

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Yuuri is in the kitchen when he hears Victor call it out in question. They had just finished up supper and Victor had cooked so Yuuri was in the kitchen washing up the dishes to return the favor. And he’s just standing by the dishwasher, humming idly and wondering if Victor has picked out a movie for them to watch or if tonight is going to be a night where they watch game shows featuring Victor yelling out the answers that can actually be correct on occasion. It had been a long day at the rink and Yuuri even wonders if maybe they’ll have a nice glass of wine before bed.

So, Yuuri is just minding his own business, not thinking twice when Victor calls out his name. He hums back, expecting a question or statement about leftovers but then…

“What’s yaoi?”

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high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE


i did a bunch of yoi sketches so i’m dumping them all here

Also, Victor would have a Ditto I will fight over this

im gonna put up a teaser so people nag me to finish it

anyway im over people not being able to write a consent scene without making it sound like a page out of a How To BDSM Healthily come on homies let’s bring sexy back

also @ladyofthelog enabled me and @winchilsea tagged me for the WIP meme.

Victor taps his mouth. “Sometimes you get really embarrassed if I tell you how pretty you are –”

On cue, Yuri flushes scarlet. It’s so - so weird, but but nice, when Victor says things like that. It’s hard to believe, but Yuri is beginning to trust that Victor believes it, at least.

“– but I can’t always tell if it feels good and you want me to keep telling you how gorgeous you are, or if it’s not - not good for your head, you know?”

Yuri does know.

Victor reaches up and touches Yuri’s mouth, stroking his lower lip gently with his thumb. It feels slightly rough and warm against the delicate skin of Yuri’s lips. “So it would be good if you could tell me when you want me to stop.” He stops for a second, and frowns thoughtfully. “I don’t mean need. I mean, before you need me to. As soon as you want it.”

“Why couldn’t I just tell you to stop?” says Yuri.

“Well,” says Victor, very dry, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, bunny, but sometimes you get so you like to make me work for it.”

Yuri opens his mouth. Closes it. “I -” Victor’s not wrong. It’s a shameful pleasure that Yuri tries not to indulge in. He tries not to tease. But Victor’s attention is so good. He can’t ever have enough. To have Victor follow after him, to pull Victor into his orbit like they’re dancing a silent tango only they can see – it makes Yuri feel powerful, filled with a secret hot joy.

“I love it,” says Victor, looking up at him with dark, steady eyes. “Working for it - you deciding when I’ve done enough to get your attention - I love it. It’s like we’re dancing. When you let me catch you I feel like - it’s like I’ve won everything I’ve ever wanted to. It’s better than the Olympics.”

“Oh,” says Yuri.

Viktor and eating habits

Okay, so we all know that Yuuri is a stress eater. A habit not too uncommon for a person with anxiety, but what about Viktor? We’ve never seen Viktor being stressed, but here’s my headcanon. Viktor is the type to lose his appetite when he gets stressed (opposites attract right?). This is gonna get long so more under the cut :)

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ok but why can’t ppl just call yuuri and victor as yurio’s ‘friends’ if anything? why does everyone insist on calling them his ‘parents’ as if they were the ones who supported yuri during his training? in case u forgot victor and yuuri went off in their own world of skating and eros while yuri went back to russia by himself without either of them even giving him a parting word or glance. neither of them tried to keep contact with him to see if he was doing alright in preparing for his grand senior debut. the only character i’d call as yurio’s ‘parent’ would be his grandfather, who y’know, has actually supported yuri since the beginning and who yuri actually loves. 

Victor sometimes fakes being asleep in the hopes Yuuri will be fooled and say something or kiss him cutely… Sadly Yuuri can always tell when Victor’s faking, and so purposefully teases him by saying something like “I’m so lucky Victor… did the washing for once” or “Sleeping Victor always looks so amazing… ly weird, why’s his face squashed like that?” It usually ends in pouting Victor and Yuuri kissing him lots to apologise.

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Erm. Hi. I'm having a rough time with depression, and all the stories I've been reading have somehow gone from sweet fluff to like super angst. Which like isn't any writers fault, but I mighy have to take a break from them because my anxiety and depression hold onto to whatever feelings they generate and make me feel evem worse all day.(Thanks big D for ruining things that made me happy.) Your writing always cheers me up. Any chance you could post a trademark lazulisong abo one shot?

shit sucks anon and i’m sorry. Also I thought, oh well, I’ll just write like 700 words of Victor being an idiot in rut, but uhhhhhhhhh apparently I have at least 2k of rut jokes saved up in my heart and I’m just dumping them all out for you, like a bunch of nasty sticks and tennis balls the dog is bringing to make you Not Sad. So it’s not going to be done tonight, but here’s what I have so far. 

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Quite frankly, this is just plain weird.

The first time he sees Yuuri casually bring the yellow fruit to his lips, Victor does a double-take. “Yuuri, that’s a lemon, not an apple,” he says bemusedly. “The apples are over—”

There’s a deafening silence as Yuuri bites firmly into the flesh, staring Victor dead in the eye. He chews slowly, savors, swallows, waits while Victor’s mouth hangs open then shuts with an audible click.

He offers three words of explanation: “I like lemons.”

Victor blinks, raises a wry brow. “…Yes, well, I can see that.”

“I like lemons,” Yuuri says firmly with an air of redundancy, of stubborn will. “I know I’m weird.”

To his credit, Victor recovers remarkably quickly and lets his lips slacken into a gentle smile. “Isn’t it sour?” he asks curiously, leaning forward to study the fruit in his trainee’s hand.

Yuuri takes another bite, and Victor tries not to wince as he sees yet another large chunk taken from the lemon’s skin, from its acidic center. “Sour, yeah. And bitter.”

“Then why do you eat it?”


Victor can’t imagine it. It can’t possibly be good. He remembers the last time he accidentally ate a lemon wedge, mistaking it for a pale orange. It had taken half a mug of beer to return feeling to his tongue. “Odd.”


Yuuri can see him staring, though, noting the way Victor eyes each and every bite, every swallow that passes his throat. “Is something the matter?”

Victor doesn’t respond, but Yuuri accepts the silence casually, waits for an answer. He’s got half a lemon left. Maybe he’ll grab another one. The Japanese skater cocks his head and studies Victor’s thoughtful expression before nodding to himself and moving closer to the expensive fruit basket situated on the kitchen counter.


“Mm—?” Yuuri turns around, another lemon in hand, then promptly stiffens as Victor swoops in close, those iridescent blue eyes so clear now that there are only scant centimeters between Yuuri’s face and his coach’s. He swallows a yelp.

Only, the yelp escapes as Victor presses forward, closing the distance and bringing their lips together. It’s surprisingly gentle, oddly chaste in a way Yuuri can’t explain. His heart flutters to the thousandth beat of a hummingbird’s wings, and his eyes soften from their wide initial shock, his body melting as if to blend into Victor’s firm yet pliable chest. It’s liberating, the way he can feel Victor’s own heart thud solidly against his, the time signature of a man who had once been a legend milestones away.

But he’s here now and he’s so close, and oh god he’s tasting Victor in his mouth and he doesn’t think he’ll ever get the smell of his former idol’s cologne out of his memory for as long as he lives.

The kiss lasts a second. It’s short and to the point and ends right when Yuuri’s eyes close, right when he’s ready to give more and feel more. It ends right when his shoulder slacken and his arms come up as if to embrace his coach, and then Victor’s pulling back and he’s got this pensive expression on his face like something’s wrong.

Oh no, what did I mess up this time?


It takes Yuuri a second to process the word. “Uu—aahh, huh?”

Not his best moment.

Victor frowns into the back of his hand, a deep furrow cast between his brows. The feather-lightness between Yuuri’s shoulder-blades sinks for every second Victor doesn’t meet his eyes.

Finally, Victor looks up. “I thought it’d be sweet,” he says.

Yuuri blinks. “The lemon?”

“The lemon,” the Russian affirms with a nod.


Yuuri looks down to the remaining bites of the lemon in his hand, and stares at the wrinkled seeds within as if they hold the answer of what to say, what to do.

Because Victor had just kissed him, only it wasn’t a kiss, it was probably just a random taste test or something or, or, or—

“It’s a lemon, Victor. It’s not going to be sweet.” Yuuri frowns and masks the shaking in his hands with another bite into acidic flesh.

“But you’re sweet.”


“You’re very sweet, Yuuri,” Victor says simply, a goofy smile on his face. It makes Yuuri’s heart flip flop for the third time in thirty seconds.

“I—" How am I supposed to respond to that?

Someone’s watch beeps. It’s probably his.

“Come now, break time’s over. Time to get back to practice.”




Yuuri wipes the sweat from his brow, his chest heaving from the latest run-through of Eros. He can feel his blood singing, his lungs drawing in massive gulps of air to satisfy the deficiency inside him, to ease the ache inside his muscles. Grabbing one more large breath, he twists on his heel and begins to skate back to the edge, back to where Victor stands with a critique ready on his tongue.

Only Victor’s not there, and what’s on his tongue isn’t a cutting review but the vibrant flesh of a plump crimson bell pepper.

Yuuri hears the crunch and flinches despite himself, huffing a laugh under his breath. He adores the man, yes, but Victor can be so weird sometimes.

“Where did you even get that from?” he asks, grabbing a towel and drying off his hair.

“You mother dropped by,” answers the silver-haired man around another bite of the spicy fruit (vegetable?). “She has some lemons for you, too, though I still don’t understand how you can enjoy something so sour.”

Pot, kettle! Yuuri snorts and slicks his hair back again. The rush of Eros still thrums within his body, and he stretches languidly, reveling in the otherworldly sense of knowing Victor’s gaze on his back, on his backside.

Who’s a pork cutlet bowl fatale now? he thinks smugly to himself.

It brings a thought to mind, to the incident that had occurred the other day. He’d thought at first that the kiss would change something somehow, but it seems otherwise, because his relationship with his coach hasn’t shifted in any way. It’s slightly regrettable, but then again, he muses idly, it isn’t that they can really get much closer given how close they already are.

“Victor,” he says sharply, quickly, the syllables gunfire against his lips.


Yuuri sneaks forward, fueled by the sensuality of his previous performance, and bites Victor’s lips, presses an open-mouthed kiss into a slack jaw. He moves quickly, one second, two seconds, lips and tongue and teeth, and feels Victor’s shuddering sigh before pulling back right as Victor leans forward.

He’ll regret it in the morning, when the world feels less like a dream, but right now he doesn’t care. Probably won’t care later, actually, so never mind.

“Ah, wha—”  

“Huh.” Yuuri lowers his eyelids, licks his lips. “It’s very sweet.“


James McAvoy Filmography [part 2] [part 1]