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If Ravus Was A Party Member... (Banter II)

Because a dear anon gave me all the more reason to finally act on my urge to write more banter. c:

Prompto: “Food time! Let’s go get some grub!”
Ravus: “Will there be cake where we are going? I have a strong craving for cake.”
Ignis: *scoffs* “Is my cake not good enough for you, Ravus?”
Ravus: “It is, Scientia. But desperate times call for desperate measures.


Gladiolus: “Another battle fought, another battle won.”
Ravus: “Only victors may utter such words, Amicitia.”
Gladiolus: “…Did you just call me a loser?”


Ravus: “Argentum.”
Prompto: “Y-Yes, sir?”
Ravus: “…Excellent work last fight. You have been improving.”
Prompto: *gasps* “You hear that guys? Rae just complimented me!”
Noctis: “Making progress there~”


Gladiolus: “Need a hand, Ravus?”
Ravus: “That better have not been a snide joke, Amicitia.”


Noctis: “So you and Ardyn used to work together or something? What was that even like?”
Ravus: “Imagine if Scientia harassed you every five minutes for you to eat your vegetables. That is what it was like to work with Chancellor Izunia.”
Noctis: “…God, that sounds awful.”


Prompto: “Man… I wonder what Cindy’s doing right now.”
Ravus: “Not thinking of you, I’m sure.”
Prompto: “You don’t know that, Ravus. You’re not a psychic.”
Noctis: “I doubt you need to be a psychic to know that, Prompto…”


Noctis: “Man… Getting sleepy…”
Ravus: “Ironic, considering you hail from a city named Insomnia.”
Noctis: “You’re not even a little bit tired, Ravus?”
Ravus: “No. Sleep is for the weak.”


Ignis: “Ravus, was that you humming Prompto’s chocobo song earlier?”
Ravus: “I do not know what you are uttering about, Scientia. I would never do such a thing.”
Noctis: “What’s that song anyways? ‘I want to ride my chocobo through the hay?’”
Ravus: “’All day,’ you uncultured heathen. ‘I want to ride my chocobo all day.’”
Ignis: *chuckles* “You are quite the terrible liar, Ravus.”


Prompto: “You know, Rae, you’re really photogenic. You ever consider modeling?”
Ravus: “Is Caelum not your typical model, Argentum? I would not wish to steal the Prince’s spotlight of attention.”
Noctis: “No, please do. I’m not complaining if you do.”
Ravus: “Then that would merely be giving you what you wish, Caelum. Good luck in your modeling endeavors for the next eternity.”
Noctis: “Ravus, please…”


Gladiolus: “How’d a beanpole like you get so good with a sword anyways?”
Ravus: “By throwing people like you into cars.”
Ignis: “Well, he certainly isn’t wrong about that.”
Gladiolus: “You won’t ever stop bringing that up, will you?”
Ravus: “Never.”

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I honestly thought the ending to that Viktor and Yuuri lose Yurio in a crowd scenario was going to end with 'because I wanted to get away from you two losers'.

and victor just corrects him saying “u mean ur two loser dads who care and want to support u” lmao

Gosh like,, I really can’t believe that this project was like nearly funded after three days of being on Kickstarter; it’s so surreal to me to see the amount of love and support for @yurionicetarotproject manifested in the amount of backers aND THE PEOPLE WHO SOLD OUT “THE WORLD” TIER TWICE;;; goodness.
I am extremely extremely proud and grateful to take part of this project and I am even more grateful to our server mom @kurapix who took the time to organize all of the 78+(jebus) and plan and order like;; e v e r y t h i n g but most of all for dealing with my horrible horrible sleep schedule and life decisions on the Kura Hosts ___ discord server.

This project allowed me to challenge myself artistically for the first time in like, three years, along with introducing me to one of the most supportive group of wonderfully talented and sweet people (most of whom are fantastic artists and writers and musicians.) I’ve never felt so accepted in an online community before and the fact that these people welcome me and so many others and give so much support to each other is astounding so I thank this project and everyone involved in it, whether artist or backer or just someone chilling in the discord for inspiring me to be a better artist and a better shitposter O w < I love you guys.


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hello future drunk spooky, here is a prompt: skating family playing beer pong. they wager their medals

sorry this took so long! i vastly overestimate how fast I’m able to write sometimes. 

“after the party is the after party”

The after, after party for the 2017 European Figure Skating Championships is carefully cultivated chaos.

Ignition (Remix) blares through blown out speakers. Someone—Chris—acquired a whiteboard from mysterious sources. All Victor knew was that Chris had returned with a whiteboard, a long skinny folding table, more plastic solo cups than a party supply store, three rubber ducks in various states of decay, a wizards hat, and arms laced with garters and glitter.

(The whiteboard was a much bigger surprise than the garters and glitter. He’s positive Chris packed those in his carry-on. No one was brave enough to ask about the ducks. Yuuri had slapped a hand over Victor’s mouth and kept it there even when Victor licked it.)

(It’s not like he wasn’t used to Victor’s saliva.)

Chris writes down sixteen names on slips of paper and stuffs them into the hat, picking teams of two at random. Victor and Phichit both pout when they’re paired with someone other than Yuuri.

Phichit’s caught between glee and frustration. “This is gonna be a blood bath.”

The team names appear from a mysterious source.

(Phichit fools no one.)

Round 1: Elimination

Match 1: Emil and Michele (Comedy and Tragedy) versus JJ and Isabella (Team JJ Style)

J.J. makes the sign of the cross then misses three trick shots.

Isabella takes out half of Emil and Michele’s rack.

Michele sighs in relief and returns to his life’s goal of usurping Sara’s shadow. Emil follows.

Winner: Team JJ Style

Match 2: Leo and Guang-Hong (Team Kitten Video) versus Phichit and Chris (Team #clapback)

“Calling a behind the back shot,” Phichit says, not bothering to look up from his phone before tossing the ball, and pressing record on his phone. It lands neatly in the cup at the tip of the pyramid. He uploads it to Instagram.

Leo and Guang-Hong go down easy.

(Neither seems very upset.)

Winner: Team #clapback

Match 3: Yurio and Victor (The Kitten and the Crone) versus Georgi and Seung-Gil (Team

(Victor cries foul at the team names.

“I am not a crone,” he sniffs, “and I resent the fact anyone thinks there’s a bigger Carly Rae stan than me.”

Yuuri pats Victor’s shoulder, not even bothering to stifle his laugher.

Yurio turns and glares at him, “you did this to yourself, Katsudon.”)

Victor’s luck doesn’t turn once the round starts. Yurio makes two out of his first three shots. Victor misses all but one.

“You can drink all the beer, since it’s the only thing you’re good at.”

“Excuse me, I have excellent hand eye coordination.” Victor sniffs. His eyes are glued to Yuuri, engaged in a conversation with Sara on the other side of the room, Michele hovering just behind. 

On the other side of the table, Seung-Gil and Georgi have already started drinking. Georgi’s sobbing into his beer, Seung-Gil is staring at Phichit.

“Tell that to half the street lights in Saint Petersburg.” Yurio snarls, snapping a finger in front of Victor’s face, “Yakov should have sent you to obedience school instead of Makkachin.”


“Oh for fucks sake,” Yurio grabs a ping pong ball and tosses it towards the Georgi and Seung-Gil’s rack. He sinks it.

Winner: The Kitten and the Crone

Match 4: Yuuri and Otabek (The Odd Couple) versus Mila and Sara (Team Wonder Woman)

“We haven’t even gotten a shot in,” Mila says, eyebrow raised. Yuuri’s already cleared half their rack.

Victor wraps his arms around Yuuri’s waist from behind and Yuuri fumbles the ball into the cup in front of him.

“Really?” Yuuri sighs, then drinks it.

“We might have to give you a handicap,” Chris says, idling at the side of he table.

“He already has one,” Yurio says, “It’s called Victor Nikiforov.”

Winner: The Odd Couple

Round 2: Semi-Finals

Match 1: The Kitten and the Crone versus Team #clapback

“God you’re useless,” Victor’s on his second beer of this round. He’d have drunk more but Yurio had taken two for himself.

(“I’m paired with Victor. I’ve earned it.”)

They’re through to the championship round of the first annual European Figure Skating Championship Beer Pong Tournament.

“I am a champion,” Victor sniffs.

“Champion loser,” Yurio misses. He angrily sips his beer though the silly straw Victor had slipped into his drink when he wasn’t looking.

(He’d growled but still used it.)

“That doesn’t make any sense, Yurio. I know English isn’t your first language, but I’m pretty sure those are opposites,” Victor’s grin is insufferably smug.

“What doesn’t make any sense is how you’re so awful at beer pong. Where the fuck is all of your coordination?”

Victor taps his lips in thought, “must have used all of it on my quads.”

“Oh my god will you just take the next shot already?” Chris asks, twirling a garter around his fingers.

Victor takes it and misses.

“I call foul, Giacometti,” Yurio snarls, crushing the cup in his fist. Beer splashes everywhere.

“Oh, really,” Chris flutters his eyelashes. Yurio is unmoved. “Care to make this interesting then? Raise the stakes a little since your already so invested.”

“Bring it.”

“Tournament winner gets gold,” Chris looks at Victor, pointedly, “all of the golds.”


“I didn’t agree to this,” Victor protests.

They ignore him.

“Game on.”

The match is tense, stretching into two rounds over sudden death overtime.

Yurio hangs onto their medals.

(With no help from Victor.)

Winner: The Kitten and The Crone

Match 2: Team JJstyle versus The Odd Couple

Otabek sinks two consecutive shots, one of them while Yuuri’s taking off his pants to tie them around his shoulders like a cape.

Victor’s been forcibly removed from Yuuri’s side and he’s pouting against a wall—which is as close as Otabek will let him get.

(Team JJstyle is still arguing for Victor as a handicap. Yurio wants to see JJ lose bad enough he actually argues against it.)

“What the fuck Beka, how are you so good at beer pong?” Yurio asks

“I used to train with JJ,” Otabek shrugs, “someone had to protect him before Isabella.”

Yurio snorts.

To Otabek’s left, Yuuri makes three consecutive trick shots, pants-cape fluttering majestically behind him.

Otabek shoots him a deadpan thumbs up with Victor completes his transformation into the heart eyes emoji.

“I love you him even more now,” Victor stage whispers, fooling no one.

“He’s the enemy, asshole.” 

“I’m so gay for him.”

“Literally no one was questioning that.”

Winner: The Odd Couple

Championship Round: The Odd Couple vs The Kitten and The Crone.

“You’re going down, Katsudon,” Yurio’s fingers are primed for action, even though Otabek and Yuuri won the  garter toss for first shot.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” Victor slurs, eyes, tracking up Yuuri’s body to pause at his thighs.

“How the fuck am I the one who ended up with a handicap?”

“Luck of the draw,” Phichit chirps from his perch at by center of the table, sweeping his phone to take a panorama shot of the carnage.

“It was rigged,” Yurio mutters, as Yuuri sinks two shots, while Otabek makes his first and misses his second.

“Yuuri was really popular at parties in Detroit,” Phichit confides, “really really popular.” Victor face shifts to a bewildered blend of furious and horny.

“Way too much information,” Yurio fumes.

“Re-rack! Give us a….pyramid” Yuuri yells far louder than necessary. Victor sloshes beer all over the place in his haste to comply.

Yurio makes his shots, drunk on beer, adrenaline, and pettiness. Victor—miraculously—only misses one of his, leaving them tied.

“Don’t fuck this up, idiot.”

“So cruel! I am offended, Yurio. Who knows if I’ll ever recover,” Victor cries.

Yurio ignores him, “Re-rack. Same formation.”

Otabek re-arranges the cups.

Yurio, giddy as he ever gets, almost thinks he and the idiot can pull out a victory when Yuuri and Otabek each make both of their shots, get their balls back, and sink the last three before Victor and Yurio even have a chance.

“Fuck! Re-match!”

Otabek just shrugs.

Victor is frozen as Yuuri stalks over, deliberate sway in his step, predator honing in on his prey. He slides up to Victor’s front, grabs the loose ends of his now un-tied tie good, and reels Victor in like the catch of the day.

A flush blooms across the tops of Victor’s cheekbones.

Yuuri’s breath hits the side of Victor’s face, “now you have to marry me asshole. It’s…in the vows,” he slurs, “what’s yours is mine. Gimme all your gold.”

Victor shivers as Yuuri leans in to start pressing wet kisses against the side of his neck.

“Does anyone know a twenty four hour chapel in Ostrava?”

How the YOI dance battle really got started..
  • Yuri: *downed already well over a dozen glasses of champagne*
  • Yurio: *angry lil kid* You should slow down, old man.
  • Yuri: You're that kid that shouted at me. ...You should drink up.
  • Christophe: He's a kid Yuri.
  • Yuri: *waits until Christophe turns his back* Have just 1.
  • Yurio: *takes champagne*
  • Victor: Hey you wheeled away earlier. You never said you competed. What's your name?
  • Yuri: *looks at Victor,then drink, then Victor, then drink.. Downs drink* No offence. I love you. I honestly don't love anyone more. But you are 2 drinks too early. I'm not sober and I'm still too sober to deal with the fact the man I love, Victor, has asked me my name.
  • Victor: *helps Yuri down two more drinks* Hi, I'm Victor but you already know.
  • Yuri: *turns to Yurio* Hey kid, I forgot. What's your name?
  • Yurio: It's Yuri!
  • Yuri: *surprisingly serious*................. There can be only one. I challenge you.
  • Yurio: You backed out of the final.
  • Yuri: *places head in Victor's neck without warning* How mean is he?!
  • Victor: *rarely caught offguard, currently caught off guard, blushing wildly*
  • Yuri: *with zero warning* We will have a dance battle here. Loser loses the name Yuri.
  • Victor and Christophe: I wanna join.
  • Yuri: Bitch I will take on everyone - don't try me. I mean I am drunk as fuck but if I can dance as sexy as Victor I can die happy.

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In regards to your last post I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding the fact that canon Victor never contacted Yuuri after the banquet even though he very easily could? Do you think he was afraid of rejection? Did he just straight up forget?

victor operates on the element of surprise, right? i have no doubt his extra ass was like, next time you see this kid, you’re gonna go into code red Seduce Propose Marry mode.  think about victor showing up to competitions after the GPF like, having taken dance classes and reserved a table at the nicest restaurant near the hotel for two.  and then yuuri isn’t there, and then when victor looks into it, there are rumors of his retirement and he’s completely MIA, and maybe yuuri katsuki tells every tom, dick or victor he meets that he’s wanted to marry them since he was twelve!! 

victor takes chris out for dinner at sukiyabashi jiro after he takes gold at world’s and tells chris he feels like despite everything, he feels like the biggest loser. chris kindly tells victor to go fuck himself.

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Prompt: Yuuri and Viktor as high school classmates (forget their age dif). Victor tries to confess through notes in class but the teacher caughs them and reads them aloud oops

A/N: [oops, this was originally planned to be a drabble but kind of got away from me. more under the cut. thanks for the prompt!]

Wordcount: 1,156

Victor had memorized Yuuri’s schedule down to the minutia. And he thought that was very impressive, given the rotating block schedule that their school functioned on.

Whenever he passed Yuuri in the hallway, which he tended to do because he had altered his routes to coincide with Yuuri’s, he would wait for Yuuri to pass him and then stand off to the side of the hallway and watch Yuuri get smaller and smaller until he disappeared.

Yuuri would always be laughing with Phichit about something, so he never noticed Victor’s being a creep every day. Fortunately.

“Ow!” Victor yelped, rubbing his arm.


He looked down to see Mila pulling back for another punch.

“You’re embarrassing us all,” she said with a frown even more severe than the last one. “You’re more embarrassing than Georgi. And that says a lot.”

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Beautiful Nights

I’m sick and I have nothing better to do so here’s a short SNS thing I wrote. Hope you all enjoy!


“Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.”


“Beautiful night, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful stars, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful world… Right Sasuke?”


The two lovers gazed up at the endless abyss of glittering skies, a crescent moon watching over them and bathing them in little scattered rays of silver light. The gentle rustling of leaves was heard as the warm summer breeze strummed on trees, making a unique song dedicated only for the sky and for the lovers who currently lay on a grassy field, gazing up at the sea of stars.

Naruto shifted from his spot on the grass. “Beautiful Sasuke, right Sasuke?” Black eyes shimmering with reflected stars, rosy lips good enough to kiss, midnight hair that shined in the moonlight- Naruto sighed, gazing at the black haired boy lovingly. Beautiful Sasuke indeed.

Sasuke shook his head and chuckled. “That didn’t make sense dobe.”

Naruto giggled and pulled Sasuke close to his chest. “It made perfect sense teme.” He felt Sasuke tuck his head under Naruto’s chin and snuggle into the other male’s chest. “Besides,” Naruto began, running his fingers through the other boy’s hair. “You can’t disagree, can you? That you’re beautiful?”

A muffled sound and said boy shifted so that his legs were entwined with Naruto’s. He poked his head out from his lovers chest. “It’s cuz you’re in love with me.”

Naruto gasped in feigned realization and snapped his fingers. “I guess you’re right! Now that I think about it, you’re really ugly with that hairstyle that looks like a duck’s ass,” He teased. “see, the back is the ass, and your bangs are the duck’s wings, and-”

Suddenly a pale hand flew up and Naruto cried out in pain. He smacked Sasuke’s hand away from his cheek. “What’d you pinch me for?!”

Sasuke pouted. “My hair doesn’t look like a duck’s ass you usuratonkachi.” He slipped out of Naruto’s hold and sat up. “You have the face of an idiot.”

Naruto chuckled. “Aw, you’re pouting.” He sat up as well and pecked Sasuke’s lips. “ And for the record, I don’t look like an idiot. Have you ever seen such beauty? You should feel hono-” he hissed and smacked Sasuke’s hand away again. “Stop with the pinching teme.”

A pinch in the Leg. “no.”

A smack on the hand. “Teme.”

A pinch on the arm. “Dobe.”

Another smack on the hand. “Bastard.”

A flick on the forehead. “Usuratonkachi.”

A tug of silky black bangs. “SasUKE.”

Instead of flicking Naruto again Sasuke stared at Naruto, who had a tight grip on Sasuke’s bangs. Somewhere in they’re bickering they got close until they were mere inches from each other. For some reason, looking at Naruto now, so close… He wondered how he got so lucky. Naruto loved Sasuke so unconditionally and was willing to sacrifice everything for him and…he was just… So special. Sasuke lifted a hand and caressed Naruto’s cheek gently, his fingertips ghosting over a slowly warming cheek. “Naruto..”

Naruto gazed at Sasuke, a faraway look in those beautiful onyx eyes, who, in the night looked like skies themselves, alluring and captivating. Like seeing two galaxies, only more beautiful. He blushed and tilted his head slightly to the side, strands of golden hair falling into his eyes. “Sasuke?”

Realizing what he was doing, Sasuke pulled away quickly- or as much as he could considering Naruto still had a hold on his bangs and blushed a deep shade of red. It wasn’t always that he got… touchy with his lover. Even after being together for three years it was always Naruto who initiated things. It wasn’t that Sasuke didn’t want to touch him, he was just… More shy.

Sasuke composed himself as much as he could and cleared his throat. “L-let go of my bangs and I’ll tell you.” what was he going to tell him though? ‘Oh I spaced out don’t mind me?’

Naruto hadn’t realized he still had a hold of Sasuke’s bangs and with one last tug on the left one he let go, earning a slight wince from Sasuke. Naruto giggled. ‘Serves him right.’

“Ok, What?”

Sasuke fiddled absentmindedly with a dandelion he found beside him, pulling off one tuft of white fluff at a time and letting them get carried away by the light summer breeze. “Oh nothing, just remembering how you are named after a damn food. Can’t get worse than that can you?” He grinned at Naruto’s appalled expression. ‘Nice save Sasuke.’

“My name isn’t after a food! It means maelstrom and that’s very cool SasUKE!” Suddenly Naruto tackled Sasuke to the ground, pinning his hands on either side of the dark haired boy’s head. Sasuke struggled to get out of Naruto’s hold but to no avail. “Dobe!” Sasuke tried to get out of the Blonde’s vice grip but after a while of struggling he relaxed and sighed. ‘He gets so worked up about everything.’ He thought in amusement. “Get off Naruto.”

Naruto giggled and let go of Sasuke’s wrists, opting for entwining his fingers with his instead. “Doesn’t matter what your name sounds like or what my name means.” He leaned down and kissed Sasuke gently. He had a calm and sincere look on his face that made Sasuke’s heart flutter in his chest.

“What matters here is that you, Sasuke, got beaten in the sparring competition by none other than the great Naruto Uzumaki!”

Naruto rolled off of Sasuke before he got pinched and laughed loudly. Yesterday Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, and him competed to see who won in a sparring contest. It started with Sakura and Sai, Sakura coming out as the victor. Then Sasuke and Naruto, with Sasuke as the loser. Then Sakura and Naruto, with Sakura as the champion.

Sasuke threw the now fluff-less Dandelion stem at Naruto. “You’re one to talk, you lost to Sakura in the first five minutes!”

“Sakura’s a beast though, she always ends up winning! She may be cute, but those punches she throws…” Naruto shuddered inwardly. He’s had his fair share of punches from Sakura.

Sasuke couldn’t hide the laugh that arose in him and he laughed quietly until both boys were gasping for air.

After a few minutes of calm silence and more gazing up at the canvas of stars Sasuke turned to look at Naruto. He looked calm, a content look on his face. He looked back at the times when he had left and just how much he had made Naruto suffer. Just thinking about it tugged at his heart and he wanted to hold Naruto forever and never let go. Tell him that he would never ever leave him again because Sasuke was Naruto’s, and Naruto was Sasuke’s.

The raven found himself caressing the blonde’s cheek again. But unlike last time, he didn’t hide anything. He let all his love for him show in his dark eyes and he scooted closer to Naruto until his lips met the blonde’s. It was a chaste kiss,nothing sexual. Just Sasuke pouring all his love into the kiss. He felt Naruto wrap his arms around his waist and Sasuke cupped Naruto’s face, pulling him closer.

After the need for air became apparent, both boy’s pulled away and pressed their foreheads together. Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.

Naruto laughed and touched his nose with Sasuke’s.

“Beautiful night, right Naruto?

A kiss on the cheek. “mhm.”

Beautiful stars, right Naruto?

A kiss on the forehead. “yeah..”

“Beautiful world… Right Naruto?”

A kiss on the other cheek. “yep.”

“Beautiful us.”

A kiss on rosy lips.

“Beautiful us.”

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When two lesbians get married and have the same name they must engage in knightly combat, until one is incapacitated or concedes. The victor keeps their name while the loser is given a new name from Dwayne Johnson who is legally obligated to oversee these proceedings.

that sounds reasonable

Love & Pizza [Victuuri]

A/N:  Yuri On Ice (Victor/Yuuri) -  11. “You know I love ___ the most. You come in second place.” - nr. 2 of this prompt! I can make an entire ‘Love & -’ Victuuri tickle series like this, just with this prompt. No haha just kidding, this is as far as my not so original originality goes. Hope you like it :3

Summary: Yuuri ends up working in an Italian restaurant with Yuri so he can save up for a vacation with Victor, who does not know anything. Oh the complications. Especially when he finds out!

Word Count: 2706

“Order up! Take this to table 27, faster please. Katsuki, you’re forgetting the extra cheese again!” Yuuri was running, sweating, dying. He wasn’t fit for restaurants, not fit for working in general. Still, here he was, in one of St. Petersburg’s most famous Italian restaurants, working his ass off.

“You’re a disgrace, Katsudork,” a certain blond told him once Yuuri finally managed to sit on a stool for literally five seconds.

“W-wha?” Yuuri looked at Yuri, Yuri Plisetsky with his hair in an elegant ponytail, his cheeks slightly rosy from working but nowhere near as bad as Yuuri was.

“Get up.” Yuri kicked the wooden stool, making Yuuri yelp when he almost fell, and he nodded and followed.

“C-coming!” Yeah, how he ended up here? Serving in a restaurant? With Yuri? That had some kind of backstory. Nothing too special, still, it was the result of Yuuri spending some torturous nights for the last couple of days.

Just a few words: Off season. Life in St. Petersburg. Busy Victor. Loser Yuuri. Money. Yeah, money. Being a talented figure skater and having one’s face on the television from time to time wasn’t everything. Yuuri wasn’t as good as Victor was. Not even as famous as the younger Yuri Plisetsky. He wasn’t rich.

He wasn’t the person to be like “ah come on let’s fly to Hawaii for a weekend. Let’s visit Paris for our holidays. Come on, we’re having dinner in that luxury restaurant.” No. Those were all Victor. After one year of living with him, training with him and getting spoiled by him, Yuuri was so done. 

“My grandpa’s friend owns a restaurant. I work there every summer.” Yuri’s magical words that saved Yuuri. Well, after Yuuri’s “A restaurant job would kill me. And does that mean we’ll be colleagues?”, Yuri’s “Good luck finding something else,” and Yuuri’s “No no wait! Do they speak English!?”. 

Yes, he now had a summer job at Giorgio Restaurant, as a clumsy waiter, yes, he and Yuri were colleagues now, and yes they spoke English although Yuuri bumped into customers who didn’t speak English from time to time and he’d end up in a Russian rant.

But most important detail of the story: Victor couldn’t know. He would kidnap him back home if he’d find out Yuuri was sweating to earn extra money, just so he could spoil him with a vacation next time.

“Nice work today. Not you, Katsudork,” Yuri said to everyone and Yuuri in particular after another long and tiring working day, and Yuuri nodded and sniffed tiredly.

“See you tomorrow.” His feet were killing him, and so was his head. It was rather humiliating that he was being ordered around by someone years younger than he was. Yuri worked here for his umpteenth summer, of course he had worked on a certain status. Not to mention, he was famous in Russia. A teen everyone looked up to. People came to the restaurant just to meet him. That guy was goals.

“I’m home.” Yuuri stepped out of his shoes, needed to shower very badly but instead he threw his clothes off and dropped himself in bed next to Victor. His sleepy lover squirmed and rolled towards him, causing Makkachin to wake up as well, and Yuuri received some love from both the dog and owner.

“Where have you been?” Victor nuzzled Yuuri’s sweaty shoulder and Yuuri hugged him fondly.

“Just.. training with Yurio,” he lied, kissing Victor’s neck and caressing his hair. 

“Again? You’ve grown close. Sorry I wasn’t here.” Yuuri smiled and closed his eyes. 

“It’s alright.” And he fell fast asleep.

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4/5 Stars.

The Sympathizer is above all an examination of duality. The narrator is a man of two minds—a half-French, half-Vietnamese communist double agent who arrives in America as a refugee following the Vietnam War. Here, he is torn between these competing parts of his own identity: communist and anti-communist, French and Vietnamese, foreign refugee and American.

As he so aptly states at one point, the Vietnam War is “the first war where the losers would write history instead of the victors.” The loser, of course, being America, which always seems to dominate the narrative. And so begins the examination of a different duality: as much as we Americans like to delude ourselves with stories of our altruistic interventionism and exceptionalism, the sobering reality is that there is no clear “right side of history” in regards to the Vietnam War.

And while America has striven to own this history in a myriad of ways—in our books, in our movies—The Sympathizer, importantly, shifts the perspective, giving a voice to the Vietnamese people.

In sharp, searingly clever prose, Nguyen presents a complex analysis of these various dualities. For those of us who have been fed white-washed versions of history in which America is always Doing the Right Thing, forever the Hero, The Sympathizer disrupts these delusions. It’s a social satire, a spy thriller, a critical commentary on American interventionism and exceptionalism.

But lest you think it’s merely a defense of Vietnamese Communism, it’s not: Nguyen is less concerned with taking sides than holding everyone appropriately accountable.

Alas, this is one of those books that I appreciated much more than I actively enjoyed reading. It’s brilliant, it’s a masterpiece—there’s no doubting that. But for me it was a laborious undertaking. The majority of it is told as a confession (our narrator having been captured) and stylistically this means long blocks of text, little dialogue, and no quotation marks. The story itself is often amusing, but sometimes tedious. And yet, the concept is vital and illuminating.

This is a 5-star book that was a 3-star experience for me, which is why I’m choosing to rate it in between.


Jules: This place is so uneventful. It’s not even dark or haunted. 

Neha: We should play this game since no one else is around to play. 

Jules: I will destroy you in any man-made game. 

Neha: Really? You can bet money on that?

Jules: I find betting funds to be juvenile and irrational.

Neha: That’s just code for you’re afraid you’ll lose. 

Jules: I am not fearful. You know what, please, attempt to beat me. The loser purchases a free lunch for the victor. 

Neha: You’re on. 

So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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I need you or someone to write the story where everyone’s like “Well naturally Victor’s going to stay in Juniors as long as possible, he’ll want to win as much as he can in Juniors and spend his last few years there focusing on skills improvement so when he moves into Seniors it’ll be more seamless” and Victor’s just like “Seeya kiddies, I’m a sixteen year old GROWNUP now” and just…dies on ice his first few years. 

He’s won five consecutive Grown Up Grand Prix Golds, but he’s 27, which means he lost at least a couple of times before he turned 22, and I bet some of them were EPIC. I like the idea that Yuri is like that little kid with the fang and idolized Victor even when he was a GIGANTIC LOSER. And having been a GIGANTIC LOSER for a couple of years in his early 20s, Victor knows how to spot “I’m fucked up but with potential!” when he sees it.

Dammit this is what you did to me, you are a bad person. 

승자는 없어 모두 다 지지


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December 31st, 2016  10:20; 

Taehyung watched as Yoongi dragged Jimin away. He shrugged the irony of the scene. It was his birthday but everyone else seemed to be having fun instead. He was left all alone at a table full of alcohol but devoid of any friends. He filled himself with what was available at least.

When he saw Jimin and Jungkook coming towards him, Taehyung avoided the situation by turning towards another table where the girls welcomed him. He didn’t want to face them and it didn’t look that good anyways. Jungkook loved Jimin a little too much and it always made Taehyung miserable.

Deep inside, Taehyung really hated Jimin. Deep inside, all of them hated Jimin a little -or a lot-.

Yoongi didn’t like him because of his carelessness when it came to life. Jin despised the young boy for having always figured out what he hid. Hoseok hated Jimin because he knew his boyfriend secretly wanted him. Jungkook because he knew the man didn’t love him back.

Taehyung just hated Jimin because, no matter what, they still loved the other more than they will ever do him. Nonetheless, when he heard Jungkook’s advances, he pitied Jimin. Even with his obsession with Jungkook, he would have never wanted that kind of forced attention.

However, when Jungkook managed to get Jimin into one of the private rooms of the bar, after the smaller boy tried to get away. Taehyung just laughed with the pretty girls around him, drinking up their attention to forget what was happening.

At one point, his conscience started to eat him up. He stood up, still not drunk enough to be unable to walk, and went to the room. He hesitated to turn the knob and, eventually, didn’t have to make the decision. The door was busted open and a scared Jimin looked up him.

Disgust brewed in his stomach when he saw the terrifying fade of innocence from his friend’s eyes then to look up and find the guilt in Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook who he loved more than anything.

T-tae-” Jimin’s eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

Get out” Taehyung gripped Jimin’s arm and pushed him outside the room before going in and locking the door.    

Jungkook he loved so much. Taehyung threw the first punch with that in head.

Jimin he hated so much. Taehyung suddenly lost his senses and Jungkook was getting the worst of his wrath.

His friends he held so high. His life that was a lie.  Jimin started running.

You’re pathetic.” Taehyung had Jungkook by the collar, anger and tears filling his eyes. “I know you’re going to say that you were drunk later but, what you just did, I’ll be there to remind you everyday, every hour, every second of your life. So, you better not forget it.” He pushed him away and the other just stumbled back down.

Himself, that h hated more than anything.

Taehyung ran after Jimin but he was too late. He could have saved him but he was too late. The damage was already done.

December 31st, 2016  11:35;

Jimin ran into the house tears and blood staining his face. He looked for the first person he knew would always be there.

Hyung!” His voice was strained and he had a tough time balancing himself. Jimin hoped that the eldest would be in the house, he needed the comfort of a caring friend. Jin was, in the end, more than just a friend. He was a parent to Jimin. A friend that loved him more than his own mother or at least that’s what he thought.

Jimin heard movement coming from the bedroom that Jin and Namjoon shared and slowly walked towards it.

I told you not to do it anymore!” He heard the eldest yelling, “Do you really want to see me die?”. Jimin held his breath in as he peeked through the slightly opened door.

Namjoon was on the floor, drenched in a combination of sweat and the cold water Jin used to sober him up. He was trembling and his eyes looked glazed over. No matter how much Jin yelled at him or shook his shoulder, he said nothing.

How can I live with someone so pathetic?” Jin threw something back and it hit the door, falling right in front of Jimin. Even though the lights were dim, Jimin could tell that it was a syringe. Namjoon was taking drugs? “What if one of the boys sees you like this? Do you want to go back to jail?”

Jimin, at that moment, realized he just saw something that he shouldn’t. However, it was already too late.

The door creaked and Jin’s head snapped back. The perfect picture that Jin had been trying to fool the boys with was shattered into millions of pieces when he saw Jimin’s scared eyes looking right at his.

J-jimin” Jin’s lips trembled. Namjoon looked up as well but he was too out of it to even recognize anyone other than Jin. At least he always managed to recognize Jin.

What - what happened? What’s wrong with him?” Jimin, for the sake of his friend, forgot about his own ache and his own bleeding pride. He always thought they would do the same to him. He was naively laughable.

It’s none of your business” Jimin was about to go in but stopped, eyes wide. Jin instead was the one to stride towards him, pulling him up by his shirt, “You say anything to anyone and I’ll fucking kill you, you hear me?”.

Jimin just wanted comfort. A friend that loved him more than his own mother. Or at least that’s what he thought until he was thrown to the ground by the same friend.


Don’t call me that!” Jin yelled out, even Taehyung shook in fear from where he stood, “Why is it always you? Why does it always have to be you that sees me at my lowest.”

Jimin was below rock bottom.

They spent a minute in pure silence. Jin afraid that the little picture perfect image of a couple he had would break and that he would have to face the reality of what he denied. Jimin devastated of what two hours have managed to change.

He then realized that nothing really changed, he was just seeing the lie. Now, he just wanted someone to cover his eyes up, hide him from the world. But he knew that was too much to ask.

J-jin…” Namjoon’s faint voice could be heard, only because it was too quiet. He was shaking too hard and fear pooled inside of Jin. He was about to lose him. Before answering his boyfriend’s calls, Jin gave Jimin one last look condemning his existence.

Taehyung shrugged. He felt small and none of it happened to him. He couldn’t dare wonder what Jimin felt like. After being betrayed, humiliated, taken, deprived of everything, and having his whole life crumble. He knew Jimin would only want one thing.

The sirens became closer then Namjoon and Jin disappeared from the house. Only Taehyung and Jimin remained.

Jimin had crawled back towards the door, picking the syringe in his hands and was silently watching it. Just as Taehyung was watching him.

He didn’t feel any different than the tool. Used for all the wrong reasons then discarded like it never mattered in the first place. To Jimin, that syringe meant something. And to Taehyung, Jimin meant something.

Taehyung knelt in front of Jimin, a hand on his chin to make him look up.

Tae, anything you ever wanted from me?” Jimin laughed bitterly, “I’ll give it to you, as your birthday present”.


I’m sorry this is the me you’ll remember after this-” Jimin stopped talking when he felt the other’s lips on his forehead and two wet spots from his tears.

I want you to be selfish now” Taehyung whispered as he hugged the boy tightly “What do you want?”

I want them to suffer” Jimin spoke calmly, eyes completely dry, “I want them to suffer and I want to stop suffering. Can you do that for me?”.

In a world filled with pretend friends, at least Taehyung should be a sincere one.

I’ll make sure they suffer twice as much, you can rest now”

And - I … I want you to be happy.” Jimin added.

“You killed him by request?”

Taehyung laughed.

“No, he wouldn’t let me.”

I want you to be happy but I can’t be there” Jimin pushed away then gripped his friend’s hand.

Are you asking me to-”

No. You can’t take punishment for what they did”


You saw. How can I live after that? You told me to be selfish, this is me being selfish.”

“Then why say you killed him?”

“Because, in a way, I did.”

“So it wasn’t a murder made into a suicide but-”

“A suicide made into murder” Taehyung interrupted and smiled, “They made him into a victim so he made them into the perpetrators”

“But in the end he was the one to lose”

“But no one else won. In the end, there was no victor, just losers. We were all doomed from the beginning. Yoongi and his lust, Hoseok and his jealousy, jungkook and his greed, and Jin with his pride, they all killed him. But I was the worst out of them all.”

“Why is that?”

“I was a bystander. At any time of the night I could have stepped in and stopped it from happening but I chose not to.” He sighed “Jimin didn’t make me into a killer, I did so myself.”

“But it ends here, for Jimin.”

“His suffering ends here but their’s has just started” Taehyung smirked “I’ll make sure it does.”

January 1st, 2018 ;

Taehyung set the flowers down with a smile.

“I missed you, Jimin-ah” He caressed the ground as if the other could feel it, sometimes he liked to think that he did. “Is it nice up there?” Taehyung shrugged, “Did you meet Namjoon yet? How’s he?”.

He looked to the side, another grave with the leader’s name on it.

“I didn’t think he would follow you that fast,” Taehyung felt the tears coming but he swallowed them down with a bitter smile, “I’m not going to ask about Jin. I’m sure his pride was too big for heaven”.

Jimin would have laughed. The pure and bubbly sound of Jimin’s laugh. He would give everything up to see it even his life. However, he knew that even if he was to join, his place would be right next to Jin and Yoongi, not Jimin.

“I’m happy, minnie. I’m at peace, so you be as well,” He choked on his words, “I hope you were satisfied with my promise-keeping abilities” He laughed, standing back up, “I hope you’re proud, having a friend like me”.

January 3rd, 2017 ;

11:00 a.m;

Jin walked into Namjoon’s room after being released to find him lifeless.

Jin was pronounced brain dead after having jumped off the building. His family, with Taehyung’s influenced, decided to pull the plug a few hours after.

14:05 p.m;

Taehyung smiled at Jungkook after he was sentenced to twenty years in prison without parole. He smiled as Jungkook watched his mother faint and his brother resent him for the disgusting human he was.


An article came out about it after an ‘anonymous’ tip was sent in. Jungkook’s name was added to the sex offender list.

January 13, 2017  11:00 p.m;

Hoseok was brought back in for murder after a heated fight with his boyfriend. Hoseok stayed silent even when he wasn’t the one to land the last stab that took his lover’s life. He knew going to prison was better than having to face Taehyung’s cold eyes again.

“I hope you liked the justice I gave you,” Taehyung looked up at the sky with a faint smile, “and the gifts I sent you. You will be receiving one last one, but it will be a little late. I’ll come to you after living both your part and mine.”

Jimin smiled.

This is what happens when I get bored. 

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HI!!! ok so, for the writing prompt: violin?

Warning: ANGST!!!


Yuuri has always known.

It wasn’t like Victor ever tried to hide it.

It started small: a smear of lipstick on his fiancés neck.

Yuuri decided not to say anything because Victor had admirers, lots of admirers. He himself had once been an admirer of Victor.

Yuuri turned a blind eye, pretending not to notice the first time, and the second and every single lipstick smear and stain after that.

It is normal, he telling himself, Victor has a lot of admirers. They all want him, but they can’t have him. They can’t because he is yours.

It turned into late nights after that.

Turned into Victor sending him home and not returning until the early hours of the morning. Returned smelling of cheap perfume and even cheaper alcohol.

Yuuri decided not to say anything because Victor had never experienced the wild life, having been chained to skating for so long.

Yuuri turned a blind eye, pretending not to notice all the different perfumes that clung to his fiancé, to how much later Victor stayed out until he didn’t come home at all.

It is normal, he telling himself, Victor just needs a taste of the wild life. Once he has had enough, he’ll come back to me. He is mine after all.

It became stranger in their bed.

It became Yuuri coming back early from the ballet studio, the rink, the shops to find Victor in bed with a stranger.

Yuuri decided not to say anything because Victor was clearly still unsure about his sexuality.

Yuuri turned a blind eye, pretending not to have caught his fiancé with another person, always turning around and leaving their apartment, coming home when he was meant too.

It is normal, he telling himself, Victor was raised in Russia. Lots of Russian’s are homophobic, Victor is testing to make sure he is gay. He only ever comes back to me, he clearly loves me most.

It ended at a nice restaurant with a lovely violinist playing in the background.

It was their third anniversary, three wonderful years since they had gotten engaged. He had won half a dozen gold and planned at least one more successful season before he retired.

“Yuuri, let’s end this.” Victor stated simply while swirling his glass of wine.

Yuuri sat frozen, taken aback by his fiancés words.

“P-pardon?” He managed to stutter out. Victor let out a sigh which sounded just a sweet as the violin playing in the background.

“It’s not working. Let’s just end this. I’ll obviously see you through the season as your coach, but I just don’t think we are meant to be… romantically involved.”

Yuuri sat there quietly as Victor excused himself, leaving his half-finished glass of wine and his engagement ring.

Left him sitting at a table for two while a violin sungs such a beautiful tune that does not fit the mood at all.

It is normal, he tells himself, Victor is a living legend and I’m just… some loser. Why would Victor ever want me?