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Atheism 2.0! Of course why not have more than people looking at you like a conscious, morality, culture “Hater”. Great speech about being an atheist and how to find guidance with out the religion part.

Scrivener: My New Writing Obsession

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Scrivener, where have you been all this time! This is official I am in love with this software… a man loving his machine it’s kind of weird isn’t. It organizes your research, notes, comment, and it can help you format anything from screenplays, essays, poems, short stories, and among other literate media you may want to explore and type away.

I am currently writing a western treatment.  

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Great software to go to as for creating your own little universe and organize your ideas than just rumbling around with your writing. I do recommend this for those in love with screenwriting; Scrivener plays well with Final Draft and any other software that you might write your creative piece in.

And The Haunting Begins....


The Haunt Hunter is a web comedy series spoofing the paranormal “reality show” created by myself and produced by Anthony George. We started principal photography a week ago. This is a small preview on what’s coming and a little tease of what this show is going to be about. 

I want you to meet Scott Green A.K.A The Haunt Hunter. The leader and star of this web show. Scott is a hardcore paranormal investigator that embarks into a crusade to document spirits on camera and obtain fame and fortune.

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I definitely need a suit!!!


The Hunt Hunter 99.8% completed. Now we just need the theme song for the opening sequence and it should be finalized.

I have submitted the pilot  to the Vimeo Awards+Festival. Let’s see how this goes.