victor goddamned sullivan

Random stuff I noticed in Nathan’s Journal.

So.. I’ve been going through Nate’s Journal again because of how goddamn bored I am. I found the fact he mentioned Elena and wondered if she’d let him get a pet lemur is cute as hell.

Plus: Nathan took the time to sketch a lemur that looks like Sully. He didn’t leave any details behind either (drew his mustache and cigar, he also made him wear one of those ugly ass shirts).

Mash up Sentences


First letter of your name

A- I kissed 

B- I drank with

C- I proposed to 

D- I punched 

E- I hugged

F- I pushed 

G- I slapped 

H- I massaged 

I- I got angry with

J- I scared 

K- I flirted with

L- I gossiped about

M- I twerked on 

N- I made out with 

O- I tripped 

P- I purred at

Q- I danced with

R- I grinded on

S- I had sex with

T- I stripped for

U- I cried over

V- I booty slapped 

W- I licked 

X- I arm wrestled with 

Y- I ate

Z- I kicked 

Favorite Color (character repeats)

Blue- Sam

Green- Sully

Red- Nate 

Orange- Chloe 

Brown- Charlie

Grey- Elena 

Purple- Hector Alcazar 

Yellow- Navarro 

Amethyst- Flynn 

Black- Lazarevic

Pink- Ramses 

Amber- Salim

Gold- Marlowe 

Amethyst- Elena 

Honey- Tenzin 

Silver- Rafe 

White- Nadine 

Magenta- Sam

Violet- Nate 


Vermillion- Karl Schäfer

Nude- Eddy

Hot pink- Cassie

Date of Birth

1- Because I felt like it

2- Because Nate stole my treasure 

3- Because Victor Goddamn Sullivan, what else?

4- Because I miss Chloe’s ass. (she said you were gonna miss it)

5- Because Flynn’s british accent turned me on.

6- Because Rafe was gonna kill me for a sec.

7- Because Charlie was gonna bring me to his factory. 

8- Because Marlowe said I was the same cocky little sh**.

9- Because Tenzin was gonna keep me in his village forever.

10- Because Kitty got wet.

11- Because Elena thought I wasn’t “last years model.”

12- Because I interrupted Rafe while he was talking. 

13- Because Nadine was gonna kick my ass.

14- Because Rameses made me belly dance for him.

15- Because Navarro was going to teach me Spanish.

16- Because Roman was going to make me bait for El Dorado.

17- Because Flynn told me I couldn’t have anymore doughnouts.

18- Because Sam wanted to have sex with me.

19- Because Talbot was going to show me his illusion magic tricks.

20- Because I felt horny. 

21- Because Sully said, “ I was sweating like a hooker in church”

22- Because Tenzin wanted me to teach him English. 

23- Because things got Hinky.

24- Because Sully wanted me to buy him more cigars.

25- Because why the hell not?

26- Because I am part of the Uncharted fandom.

27- Because Nate thought there was a zombie around the next corner.

28- Because Chloe was trying to save my ass (like always)

29. Because everything I touch does turn to shit.

30- Because I am related Sir Francis Drake.

31- Because Cassie wanted to go on an adventure. 

 Leave your mash up sentences and comments down below & don’t forget to share:) XOXO


Sam’s pirate joke