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Victor & Red • Yσu'νе gσt thе ɭσνе (by sigyn27)

Meet the original mad scientist. James McAvoy discusses the origins of #VictorFrankenstein. Watch the video here.

“Victor Frankenstein is the original mad scientist, as he was conceived by Mary Shelley and reconceived by Max Landis and Paul McGuigan and myself. it’s quite fun; you are playing the original crazy archetype mad scientist. 

More Penny Dreadful thoughts

Honestly though. Tonight was one of Victor’s worse choices.
As soon as he left Caliban I knew what he was going to do.
Does he really think Brona will love Caliban? Brona is far too feisty for Caliban and will she just forget Ethan all together? Frankie seems to be getting better and better with each reanimation, whose to say Brona might not have her memories?
Even if being brought back to life leaves her without memories, like Proteous and Caliban, she is bound to run into Ethan sooner or later. I would really hate to be Frankie when he finds out what he has done to Brona.
Also Ethan’s… Big reveal wasn’t that much of a big reveal at all. But I’m really happy we finally got to see him for what he is.

Upset the rumor about Dorians painting weren’t true, and more upset he and Vanessa didnt make up.
His sad puppy face killed me.

Can I just point out and appreciate that physical placement and metaphorical costuming for Brona/Lily in Penny dreadful?

She’s either placed much higher up than Victor when they’re alone, or she has huge sleeves (that I am aware the style was popular and have been worn by other characters, but bare with) that make her more broad than Victor and the only time she didn’t have the huge sleeves was with that hideous peach dress Victor picked out.

Brona/Lily dismantling the patriarchy 1k891