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Just wanted to add that Shakespeare was punk af since he insulted the aristocracy so well that they didn't even notice ♡ can you please draw Mr Freeze? Maybe interacting with Crane and then Nygma shows up and ruins everything .3.

Victor and Crane, doctor buddies, and Nygma, in constant need for attention/entertainment. (Here’s my out-of-suit design for Victor.)

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These Two.  (1.5k words)

Yuuri and Victor can’t stop thinking bout each other long enough to give the journalists the answers to their questions.

Everybody Loves Me (5k words)

Viktor is the CEO of a powerful company. Yuuri is a worker in a coffee shop. Viktor can’t live without coffee

Collab With Me? (4k words) (WIP)

After Phichit posts a video of Yuuri watching Viktor Nikiforov’s latest video, one thing leads to another and suddenly Viktor’s flying to Detroit to do a collaboration with Yuuri.

Viktor, of course, is excited to get to know and befriend the beautiful vlogger he saw online and quickly became infatuated with. Yuuri’s freaking out because THE Viktor Nikiforov - one of the most successful YouTubers in the world - is talking to him and he has no idea what he’s doing (of course, he’s secretly just as excited as Viktor himself)

aka the YouTube AU where Yuuri’s a cinnamon roll and Viktor loves him for it

When I’m Sixty Four (2k words)

AU. These days, Victor and Yuuri are content living together in the peaceful home they made in St. Petersburg. But even after thirty four years, Victor still manages to surprise Yuuri. And who knew Yuuri still had moves left in him?

(Victuuri Week 2017 Day 8: Valentine’s Day)

I Like You (2k words)

Yuuri’s friends pressure him to confess to his long time crush, Victor. But, Victor beats him to it!

Basically a lot of fluff about them being third years in high school.

When The Tides Turn (3k words)

Victor, despite being a legendary skater and the world’s most eligible bachelor, has had horrible luck in the romance department. Yuuri’s never even been on a date. Chris and Phichit decide to set them up on a blind date in the hopes that luck may finally be in their favor.

Cursed Love (3k words)

“This blood of ours is cursed, Vitya,” Mama rasped, her blue eyes, identical to Victor’s own, pleading for him to understand. “The moment we fall romantically in love with someone, we curse them with death. The moment we realise what joy we have attained with another person, our curse will take them away from us, forever.”

Victor lives with the burden of a family curse over his head, running away from any opportunity to love, fearing that any affection will lead him to the heartbreak that consumed his entire family. But Yuuri Katsuki had captured his attention, his every thought, and Victor has no idea what this warm feeling attached to the mere thought of Yuuri was.

Victuuri Week Day 4: Free for all

Remembrance (3k words)

Victor remembers the confusion, hurt and rejection when he finds the empty hotel room that had once been occupied by an individual bearing the name of Katsuki Yuri hours ago, and said individual was now en route to Japan. He remembers sinking to the carpeted floor in his pajamas before returning to his own room to curl up in his comforter. He remembers Yakov coming over to help him pack with pity evident in his eyes when the check out time had long past and Victor was nowhere to be found. And all Victor could do was lie immobile on the bed with tears he thought would never end. He remembered lecturing his own self mentally, that it was ridiculous to act this way for someone you had only met once, but yet, he could not deny the fact that last night was the first time Victor had felt honestly living, relieved from the burdens and expectations as a renowned and international ice skater. Being with Yuri had felt absolutely right.

or a fic of how a heartbroken Victor had fared since that banquet and how he finally won Yuri’s heart

Ends and Beginnings (3k words)

When Yuuri told Victor he wanted to “end this”, Victor’s heart was broken.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (4k words) (WIP)

Victor is a specter, a killer, a myth, a machine trying to be a man.

(Victor falls in love with Yuuri—beautiful and out-of-nowhere, like the impractical black of his Aston Martin amidst the sea of tourists and locals in the streets of Barcelona. Yuuri falls in love with Victor like the slow bloom of a flower in spring in the middle of bustling Tokyo, tended and taken care of.)

Words and Worth (1k words)

Viktor overhears some fans saying not-nice things about Yuuri. It makes him angry.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (3k words)

Yuuri was never one to talk to people about his feelings- or his anxiety for that matter. He always hid away in his bathroom when the attacks came, but this time he has a panic attack on the ice and Viktor must step up to take care of him.

Moonrise (Royalty AU) (5k words)

couple o’ fics about yuuri + victor as princes.

Fall a Little Faster (3k words) (WIP)

If asked the question, “What are you most afraid of?”, Victor always has the same answer: “Falling in love.”

Most people take that answer as confirmation of his playboy nature or his phobia for commitment. Which is not true at all.

Then again, it isn’t like he can casually say, “A curse will kill me and my lover if I do” like it’s no big deal.

Victor has a curse so he sets an impossible set of expectations for his true love to make sure he never falls in love.

Then, he meets Yuuri Katsuki and somehow, the impossible doesn’t seem too impossible anymore.

You Can’t Order a Latte on the Rocks (2k words) (WIP)

Yuuri Katsuki is a twenty year-old dance major, working part-time at a coffee shop. Victor Nikiforov is a world-famous figure skater, who happens to enjoy coffee. Yuri Plisetsky happens to think they’re both gross, and is just there for the caffeine and to watch as the two of them quickly become one another’s inspiration. [coffee shop!au]

Old but Gold (5k words) (WIP)

“Hey Yuuri.”


“Do you know why ancient Spartans used to wear red in battle?”

A history quiz by your long-time lover you haven’t seen in a month? Totally fitting the mood.

“Uhh.. They wanted to conceal any possible injuries from the enemies while in combat, right? So the blood wouldn’t show and give the enemy any hope.”

Victor hummed suddenly looking all smug and proud.
“Yeah that’s what they wanted you to believe, but the truth is my favorite color used to be red at the time and their general was my friend.”

Was this man really trying to show off. By bragging about minor historical facts he had participated in?
Wait was that flirting?!

Aka the AU where both Victor and Yuuri are like really old vampires and while their first meeting was hundreds of years ago Victor remains the same dork Yuuri first met.

What Brings Me to You (4k words)

Viktor Nikiforov’s new apartment is haunted—he’s less bothered by this than you’d expect.

Painting a Portrait of Love (3k words) (WIP)

Foreign Politics where never King Viktor’s strong suit. Sure, he was nice and everyone loved him, but say one bad thing and it was all over. Looks like King Phichit of Thailand can experience this first hand. King Viktor is supposed to visit Thailand to follow with war proceedings, but it seems Phichit’s butler is a little bit of a distraction. Or a big one. Funny, wasn’t he here to start war? Oh well, might as well have fun while he’s here. (Monarch AU! King!Viktor, Butler!Yuuri!, and Heir to the Throne!Yuri!)

Soon a Happy Ending (2k words) (WIP)

Once upon a time, oh so very long ago

Would you like to hear a story, little one? The sun’s almost set, but I think we still have time.

Life After You (1k words)

Viktor wakes up and realizes his year with Yuuri has been all a dream.

Their teenage son
  • Yuri: you need to calm down.
  • Yurio: cash me outside how bout dat.
  • Victor: you want me to call your grandpa so he can deal with you?
  • Yurio: ain't nobody gon catch me. Y'all hoes can't catch me.
  • Victor [get's up]: what did you just call us?
  • Yurio: get out my face.
  • Yuri [holds Yurio's hand]: there's no need to-
  • Yurio: yo I'm bouta start swinging
  • yuuri and yuri having trouble knowing who is being talked to

“ Yuri! Redo that toe loop! No, no, Yuri! The other one! Godammit.”

  • victor practicing his routines and stopping in the middle because he gets distracted by yuuri

“Vitya! Why did you stop??” “Yakov, have you seen my husband?”

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In the choregraphy of YOI!!! (longpost!)

We see Yuuri K and Yuri P, each of them facing a straight direction when they do the program, not looking at eachother

But when Victor comes

He just looks at Yuuri the hole time, till the very end …

I don’t know if Im imaging things, but boi, thats gay and i love it

Yuri on Ice in a Nutshell

others : that it, im not watching YOI anymore, the fanservice turns out to be real

me : but you watch & read animes/mangas that basically focus on that genre-

others :

things i need in episode 9:

  • victor nikiforov broken, completely and utterly destroyed, and alone
  • desperately needing yuri but yuri’s in moscow and he’s in japan, suffering alone
  • yuri giving the free skate his all, knowing at least that might make victor happy
  • victor crying
  • (possibly ep 10??) victor getting back and pretending he’s ok but yuri can immediately tell that he’s not ok
  • victor ugly crying and hiding his face and clinging to yuri
  • yuri finally being the one to comfort and help victor
  • maybe finally something bout victors past

Author: @lovelizziekins

Rating: E for explicit language and sexual situations 

A/N: I was totally stumped this week and had no plan to submit anything until this little plot bunny came screaming to the forefront of my mind, literally smacking me in the back of the forehead on Tuesday. I attempted to infuse a little Latin, so all words in Latin are translated at the bottom. 

Once again, I must thank @papofglencoe for being the most supreme beta and for rescuing another fic from my electronic trash heap.

Hope you all enjoy!

Manumission, to be granted freedom by my master, is my only hope— even though I volunteered for this, for her, I am a slave to their games now.  I am of the murmillones, a swordsman, entertaining the audiences of the Roman Republic with violence and barbarism.  I slaughter men and beast alike at the will of the Emperor— for fame, for fortune, for her.  


I have fought in and won five games over the past two years, and each time she watches me— watches me from the esteemed box of the Vestals.  I dare not fix my eyes upon her, for if I do, all will certainly be known.  She is as radiant as the sun, as constant as the sacred flame she tends on behalf of Vesta, goddess of the hearth.  

She is my Goddess and I, her Gladiator.

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