victor and moritz

i didnt notice how different victor and moritz actually were. this whole time ive been drawing everything the same on them which is why ive been adding eyelashes to moritz (and cause ive seen a couple other people do it and i thought it was cute) and i already knew moritz was a lighter shade of green.

but like, the spots on their heads and some of the colors on their clothing, and their little “belt” thingies. also, their face shape is a bit different, too. i need to pay more attention to this when i draw hahaha


Bouncy GIFs of my favorite characters. I haven’t opened up flash this much since I got it, woah.

I’d make a fancy label for this one too, but I can’t label it as “Short, Evil Dudes who Fight in Robots” Because Sheldon’s there and he’s not evil at all.