I did a re-draw the crossover between Yuri On Ice! and Nightmare before Christmas.

I don’t like it. 
I’m sorry. I have 450 followers and I can’t show how thankful I am!
I’ll say it with words: thank you!
It’s an hard period for me and, as I said, I’m not in the mood.
I still wanna draw though.

The pose is so static and they don’t even look at each other.
I’ll try again in the future!
Thank you again!
See ya~


From the very beginning I thought that Victor was being a jerk here. And now. Now I can’t stop laughing. Because I see that smile and it’s the fakest smile ever. He’s so mad. Like. SO MAD. He’s just thinking “You stupid sexy Japanese drunkard. I’ve been waiting to see you in every fucking single competition after the Grand Prix Final. And YOU. You’re just here so happy about your fucking delicious katsudon. You better get ready for my coaching, you traitor.”

And I just think this is adorable.