Day 18 - Pediophobia

I thought this was just perfect. Juliet’s doll, Mr Happy, is a possesed plush. and Victor is so scared for it that he would never want to be caught alone with it!!

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Victor Gilmore and art © me, martiigr5


So I’m going to list each people I thought can have a chance to be a betrayer..

Rudy - well, he’s obvious. Being a somewhat Djinn’s follower (I mean he look like he look up to Djinn) plus his rivalry with Ali (tho I think it’s just the same with Alicia regarding with Ali being great just with help of Iris). So he might be a stereotype betrayer..

Moon - kage bunshin no jutsu girl haha. She’s sweet and likeable character.. but we all know how a person can change 360° rightt?

Zass - tbh I love him but minus that, he’s somewhat a mysterious Chara (he’s never talking. . not sure he’s a mute or not but well) but after seeing ep3, I must say if he do have dark backstory, it might not be that dark… Because in ep3 we can see how Zass freak out when he find out he’s still living after the suppose-to-happen crash.. surely he never encountered such nearly dead incident before.. but even so he might still be a betrayer

Khai - NAiSuuu guyy. He’s so kind with Ali. But that’s the problems.. he’s too kind to that new kid. It’s possible for him to have hidden motive. Or he’s truly just a cinnamon roll haha

Iman - this shy hijabi agent can be like Jenny..

Jet - he’s a proud agent and I like him haha but as we know he do have a little interest in Alicia.. first of all I know this show is not about romance but let’s just say if Jet is serious with Alicia but Alicia kinda fond with Ali (not romantically, please don’t have wrong idea) so maybe he will be betrayer out of jealousy (ok now this looks like headcannon so let’s move on)

Mika - I remember how my sister said she’s the evil one on her first appearance (which surprised me) ,, well shes an OKU agent.. but have u ever seen show where the supposed to be oku ended up not an OKU and just a jerk (but we haven’t see how her character should be )

Roza - cool girl, cool agent, cool betrayer. Do I have to say more? (Much cooler than Zass tbh)

Chris - he really look like a cinnamon roll to me, but apart from that.. oKay, honestly I dunno what to say about him, maybe because he don’t have his own episode yet. But he still one of the person that I think can be a betrayer

Bulat - an agent with his sphere cubic ( I love how the cubic make me headcannon him as a genius because let’s be real… Just how many people can solve a sphere cubic??) Out of all the agent, he’s the infamous one and not getting much attention.. but this kind of person is indeed terrifying as they might do anything without nobody ever taken notice (okay this sound like a headcannon too because in fact we don’t have an episode about him too.. he might be a sweet guy after all)

I hope I’m not leaving out new agents.. and to the original Chara!

Victor - I remember how I thought he will barely have screentime in s2 as a lot of new charas introduced plus with the fact he’s not an agent but boy how I’m wrong! He got enough screentime for me to think he’s a betrayer himself. But let’s be honest the show are showing too much evidence about his potential as a betrayer to the point I think this is just another trick of WAU in leading us believing Victor is the villain.. and I really hope he’s not!

Alicia - the heroine . Okay she shouldn’t be here but I just wanna state.. if she ever turn into one,, that’s mainly because of her tsundere side and wrong choice she had made.. or maybe because she wanna be acknowledge by her papa? (This is a headcannon.. if I’m not mistaken there’s a canon spin off of her story in Ejen Ali ’s monthly magazine which I never read so this hc might be opposite to the spin off)

I’m literally thinking about Ejen Ali series and all.. and we all know how in first season we have Jenny as a betrayer and in season 2 there are a lot of new characters introduced.. so… Here I’m thinking whether we will have any betrayer among those kids.. Because usually there will always be a betrayer right?

Basically this is what I think. Well, everyone have their own way of thinking so I believe other people have different opinion than mine.

If u ask me, my personal opinion for who’s likely to be a betrayer is:

Plot twist: in the end there are no betrayer among them after all

  • Iman
  • Khai
  • Rudy?

And I really don’t want Victor and Zass to be the betrayer..

Plot twist: in the end there are no betrayal after all haha

Presented to you, the canon betrayer,, Jenny Woo

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What I love he most about this official art is that Yurio and Yuuri’s hair appears to be longer and if you look closely, it seems like Yurio is a little taller too. It shows that time has passed ever since the end of this season.