victonara galang


Victonara Salas Galang or “Ara” to her supporters.

So who is this Ara Galang?

She’s a 17-year old rookie playing for DLSU Lady Spikers. Awarded as the UAAP Season 74 Rookie of the Year and Best Server, she kept everyone in awe with her strength and skills despite of being the youngest in the group. Lined up in the first six, she proved every supporters and haters that she deserved to be there, that Coach Ramil wasn’t wrong when he decided to trust this Angelenean.

And she didn’t let us down because here she is accepting her awards. :)

All the online fan pages, threads and forums about her still give me the weirdest feelings. Every time I read about how impressed these people are, I almost always forget that I know her. It makes us all so proud of how much she has grown and how she stepped out of her comfort zone. I still remember her telling us about DLSU’s offer and how confused she was because AUF was her place and our minds were all set that since she’s the youngest in our barkada, once she gets to college, we will all be complete in one campus. But I guess she was made for this more than anything and we can’t be any more prouder than we all are right now.

I personally took the photo above when we watched their championship game last Wednesday at the Filoil Flying V Arena. One very touching hug, don’t you think? :)

Trending pa sa twitter ang lola nyo!

But honestly, all these Ara Galang craze is something that’s not yet sinking in because to us, she is our Vic. She is the V that completes the KCGBFV + PT acronym we came up with.

This photo was taken when she got home from CLRAA 2011, thus, her sun-kissed skintone hahaha well more of a sun-raped! :P

So who is this Vic?

Well this “Vic,” more than anything, is our friend. She’s our fragile not-so-little baby in the group. We baby her so much that whenever we eat out, one of us would always cut her food for her. She’s the girl my arms are always wrapped around to in the mall because we’d always be munching candies and sweets. We love Candy Station’s apple and strawberry tapes! Dun kami magkasundo. Even if I sometimes hide some so I could eat more (I tell her after okay! But only when the candies are gone :p). Hahaha! I just don’t understand why she’s the one who has to be hella sexy. :( Don’t reason about her having trainings and all because I dance! No excuses! It’s just me and the cruel calories. :( Lol jk.

Vic is the most down-to-earth person I know. I’m not saying this because she’s my friend, but because I mean it in its every sense. She doesn’t brag, nor boast, even if she has all the reasons to. I remember this one time when she won the Best Server award in the Palarong Pambansa, and we didn’t know even if we were with her all the time when she got back. If not with the tarp we saw congratulating her, we wouldn’t know! Vic is the silent type, especially when she doesn’t know you. She could sit there all day without talking because awkward situations are her expertise (haha honest!!). But once you get to know her, there’s so much more behind the rookie, the best server, the La Sallian.. so much more behind the Ara Galang. And I am forever grateful to be blessed with that chance to know everything that’s behind and beyond. :)

Sometimes, a little piece of me wonders what if she didn’t take this path.. what if she settled with our plan. Honestly, I didn’t hate the thought. In fact, I loved it. She barely goes home anymore, and when she does, she can’t even spend a decent 24 hours here. The last time we had her here was during my birthday, and that was more than a month ago! It’s crazy, and sometimes nakakalungkot. But whenever I remind myself of how happy we all are for her, the sadness disappears. She is living her dream and there’s nothing more we could ask.

Besides, what is skype for? :)

Beating distance like a pro! ;)

Vicky, you have no idea how proud we are of the person you’ve become. We saw this coming, this was never impossible from the start. You are insanely talented and we thank the Lord cause you were brave enough to choose the harder path. But it is indeed worth it, isn’t? We love you, woman!!