I’m kinda tired of jeff davis’ shit -___-’ too be completely honest I don’t care what people are shipping and if I see someone posting hate about my ship i just block them and I won’t have a problem anymore…

I am a proud sterek shipper and all i want is to read fanfiction and look at cute art on the sterek tag, not fighting is that to much to ask? to have peace in the kingdom?

Let us band together shippers and make it so everyone is happy, okey :) and maybe one day we won’t open our inbox to someone saying our ship is unnatural or that we are going to hell, or that one ship is better than another :)

We shouldn’t be blowing holes in each others ships.

Tags are like territory, we mark our boarders and patrol it and you should do the same((I’ve been reading warriors again sorry XD))

What I’m really trying to say is…

So let us love and rejoice and realize that I am very drunk! X3XDXZ

anyway! too any shipper who want’s peace:

now let me return to the darkness from whence i came!!!!!


Drink up baby doll
 Are you in or out
  Leave your things behind
   Cause it’s all going off without you
    Excuse me
     Too busy
      Writing your tragedy
       These mishaps
        You bubble wrap
         When you’ve no idea what you’re like

                                                                    So let go
                                                                     Jump in
                                                        Oh well whatcha waiting for
                                                                   It’s alright
                                              Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
                                                                                                                              Let go
                                                                                                                       Just get in
                                                                                                 Oh it’s so amazing here
                                                                                                                     It’s alright
                                                                       Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown