Alright it’s time my friends! Annnnd of course, I had to choose a kind of special pokemon for my first giveaway so I chose….

This baby! I loved it so much in the movie, I just had to share the love! So I have 4 boxes of these Victinis. They are lvl. 54 and they have V-create, Return, U-turn along with Wild Charge!

And to get one, you must:

  • Deposit a Swablu (found in route 21 in X/Y and in route 114 and 115 in OR/AS) in the GTS  asking for a lvl 51 to 60 Victini.
  • Put “Victory” as your message! This is a way for me to know you are from this giveaway!
  • Only one per person, if you want to grab one for a friend, message me beforehand.

Since this is my first giveaway, I will put more rules in the future if anything goes wrong tonight. Come get your pretties!