Daily thing #600

I like to celebrate milestones with memorable things from games, yadda yadda okay I want to talk about event-only Pokémon today.

I’ve been extremely bitter towards event-onlies for most of my life - their inclusion in the game seems just plain cruel. Late to an event? Live in the wrong place? Didn’t buy Pokémon Ranger? Couldn’t get your clunky old DS to connect to the internet? Congratulations, you’ll never be able to complete the Pokédex! For a franchise that slaps the “Gotta catch ‘em all” motto on everything, that doesn’t seem very fair.

…But over the time I spent working on this, it made me realize something - I have a lot more fun drawing Pokémon than hoarding them in PC boxes. I may not be able to fill in those unsightly gaps in the Pokédex, but no limited-time event is stopping me from drawing them. I love almost all of their designs, and I’m honestly really glad they exist now.