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Trump reportedly pulls Iraq from new travel ban, delays its signing

  • Late Tuesday, the Trump administration abruptly pulled Iraq from a list of seven majority-Muslim nations whose citizens were to be subject to a temporary travel ban to the U.S., the Associated Press reported.
  • Trump, despite strong opposition, defiantly vowed to forge on with a new order blocking travelers — including refugees — from the seven nations.
  • However, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond quoted a senior administration official saying the signing of the ban would be delayed until “later this week,” so it could have its own “moment.” Read more (3/1/17 6:57 AM) 

Trump’s VOICE is trying to paint immigrants as criminals. Heres why that’s wrong.

  • During his first speech to Congress Tuesday evening, Trump announced the creation of a Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)— an office dedicated to serving victims of violent crimes at the hands of undocumented immigrants.
  • Audible boos and loud groans followed his announcement.
  • While victims of violent crimes deserve support, Trump’s use of these limited examples to paint violent crime committed by undocumented immigrants as statistically significant risks stoking xenophobia. 
  • The epidemic he was trying to highlight, and the idea that immigrants steal Americans’ dreams, just isn’t the reality. 
  • Immigrants in the U.S., including undocumented immigrants, commit fewer violent crimes than the general population. 
  • Studies show that not only do immigrants commit fewer crimes than those born in the United States, but also they go to jail less, at a rate of about one-fifth of native-born Americans. Read more (3/1/17 7:16 AM)

Checking my privilege…

Less chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

Less likely to be screwed in divorce settlements.

Choosing between parent hood.

Choosing not to sign of for the draft (united states)

Less workplace deaths.

Domestic violence shelters.

More birth control options.

Movement treating me like a queen.

More believed in a violent crime, or rape.

An entire March dedicated to my gender.

Seen as stronger even though biologically I’m weaker.

Muh oppression

Why do people always say that women are getting killed more, and are more subjected to violence?

78% of homicide victims men.
Double the reported suicides
Higher chance of being a victim of a violent crime.
No abuse center for them.
Less mental health care

Yeah but women are the ones that face violence everyday.


Episodes the inspiration part 1 and 2 ( 9 × 1 ) ( 9 × 2 ) discuss hotch taking on the section chief job. Reid’s imprint on Hotch due both to his autism and his ability to rely on hotch when he was kidnapped by Tobias Hankle ( victims of violent crimes sometimes imprinting on one of their saviors ) causes him to act petulant outwardly and bluntly stating he doesn’t want that.

The stress at the possibility of loosing another strong father figure in his life breaking down the social skills reid has developed over the years and what little conversational tact he has.
This Guy Trains Computers to Find Future Criminals
Richard Berk says his algorithms take the bias out of criminal justice. But could they make it worse?

I really don’t believe much in this use of predictive techniques for this kind of analysis, mostly because false positives and false negatives are, in my opinion, unacceptable from an ethical point of view. Interesting reading anyway.

By the way, exactly on this precise topic, is based a wonderful novel by Philip Kerr: A Philosophical Investigation:

LONDON, 2013. Serial killings have reached epidemic proportions-even with the widespread government use of DNA detection, brain-imaging, and the “punitive coma.” Beautiful, whip-smart, and driven by demons of her own, Detective Isadora “Jake” Jacowicz must stop a murderer, code-named “Wittgenstein,” who has taken it upon himself to eliminate any man who has tested posi­tive for a tendency towards violent behavior-even if his victim has never committed a crime…

A perfect summer reading. You may get this book in Amazon (US, Uk).

On March 1, 2016, the Winnipeg chapter of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network will hold a vigil in memory of the dozens of people will disabilities who have been killed by their parents or caregivers. It will be held at 7:00 PM in The Hive at the University of Winnipeg. All are welcome to attend.

[Image description: A poster advertising the event. It reads:

“Disability Day of Mourning 2016

Remembering People with Disabilities Murdered by Caregivers

Candlelight vigil

Tuesday March 1

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: The Hive, University of Winnipeg

People with disabilities are twice as likely to be the victims of violent crime. Every year, dozens of people with disabilities are killed by family members or caregivers.

Too often, media coverage of these murders focus on sympathy for the murderer, because they had to live with or care for a person with a disability. The message to the public is that our lives – not our deaths – are the tragedy.

On March 1st, join the Autistic Self Advocacy Network in remembering people with disabilities who lost their lives at the hands of family members or caregivers. We will remember those we have lost and and remind the world that their lives – and ours – have value.”]

last night i met a butch woman in her forties/fifties who works as a crime victim’s advocate w/ a focus on domestic violence and sexual assault cases and i asked her about her antagonistic experience with offenders (i.e. an abusive ex-boyfriend/husband) and she said that generally she doesn’t have direct contact w/ the offenders themselves but that she’ll get some nasty phone calls at the program headquarters, especially since violent men like to characterize the crime victim advocacy workers as “crypto-fascist lesbian nazi feminists who are kidnapping their women”

the example she offered being when she got a call in her office and upon picking up the dude pissily goes “yeah can i talk to the head lesbian” to which she replied “WHICH ONE”

in other words last night i met my Actual Hero

Three police officers murdered in one week

This is the reason why we consistently call for police accountability and not violence against the police.  Injustice never excuses injustice.  These officers were innocent victims of violent crimes, the very crimes their jobs exist to stop.

from Daily Mail:

A Texas police officer was found murdered in his home just hours before an officer in Illinois was gunned down in the street on a morning patrol.
Don Allen, 27, was killed at home some time Monday evening in Clyde, Texas, and found by family members around 7pm.
Authorities have not released details of his death, but launched a homicide investigation over Allen, who has served in the Abilene police department for three years.

He was off-duty at the time, and the only one at home when the discovery was made.

The discovery of the dead officer comes at the same time as police in Fox Lake, Illinois, have launched a search for three armed suspects in the death of an officer.
Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, 52, died of gunshot wounds Tuesday morning in the Chicago suburb, prompting a search for three suspicious men he was chasing just before he died.
Officer Allen’s death also came just days after a sheriff’s deputy, Darren Goforth, was shot dead at a gas station near Houston while filling up his patrol car.
The latest killing - the third in less than a week - has prompted fear among other officers.

read the rest

We do our level best around here to be fact-based, and tell the truth as the facts become available. We have posted numerous stories about police violence and have consistently called for greater accountability for officers as well as punishment under the law for officers who abuse their authority. 

One thing we will never do, however, is call for violence against police officers. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Civilians lives matter. Police lives matter. All life matters, and that’s not a difficult concept.

BREAKING: Transgender woman found slain on Chicago's West Side, becomes the 20th trans person killed in 2016 in America.

Information received by Windy City Times from a source close the the West Side trans community indicates that a transgender woman named T.T. was found murdered in Chicago’s Garfield Park the evening of Sept. 11, 2016.

According to the Chicago Police Department and subsequent reports by the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, a body was discovered in the 4500 block of West Monroe. The throat had been cut and a knife found nearby.

All the reports misgendered T.T. as a male even though she was well known within the West Side transgender community, some members of whom are planning a memorial service at the murder scene later this afternoon.

The murder of T.T. makes her the 20th transgender individual killed in 2016.

Windy City Times will provide more details as they become available.

In 2015, Windy City Times published an investigation as to why transgender individuals who are the victims of a violent crime are often misgendered by police departments and the media.


The claim that people who write about extremely negative experiences they’ve had (generally involving bigotry) are “acting like victims” is such a bizarre way to criticize someone. Why wouldn’t you act like a victim of you ARE a victim? Why wouldn’t you act hurt if you’re hurt?

Right, because we’re supposed to pretend to be happy and okay at all times no matter what’s going on. There are a few things in our society that you’re allowed to be openly upset or bitter about–cancer, losing a loved one, being the victim of a violent crime (except sexual assault)–but even for those you’re given a narrow window of time before you’re told to get over it, or you’re supposed to “think positive” all the time because that’s going to literally make your cancer go away or whatever.

Criticizing someone for “acting like a victim” can really only mean a few things:

1. “That’s not a real problem” (which isn’t your call to make)

2. “That’s a problem, but a much smaller one than you think” (also not your call to make)

3. “That’s a real problem, but I don’t want to think about it and you’re making me think about it” (you cannot move through this world without hurting lots of people with this kind of attitude. Stop it.)

Hey Reminder

With Halloween coming up we are going to be surrounded by the villianization of mental disorder. So do your best to not be a shitty person around this time of year, people with any form of psychosis, schizophrenia, or any other mental disorders, are not evil. People with mental disorders are much more likely to be the victim of violent crime than the perpetrators, so don’t make shitty jokes and be sensitive during this time okay?   

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The day Black Lives Matter should’ve called in sick.

Trey Gowdy at it again. 

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy challenged professor and community policing advocate, Deborah Ramirez for her assertion that African-American crime victims are treated differently than whites in America.

Gowdy continued, taking Ramirez to task for her assertion that poor black communities often fail to receive justice, while noting the very real problem of actually getting the victims of violent crime to cooperate with police investigations — “even after a drive-by shooting of an 8-year-old at a birthday party,” he yelled.

Let's talk about Melissa & Spencer

Ok Guys, I’m just gonna throw this right out here..
I think Spencer really did bury Bethany Young.

Ok, hear me out…
First & foremost, the previews to the latest episode shows a very quick preview of what Spencer is watching from the dollhouse…

This is the day she woke up covered in blood

But?? Look closely at the first gif.
There is no blood.

I’ve taken this from Google
• Violent, bloody dreams may be an indication of an emotional upheaval or a releasing of repressed anger. It may also indicate being a victim of abuse or a violent crime in waking life.
• Bloody Hands: to see blood on your hands signifies that you are experiencing some sort of guilt.

and to think we thought she was the only liar that hadn’t killed anyone.

…. Now back to That Night
What if Mona blackmailed Melissa for “burying Bethany” all those years ago for knowing too much about Mona’s game?


• Melissa thought Bethany’s body was Alison’s but Mona knew that it wasn’t.
• Mona hated Alison.
• Mona accidentally hit Bethany, thinking it was Alison.
• Melissa thought Spencer hurt Alison.
• Melissa wanted those NAT videos more than anyone.


Melissa wanted the videos the NAT club had taken because with the footage, she could PROVE Mona was A from the very first episode.
This is why Melissa was at the DiLaurentis house that night, and that’s what she was talking to CeCe about.. The footage.
I still believe she told her about Mona’s game then too.

Mona then told Melissa if she told one more person about her little game, she will expose that SPENCER really did kill Bethany Young. (Alison still to the audience).

Melissa really has always been trying to protect Spencer…

This is taken from PLL Wiki:
“In 3x06, Jason explains to Spencer that he always thought Ian and Garrett used to pay girls to set up their friends and that they would film these for someone else.”
I think Mona was the person Ian was filming for, that’s how she knew what Alison and the girls were up to, but Ian double crossed her and filmed her in the A act as well.

Taken from my last theory:
“Original A: Mona Vanderwaal
Motive: Alison was awful to “Loser Mona”, Mona started this much before Ali’s disappearance, anonymously taunting her. Until she was caught by Melissa Hastings. (Unsure how she was caught just yet, bear with me lol).”

^^^ Melissa found the evidence of this on Ian’s computer. If Ali could access Ian’s computer that easily then I’m sure as shit Melissa could too!

NOW - I’ve ALWAYS been a strong believer that Melissa is the real Black Widow/Veil.

The first episode BW appeared was 4x01 “A is for A-L-I-V-E”, she attended Wildens funeral.

So at this point of the show, it’s obviously safe to assume a few things:
• Melissa told CeCe (and possibly Wren), about Mona’s “A” act.
• CeCe was probably a minion for Mona in the first two seasons.
• I’m certain Melissa was being blackmailed with what Spencer had done by Big A & Uber A (CeCe & Wren) into getting information out of the Liars about that night.

This episode (4x01) also shows Mona answering a heap of questions from the last 3 seasons. One question in particular was,
“Who was Queen of Hearts on the Halloween Train?”

Mona reveals that one was definitely Wilden, and then attempted to show footage of Melissa being the second QOH, but right before her reveal, Mona’s computer was hacked.

Because CeCe & Wren hacked Mona and deleted the files. This was their way of saying to Melissa, “we helped you, now you owe us” & that’s why Black Widow made her first debut in the same episode.

Melissa “proved” to them that she was “A Team” material, and that very same episode, Mona proved she was not.

At the end of this episode, Black Widow puts a Mona doll with the 4 liar dolls, implying she’s now taken Mona’s position, and Mona is now a victim.

and finally…
Melissa’s “Confession Tape”.
If this theory is correct then it’s safe to assume ~again~ that Melissa was blackmailed into doing this.
Thought 1: CeCe and Wren found out that Bethany was their sister, and they were coming for Spencer.

The only thing that would stop them was if Melissa confessed to the murder of Bethany Young and gave them a copy of it.
Which brings us right back to how Melissa got herself into this mess at the beginning of 6B.

To summerise;

Spencer killed Bethany, Melissa has always known, Melissa knew about Mona’s game and she’s the one that actually told CeCe about it, Mona blackmailed Melissa about that, CeCe started blackmailing Melissa for information, Melissa became Black Widow, the A team made Melissa confess to killing Bethany in order for Spencer to not get hurt!

What does everyone think?

okay but why does no one ever talk about the fact that Mickey was (most-likely) a victim of child abuse

some of the most prominent effects of having a father like Terry:

-children who go through an abusive childhood are fifty nine percent more likely to be arrested as juveniles, and thirty percent more likely to commit violent crimes

-as parents, abuse victims tend to experience difficulty dealing with their new child’s wants and needs, or even facing/holding them

-abuse victims often develop psychological issues such as lack of human connections and a fear of physical contact

-demonstrates extremes in behaviour, such as overly aggressive or very withdrawn

-victims tend to misuse alcohol and drugs, express irritated behaviour such as whining and swearing

-effects includes emotional immaturity, under reactions to situations, fears losing control in relationships, fidgety and compulsive, inability to offer or accept emotional support

and yet he’s come so far and recovered to the point where he’s taking care of someone he openly cares about, and he’s accepting Yevgeny as his own kid and idk I just think about Mickey Milkovich a lot