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If done right to rule us to serve.

I’ll think about it. The only paladin political platform making necromancy illegal, and setting up a humane alternative for vampirism/necromancy victims to exist safely and peacefully, while putting up a no compromise stance on those doing evil with with either. Evil dragons have to pay taxes equal to the size of their horde. Open the doors to trade with peaceful goblinoid outposts, while putting an end to prejudicial treatment towards them and other civilized monsters. Ban all churches of evil gods, and ensure all others are somehow contributing to the common good.

Oh, and make puns illegal.

So if I was a fantasy monster I’d be an incubus

- nice legs like these? Come on now
- I’d get sweet ram horns
- The ultimate bi culture, feeding on the sexuality of my victims
- a lot like a vampire, but with a demon aesthetic

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Maybe the garlic rumor was started by the vampires so their victims would season themselves

Vampire: oh no, you’re covered in garlic *licks lips* how awful *ties napkin under chin* whatever shall I do? *pulls out crazy straw and smiles* What. A. Shame.

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dom if the signs were poems which poems would they be?

I am the wound and the knife!
I am the slap and the cheek!
I am the limbs and the rack,
And the victim and the executioner!
I am the vampire of my own heart.
– Charles Baudelaire 

I am composed of particles which are
different from me —
though you categorize me as Particle Doll.
If you fuck with my brain change my particles, chemicals
you’ll perceive a different me
as far as you’re
concerned, but you’ve never
really perceived me anyway.
— Alice Notley 

Sure, in the end, like any soul
you were endless and yets—
brave, deft with phrases, kind—
three cheers for you. Too closed to
want what others love, you vetoed life.
Were there other worlds to crave?
— Steven Heighton

Forgive me,
That I manage badly,
Manage badly but live gloriously,
That I leave traces of myself in my songs,
That I appeared to you in waking dreams.
– Anna Akhmatova 

My nerves are bad tonight. Yes, bad. Stay with me.
Speak to me. Why do you never speak? Speak.
What are you thinking of? What thinking? What?
I never know what you are thinking. Think.
– T.S Eliot

Call me rough, ill-tempered, slovenly— I tell you,
every tenderness I have ever known
has been nothing
but thwarted violence, an ache
so permanent and deep, the lightest touch
awakens it … It is impossible
to care enough.
– Rita Dove

Yet I’d risk my life
on that dilly dally buttercup
called dreams. She of the origin,
she of the primal crack, she of the boiling beginning,
she of the riddle, she keeps me here,
toiling and toiling.
– Anne Sexton

I am pure emotion and you must pour me
into something pure. I will live for me
I will die thanks to unconditional love.
– Jenny Zhang

I feel like I am floating in plasma
I need a teacher or a lover
I need someone to risk being involved with me.
I am so vain
and I am so masochistic.
How can they coexist?
– Francesca Woodman

Red foam of desire, slaughter on the high seas,
blue rocks of delirium,
forms, images, bubbles, the hunger to be,
momentary eternities,
excesses: your measure of man.
Dare to do it:
be the bow and the arrow, the string and the “ay!”
Dream is explosive. Explode. Be a sun again. 
– Octavio Paz

Is this you, this edgy joke
I make, are these your long fingers,
your hair of an untidy bird,
is this your outraged
eye, this grip
that will not give up?
– Margaret Atwood

It is easy for a person to think
themselves into a forest. Nighttime
or otherwise, then think about when
the object of your desire
is also the object
of your disgust.
Now we’re getting somewhere.
– Wendy Xu

It’s About Damn Time

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and Reader are working a vampire case. When Dean decides to go in alone, things go a little differently than planned.

Word Count: 5204

Warnings: Swearing. Because I’m a fucking lady. Vampire gore and killing. Being tied up. Smut. Again, lady. Fingering. P in V sex. 

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats 2k Follower Challange. My prompt was “Wanna try that again like you mean it?”, which is bolded in the fic. Beta’d by the ever lovely @wheresthekillswitch. Thanks for helping me make what I had even better! Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Tags at the bottom. If you want added/removed, let me know!

“Dammit, Dean, answer your phone.” You’re starting to get worried now.

This is the fourth time you’ve called him, and when his voice comes over the line telling you to leave a message, it’s the fourth time you’ve had to swallow down the fear so it doesn’t come through in your voice. “You were supposed to just watch him, Winchester. If you’ve gotten yourself into trouble again, so help me God, you’re going to pay.”

You end the call, tapping your phone against your palm as you try to think. You suck a breath in through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds, then release it. You need to clear your head, figure out your next step. He’s got the Impala, of course, so if you plan on finding the him you’re going to have to borrow a car for a bit. You grab your leather jacket off the chair back, swinging it over your shoulders, shoving your hands through the sleeves as you grab your room key and head for the door. You check your phone one more time before sliding it into your pocket, shutting the door behind you as you scan the parking lot of the motel, eyes squinted to the bright mid-day sun.

There aren’t many cars parked in the poorly paved lot, and the ones that are there aren’t ones you want to trouble yourself with. You jog over to the diner across the street, eyes hopping from one car to the next until you spot a nondescript compact sitting in the back row. Yahtzee.

It’s old enough you shouldn’t have to worry about a security system but still looks like it should get you where you’re going without worrying that it’s going to break down. You walk to the car with purpose, looking for all the world like you own it. You slow as you near, hand automatically reaching out to try the handle. It always amazes you how many people just leave their vehicles unlocked in these small towns. You curl your fingers under the handle and give a tug, and sure enough, the door opens right up. With a smirk, you slide in to hotwire it and get your ass moving.

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The last known instance of residents of Rhode Island exhuming a body to perform a bizarre ritual in an attempt to kill a vampire took place in 1892. Tuberculosis struck the family of George and Mary Brown from Exeter, Rhode Island. It was believed that this was caused by the undead so they, along with the townsfolk, decided to exhume the bodies of two family members who had already died from the disease. These family members showed regular decomposition and were then re-buried. Next, they exhumed the body of their 19-year-old daughter, Mercy; she showed absolutely no signs of decomposition. The family took this as a sign that Mercy was undead and that she was a vampire. They removed her heart, burnt it, and then mixed the ashes with water for her brother, Edwin, who was sick, to drink. It was believed that if the sick victim were to consume the heart of a vampire then they would be cured. Unsurprisingly, Edwin died two months later. Mercy’s grave stands in Chestnutt Hill Cemetery.

This is Nadine, she’s a ballerina and one of Lucia’s 50+ vamp girlfriends.
She really wants to teach Lucia to dance with her, but also doesn’t want her gf to face the fact that she’s not flexible… At all.
She’s punk af and will do pirouettes on the bodies of her victims

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 13

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: (LOTS OF) Violence, blood, language, possible triggers and themes of death/mentions of death/death

Word Count: 7,430

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A/N: This chapter has been the hardest piece of writing I’ve written to date, you guys. I spent four days straight wrestling with this one. All I am going to say is, hold your breath.

“You’re going to get him out of there,” You stared into Kyungsoo’s deep, emotionless black pools. “Right?”

Kyungsoo faced you slowly, meeting your gaze with one that turned your blood stone cold. His face remained void of all sympathy as he turned his back to you and walked away.


Everyone’s heads turned. You found yourself in shock of the volume and desperation in your voice. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you continued.

“You are going to get him out of there.” You lowered your voice, asserting yourself as Kyungsoo continued to walk away from you.

Your blood was boiling as Kyungsoo continued to ignore you. You stalked up to him, hands balled into fists at your side as you caught up to him and halted in front of his path. Kyungsoo was determined, however, and brushed past you with ease.

“Kyungsoo!” You gaped at him in shock. “You have to do something!”

This caused him to stop in his tracks, his face still facing you as he spoke.

“I am doing something,” He growled, the air around him vibrating with a threatening aura. “And that something is going to keep the clan alive.”

Your anger could not longer be controlled, and you ran up to him, grabbing his arm and forcing him to look you in the eye. “And by something you mean you are going to let him die.”

The air was tight between the two of you as his stone-cold stare bore straight into your own, yet you refused to back down.

“The clan is my priority.” Kyungsoo deadpanned. “Nothing else matters.”

As Kyungsoo turned around to walk away from you again, you gripped his elbow. Kyungsoo froze, taking in a vehement breath in frustration. You could tell his patience was wearing dangerously thin.

You didn’t care.

“Chanyeol is your leader.” You dropped your voice, your tone conveying the seriousness of the situation, as well as your stance on it. “You can’t just leave him.”

Kyungsoo’s jaw clenched as he threw off your grip on his arm. His head turned to stare down at you, his expression sending shivers down your spine.

“The clan has a new leader now.”

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I forgot if I already asked this or not, but: If RFA/V/Saeran were vampires, what would their general feeding habits be like? Assuming they don't choose to feed off MC all the time or just leave her for tiny dessert nibs.

You haven’t! Or at least if you did, tumblr possibly ate it! Gosh, I don’t talk about vampires much, but I really like them….Modern vamps are so good… I’m sorry if none of these make sense! The last vampire related thing I watched was a few random episodes of Buffy afhdsf

Speaking of Buffy, I’m going along with the idea that just because they’ve drank your blood doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. Rather if they drink the vampires blood? …Is that weird? Idk if thats ‘Official Lore’, but now it’s “Scums Bastardized Lore’. And it’s a weird modern vamp world because?? I have?? No idea how to write vampire worlds holy fuck

Thank you @fromthedeskofelizabeththird and my friendo Mouse for helping me out with this one!

Zen: The ‘Lestat’ Vampire

- Probably the most typical, dramatic and Romantic vampire.

- A bit of a drama queen if his fans aren’t giving him much attention

- He won’t drink fans blood, but if its offered he tries to come up with an excuse. Saying he’s already ate, prefers a certain blood type to maintain his ‘good skin’, etc

- With Mc he would be worried about drinking too much at once! He might get carried away, especially since he wouldn’t go feed off of random people (probably some weird modern-vamp storebought bs), and he might try to make it Extremely Romantic (and cheesy)

- Mostly he would try to save drinking her blood for special occasions, and probably wouldn’t even bring up or entertain the idea of turning her for a while.

Jumin: The ‘No One Understands Me’ Vampire

- Look me in the eyes and tell me that Jumin wouldn’t be the type of vamp to lock himself in his room with Elizabeth 3rd, lamenting about how humans and vampires are so different, and how no human could understand him.

- Not as dramatic as Zen, but very closed off and skeptical when Mc shows any interest

- Probably drinks blood like its a fine wine. Gets fancy stuff, directly from the victim without having to sink his own fangs into them- Rich Vampire Bs, basically

- Mc suggesting that he could drink from her causes him to think she’s implying a sexual spin to it, and it takes a bit of talking to explain what she meant

- If he ever does drink from her, he’s very very careful, treats it as a relationship bonding experience, and compliments everything he can about the taste

- He may not do it often mainly due to the fact he wants to save her blood for very special occasions

Seven: The ‘Ayyyy Lmao’ Vampire

- Goofy vampire. Does the cheesy lame vampire jokes and treats his own existence as a joke

- Definitely has scared random humans by popping out and threatening to drink their blood, but then laughing at their horrified expressions

- Hails some god awful cheap blood soda bs as the best drink. It’s disgusting. Everyone things its disgusting.

- Refuses to drink Mc’s blood. He doesn’t want to hurt her like that, doesn’t want to risk going overboard and drinking too much, doesn’t want to risk anything. He would literally starve before willingly drinking her blood.

- If he absolutely had to, he would drink the bare minimum and then possibly baby her for a bit. As in, making sure she’s not feeling lightheaded or sensitive afterwards.

Yoosung: The ‘Innocent’ Vampire

-The most normal vampire that probably romanticizes drinking someone else’s blood. Probably hates that he’s going to look cute for years. Wishes he got turned a bit later in life.

- Drinks cheap blood and never any human blood until he meets Mc. It’s easy for him to get it, has been offered by a few humans before, but shyly refused

- If Mc ever lets him, he tries to make it romantic, almost as if it’s going to be your first time doing something else together

- The first time he accidentally goes overboard, but he apologises profusely (probably cooking something high in iron for you). After that, he tries to be more careful and stresses you can always say no

Jaehee: The ‘Most Beneficial’ Vampire

- Probably only became a vampire because it was the best way to get a job, maintain one, or because it was beneficial at the time.

- …vampires probably would have some gross ass coffee blood, huh? If so, that’s probably what she would drink the most, if not then normal coffee it is. Maybe some vampire employees would get better blood than “'storebought”’ blood?(fuk idk)

- When you suggest it to her, she outright refuses. Drinking blood straight from a human seems too personal, too intimate, and she doesn’t want to do that to a friend

-… Until its proven that the two of you are more than friends.

- Still, she hardly does, unless she really needs a pick-me-up. Afterwards she makes sure you rest up and don’t get too light-headed

V: The 'Wrong Reasons’ Vampire

- Probably turned a human into a vampire, under the guise that they would live together happily (*coughs* Rika)

- Because of this, he’s reluctant to drink from Mc. Doing so he might go a bit overboard (Rika would have been the last human he drank from), or stress about you wanting to become one

- He’s mainly used to just drinking like Jumin does, without the 'Humans will never understand me’ vibes.

- If he does, he’s so careful. So sweet, kissing the spot he’s going to bite a few times, barely even drinking enough to satiate his hunger.

- Just don’t seem to eager for it, because it will bring forth some past worries of his

Saeran: The “”“'Edgy”“”’ Vampire

- You ever see those vampires who go around drinking from whoever they want, whenever they want? Well here is Saeran, a Korean version of Spike.

- He does whatever, drinks from whoever, and tosses them aside afterwards. Doesn’t even care how weak they are afterwards

- Mainly the more dangerous ones, so if he hasn’t met Mc like that, she is lucky.

- Presumably, Mc would most likely be the one to calm him down, start forcing him to feel emotions (he hates it at first), and because of that, he doesnt drink from her at first.

- When he does, it’s more romantic. He doesn’t use her or toss her aside. He’s careful, constantly making sure she’s sure and okay, and then even dares to kiss her afterwards.

Moon in Pisces - Moon Mermaid 

At the nocturnal lunar lagoon the Moon in Pisces bathes in a sea of emotion. Neptune nectar induces the dream that dreams a dream. The individual is a frequent visitor to states of fantasy. Emotions trigger the individual’s powerful sensitivity and generosity. It can be difficult for the individual to switch off feelings once the waterfall begins flowing. Interactions can be enchanting, a sort of indigo myst illuminates against certain moon shadows. There is a celestial coolness, but a reactive nature that can be worrisome and fretting. The individual can be a true escapist and ride the dream cruise into fantasy netherworlds whenever reality becomes to harsh. Or the person can be pedantic with earthly responsibilities, keeping lists and maintaining order because the ground always seems to be slipping beneath them. Pisces is a dual sign so its common for the individual to be both. Nonsensical in their striving for common sense. 

Emotions can be the colour that the Lunar Pisces uses for striking creativity. Indulging in the arts serves as a tremendous emotional coolant, like listening to their favourite song or reading their favourite passages sinks straight into the spirit and soothes the soul. The individual is inspired by art, so they can be a fascinating creator themselves, tapping into the well of human emotion, and conveying depression, euphoria, fear, and emptiness with striking artistry, and these are emotions the individual is quite familiar with. Moon in Pisces people have little to no resistance against environmental influences, material and psychic. Carl Jung suggests the divinity that binds us all together is the unconscious that we all share., he refers to this the ‘collective unconscious’. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents fragments of the 11 signs before them. Every emotional experience is activated through the Lunar Pisces, so they can ride the carousel of emotional highs and lows with each day. The individual could wake up in a panic, settle into calmness, daydream into lethargy, awake into frustration, and fall asleep with content. And these emotional states can change from day to day, making it difficult for the individual to make and maintain plans. 

The Moon in Pisces person represents emotional salvation. Their emotional nature is analgesic and healing. The individual is receptive to the agony of people, and therefore needs to heal so their own howls can be silenced. It’s difficult to know where their own feelings stop and other people’s begin. This acute receptivity demands frequent solitude, so its common for the individual to withdraw completely for regeneration. People’s emotions can become so static and exhausting. They are faithful people who emanate warmth, relaxing solicitude, and empathy. The individual is capable of mastering the emotional realm and developing profound wisdom. This endless stream of emotion can also trigger self destruction, especially in terms of relationships and dependency. Fears of abandonment, insufficiency, or the constant lost feeling that hovers can cause the individual to cling onto people, places, and harmful rituals. The individual may find it difficult to understand or appropriately express emotion so these powerful feelings can be internalized. Dark, sick, or addicted people can be drawn to the healing Moon in Pisces lamp, so they can be victim to psychic vampires who deplete their spiritual and emotional energies. Lunar Pisces spend their lives wandering, trying to find a sense of fulfilment, a substance for the empty space within them, a home for the lost traveler from the sea, a person that will give substance to a moon hidden by mist. And yet, they are already complete, overflowing, too full for the conscious mind to comprehend, floating like a starfish in the dream sea, singing the zodiac to sleep.


tbh the only reason that the anti discourse on this site bothers me- no matter what books or whatever it’s about- is that it often assumes that readers who enjoy certain books have somehow missed all the reasons it needs to be criticized. And haven’t “recognized” the abuse or lack of diversity or whatever.

And I’m like…..I have….a master’s degree from oxford…where I was trained to do textual analysis in multiple languages and i know im a baby academic so…not to be arrogant but…I am capable of critically reading something, identifying the problems, and not giving a shit because at the end of an emotionally and mentally challenging 10 hour day spent pouring over latin and middle french court records about rape victims, if all I want to read are books about vampire sex and fae mating bonds than I am damn well going to do that regardless of whether of not these books check all the boxes on tumblr’s “list of ways a book need to check out before i deem it worthy literature.” 

i just want to….read books….and not feel as if other people think Im stupid for my reading choices….and as a reader of romance, which is like the most denigrated area of fiction…I am always being made to feel like this. But! some of the most intelligent, successful, and aware women I know are romance readers! 

Also like I cannot deal with this notion that the relationships featured in romance are somehow bad for women when the entire genre is about women choosing, but like, okay.

Klaus – His Witch 3

Words count: 1324

Warning: None



Part 4


The plan was in action, you’ll be getting your daughter and Klaus and Hayley are protecting her.

“You got the ashes?” You asked Elijah who handed you a vase full of Viking’s ashes. “Okay, and the knife?”

“Kol and Davina are getting it.” Klaus said and you nodded. “And we have Kol’s magical cuffs.”

“Okay, let’s begin.” You said and closed your eyes. You started to say the memorized Latin words, over and over. You felt power running through you as you resurrect Esther as we need her blood to kill the evil witch also known as Dahlia. With repeating the words one more time, you felt it. Esther is alive. Slowly a hand comes out of the grave, and then another and soon a face. You saw a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. The Mikaelsons sure are blessed with good genes.

Esther gasps for air and looks around.

“Mother.” Rebekah said walking up to her mother. Before she could say anything else though Klaus vamp speeds and cuffs her hands, so she wouldn’t be able to use magic. Esther was confused, as she looked at her hands.

“It’ll stop you from using magic.” Klaus said.

“I know you just came back to life, but we need you.” You said, just as Kol and Davina arrived with the need knife. “We’re going to kill your sister.”

“We got it.” Davina told you smiling. You gave the teen a smile of your own, she reminds you of your daughter at times.

“You can’t possibly be serious.” Esther said, as Rebekah gave her a dress to wear.

“I can and I am.” You said with a force in your voice. “She has MY daughter, and I’m getting her back.”

“And she’s planning on taking MY daughter.” Klaus said and you nodded.

“We’re not letting her do that, like you let her do to me.” Fraya said with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Marcel sent me a text.” Rebekah said and opened the text. “She’s in place, we have to go now.”


“Freya, came to apologize?” Dahlia said and you came out from behind her. Slowly Klaus, Elijah and Kol did as well. “I see you brought company.”

“Yes, I want my daughter back.” I said glaring at the woman in front of me.

“(y/n) It’s nice to finally see you face to face.” Dahlia said smirking slightly.

“I’m not sorry for not feeling the same.” You hissed.

“Give her, her daughter and let’s be done with it.” Klaus said from your side.

“Let’s cut the chit chat.” Kol said. “You’re out numbered and you’re going to die anyway, so just giver her daughter, and let’s be done with it”

“Foolish boy!” She hissed and pushed the Mikaelsons back to a circle, so that they’d be taped and for Fraya to not be able to use magic. “Now it’s one to one.”

“I’m not so sure.” You said and Rebekah came to the room with her mother by her side.

“Sister.” Dahlia said as she saw Esther walking with her head held high, when Dahlia recovered from her shock she looked at you. “Looks like I’m not the only one who came prepared.”

You frowned but before you could question her, three men came in holding your daughter. She had tear running down her face making your heart break.

“RELEASE HER!” You shouted as your baby girl’s head snapped up to look at you.

“Mum, help me. Please.” She sobbed. Dahlia took out a white oak steak and burned it you frowned in confusion as you saw her moved the ashes around the room, so the Mikaelsons would inhale it.

“Sister stop this.” Esther cried as she saw her sister kill her children. You didn’t know what to do. Help them and risk your daughter’s life, or save your daughter’s life and risk the lives of the Mikaelsons and hundreds upon hundreds of vampires. You didn’t need to choose as Esther was distracting her sister. “You are angry at me, not them. I left you not them.”

In a swift flick of your hand the circle around them Mikaelsons disappeared and Freya and you used your magic to stop the Original vampires from choking. Klaus vamp speeded to your daughter and killed the three men, he whispered something to her and she left the building after glancing your way.

“You are all fools!” Dahlia shouts as she turned to look at you all. “You think you can trick me.”

“It’s you and me now, Dahlia.” You said as Elijah gave you the knife, it had Esther’s blood on it, and the ashes of a Viking. “You will die.”

You started to mutter under your breath, the Latin words you learned long ago. It was to drain Dahlia from her power, making them leaver her body painfully and go back to earth. The wind picked up as your voice got louder. Fraya was keeping Dahlia from using magic on you and everyone else was distracting her, making her un-focus. You knew this spell was dangerous. It drains you, make you feel tired. But unlike your victims your powers return in a few days, because of your vampire blood. You felt blood running down your nose, but you didn’t stop.

Klaus who noticed the blood came to your side.

“Stop! She’s weak enough.” He shouted over the wind, and Dahlia’s screams.

“No she’s not.” You said and gave him the knife, you knew you’ll pass out any moment. You resumed the spell anyway and tears started running down your face uncontrollably. Your knees weakened, Klaus gave Elijah the knife and held you by your waist. Your eyes started dropping as Dahlia let’s one last scream before Elijah kills her.

“I’m sorry sister.” Esther says. Klaus carries you bridal style as you passed out, he sighed in relief when he heard your hear still beating.

“Where did (Y/D/N) go?” Elijah asked Klaus who was looking at you in worry.

“Our house, with Haley, Davina and Marcel.” Klaus said not looking up at his brother.

“You better go then.” Esther stated. “The girl would want to know what has happened to her mother.”

Klaus didn’t argue. He vamp speeded to his home, to be met with (Y/D/N) sitting on a sofa her leg bouncing up and down, in anticipation. Davina next to her holing her hand in comfort, Hayley held Hope in her arm and Marcel was looking out the window for any sign of danger.

“You’re back.” Hayley said before her eyes fell on you, and she gasped before turning to look at your daughter. When (Y/D/N) eyes went wide as she looked at you, she was by your side in not time.

“She’s a live, just a little drained.” Klaus informed everyone. “I’ll put her in bed, she needs all the rest she can get.”

(Y/D/N) followed Klaus to his room, where he laid you down. (Y/D/N) sat beside you, holing your hand and looking at you sadly. Klaus took that moment to look at both of you. It was obvious that you two are related, same eye, same nose shape a different hair color, but everything else is the same. He heard (y/d/n) crying softly.

Klaus found himself walking to her, he pulled her into his arms as he did to you when you found out she was kidnapped.

“She’s going to be okay.” He said as (Y/D/N) clutched his shirt, and cried in his chest. “I promise you, I’ll protect her and you. I am forever in debt to your mother.”

Klaus said as he looked at your still body, only sign of you being alive is the soft rise and fall of your body. He truly cared for you and your daughter. He’d do anything to protect and take care of the both of you. He promised himself that he would never let anything else happen to you.

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WHAT IS THE NEW ENGLAND VAMPIRE PANIC IT SOUNDS AMAZING PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US also i lov gothic lit more than i love anything else so please dear goodness is it in any way related to vampirism in lit / dracula's affect on the general public ANYWAY IT SOUNDS WILDE



this is less of a panic actually and more of a sustained belief that the outside world became more aware of all at once so it seemed like a condensed event

belief in vampires was a Thing in much of the world for a really long time, including rural New England (mostly Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont). during the 19th century, tuberculosis was also a very big, very bad Thing as @queenofairandsnarkness pointed out. it’s transmitted through microscopic aerosolized drops of infected saliva when the victim coughs, and highly contagious, especially among families or other people who live in close quarters. in a time when people commonly shared beds for warmth, quarters could be very close. one case usually became an outbreak

a wasting illness that slowly drains the energy and strength from its victims…sound familiar? 

the word “vampire” was seldom if ever used, but stories spread of the consumptive dead- the consumed, I guess you could say -rising and stalking the village. often they were said to prey specifically on their own family members. it’s a bit dicey in these accounts whether the villagers believed the vampires spread the disease or it was a vampire instead of the disease

the body of the suspected vampire would be disinterred and examined. if the hair or nails seemed to have grown (a common misconception with fresh corpses, since the scalp and nail beds draw backand make nails and hair look longer) or the mouth was bloody (decomposition. fluids. enough said), the corpse would be staked in the grave. 

or decapitated 

or have a brick stuffed in its mouth

or all three

overkill was very big in rural 19th century New England. but that wasn’t the most gruesome part. often, the vampire’s organs would be cut out and burned on a gravestone or in a forge. the ashes would then be mixed in water and given to a victim to drink

why they kept doing this cure even though it had literally a 0% success rate is beyond me. maybe everyone knew a “friend’s cousin’s sister” it had worked for. maybe chain emails would have been huge in 1860s Vermont. go figure

anyway, the most famous face of the New England Vampire Panic was Mercy Brown, a 19-year-old girl who died of consumption in 1892. shortly thereafter, her ailing brother claimed that Mercy came and sat on his chest, draining the life from him. the obligatory mob dug up her grave, found her corpse well-preserved, and assumed not that being buried in January in Rhode Island had frozen the corpse but that she was a vampire. they gave her brother her heart to drink. her brother still died. this is my shocked face

the press got ahold of some of these stories and regarded them with a curious mixture of classism and Victorian morbidity. these were country people, after all- superstitious yokels with backward beliefs alien to a new age of enlightenment. (can you feel the extreme sarcasm there) 

never mind that the medicine of the time only accepted germ theory near the end of the century and had no more idea what caused TB than a Connecticut farmer burning his neighbor’s liver on an anvil. people have always loved to feel superior to someone

anyway, as for influence on literature, it’s possible. authors get their information from varied sources; I’m sure any vampire lit that existed at the time was fair game for Stoker to read. it’s been suggested that Lucy Westenra is based on Mercy Brown, but honestly I think she’s too common of an archetype to cite any specific inspiration. other people have argued that there hadn’t been time for the newspaper reports to reach Stoker in England when he wrote the book in 1897. one way or another, I guess you could argue that the NEVP influenced him in the sense that all vampire lore did

H.P. Lovecraft references the exhumation of Mercy Brown in his story “The Shunned House” as does Caitlin Kiernan in “So Runs the World Away.” There are also a few movies that draw inspiration from her story, I believe, but I’m not sure which ones they are.


here is an excellent article about it

In a futuristic world, vampires are the dominant species and humans are being hunted and used in farming to make blood more widely distributed to the dominant species.

Send “Blood Farm Victim” for your muse to be the human and mine the vampire.

Send “Blood Farmer” for your muse to be the vampire and mine the human