victims of terror

Trump says he wants to fight terrorism, but instead he’s fighting the victims of terrorism. I want to ask him: If America is based on diverse people from different cultures and countries, what right do you have to tell suffering Muslims that they are unwelcome. Even your wife is an immigrant!
—  Linda J., a Syrian refugee that arrived in Baltimore in 2014 after an intensive screening process that lasted more than a year.  Here’s what she and her family went through to be cleared to enter the U.S.  

how about instead of pretending that lesbians never fall in love with straight women, we understand that a lesbian falling in love with a straight woman is not predatory?

lesbians are allowed to have unrequited crushes for fuck’s sake, there is nothing inherently bad or predatory about a lesbian falling in love with someone who can never return the feeling. it fucking happens to everyone, yes, lesbians included.

a lesbian being attracted to a straight woman doesn’t make that straight woman a victim. straight women’s collective terror and loathing of lesbians makes them homophobes, not victims.

now, if a lesbian stalks her unrequited crush? if she harasses her unrequited crush? if she does legitimately bad things in the name of her unrequited crush? yes, then she’s being predatory, just like anyone else who does these things, and regardless of whether her crush was straight or gay.

but simply having a crush on a straight woman? are you fucking kidding me?

come the fuck on. stop agreeing with straight women who think lesbian attraction is inherently malicious.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Istanbul, the victims, the injured and all their families and friends.

Also, many thoughts for the policeman who has been gravely injuried while he was trying to defuse a parcel bomb in front of a bookshop, in Florence.

I pray for the victims of terrorism, war, violence and intolerance and for their families ALL OVER THE WORLD, TODAY AND EVERY DAY.

YOOOOOOOO Freewood monster under the bed au anyone?

Gavin is a monster or a poltergeist that feeds off of the fear people experience when they have bad dreams and has a weird habit of camping out under his victims beds before he starts terrorizing them.

This all leads to the house he lives in being labeled as severely haunted by  the locals since anyone who tries to move into it ends up fleeing with their tails tucked between their legs.

But, then along comes Ryan.

He has absolutely no patience for Gavin’s supernatural bullshit, and refuses to be scared or even to react to Gavin’s presence just out of pure spite and it drives Gavin up a fucking wall.

He tries everything to get even the tiniest reaction out of Ryan.

Gavin tries on the very first night Ryan is in the house to start terrorizing him through his usual shtick of making wierd noises and banging around under the bed, and Ryan literally chases him out of the bedroom with a broom handle like Gavin is nothing more than an errant spider.

He tries making all the water faucets in the house spew foul smelling grungy liquids instead of water and Ryan merely gives a put-upon sigh of annoyance and starts buying gallons of spring water until Gavin gets tired of it and the faucets go back to giving clean water.

He makes doors slam closed or bang off the walls all night and the next day, Ryan simply goes to buy wall digs and door jambs.

Gavin throws glassware and crockery out of the kitchen  cabinets. Ryan child proofs the entire kitchen so none of the cabinets or appliances will open without a special key.

He  pulls all of Ryan’s clothes out of the dressers, shreds them to pieces, and strings them all over the house and Ryan doesn’t even bat an eyelash before threatening Gavin with an exorcism of the mess doesn’t get cleaned up.

This goes on for months. Everything Gavin tries to throw at Ryan only seems to cause him to become even more desensitized  to Gavin’s presence in his house.

In fact he’s so not scared of Gavin he’s started leaving the monster food on the table and leaving the bedroom door open for him at night because he knows Gavin really likes sleeping in the tight space under his bed or on the top shelf in Ryan’s closet.

Gavin is super bitter about it and now just does things to piss Ryan off instead of trying to scare him.

And now we see the result of HRC’s campaign of fearmongering and misinformation as Tumblr devours itself with self-victimizing terror; failing to realize… he’s not going to have as much power as you think.  I detest Trump, but he hasn’t even talked about half the shit you seem to think he’s going to do.  The hysteria and panic is really… well… unnecessary.  I get being upset, but panic?  Fearing for your life?  wtf?  Do you think the Rule of Law is just going to disintegrate because he won?

Just take a deep breath, drop back, get your head on straight…
And for fuck’s sake, stop acting as if he’s going to personally come to your door and stab you.  He’s a businessman, not a serial killer, jfc.

Il y aura des jours meilleurs | There will be better days | /il.i.jɔ.ʁa de ʒuʁ mɛ.jœʁ/

Aujourd’hui, je pense à toutes les victimes du terrorisme à travers le monde. Je pense sincèrement qu’il y aura des jours meilleurs. Restez forts. | Today, my thoughts go out to all the victims of terrorism throughout the world. I truly think there will be better days. Stay strong. — Julien

I love how every time muslims are the victims of terrorism everyone turns a blind eye as if our suffering is any less than (western) countries