victims of ink

Fourth tattoo again by Eathan Langford of Victims Of Ink in Melbourne. This piece is obviously my Eowyn tribute as she’s just a mega babe and super inspiring. I sent Eathan a rough draft of what I wanted and he changed it up a bit and created this beauty. It’s under my right knee on my shin. This is so far all my work done by Eathan but Monday the 8th of September is changing that!


111th day in Melbourne, bury my feet to the ground and bloom for all the lost lovers

Smel Wink has such a beautiful water color style. Although I’m just beginning to settle down a little bit, despite the fact that as a traveller, I’m not really committing a full time work schedule, hence not really financially free, upon learning that she’s planning to leave for Europe for a while, I still decided to contact Victims of Ink and book her in for her amazing tattoo. I’d rather miss my rent (but not to worry, I’m getting there).

The world is full of hate.
A competition to fuck someone over.
A game, where a man who harms and exploits others most wins.

They blame a man for being weak.
They don’t see a perpetrator as such,
as though his action is beyond his control.

We are meant to stay together and protect one another.
But in reality, we are all waiting for an opportunity to start war.

We constantly look for flaws in a man,
so that everything would be his fault.
As soon as a flaw is found,
all responsibilities will be on his shoulders.

They shame a man for being a victim.
They are willing to give the perpetrator a second chance.
Shame on him for not being the one to harm.

Why can’t a man beg for life?
Why is it ugly to crawl and ask for mercy?
Where is the chance for redemption?

—  Jan 30, 2015, the day my heart was utterly destroyed
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Cap: L’Armoire ll Autumn Beanie @L’Atelier 

Necklace: Scene Ricochet Mens necklace @L’Atelier 

Tattoo: DAPPA – Rebel Tattoo @Victims of Ink

Pants: HEYDRA Tuner Pants w/HUD @L’Atelier 

      Scene: *CS* Last Drink Pose Full   @L’Atelier 

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亗 Slow Acid 亗 (Post-129976)

“亗 Slow Acid 亗 (Post-129976)” @ “[O.L.D.] Old London Docks - Best Second Life Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Feeds!”