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I don't think the media would have picked up on his private life if that drug incident hadn't happened. I love Charlie and want him back too but he's an adult and he is responsible for his actions (yes I'm aware the explanation makes him sound like the victim but he's obviously not going to frame it any other way) The US policy sucks but lots of people in HW do cocaine or are in environments to pick up trace amounts and yet what happened to him is not more common. Lets not woobify celebs.

So your idea here is that pointing out the privacy violation that took place with the pictures/tabloids or saying that the laws preventing him from re-entering the country are excessive is woobifying him and instead he needs to be held more responsible for his actions? Yikes.

I mean even though you don’t know what his actions actually were–none of us do–you seem to be saying that he needs to be punished for them (as if he hasn’t been already?)

The thing I find the most problematic here, though, is that you almost seem to justify the tabloids going after his private life the way they did: by saying his private life wouldn’t have been found out by the tabloids without the drug incident (which assumes they didn’t know before, which is doubtful), it makes it sound like what the tabloids did was somehow a result of his “actions,” i.e. was his fault. Of course he’s an adult responsible for his actions, as all adults are–that doesn’t mean his privacy deserves to be violated the way it was. It’s pretty gross to connect those ideas, imo. 

We also just fundamentally disagree on another point. Even though we don’t know what happened here, let’s say that he was using drugs–that kind of recreational use, potential sign of a substance abuse problem, mistake, whatever–imo, does not warrant being banned from the country for three months and counting. I think it’s a bad policy and not a just punishment for anyone, celebrity or not. I mean what kind of punishment do you believe this situation merits?


Krystal Surles breaking down while testifying against Tommy Lynn Sells

It was the 31st of December 1999, when serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells entered the trailer home of Terry Harris early in the morning. Terry himself wasn’t home, but his wife and four other children were. Sells was armed with a butcher knife and went into the room were 13-year old Kaylene (Katie) Harris and 11-year old Krystal Surles were sleeping in a bunk bed. Sells lay down next to Kaylene on the bottom bunk and began sexually assaulting her, that’s when she snapped awake and began yelling for help. Kaylene tried to get up but Sells stabbed her. He then turned the bedroom light on and stabbed her a total of 16 times while slitting her throat multiple times. She died almost instantly. Sells then remembered that Krystal was laying on the top bunk and quickly slashed her throat before leaving the trailer home. Krystal pretended to be dead, but got up after a while to look for help. She thought everyone in the trailer home was dead, so she walked to a neighbor’s house to ask for help. Krystal Surles survived the attack and identified Tommy Lynn Sells as the killer.

Tommy Lynn Sells was sentenced to death on the 8th of November 2000, and was executed by lethal injection on the 3rd of April 2014

Good/Bad Sides of The Signs:

✨check your moon sign too✨

Aries GOOD side: Hardworking, Devoted, Charismatic, Generous, Headstrong

Aries BAD side: Judgemental, Ulterior motives, Clingy, Obsessive tendencies

Taurus GOOD side: Sensual, Humorous, Methodical, Appreciative, Reliable

Taurus BAD side: Hot-headed, Self-sacrificing, Self-esteem issues, Worrying

Gemini GOOD side: Social butterfly, Caring, Extraordinary, Creative, Witty

Gemini BAD side: Critical, Indecisive, Unstable emotions, Forgetfulness

Cancer GOOD side: Sweet, Intuitive, Nostalgic, Observant, Creative

Cancer BAD side: Cut-throat, Ghosting peeps, Nagging tendencies, Stubborn

Leo GOOD side: Sentimental, Generous, Tenacious, Romantic

Leo BAD side: Moody, Demanding, Authoritative, Complacent, Flirtatious

Virgo GOOD side: Modest, Considerate, Dedicated, Innovative, Classy

Virgo BAD side: Selective, Repressed, Self-centered, Pettiness

Libra GOOD side: Humanitarian, Gentle, ADORABLE, Intelligent, Stylish

Libra BAD side: Wishy washy, Gossipy, Dramatic, Playing victim

Scorpio GOOD side: Family-oriented, Passionate, Thoughtful, Indulgent

Scorpio BAD side: Misunderstood, Controlling, Manipulative, Skeptical

Sagittarius GOOD side: Friendly, Harmonious, Free-spirited, Hard-working, Honest

Sagittarius BAD side: Inconsiderate, Rude, Know-it-all tendencies, Self-criticism

Capricorn GOOD side: Grounded, Frugal, Ambitious, Patient, Charitable

Capricorn BAD side: Bossy, Controlling, Sarcastic, Indifferent

Aquarius GOOD side: Altruistic, Humble, Friend-oriented, Independent, Unique

Aquarius BAD side: Aloof, Unpredictable, Detached, Moody, Angsty

Pisces GOOD side: Dreamy, Sweet, Artistic, Adaptive, Multi-talented

Pisces BAD side: Dependant, Gullible, Playing victim, Unfocused

Enough excuses for parents who abused their kids but “meant the best”. They “meant the best” for themselves, not for the kids. It’s fucking easy to just rely on emotional abuse, threats, humiliation, shame, guilt and violence to get your way and to force your kid to stay in control and to sabotage and fuck up the child’s life so you would feel good about it, and then to just remind yourself “i meant the best” to feel no guilt about doing so whatsoever. Just repeating to yourself “it doesn’t hurt them” and “they deserved it”  while actively forcing your child to keep all the obvious trauma symptoms out of sight or ensuring the child believes it’s their own damn fault for feeling the way they do.

You know what’s not easy? Having your parent force control of your life via emotional abuse, threats, shame, humiliation, violence. Your parent getting into your own head and  gaslighting your senses until you feel worthless and insane and like a monster, until you don’t dare to feel your own feelings, until you’re ashamed of the pain you feel and can’t see yourself as anything other than a horrible burden and nothing you do can ever change that or make you good enough. You know what’s even harder? Still believing that your parent “meant the best” and not even daring to blame them and still being forced to draw the conclusion that it was after all, all your fault, for existing as you do, for being who you are, for not ever being good enough! And then, on top of all of it, hearing the rest of the world agree with the parent’s view, pressuring you to never blame them, to forgive them, to never hold them responsible, to “be better” and understand them, to not ever try to place blame on anyone but yourself because then you’re the monster.

Just. How. Is. One. Supposed. To. Heal. From. That.
Healing can’t even begin until the blame is placed on the parent! This person literally benefited from their child’s suffering! They did not get affected negatively from it at all, they didn’t even care, they walked away satisfied and getting what they wanted while the child now has a lifetime of traumatic consequences and mental illness problems! Their freedom is taken away, their quality of life reduced, their relationships and friendships sabotaged, their confidence crushed! They’re placed at extra risk for addictions and obsessions because they keep falling into the black pit of trauma no matter how hard they try to distract and their life is heavy and painful no matter how well they do afterwards! Their brain can’t regulate stress properly anymore! Abuse causes literal brain damage and all this is just so the parents would get their way! And you all still insist they shouldn’t feel guilty about it or be faced with consequences of their abuse? They shouldn’t fucking admit to themselves and to their children what they’ve done? If the truth will kill them, let them die. Abused children’s right to heal comes way before the abusers feeling good about themselves.

Some Thoughts on Lars, his family, and his relationship with Sadie

This is Lars’s house. His parents are very into handmade crafts they saw on Pinterest. On the other hand, the room they let their son stay in still looks like and has the objects of an attic (Christmas lights, boxes, coats). Knowing Lars, he probably didn’t want knick-knacks and rainbows in his room.

His parents clearly care about him, though. They don’t suppress his personality. His mother even bought him the heart plugs. 

I feel their family is one that’s stopped being on the same page some time ago. It’s a sharp contrast to Sour Cream’s family, who regularly communicates even though they don’t always agree. Lars’s family doesn’t seem to engage with each other on a level that both parties are comfortable with or understand. Can you imagine the breakfast scene but with Lars sitting there instead of Steven?

His parents see Lars as the person Lars wants to be, not as the real Lars. They see the tough, cool guy. They believe this so much that they’re not surprised he’s breaking into people’s houses as a burglar.

Lars is starved for the affirmation of his peers. With parents who see their son in town and immediately saying, “Let’s follow him!” you can sort of see how most of his childhood was. And we look back at the handicrafts and the general aesthetic of his house and his parents and we know that’s not the image he himself wants to project.

I’m not defending Lars, just trying to explain why he doesn’t want people to know about his parents, and why we’ve never seen them before.Their personalities just clash, most families do. The problem here is that they’re not making efforts to reach each other, or those efforts are taken at face value. 

When Steven gave Lars’s parents the answer they wanted to hear, that was that. They didn’t question him or ask what was wrong or anything. In the same way, I can imagine that when Lars’s parents got him what he wanted, that was it as well. 

Because neither are terrible people. Lars’s parents are concerned enough to talk about his grades and his education after Lars moved out. They didn’t give him one shot and then leave him on his own. 

But what are their conversations like? His father remarks it’s great that Lars didn’t even swear this time. They both are incredibly surprised by how the conversation went.

His parents know him, but don’t know him well enough. I have friends, who will immediately lash out when their parents confront them with something they’ve done “wrong” or when it’s something they don’t want to do. They sort of clam up and just stop listening to anything, even reasonable things. And from experience, it’s because deep down, they know they’re not doing well. They’re upset with themselves but also don’t want to change

Lars knows his responsibilities and what he’s supposed to do for school, but did you see all those F’s? He’d have to change a lot about his habits and his lifestyle, and it frustrates him because he wants to do better but doesn’t want to make all those changes and everyone suddenly feels up on his case and he doesn’t know how to answer them because they’re right but he wants to put it away. 

The very intentional running sentence shows that approaching it the way, I think, most parents would approach it, “What on Earth happened? Is there something wrong at school?” would make him explode. It’s a personality thing. So they take the opposite direction. Someone like Lars probably acts like he doesn’t hear anything, and then fights about it, but when he’s alone these words weigh on him and he starts to feel bad for himself, and the cycle starts again.

In the show, who actually gets Lars to do things? His peers. The way his parents address Lars, talking about his education and his decisions don’t really matter to him, because he cares very little about himself. Time after time we see Lars pretending to be someone he’s not for the validation he gets from other people means way more. If his parents addressed him from an angle that involved peers, it may help a little more.

At his core, who was Lars? He was best friends with Ronaldo, until he started letting people’s opinions dictate whom he should be friends with. Sadie says it best when she called him out (as Steven) for acting completely different in public and in private. He’s not a terrible person, but he ends up doing terrible things for the sake of that validation.

Because Lars is short-tempered, impulsive, at times violent. He throws things and rips things up and yells a lot. But what’s he doing it all for? It’s when someone messes with how he wants to be perceived, and being cool is something he thinks he’s got down but doesn’t actually understand. He wants to be like the Cool Kids, and not care about anyone, except the Cool Kids care about their friends and family more than they’d like to admit.

Lars does all these things but he’s capable of a lot of good. Sadie points out in Joking Victim that when they played video games together, Lars brought her favourite food. That’s a thoughtful thing. And the events of Horror Club show that he’s not completely awful. 

He’s done a lot of mean things, though. This episode, for me, is only the start of addressing that. Because at the end, it seems as though it’s a good thing Lars is mean again. Everyone liked the new Lars better, but his meanness is validated because Sadie prefers the original Lars. I don’t think this is the case.

Taken with a grain of salt, the ending makes sense. It’s not that Lars should be mean. Sadie likes having a friend who is cynical, and complains, and makes use of dark humour. Just look at the kind of movies she watches, and how she says things like, “I’d rather have my organs pickled,” in the same way Lars says, “I’d rather eat poop.” They do have a lot in common in terms of interests and humour and stuff like that. So why aren’t they acting like it?

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I don’t know if you’ve talked about this before, but how do you feel about Sadie and Lars relationship? To me they could work as friends, but they’ve both got a lot of growing to do before they approach anything resembling a romance. Because whenever they try, someone gets hurt. Sadie was willing to hold both Lars and Steven (a minor) on an island just so she could be with him and Lars was selfish enough to take advantage of Sadie and fake a back injury to sneak out of work. Sadie puts (cont.)

…way too much faith in him when he hurts her SO badly (I mean, she was crying really hard out of betrayal and anger when he went and did that sleezeball thing, and THEN to hang out with some other girl too?) but Sadie’s no angel either if she’s willing to KIDNAP people and strand them from friends, family, and supplies just for her own personal gain. But Steven Universe, for all their progress, is still doing the Good Girls Love Bad Boys trope that is so damn eye-rolling. Real life ain’t so.

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1 year ago today: Mukilteo house party shooting, 30th of July 2016.

On July 30, 2016 a mass shooting occurred during a house party in Mukilteo, Washington. Three people got killed and one person was injured. The gunman, Allen Ivanov, fled the scene but was arrested around 90 minutes later. He was charged with aggravated murder, attempted murder and assault and got sentenced to life in prison on the 12th of January, 2017.

The victims were identified as: 19-year old Jordan Ebner (1st picture), people said he was a very good guy and was like a brother to many. Secondly, 19-year old Anna Bui (2nd picture) who was described as always joyful and loving, she put others above herself all the time. Lastly, 19-year old Jake Long (3rd picture), his friends described him as a very funny guy and always upbeat.

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Logan paul: accidently discovers a corpse and documents evidence on video for the police to assist them, puts up video on YouTube to spread awareness of suicide. Jontron: supports ethnic cleansing and genocide 🤔 gosh it's like ones worse

oh you wanna go bitch? you got me in a fuckin foul mood now with this apologism of that fuckboy.

you mean the dead body he “accidentally” discovered by going off the path in the forest known as the SUICIDE FOREST?

where going off the path is against the rules?

after purposefully filming the dead body? and either sitting down and editing it and uploading it himself or doing so through a third party?

all this while not asking the suicide victim’s family if it was okay before doing all this? without getting any clearance of any kind from anyone in japan at all?

in the suicide forest he went into after a local apparently pleaded with him not to go?

where going off the path unauthorized is considered such a serious offense that if you’re caught you’re kicked out of the forest, given a lifetime ban from it, and if you aren’t native japanese and have a visa, you can get your visa revoked and get kicked out of the country over it?

after a tour of japan where he did stupid things like run around the streets screaming in places where that’s considered very disruptive and can cause panic?

where he stuck a fucking gopro on a selfie stick into a koi pond, which are specifically structured to promote the health of said fish and where you’re not supposed to put ANYTHING in that isn’t approved?

where he jumped on a work truck of someone actively working?

where he ended a video by jumping on the hood of a fucking taxi?

fuck logan paul and fuck you

jontron visited japan and didn’t act like a fuckhead fratboy spoiled manchild in an adult’s body

show me some shit jontron did in ANY of his videos where he could’ve actively caused harm to himself or someone else like logan paul’s pulled

hell, show me where he actually “advocates for genocide”

you can’t cause that shit doesn’t fucking exist

you dumb, stupid, weak, pathetic, white guilt milquetoast piece of human garbage



“Kyle was the perfect baby! He ate, he slept, and he hardly ever cried. I can remember, early on, that I knew he was different. There was something different about this child. We found out that he had a stroke at birth. So, years of speech therapy, years of working on his fine motor skills, and getting him in to classes that were appropriate for him was always a struggle. Because he appeared very normal, and he was very normal, and he wanted to be normal. Going to Columbine, even for the short time that he was there, was probably the best placement that we had ever gotten.”Phyllis Velasquez 


Rachel Joy Scott

Rachel Joy Scott was a student at Columbine Highschool, Colorado, and the first victim of the 1999 massacre perpetrated by fellow students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

She was 17 at the time of her death, a senior in high school, and was an aspiring writer and actress.

Rachel was shot whilst eating lunch with her friend, Richard Castaldo, on the lawn outside of the school’s library. She was killed by Eric Harris with multiple gunshot wounds to her head, chest, arm, and leg.

Coincidentally, Rachel had previously drawn a picture of two eyes crying thirteen teardrops onto a columbine flower, unbeknownst to her that she would be one of thirteen victims of the massacre.

One month before her death, Rachel wrote a school essay, stating, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.”