Do you want a VICTIM CULTURE documentary made in 2015?

Cruelteafree, a few members of our art collective sat around and tried to define victim culture.  Our conclusion is that ‘victim culture’ is a term that has rapidly outgrown it’s formal definition, and has come to mean a lot of important things in our real time lives and social fabric.

This would make an interesting documentary subject. Cruelteafree can promise the production of a high caliber, high quality, feature length documentary:

- exploring the meaning of victim culture in North America
- the impact it can have on an individual
- the pressure it places on society
- where the disconnect is between the two (individual / society)
- learning the most cutting-edge research on victim support
- solutions that take effect with nothing more than awareness
(which will be fostered by this documentary)

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Cruelteafree is an art collective, we are not experts on these topics.
Cruelteafree has the pull to get several experts in each field of discussion, and also find out solutions that appeal to all of us.
9 members of the Cruelteafree collective will work well over 1500 hours at cost, to pull it all together and make it vivid, intense and relevant.

For every ‘no means no’ T-shirt Cruelteafree sells, all profits go towards making this documentary.  
We only need to sell 2500 t-shirts by June 21st 2015 to guarantee this project makes it through every stage of production.  We will release a director’s uncut version in 8 parts on tumblr, and offer an edited version to broadcasters around the continent.  The first 500 people to order a T-shirt will get their names in the credits of the film.  A special thanks to the first 500 courageous supporters that will be seen first on the end credits.

There will be a shirt count updated regularly.

Shirts sold so far = 0

Hey, victims from UK(+Europe) and US(+Canada). 

When you whine about Brandon not coming to your village(so you have to drive 10 hours to see him - how terrible), or doing only two shows in your state, or playing only festival concert in your country, remember that there are so many places in the world where Brandon never came and never will come. Not only Brandon. The Killers never came to so many countries. And most certainly won’t come. Never. So shut up and try appreciate your life for once.

Hey, victims from South America.

Yes, you guys. The Killers have been visiting your country with every fucking tour since fucking 2007 so stop acting like you’re so miserable and everyone needs to pity you. There are tons of countries where The Killers/Brandon have never been. Not with one particular tour but like EVER. And I don’t see them crying about it all over Brandon’s and The Killers tag. So yeah, have some self-respect and shut up.

Have you ever seen a 10 day old baby rabbit sleeping?

This orphan is taken care of by our specialist rabbit carer, Angela. The victim of a cat attack, this baby had his eyes closed when he was brought in to us. Hopefully, he will recover from the trauma and grow big and strong, before he’s ready for release.


April 24, 1999 – Rachel Scott’s funeral was broadcast by CNN, and became the most watched event in CNN’s history

jraliving asked:

is it just me or does it seem like racism has gotten to the point where it's exactly like the episode of SpongeBob where they have the kid Flats who literally outright says he's going to kick people's butts and everyone laughs and thinks it's funny, but then spongebob gets in trouble for trying to call out for help?

sounds pretty accurate to me :(

Seriously, you libfems have any idea how many times you call RAPE VICTIMS slurs? Do you even fucking CARE? SO many of us have been prostituted women and you have the GALL to call us “SWERF”s? Do you care? Do you? Of course not! You don’t give a flying fuck about ACTUAL women, just the ones with dicks on them, right?