• the frantic whispering video was NOT made by marina. it was uploaded by another instagram account and is either fake or likely unrelated, since the event marina referenced is not until August 3rd.
  • the police HAVE CONFIRMED that marina is safe at home. the account isn’t verified, but it’s followed by verified accounts and all it takes is clicking the link to their website to see that the twitter account is, in fact, real.
  • y’all are not handling this well at all. signs may point to an abusive relationship, but if that’s the case you aren’t helping her by constantly and publicly bombarding her with this mess while she’s still likely at the disposal of the potential abuser. this is irresponsible, especially since we can’t know that she IS being abused for sure.
  • just take a nap and let marina, and local law enforcement, handle this. and stop spreading every bullshit video/picture/fake tweet you see on the automatic assumption that it’s real. you’re not helping anyone, least of all this poor girl. stop harassing her, even with good intentions.

Next Barba drawing is done! This one is for everyone who loves short hair Barba from Season 16! 😉
I can’t believe I’m still alive after doing this shirt! 😂 But now comes the real challenge: The TTB drawing… Wish me luck, guys! 💪

“Only European Resources”

I’m sick of seeing people bitch that there are only extensive resources for European languages - you are literally deluded. I have many, many followers and have seen many, many bloggers who post a wealth of resources for language such as:

- Hebrew
- Arabic
- Chinese (any form)
- Korean
- Japanese

None of which are European languages.

If I wanted to find extensive resources on Luxembourgish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Slovak, Belarusian etc etc. all of which are European - I would struggle greatly compared to resources for some of those languages mentioned up there^

So stop with the bs that European languages are the only ones with extensive resources, because it’s just complete misinformation.

nihilant  asked:

from the way they won't accept a "more equal" representation of Joker X Harley, it almost looks like the people who keep saying that Harley must be protected from joker actually want her to be his victim (I said "almost" LOL)


They whine and cry that he doesn’t love her and is only using her. Ayer gives us an interpretation where he CONFIRMED IT TO BE CANON that Joker LOVES Harley BUT THEY STILL WON’T ACCEPT IT

They literally want her to be a victim. I just can’t wrap my head around that honestly..

Everyone defending Audrey and blaming Emma is a fucking idiot.

Everyone who is actually blaming Emma and everyone else for being mad at Audrey is a idiot. Are you kidding me? This fandom is so fucking stupid. Are y'all that BRAINDEAD that you don’t see the dimension of the situation Audrey started? And you blame Noah for defending Zoe and not listening to Audrey? Why would he listen to someone who was willing to bash his head open to cover her ass up and kidnapped him? This fandom is so blind to Audrey how pathetic. She kidnapped Noah, was willing to bash his head open to cover her ass up, started the killing spree and knew about Jake’s death for days but didn’t say anything and you guys still think Audrey is the victim?? What a dumb fandom Lmao Emma and her friends have every right to be mad at her. Every right. And are you telling me that if you were Zoe and you found out someone was involved in the killing spree you wouldn’t have sent that audio to yourself? Ahhh y'all would have done the same. Stop blaming Zoe and open your eyes to who Audrey is. What Zoe did doesn’t change the fact that Audrey is a problematic cunt who started this whole thing and deserves to die. If I was Zoe I would have sent that audio to the whole school. Y'all are just BRAINDEAD so you don’t see her for who she is and things the way they are. Thank god I’m not as stupid as y'all.

Prompt: “I might have had a few shots” with Mike.

I made this into a continuation or bit from the same universe as this one. For this story, I like to pronounce Saoirse as “Sayr-shuh”, sometimes it’s pronounced “Seer-shuh” - apparently it depends on the region and preference. Also, just in case you’re wondering how the heck you pronounce that name. 

come out, it’s not right that you’re not here.

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requested by anonymous: Part two to Countdown!!

word count: 640

warnings: mentions of sex

masterlist - request

Mike had actually bought condoms and lube the next time he went to the store, which made you bend over in laughter and Mike flush red.

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►►Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S17E23


Air Date : September 23rd, 2015
Season Number : 17
Episode Number : 23
Episode Name : Heartfelt Passages
Networks : NBC
Genres : Drama

When the investigation of Corrections Officer Gary Munson deepens, he and his union take drastic actions that threaten the lives of ADA Barba and the SVU squad. 17th Season Finale

Dann Florek, Ice-T, Richard Belzer, Mariska Hargitay, Jordan Gelber