victim blaming warning

“(insert Character in an abusive relationship that did a few things wrong but was still the victim) was abusive too!!! They aren’t the victim!!!”

Really now? Really? Are they? Or are you just reenforcing the “perfect little victim” mentality and making it harder for real life abuse victims to get help for their abuse because they did bad things now and then so it couldn’t possibly be abuse?
Mutual abuse doesn’t exist. Just shut up and say you hate victims already if you think otherwise.

jfc i’m sick of people saying dan is victim blaming when he warns people not to take nudes

literally nothing he has said about the matter is victim blaming in any way he’s simply expressing he doesn’t think it’s a good idea because they can be used against you and that he believes they are unnecessary he even shamed the girl for going through her friend’s personal computer and finding the nudes in the first place? ? 

please explain to me how the fuck that is victim blaming because it seems to me like people are playing the “let’s find something to shit on dan for” game

as someone who took nudes in the past he clearly regrets it and doesn’t want anyone to be in the same position as him he is coming from a place of genuine concern not from a place of judgement