Troupes in Wings of Fire that I love

-Big scary fearsome dragon is actually a giant dork who just wants to eat and hang out with his friends

-Band of misfits who are all completely different find a family in one another

-Dragon that everyone thought was stupid and lazy due to appearence and stereotypes turns out to be one of the smartest and deadliest dragons in the series

-Villains that believe they know best and the world is against them even though they are very clearly villainous

-Villains that genuinely believe what they are doing is right for the world/their tribe but are actually doing really bad things

-LOTS of very morally grey villains

-Flawed protags

-Terrifying unlovable death-monster dragon actually turns out to be an awkward dork

-Victems of abuse take their anger out on their abusers/vocalize their frusteration with their abusers and is not painted in a bad light

-Humans are mostly insignificant delicious pipsqueaks

-MANY different views and cultures between different tribes and individual dragons

-Character that you thought was the helpful protag actually turns out to be a villain

-Less-than-stellar parents that still (sometimes) try their best

-Character that was supposed to assasinate a protag did not assasinate protag because he was charmed by her sassy, bitter attitude

-‘Aww you offered to rip my enemies wings off for me aww that’s so sweet

-Casual offers of violence

-Literally all of the characters are multidementional and probably can and will fuck shit up

Me: Why don’t I advertise my asexuality more, #pride, right?


straight tumblr: i mean, you’ve never had sex, so like, how do you know? isnt asexuality for plants? maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet. what trauma did you go through to make yourself asexual? are you a victem of sexual abuse? i thought it was a choice? that’s impossible, you can’t NOT feel sexual attraction. is it like a disease?

tumblr as a whole: blah blah blah blah youre not actually part of the LGBT community blah blah your sexuality is fake blah blah blah

me, backing away slowly: aha, right, that’s why

Owari no Seraph Headcanons

-Vampires click their top fangs against their bottom ones when they’re nervous. It’s usually super quiet and humans typically can’t hear them, but other vampires can

-They make this sort of rattling hiss when threatened or angry, kinda like a rattlesnake mixed with a cat. If they’re hurt when they’re hissing, they’ll shriek

-Their bottom fangs are spurs that hook into the flesh of their victem, anchoring them in and making moving difficult. Because venom production starts right before they bite, these spurs usually have a thin coating on them that numbs them to the victem, unless the bite was intentionally done without venom, which SERIOUSLY hurts and is usually something done in fighting instead of hunting because a screaming, thrashing human is difficult to drink from even with super strength

-Their claws (we sometimes see Ferid and Krul with their claws out when they’re fighting or angry, you can catch them if you watch close enough) slide out over their ordinary nails and are tough enough to dig into rock without breaking. Some vampires like to paint them in their free time (fucking Ferid with his purple-ass claws is evidence for this headcanon)

-They’re somewhat desensitized to pain. Minor injuries don’t bother them at all, and major injuries are more of a shock thing than anything else. This is because their healing abilities mean they don’t need to be careful with their injuries, as long-term healing isn’t really a thing. Therefore, the pain reflex has been mostly deactivated as feeling pain on a human level would be more of a crux than anything

-They’re mostly visual and sound-based predators, and hunt like big cats (based off their pouncing reflex). This means that they can do that thing where they can hold their head perfectly still even when the rest of their body is moving. And yes, they probably do the butt-wiggling

-Based off their ability to apparently run on the fucking walls and ceilings if they so wished (like in the first opening), their ankles and wrists are probably more flexible than ours and can pivot at angles that would make us scream to maximize their climbing ability (like that one squirrel{?}/lemur {idk I’m not that good at mammals} that can twist its back feet around to climb down trees). They probably also have longer hooked claws on their feet to hang from things so they can grab people preying-mantis style.

-Judging from how most of them seem to have really pale colouring, all of them have a strong adversion to sun (for obvious reasons lmao), the ability to climb on stone/hang from things, and a strong preference for the underground, I’m going to take a gander and say that they’re probably naturally cave dwellers

-They’re naturally solitary predators, and only usually form strong social bonds with people left over from when they are human (even if both are turned, the bond still stays)/the affection between sires and their offspring. This is why they aren’t very emotional; they don’t need it to survive and communicate, like we do. This lone hunter mentality also contributes to the tendancy to think over feeling, and is also why they don’t really care to learn things (because they can usually just figure it out by themselves). Eventually, some vampire went ‘hey, I’m strong by myself, what if instead of competing with other vampires we can team up and pool our reasorces instead of fighting over territory and prey’, and that’s how the kingdoms were formed. Vampires have since learned how to communicate with others and formed their own communication cues, but this is also where the pride and arrogance and splendor came in, because they’re essentially always trying to one-up the other vampires around them, so they eventually just started hoarding shit like dragons to prove themselves to the over vampires (a remnant of their territoriality)

-Their need to consume blood is partially a dietary need, partially magical. The blood provides the nutrients they need to get by, but it’s also a part of the curse that threw them into vampirism: essentially, you cheated death by drinking the life force of other humans (blood), but now that you’re technically supposed to be dead you’re running on borrowed time and *need* to keep stealing the life force of others to lengthen your own time. Because you weren’t supposed to cheat death, if you run out of time (starve/die), you get turned into a demon as punishment. (At least, that’s the basics of it). It takes three days to work the blood completely through the system, (as I headcanon it gets absorbed entirely, since they have only one specific food source), but they’ll still crave or enjoy drinking blood in between neccessary feeding times because it tastes good (like eating your favorite snack: you *can* have it later, but why do so when you can have it *now*) and it revitalizes their lives, giving them a sort of living high

-Vampires have the ability to echolocate if they are sunblinded (as their eyes are the most sensative). They’ll make these sort of throaty, high-frequency clicking noises that allows them to navigate them to a safe place until they are healed again.

-Fledgeling vampires are notoriously bad at learning to control their venom, and their progenitor usually gives them a few tips after they’ve drank from them for the first time because they have a higher resistance to vampire venom than humans. Fledgelings are also really bad at learning how to control their jumps and landings, so some of their first lessons are more focused on helping them learn to walk and jump again with their fancy joints and catlike reflexes than anything cool

-Then the next lessons are how to be self-sufficiant, like how to mend clothes and items and shit because no vampire wants to clean up after another one unless they’re their progenitor or special companion (and most times, not even then)
“When am I gonna learn how to do cool vampire things” “Shut up I’m trying to teach you how to fix your shit now so I don’t have to later”

-Most teaching is done by the progenitor because the most of the other vampires just don’t have the empathy or patience to care for a clumsy newborn who can’t seem to talk without biting themselves

-Sometimes vampires will start dripping venom if they’re anticipating a bite (like salivating) and they have to spit the excess venom out because it tastes bitter. The reason why they drip venom in the first place is to try to coat the rest of their teeth and numb their bite as much as possible so the human doesn’t struggle, but if the biting doesn’t actually happen it just accumulates and then their mouthes taste bad

-They have a rough patch on their tongue that puts pressure on the bite when they’re drinking, helping to increase the blood flow more than just the blood thinner in their venom. They usually press down, gather a mouthful of blood, pull back as they swallow, then press back down again to collect more, which must feel really frickin weird for the bite victem

-Their abilities to hiss, scream, and click makes being multilingual easy, which is why they can communicate with vampires across the world with little problem

Old-time vampire duels were usually fought with claws and dry-biting at necks and shoulders until one of them was killed or forced into submission

-The younger vampires are the most terrifying because they remember less of their humanity, making them more ‘purely’ vampire

Baring their fangs when fighting is an automatic reflex. Merely flashing the fangs is just aggression, whereas gaping the mouth open and baring all four fangs hints that they’re going for the kill

Because of their blood drinking and pouncing-attack style hunting, vampires have a greater range of movement in their necks that allow to look at things from many different angles and keep the movement without strain, like owls

-This is more of an observation than a headcanon, but all of the Michaela trait carriers seem to have a blood type of O, which also appears to be a delicacy in the vampire world

pedophilia and bein gay is not at all comparable!!!!!! cannot belief i have to spell this out.

gay ppl were demonized because they were bein pathologized and accused of being predatory towards boys an for threatening “traditional values”. “homosexuality” was depathologized in 1974. being gay is not inherently predatory. being a pedopfile is.

pedophiles are demonzied because they are inherently predatory for being attracted to someone who can not under any legal circumstances consent. pedophilia is not a mental ilness. is paraphilia. is stil treated by PREVENTING SEXUAL OFFENDERS FROM ACCESSING POTENTIAL VICTEMS.

Headcanon Time

So during OotP obviously the kids were getting pretty bored cleaning so the twins start playing pranks then apperating away so the victem couldnt retaliate. It became a kind of signature? around the house like if there was a crack after youve been pranked, it was the twins.

Ginny however, found a way to replicate the sound of the twins apperating. She would pull pranks then play this cracking sound and everyone would think its the twins and she’d get away with it.

Im pretty sure when Fred and George found out they thought it was fucking hilarious and they all started working together to create more elaborate and confusing pranks.

anonymous asked:

What's Mei's skin exactly? You seem to know and I'm very confused since she looks human but has fangs.

[[ Mei’s skin is a Jiangshi! It’s also known as a chinese ‘hopping’ vampire from Chinese folklore. Most people think it’s a zombie, but it is really a reanimated corpse. Like a vampire, it is active during the night, and rests during the day. And instead of drinking blood, it drinks a person’s qi, also known as their ‘life force’ to get stronger. The reason they hop is because their body is so stiff, they cannot bend a limb, thus hopping towards their victems with outstretched arms. I hope this helped! ]] 

Tai Lung

So I’m totally obsessed with all things Kung Fu Panda at the moment….and I just can’t get over Tai Lung. I feel so sorry for him, because EVERYTHING he says is true.

Shifu basically built him to be the Dragon Warrior, and then did absolutely nothing to comfort or counsel him when he needed it most. Tail Lung put his heart, his soul, his entire life into training to become the Dragon Warrior and prove himself worthy of his masters affection.

And when Oogway said no, and Tai Lung was at his lowest point, when he was basically stripped of his identity did Shifu tell him how proud of him he was regardless? Or how it didn’t matter or lessen him in his eyes? NO! He turned away from him and abandoned him WHEN HE NEEDED SHIFU MOST! 

“All I ever did, I did to make you proud! Tell me how proud you are, Shifu! Tell me! Tell me!”

And don’t even get me started about Oogway. He KNEW how much effort Tai Lung had put into becoming the Dragon Warrior. He knew what it meant to him. And more so, he knew the truth.


And with this knowledge, knowing full well what would happen if he did/didn’t give the scroll to Tai Lung, what did he do? He basically killed Tai Lung’s future, all for what? What exactly did he accomplish?  If he had validated Tai Lungs hard work, his ambition, and his unmatched dedication to realising his dream, what would have happened?

And even before that, did he think to maybe tell Shifu the truth? To maybe advise Shifu to cut back on pushing and driving Tai Lung to be the Dragon Warrior? Why, WHY, did he not tell Shifu the truth? What did that accomplish, but to create more conflict. Don’t tell me Oogway didn’t know how Shifu would react, because that’s a lie. He knew full well Shifu would blindly obey Oogways instructions, and yet he continued to let Shifu believe, right until the very end, that Tail Lung could be the Dragon Warrior. 

Oogway singlehandedly caused every single problem in the film. He tore apart a father and son, ripped away Tai Lung’s identity, caused Shifu to become bitter and introverted, and created over twenty years of misery, shame and guilt, all so he could continue some lie he had created to prove a needless point, in a convoluted and inappropriate manner. 

Tai Lung wasn’t the antagonist, he was the victem. Oogway was the true monster of the film.

I think that on this site there’s a lot of correlating toxic relationships with abusive ones even though they are completely different things all together.

A toxic relationship is a relationship that is not healthy, but there is no intent of malice originally present. This is usually a direct result of miscommunication between partners, and toxic behaviors can be exchanged equally between the people involved and/or be dealt out by one person who is not aware they are acting toxic. Of course, you can hear and use the phrase “Ugh, that relationship is so toxic” because toxic relationships are not good, period, but for the most part they can be fixed once the people involved work things out between them or figure out what went wrong so that they can learn to not do it again in the future. (Keep in mind that ‘work things out’ does NOT always mean stay together, but that it can usually be settled rationally.)

An abusive relationship is one where toxic shit happens on purpose. One or both of the partners deliberatly chooses to inflict harm on their partner, through phsyical or emotional violence, simply because they wish to harm them or because they want to keep them in line. Abusive relationships are NOT OKAY and are not usually settled rationally, as an abuser wants to keep their victem under control and usually doesn’t want them to leave them. There’s little to no actual harm being reflected back at the abuser that they actually register; they see actions against them as insubordinance and react by inflicting more punishment. Usually, they know that what they’re doing is bad or have a faint grasp of understanding that their actions are morally wrong, but feel justified doing them anyways. Abusive relationships tend to have a very clear power imbalence and, though they can be interesting to watch in media, should not be painted as merely toxic or gifted with a redemption arc. Toxic relationships are bad; abusive relationships are very very very bad and are absoloutly not okay.

There’s also the fact that many people seem to view certain behaviors in a relationship as immidiatly toxic/abusive and bad even though they’ve rarely been repeated and the people involved in the relationship are relatively stable otherwise. That is NORMAL. People in real life make mistakes, they screw up, it’s okay. As long as the behavior is not perpetuated and is settled peacefully, then that’s still a healthy relationship. Some of it may be aspects of a person’s personality- maybe they’re a trauma survivor and are clingy because of it but are trying to get better, maybe they’re just live rougher lives and see certain behaviors as normal and okay even though we don’t- it’s not that big of a deal. As long as distress between partners isn’t a thing or it’s abolished relatively quickly, then it’s not a problem.

You will never have a relationship that is 100% perfect. But there’s a very clear difference between relationships that are normal, relationships that are bad but could get better, and relationships that are 100% abusive. The distinction between them is very important.

I will forever be bitter about the fact that Peril, a character who not only canonly has bpd but was also a survivor of extreme parental abuse, was intensely hated for a phase in the fandom before she got a book from her perspective. Like, there was all sorts of shit about her being a horrible character bc she ‘lied to Clay’ and 'killed so many dragons and never apologized’ and she was 'creepily obsessed with Clay, no wonder Tsunami and the others hate her’ and just an all-around clusterfuck of victem-blaming and 'if you like this character you’re shit’ kinda stuff going around.

I still find it sad that we had to get an entire book from her perspective before people acknowledged that she lead a pretty shitty life. Like, come on, in the first book we see Scarlet lying to her, manipulating her, killing her friends and then blaming her for it, forcing her to 'put on a show’ in the killing ring and if the prisoners don’t die to her satisfaction she’ll punish her, her showing clear signs of her being severely touch and affection-starved (to the point where she thought her abuser was the only person who cared about her because everyone treated her like a monster and Scarlet called it her ONLY virtue). It was honestly so fucking gross to see people getting so pissy over her being manipulated into killing prisoners of war (whose lives held no value anyways, this is a fucking WAR other dragons did FAR worse) so that she wouldn’t get shit from the ONLY person who pretended to care about her and then getting all freaked out about her being posessive of the only dragon in the world who actually showed her empathy and kindness and physical affection. We had all the evidence that we needed to hate on how shitty (and thus brilliant for a villain) Scarlet was but NO, we HAD to hate on the mentally ill abuse victem. Fucking pathetic.

                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                         (  & happy birthday to my muse, moon yerin )

❝ May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. ❞

you have made it to the end of 2016. through another year of obstacles, challenges, difficulties. thank you. for arriving here safely. for choosing to persevere through your journey when the door to giving up was presented to you on many occasions. breathe. relax. celebrate. allow yourself to bask in this year’s successes. in your accomplishments.

i am sending you all my gratitude. your motivation to weave a story for your beautiful muses while venturing on your own, real odysseys, is already a feat like no other. you must be tired. let me thank you for writing. for breathing life into ideas. for inspiring me to improve in this art.

i am sending you all my love in light of your contributions toward creating this safe haven. because each and every one of you have welcomed me with kindness from your souls.  warmth and love from your hearts.

may the universe offer you love. benevolence. sweetness. at every turn around every road.  

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Imagine: Just a normal type of askblog that starts off with a prompt to set the scene, a specific place and a date in time, ie London: 1920, Mansion. Those willing to participate would like a specific post and then will be given character occupation can work as an AU for any and all characters. Ie:You are a doctor/teacher/heiress.

One character will be chosen as a murderer. They are not allowed to tell anyone else who they are.

The blog will give an open prompt saying ‘The Party starts now’ or whatever, and then the participants begin to thread amongst themselves for a little while in an open dash talk. Then the killer would choose the victem, and the message would go out that ___ has been killed in ___ manner.

Such prompts will continue until someone can correctly guess who the murderer is with the clues and hints given. But their would be no 'name everyone who is arround and hope they get it right’

Said character would make an accusation on the dash and others would jump in on it. This is a game of majority rules so most of the group would need to agree on said person BEING the murderer. Once a vote has been cast the Mod of the blog will eaither say

'You caught the murderer’ meaning the game ends or

'The murderer is still at large’ meaning the game continues.

And on ocasion hints would be given to help stir along the process, and the game continues until the murderer is caught, or until their are only three left.


2p Gerita (Soulmates)

Soulmate AU where Lutz and Luciano live as humans in a modern-day era, and their soul bonds show when their soulmate is hurt.

As a child, Lutz wakes up screaming at night because there are injuries all over his body- bruises, cuts, the occasional broken bone. It’s not his pain that he’s feeling, but the marks scare him nonetheless, and Gilen oftentimes spends his nights and days watching him 24/7, fearful not only for Lutz’s mental health and physical safety but also for the safety of Lutz’s soulmate, who already seems so badly broken. He doesn’t realize just how much agony this causes Luciano, who not only believes he was born without a soulmate, but is abused ruthlessly for it.

Later on, as Lutz becomes old enough to understand what’s going on, his terror for himself turns to pure worry for his soulmate. The marks at this point have turned from simple bruises to whip marks and knife wounds- and, at one time, a burn scar that could only be caused by a branding. Lutz thinks his soulmate must be a weak, cowering, terrified victem at this point, and promises himself early on that he will do anything to protect them once he meets them.

So when they do meet, and Lutz teases a small, bitter Italian with bags under his eyes who acts like the world is his bitch for the hell of it, it’s a shock to the both of them when the ghost of the slash on Lutz’s cheek and the three deep gouges on his arm from Luci’s knife appears on Luciano’s skin. A shock for Lutz, because his soulmate is nothing like what he expected him to be, and a shock for Luci, because after years and years of being taunted and teased and abused for having no soulmate, here he is, right in front of him.

This, of course, does not end peacefully. Luciano refuses to believe it. Lutz tries his best to make Luciano understand, but it’s all too much and he’s too insistant, and Luci ends up knocking him out and running away, still high off shock and adrenaline and the pain of realizing his agony was all for naught.

It’s no mistake to either of them when they wake up the next day to find matching marks of pain on their chests, directly above their hearts, where they are both aching inside.

Aaaagh ignore me but I’m really irritated that the wings of fire fandom has more art and content of ocs and fantribes than it does of canon characters

Like, I usually don’t mind fandom ocs?? I mean, I would never make one bc I’m shit at it, but if it makes people happy, then so what, let them be happy. I personally would have a harder time relating to them (unless you have enough content for them) but hey, the world is a big place, go wild.

But I guess I kind of mentally draw the line when literally 85% of new content I see is for ocs instead of canon characters. It kinda makes me wanna cry from frusteration, actually. Like, seriously??? We have an amazing series with s o m a n y great characters and scenes, but I can’t turn left or right without seeing an oc instead of a canon character. Tumblr’s actually much better with this than other platforms i’ve tried, but seriously?? Some fantribes are developed so far from the original series that they don’t even look like they belong to it at all, and it’s just like- why? Why keep it tied to this series? You obviously have potential, why don’t you focus more on developing them further and create an actual story with them (but that’s an entirely different can of worms alltogether) instead of staying here? You aren’t even in the same series anymore!

God, I sound like a fucking asshole. Great. But it still makes me really upset that we have a literal fucking goldmine of characters and development and storyline and they’re taken at face value (god, the Peril crisis of ‘she’s problematic and abusive and a horrible murderer :(((’ before her book was HORRIBLE, it was explicitly shown that she was A FUCKING ABUSE VICTEM WHO WAS NEVER TAUGHT ANY. BETTER IN THE FIRST FUCKING BOOK) and it’s just. I don’t know. So tiring. So fucking tiring.

2P!Italy/2P!Hetalia Songs

Monster (Skillet)-All

Anthem of the Lonely (Nine Lashes)-2P!Japan, All

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums(A Perfect Circle)- 2P!Italy

Rabid (Nicole Dollanganger)-2P!Italy, 2P!Germany

Carnivore (Starset)- 2P!Italy

Monster (Meg and Dia)-2P!Italy

They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Haha! (Artist unknown)-2P!England, 2P!Italy

Mirror (Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars)- 2P!Germany, 2P!Axis

Dirty Night Clowns (Chris Garneau)-2P!England (As the VICTEM, not the attacker)

Bad Apple(Vocaloid)-2P!Italy

Welcome To The Show(Britt Nicole)-2P!Italians

Cannibal(Kesha)-2P!England, 2P!Italy

Animals (Maroon five)-All

Animal I Have Become(Three Day’s Grace)-All

Such Horrible Things(Creature Feature)-2P!Italy

iNSaNiTY (Vocaloid)-All

Love Killer (The Ready Set)-2P!Italy, 2P!America

Somebody That I Used To Know (Pentatonix)-All

I Can’t Decide(Scissor Sisters)- 2P!Italy,2P!England

Take A Hint(Victorious Cast)-Nyo!2P!Italy

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)-All

Secret (The Pierces)-2P!Italy

Don’t Mess With Me(Temposhark)- 2P!Italy

It Took Me By Surprise(Maria Mena)- 2P!GerIta

Dead To Me(Simon Curtis)-2P!Italy

Dollhouse(Melanie Martinez)-All

Carousel(Melanie Martinez)–2P!Italy

Those Poor Unfortunate Souls (NOT the Disney Version)-2P!Italy

Troublemaker(Olly Murs)-All

Runaway Baby(Bruno Mars)-All

Song of Storms (Remix)-2P!Italy

Despicable Me(Pharrell Williams)-2P!Canada

Calling All The Monsters(China Anne)-All

How Do You Love Someone(Ashley Tisdale)-2P!Italy

I Know I’m A Wolf/Dear Rabbit (Young Heretics)-2P! x 1P!Italy

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Dark Version, artist unknown))-All

Monster (Meg and Dia REMIX)-Psycho Mode

My Demons (Starset)-2P!Italy

So He Sang [Lullaby Bye] (Dr. Steel)-2P!Italy

Breathe (The Prodigy)-2P!America 2P!Canada

Everybody’s Foo(Evanescence)-2P!Italy

Mangled [Five Nights at Freddy’s fan song](NateWantsToBattle)-2P!Italy, 2P!Axis

When You’re Evil(Voltaire)–2P!Russia, 2P!Axis

Illuminated (Hurts)- 2P!France, 2P!Canada

I Walk A Lonely Road(Green Day)- 2P! x 1P!Prussia

Light ‘em Up (Fall Out Boy)-2P!Italy, 2P!Axis

The Phoenix (Fall Out Boy)-All

Criminal(Britney Spears)-2P!Spamano

Devil In I (Slipknot)-2P!Italy

Cradle To the Grave (Five Finger Death Punch)-2P!Italy, 2P!America, 2P!Canada

Hello (Evanescence)-2P!Italy, 2P!Prussia

You Can’t Hide From Us(Artist Unknown)-2P!Italy, 2P!Axis

Uninstall (English version)-2P! x 1P!Italy, 2P!Prussia

Childish War(Vocaloid)-2P!Italian Brothers

Are You Dead Yet? (Children of Bodom)-2P!Italy

The Monster(Eminem ft. Rihanna)- 2P! x 1P!Italy

Friend (Ella’s Version)-2P!Italy x 1P!Italy

Seven Devils (Florence and the Machines)-All

Just One Yesterday (Fall out Boy)-1/2P!GerIta

How the Mighty Fall (Fall out Boy)-2P!GerIta, Red Velvet Pancakes, all ships

Murder (Within Temptation)-2P!Italy, hunt mode

King of The World (Porcelain and the Tramps)-2P!Italy

Battle Scars (Guy Sebastain Ft. Lupe Fiasco)-2P!Gerita

Watch You Crawl (Red)-2P!Italy

Circus Monster (JoyDreamer cover)-2P!Italy, when he was taken from his brother by 2P!Austria

Welcome to Chaos (Son of Rust)-2P!Italy

Farther Away (Evanescence)-2P!Romano, 2P!Italy brothers in times of despair

Ex Lover’s Lover (Voltaire)-2P!Italy, 2P!America

The Howling (Within Temptation)-2P!Italy (rise to power, the start of the war)

Sever The Cables (dishwasher)-2P!Axis, can or cannot include 2P!Italy

Little Game (Benny)-Told by 2P!Italy, applies to all

Super Psycho Love (Simon Curtis)-2P!GerIta

Pretty Little Psycho(Porcelain Black)-1P!GerIta v.s. 2P!GerIta

Get Scared (Sarcasm)-2P!GerIta

Dog Teeth (Nicole Dollanganger)-2P!Italy, 2P!Germany

Kill! Kill! Kill! (The Pierces)-2P!Italy to 2P!Holy Roman Empire/2P!Germany

Painted Smile (Madame Macabre)-2P!Italy

Crazy (Melanie Martinez)-All

I Hate U (Simon Curtis)-2P!Itapan

I’m In Love (With A Killer) (Jeffree Star)-2P!GerIta

Leave It All Behind (Cult To Follow)-2P!Italy backstory

I Am Machine (Three Days Grace)-2P!Italy, 2P!Germany, 2P!Japan

Pity Party (Melanie Martinez)-2P!Romano

Soap (Melanie Martinez)-2P!Spamano, 2P!Romano

Sippy Cup (Melanie Martinez)-2P!Italian Family

Milk and Cookies(Melanie Martinez)-2P!Italy, 2P!Romano, 2P!England

Bubblegum Bitch (Marina & The Diamonds)-2P!Romano

Mad Hatter (Melanie Martinez)-All

Who Taught You How To Hate (Disturbed)-2P!Chibitalia

The Vengeful One (Disturbed)

Miss Jackson (Panic! At The Disco)-2P!America, 2P!Italy

(More will be added)