So I just hit 5,000 followers so I thought I would do a follow forever, yay.

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spacey-rogue  asked:

Why do I have this bad feeling in my gut, that everyone is celebrating too early and some big bad guy is going to kill them all? Oh wait, that's right. LE isn't dead. Do you think he's going to be a Bec Noir esque party crasher? Because that's what I'm feeling. That and Dad Egbert's days are numbered. As in, this is his last day as the last living, nonsprite, parent.

Others (like homestuckbecausereasons) have pointed out how similar this is to the end of the troll session.

AA: even 0ur inevitable failure
AA: th0ugh it will briefly masquerade as vict0ry

We’re about to see them dramatically create Universe C (which is going to be quite an experience), and then all of them will be waiting on the lilypad as the door to their new realm appears, reaching for the final doorknob…

…except Lord English has NOT been dealt with.

They may have beaten the King, Queen, and Jack of their session, but the stand-in Black King of Paradox Space is still going to deny them control over their universe, especially as critical a universe as the one in which he supposedly originated.

No idea if Dad Crocker’s going to bite the dust, but he’s sure a convenient-looking target. Especially if the Condesce’s immortality curse still applies, so she can arrive and kill him right in front of Jane; since they only really beat a puppet of Lord English instead of the real thing, Condy getting up would mean that BOTH the King and Queen are still too “alive” to permit them going through that door.

(Again, though, this is all just one of many possibilities, here.)

EDIT: HBR said some more on this.