happy birthday vicky; you’re my pan, gay partner, twin, sister, wet dreams and one of my best friends. we have so much banter and always fool people with our icons, and we cry about dan’s feet and fanfics together, so i included all our laughs in this shitty edit. ur so funny and cute and nice and i love u a lot. i hope u have an amazing day because u deserve it, happy 15th birthday vicky xxxxx

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37- Vic and Foster

(this fic is also on my AO3, where it’s probably way easier to read.)

the prompt was “37. Eyes”. This escalated completely. I’m not sorry.

Please keep in mind that it’s 3 in the morning and this is not beta’d and I don’t know what I’m doing, thank.

Life Rule

When it came to life in general, Vic Caius had one simple rule:

Stick to the stuff you know and you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

This philosophy had brought him far in life – he did well in school, he had his small, overseeable circle of friends, he had enough pocket money to cater to all his gaming needs… in Vic’s eyes, that was him pretty much settled.

Some days were cursed though, even if you stayed in your lane and did everything just right. And today was such a day for Vic.

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As another day concludes so does my time with games. Vicster Darkeyes, my now 14th level favored soul is resting at an inn owned by Ien Dal, the 30th level cleric. After D&D was said and done, the party left, leaving me here to my own accord. So came Brink into my pool of favorite games. Hopefully achievement hunting on there wont be as hard or excruciatingly time consuming as is the trend on other games. So, my day concludes at 7:00 a.m. and to all those who have normal sleep schedules, I bid you good morning, I, however, am off to bed.

~William T. Heritage