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This is probably one of the most dangerous games in the galaxy. Zah… why oh why?

This started off as a dumb joke and became a bigger more complex thing

Oh tumblr how you squeeze down the thing I spent most time on XD Pls watch in full for all those gloriously shady characters <3 I really appreciate all of you lending them to me. I really hope you’ll be happy with how I drew your characters <3

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Doom is the weirdest guidance counsellor ever.

But I do believe Valeria Richards could relate. If she came back to the proper universe at least. She and Riri could be friends. And get Lunella in as well. Girl Genius Group. Triple G.
Colossalcon RWBY Panel Summary

Vic Mignogna (Qrow Branwen) and Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter Schnee) talked about a couple of things regarding RWBY. Some of them were really, really interesting. Also they both but especially Vic talked very fondly of Qrow, RWBY, CRWBY and RTX and were very lovely to everyone on the panel which was really nice to watch. Vic sang happy birthday to a fan in his Qrow voice which was really sweet. 

  • Someone asked about Qrow’s thoughts on Raven. He said that Qrow has very strong feelings regarding his sister which he will keep to himself because of spoilers, but there is interesting stuff to come that will tickle that itch. 
  • He said that it’s interesting that so many people speculate that Ruby is actually Qrow’s daughter. And that it’s interesting. And then asked for the next question.
  • Vic told the story of how he got hired as Qrow. Lindsay and Michael talked to Vic in a Hotel lobby and showed him pictures and videos from RWBY. He really liked it and later got an email asking him if he wanted to be in it and he said yes. They sent him imagines of Qrow and he sent them options of voices, they picked one and he recorded his lines for volume 3 and 4 at home in LA without directors or other actors and without input. He sent them three versions of every line and they picked the one they seemed would fit. Only recently he started to meet the other voice actors and everyone else involved in RWBY, an experience he spoke very fondly of. 
  • Vic loves uncle Qrow a lot. 
  • Elizabeth got involved because a lot of the people behind RWBY are fans of Attack on Titan, also she lives in Austin, so they invited her for a studio tour, but back then she didn’t even know anything about Rooster Teeth and RWBY. She agreed to come and met a lot of CRWBY guys and at the end they asked her to audition for Winter. Before auditioning she usually checks out at least one of two episodes of the show to get into it, so at that time she was in NYC with a friend and started with the red trailer and after 30 seconds they decided to rearrange their schedules to watch the show and ended up bingewatching the first two volumes together. Afterwards she felt so much pressure while recording her audition because she really, really wanted to be on the show. 
  • Elizabeth was also picked as Winter because they felt like her and Kara Eberle (voice of Weiss Schnee) had a similar cadence to their voices, they talk very similarly
  • When casting Elizabeth for Winter they were looking for a more mature and womanly sound as she is older than Winter. Being familiar with her previous work they knew she could comfortably voice Winter with a lower voice. They wanted a level of authority and maybe arrogance for her. Elizabeth also wanted to get a sense of pedigree and her background of being raised in a nobility-like environment play into Winter’s voice. She described Winter as the ballet-opera version of Motoko. 
  • Vic asked her if she has already recorded volume 5 and she just said that she can’t say anything about that. (My bets she will be in that volume and he knows that.)
  • Vic said that Chibi is a lot of fun. He recorded Chibi before actually watching Chibi though and watched it for the first time when he showed it on a panel.
  • Someone asked if Vic would ever do a cover of Qrow’s song (Bad Luck Charm). He said he would if he wasn’t so much worse of a singer than Jeff Williams and said that Jeff is amazing. Elizabeth said Vic is a great singer though and everyone asked him to sing it, so he started to sing Let it go. He said he loves the song and would love to do it and might do it if someone sends him tones.  
  • Elizabeth said that Monty wrote very far into the show and planned many, many volumes ahead, so there is much to come that is based on Monty’s vision. 
  • RWBY is the first time Americans have dubbed a show first and the Japanese followed up. That gives them more freedom because they don’t have to sound like the original Japanese voice actors, now they have to do it the other way around in Japan. It seems to be a really big thing for the voice actors and is only possible because of the fans and their support. Vic said he has heard companies talk about wanting to do that for years but none ever did. 
  • Someone asked what aspect of working on RWBY they are most proud of. Vic said in his Qrow voice that Elizabeth is most proud of her secret love for Qrow. Elizabeth said that she is most grateful for to work with RT because it’s like working with your friends and she gained what feels like an actual little sister with Kara, they became very close and hang out a lot, also she coached Kara a bit with doing her effort sounds. But the fan reactions also make her very proud because RWBY resonates so much with so many people. Vic said that he loves playing characters who aren’t immediately recognised as being him, he loves playing a character that has a different tone, but also the way he is written. He said that after Fullmetal Alchemist he felt like he may never be a part of anything that special again, because it’s so hard to follow up on something that good and special and he feels blessed to be involved with RWBY and that it feels very special to him.
  • Vic said that voicing a character is not about making your voice sound different than the other characters you have played before but playing this one character authentically. 
  • Elizabeth said that like Winter she’s very close with her family, she always loves them but doesn’t always like them. She shares that strong sense of loyalty but not always getting along with Winter. But unlike Winter she has never called anyone a boob. Also she loves bunk beds.
  • Vic has never recorded Qrow while actually being drunk. Actually Vic said that unlike Qrow he has never been drunk a day in his life. But he always makes drinking jokes when talking about Qrow and doesn’t even know what that is like. What he does share with Qrow is that he is absolutely awesome with a scythe. (Well no, he never held one in his life.)

Today I honour my great uncle Vic, killed as a young man in the Hell that was Passchendaele. His mother’s wee boy, he loved, was loved, is not forgotten.

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DickKory Week: Day 5

Bc you gotta include the bubba in anything to do with the baes being all gentle and caring.



Her breathing was soft, slow and such a perfect sound to anyone who heard it.

The twinkling lullaby floated around the room, bouncing off the walls to create a tranquil environment for her to sleep soundly within.

Darkness almost filled the room with the exception of a purple star shaped night light. She always cried if she woke up to a pitch black room. The violet illumination splashed across the walls set her at ease and she, more often than not, would fall straight back to sleep.

Her chubby arms were splayed out above her head as her dark tufts of hair spilled over her pillow. Eyelashes fluttered as she absently sucked her pacifier whilst she slept.

It was calm; the rise and fall of her chest. She was serene and oh so very adorable whilst she slumbered.

There was a quiet creak from the door as someone slipped inside to have a peek at the precious gem lying in the pink crib.

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Why don’t they like me?

So, Kinda been in a Robstar mood lately. I was going through a bunch of the Mar’i Grayson pictures that @dar-draws has made (side note, you are amazing and I love your Mar’i) I came across this favorite of mine and then I came across this comic that I hadn’t seen before. Well, this kind of got me thinking and reminded me of a few headcanons that I have about how Mar’i was treated since she’s a hybrid. Total credit for the art goes to @dar-draws who you all should totally follow.

Alternate Title: The Mar’i Grayson Angst No One Asked For


It’s been a long day. After running around Bludhaven as Detective Grayson and then following up with the Titans, he wants nothing more than to be home with his family. A smile comes to his face remembering that Mar’i would be home from her first day of preschool. Both he and Kor’i had dropped her off, but an emergency made it impossible for him to help pick her up.

“I’m home,” Dick calls out. He tosses his keys onto the table and sets his bag down. He waits. Mar’i always flies right into his arms with a massive smile on her face. But the apartment is quiet. “Kor’i? Mar’i?”

“We’re in the living room, Dick,” Kor’i calls out. Dick smiles when he sees his girls, but the smile fades at the serious look on Kor’i’s face. Mar’i doesn’t look at her father.

“What’s going on?” He asks. 

“Mar’i got into a fight today,” Kor’i tells him. Dick instantly looks at his daughter. She’s a little small for her age, just as he had been, but he knew how powerful she is. After all, this was the same little girl, who at 2 years old, had lifted up the Batmobile just to get a ball that had rolled underneath. She’s much better at controlling her powers now, but this was inexcusable.

“Is this true?” Mar’i looks at him and nods,”Mar’i, you know better than to fight other people. What if you used your strength? Or, God forbid, one of your starbolts?”

“This is very serious,” Kor’i scolds her daughter. They had only just gotten home before Dick had. Kor’i had made her apologize to the little boy (whom she found to rude, but Mar’i needed to learn that violence was not how they handle things) and they’d talked to the daycare director.

Both her parents keep telling her why fighting was wrong and how they try to find a smarter way to handle a problem. But they don’t know what that boy had done to her all day long. What all the kids in her class had said about her. Mar’i starts crying making both her parents stop. 

“Starshine?” Kor’i voice is softer now. She hadn’t wanted to make her daughter cry. That’s the last thing she ever wanted to do.

“I don’t like school,” Mar’i sobs. This shocks both her parents. For at least a month, all she could talk about was today.

“Hey,” Dick kneels in front of his daughter. Mar’i throws her arms around his neck and cries into his shoulder,” Starshine, what’s wrong? What aren’t you telling us?”

“I don’t wanna go back, Daddy,” Mar’i cries,” Don’t make me go back.”

Even though they had been scolding her, they couldn’t bear to hear her cry. It takes them a few minutes to calm her down. Kor’i wraps her arms around Mar’i and Dick. Both of them press kisses into her dark curls and try to get her little body to stop shaking. Her beautiful green eyes, just like Kor’i’s, are tinted red. 

“Why don’t people like me?” Her voice is soft. 

“Why would you think people don’t like you?” Dick asks.

“People treat me different. Grown-ups look at me funny. The kids made fun of me,” Her eyes well up with tears again,” They kept saying I don’t belong here. They made fun of my eyes. They said I was ugly. I don’t wanna go back.”

“Did you tell a teacher?” Kor’i asks. Mar’i nods. She and Dick exchange a look over their daughter’s head.

“Mrs. Pearson said that I should try being nice to them. I did try, Mommy. I tried really hard. But that boy kept saying that his mommy told him not to be friends with me.”

“Why’s that?”

“He said she called me a abobination and that God hates me.” She starts crying again,” And you always say God loves me and I got really mad. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Dick wipes her tears away and makes her look at him,” Starshine, why didn’t you tell Mommy this earlier?”

“No one asked me. The boy pushed me and then I hit him, but Mrs. Pearson only saw me hit him. No one asked me what happened. They just started yelling at me.” She sniffs.

“So you hit that boy because he said mean things and pushed you?” Mar’i nods,” Bumgorf, that is still not ok.”

“I know. I am sorry, Mommy.” She wipes her nose,” What’s a abobination?”

Neither Dick nor Kor’i know how to answer that. Mar’i is smart for her age. She won’t just accept any random answer. Kor’i pulls her daughter onto her lap.

“My star, you know that you are special right? Not just because you are you, but because of Mommy and Daddy and where they are from,” She nods,” There are some people that do not believe that we should be a family.”


“Because they think since I am not from this planet, I do not belong here. Becuase Daddy is from Earth, he should be with someone from here. Those people believe that us having you was not ok.”

“Did you not want me?”

“Of course, we wanted you,” Dick reassures her,” Don’t you ever think for a single second that you aren’t wanted and loved.”

“But why don’t they like me? Why do they say mean things?” Mar’i desperately wants answers, ones that she is simply too young to really understand.

“Starshine, there will always be people who say mean things about someone. They will say it because a person is from another place or because they love someone who others have decided they should not or for reasons that one cannot change. But for ever person like that, there are many more who do not care about those things.” Kor’i wipes her daughter’s little cheeks.

“Like Puro Dad?” Dick can’t help but smile at her Romani. Bruce likes Puro Dad better than Grandpa in any case.

“Just like Puro Dad, Auntie Barbara, Uncle Jay, Auntie Rae, Uncle Gar, Uncle Vic, Auntie Kate, Auntie Cass, Uncle Tim, Uncle Dami, Auntie Steph,” Dick lists about thirty other people who love and accept her. A little smile comes to her lips,” And of course, Mommy and Daddy.”

“That is right,” Kor’i tuck a curl behind Mar’i ear,” Mommy and Daddy will always, always, always love you.”

There isn’t much more they can say on the matter. Mar’i is uncharacteristically quiet the rest of the night. She cuddles up with one of her parents while the other attempts to do some things around the apartment. Attempts being the key word. After an hour, the small family just resigns themselves to an early night. They order pizza and watch movies in Dick and Kor’i’s bed. Mar’i falls asleep, snuggled up in her daddy’s arms.

“Is she asleep?” Kor’i asks after a while.

“I think so,” Dick doesn’t set her down. He holds Mar’i tightly to his chest, just like when she was a baby. He tries not to think about the day that she’ll be too big to sleep like this.

“I do not want her to go back to that school.” Kor’i shakes her head. She hates that she made Mar’i apologize to that boy without knowing the whole story. Dick sees the anger on her face. 

“Babe, we both knew this day was going to come sooner or later.”

“I know. I just thought it would be later rather than sooner.” Kor’i leans against his shoulder, reaching over to stroke Mar’i’s curls.

“Kids can be cruel.”

“This is not about what the children said. It is their parents who said it to them. They do not know her, yet they pass judgment anyway. They tell their children that God hates her after you have spent so much time teaching her the opposite.”

“You’ve heard people say that be-”

“They were not saying to my daughter,” Kor’i shakes her head,” I do not care what they say about me or to me, but they do not get to say such things to my baby.”

“Babe,” Dick wraps an arm around,” I know you want to protect her. Believe me, the only reason I’m not going down to the school right now is the fact that it’s closed. And I am not denying that what happened was fucked up, but we aren’t always going to be here to protect Mar’i.”

“But we are now. She should not have to fight this alone.”

“She isn’t alone. Just like we told her earlier, for as many rude assholes out there, there are like double that many who will love her. That’s gotta start with her family.” Kor’i smiles a bit at her husband’s words,” You wanna know a secret?”

“I feel as though I know all your secrets,” She chuckles. He laughs and she can feel him kiss her hair.

“I promise you don’t know this one. I fall more in love with you every single day,” Kor’i laughs at the cheesy statement,” That’s not the secret, just the introduction. I fall in love with the way you look in the morning. I fall in love with the way you tickle Mar’i so she wakes up laughing. I fall in love with the way you compromise on her outfit so she doesn’t go outside looking like a hot mess. I fall in love with the way you sing to her, the way you two slip in and out of Tamaranian, the way you tell her how much you love her.”

Dick kisses her forehead and rests his head on hers, both of them looking at their daughter,” I fall in love with our daughter every single day. I love her smile, her curiosity, her sense of humor. I love the way that she can remember exactly when we promised to take her somewhere, but can’t remember where she put her tights or toys. She’s brave, strong, sweet, kind, intelligent, and beautiful, just like her mother. And the secret is: there are times that I know life would be simpler if we were what people considered normal, but I wouldn’t give this up for anything. I wouldn’t change where you’re from or how you look or what you can do to make some asshole happy. I love you for you. I love Mar’i because she is ours and she is perfect.”

“It would be simpler though-”

“I don’t care. I am lucky to be your husband and Mar’i’s father. I am lucky to have both of you and I will spend every day for the rest of my life fighting to prove to myself that I deserve you. I love you. I love Mar’i. I love our life, all the good days and all the bad.”

Kor’i shakes her head,” It amazes me sometimes how passionate you speak.”

“Surprises me too, ves’tacha,” Kor’i recognizes this word. Dick didn’t speak much Romani, having forgotten some of the language since he was a child, but he loves to say this one word to her. She kisses his stubbly cheek.

“Mar’i is lucky to have you as a father,” She says as they nestle down into the covers, Mar’i sleeping between them.

“I’m lucky to have both of you,” he repeats, believing it with every part of his heart,” I love you.”

“And I you,” She kisses him softly before pulling her daughter to her chest. Dick pulls both of them close and the small family falls asleep. In the morning, they would wake up, a mess of limbs and poor Mar’i squished between her parents. They would go to the school and face the problem head on. But for now, the family sleeps, the sounds of their city echoing in the stillness of the room


I hope you all liked this. Again credit for the drawings that inspired this story goes to @dar-draws . Please comment and let me know what you think!

Kid: So how did you and daddy meet?

Clark: Well, we had a fight to the death and he almost impaled me.

Kid: ………

Clark: But we managed to clear things up and he saved Grandma Martha from some mean people.

Kid: Yay!

Clark: But then that nasty Lex Luthor from down the street created a huge butt-ugly monster to kill me.

Kid: Oh.

Clark: Luckily Aunt Diana came in and helped us kill it!

Kid: Yay!

Clark: Unfortunately, I ended up dying anyway.

Kid: Um….

Clark: But then Daddy and Aunt Diana met Uncle Barry, Uncle Arthur and Uncle Vic. Then I came back to life and had a mullet for some reason and we all saved the world together.

Kid: Wow…just…wow…

On Vic Mignogna as Qrow

When it comes to Vic’s voice “sounding the same with a majority of his characters,” that’s a fair point to make. Usually however, this fault comes down to the voice director and less so the actor themselves. Vic just does as he’s directed the best he can. In the Anime industry, it’s less about how you can change your normal voice into several new voices indistinguishable from the original like Mel Blanc and more about if you can act PERIOD.

And lets not single out Vic here. As much as I love Cherami Leigh, her performance as Lucy Heartfila and Natsumi Hinata are pretty much the same. Colleen Clinkenbeard’s Riza Hawkeye matches her Erza Scarlet down to a T.

Yet I like their acting nonetheless when they’re casted well and their vocal performance jells with their character.

For me, I think Vic will be interesting as Qrow given how he’s not dubbing an Anime so much as doing voicework conventionally where your performance is animated around.

On Vic Mignogna

My followers will know I’ve made a concerted effort to be objective about this.

I am a big fan of the guy’s voice acting work, and I’m a fellow Christian, so I know I have a bias here.  These past few days I’ve been fighting very hard to keep that bias in check, because I wanted to find out the truth, even if it meant that a guy I’ve admired turned out to be the scum of the Earth.  For that reason I didn’t take a position, except to say that I didn’t know enough to really judge whether it was true or not.

Today I finally sat down and spent some time scouring Google, trying to find any credible evidence of the stuff people are accusing him of.  Guess what I found?


Matter of fact, among the few things I did find were posts from con staffers and handlers who explicitly disprove a lot of the more specific accusations (the ones that I actually thought might be true).  (Here’s one example.)

I spent most of an hour searching the Internet and found nothing of substance.  Just anonymous complaints and rumors that came second- and third-hand.  Seriously, did nobody but me even bother to Google any of this?

To all the bloggers who have been spreading this nonsense: you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Especially those of you who are big names in the fandom, some of whom I’ve always really respected.  When you’re talking about something as serious as this, I would have thought you’d do a little fact-checking and know what you’re talking about before encouraging your followers to go file complaints and petition RoosterTeeth based on nothing but nasty rumors.

Now that I’ve done my research, and know that all these rumors are nothing but slander and libel, I feel a lot more comfortable supporting Vic and being excited about hearing him voice Qrow.  So with that out of the way, I’m going to go back to being excited about RWBY, and happy for RT that they managed to land such a big-name voice actor for Monty’s pet project.  And I hope the rest of the FNDM can get over their own biases, and we can all put this nonsense behind us.

Hopeless - Jaime Preciado ft. PTV

Hi :3 Could you do one where you’re Jaime Preciado’s 14 year old daughter and you start your period for the first time? And he’s a single dad and he completely freaks and acts all like scared and tries to make you go to a hospital. And Uncle Vic & Mike & Tony are over and he starts crying to them and flipping out and Vic is like “t’s just her period, she’ll be okay”& at the end is all like “Aw my little girl is growing up!” sorta way. Thank you :3 :3

Short but done quickly, here you go c: - 909 words - written by Emma.

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Hi I was wondering if can do a tony perry imagine we’re you’re pregnant and she try’s telling him but they get in an argument and he leaves. Maybe a couple years later you have a kid and you see him in a restraunt or something and there he finds out everything and you can do the rest hopefully this isn’t to much but I love your blog by the way 😋

Awe you’re so sweet thank you qt c:


“Yupp, that is a positive sign,” I said to myself with a sigh. I tossed the third test in the trash can and got up to look in the mirror, lifting my shirt up to reveal my tummy. My tummy that now had life growing in it. I smiled at the thought of meeting the little life that Tony and I had created. I heard the door open and walked out to find Tony walking in.

“Hey,” he greeted quietly, slipping his shoes off.

“Hi, sweety. How was your day?” I asked, going up to plant a kiss on his cheek. 

“Stressful,” he replied, moving to sit down on the couch.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I told him. I bit my lip nervously, a had going to my stomach. “Uhm, can I talk to you about something?”

“Can it wait, Y/N? I’m really tired,” he told me. I shuffled nervously.

“It, uhm, I don’t think it can..”

“Is someone dead?” he asked. I shook my head. “Are you cheating on me?”

“No, of course not, Tony!”

“Alright, then it can wait.” I felt frustration rising in me. Why was he being such a douche?

“Tony, I know you said your day was stressful, but-”

“But nothing! I want to lay down and rest!” he half-yelled at me. I cringed at his words. 

“Don’t yell at me! I haven’t done anything to you!” I replied angrily.

“Other than annoy the shit out of me,” he mumbled. “Please, just leave me alone for a little bit.”

“I said I needed-”

“I don’t care what you need right now! Oh my god, can I not get a minute of quiet and peace?!” he yelled, jumping up. 

“Where are you going?” I asked, worry rising in my gut.

“I can’t deal with this right now!” he said, putting his shoes back on. “In fact, I don’t know if I can deal with this at all anymore.”

“Tony-” he slammed the door behind him, cutting me off. I couldn’t even process what had just happened, so I called my best friend to come over. I knew that when it hit, I’d need someone to be with me. It didn’t take long for him to get here.

“Y/N?” Vic’s voice rang out softly. I told him I was in the living room and he came in, sitting down by me lightly. “What happened?” I explained what happened with the fight and how Tony left and everything. He rubbed circles on my back to calm me down.

“He isn’t coming back..” I whispered, tears beginning to fall. 

“He’ll come back, Y/N! Don’t worry. Everything will be okay,” Vic cooed. I shook my head. 

“You don’t get it,” I sobbed.

“Sweety, if he doesn’t then you’re going to find a great man that treats you like you deserve and you’ll be so happy,” Vic said in an effort to comfort me.

“Most men don’t like to date women with kids,” I stated, looking to him desperately. 

“What are you talking about?” Vic asked slowly. A fresh round of tears fell.

“Vic, I’m pregnant.”

~4 Years Later~

“Come on, honey,” I said sweetly. “This is one of Mommy’s favorite places to eat. And since you’re such a big girl now and I’m so proud of you then you get to come here with me!” 

“Yay!” my daughter said excitedly, hopping up and down. I laughed and walked in with her. We were seated and ordered. As we waited for our food, she kept looking around and pointing out artwork she thought was pretty. We had a great lunch together and she kept saying how she felt like a big girl because she got to come to Mommy’s favorite place and she ate all her food. It was adorable. “Mommy, that man is staring at you,” she said. I turned to meet the eyes of someone I had hoped I wouldn’t ever see again.

“Come on, sweety. It’s time for us to go home,” I told her, grabbing her hand and my purse and heading for the front of the restaurant.

“Y/N?” I stopped at his voice and turned. There he was, looking at me like a long-lost treasure. 

“Hi Tony,” I greeted. 

“How…how have you been?” he asked cautiously.

“Uhm, good. Pretty good,” I told him. I was about to tell him that we needed to go when I was interrupted by a little voice.

“Mommy who is that man?” my daughter asked. 

“This is one of Mommy’s old friends,” I told her, glancing up at Tony to see his face. 

“Mommy? This is your…daughter?” he asked. “How old is she?”

“She’s uh…she’s four,” I told him quietly. Realization showed on his face. Oh god, I did not want to have this conversation right now. 

“What’s her name?”


“Can we talk?” he asked, his voice raising an octave. 

“I can’t just leave her-”

“Uncle Vic!!!” Ella yelled, running up to him as she spotted him getting up from one of the tables. Vic smiled and bent down to scoop her into his arms. He smiled and waved at me, Ella happily in his embrace. 

“Got her?” I mouthed to him. He nodded and I walked outside with Tony, going to my car to sit down. 

“Is she..mine?” he asked, looking down at his hands he had folded in his lap. 

“Yeah, she is,” I told him quietly. 

“When did you find out?”

“The day you left actually. That was…what I needed to talk to you about before the fight. I just found out I was pregnant,” I explained. He nodded. 

“And Vic clearly knows.” It wasn’t a question. 

“I called him to come over after you left. I didn’t have anyone else to turn to.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked softly.

“What was I supposed to do? Call you and say hey I just had your baby? Do you know much scandal and complication that would have caused? I didn’t want to screw up your life, Tony. Especially after you said you didn’t want to be with me anymore. We wouldn’t have worked anything out. It all would have been forced and I didn’t want Ella to have a family that way,” I told him. He just nodded as he listened. I knew this was a lot for him to take in.

“She’s beautiful,” he whispered, looking over to me with a smile. I nodded in agreement. 

“She’s so smart. She actually just finished her first year of Kindergarten. They let her start a year early because she showed so much advancement.” 

“Wow, just like her mom, huh,” Tony said, pride showing in his eyes. We laughed lightly and talked a bit more. I told him about Ella’s life and all the exciting things that have happened since she was born. Tears formed in his eyes.

“I can’t believe I’ve missed so much, you know?” he said, looking over to where her and Vic were walking out of the restaurant together with Mike and Jaime. They were swinging her between them and she was laughing like it was the most fun she’d ever had. “I would really like to be in her life..”


“Y/N, I know I messed up. Bad. But..seeing her and knowing that we created that little life. I want to be a part of her life, please. I’ve missed so much already and she deserves a dad. I can be a great father if you just let me try..” he begged. I sighed and smiled at him.

“Lets take it slow at first, okay?” 

“REally??” Excitement shown all over his features. I nodded and smiled at him. He did the same and hugged me tightly. I missed his embrace. “Thank you,” he whispered into my hair.