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Here’s the first post with the first list of ideas
Now for the rest of the ideas

  • There’s a gimmick we thought about where at the last song of every show, they have a paint fight. And the front row is always warned about it because Captain and Davy will go down and imprint their hands on the first row’s shirts
  • And Victoria, of course she has front row, gets it above her heart and OF COURSE SHE HAS  A BAND BLOG THIS NERD, and posts it
  • (this is like way later tho, Chloe finds out that Vic is a huge fan) Chloe also has a blog for trolling ppl with random details about their band, and Sees vic’s post
  • “She touched my heart”
  • chloe is like “She toch dat titty”
  • And Max always calls Rachel Coupons
  • Maybe during a paint session in art class Max leaves a handprint on her shirt and Vic swears to fucking god it looks just like the print on the shirt she has framed at home but Nah it must be her imagination
  • Chloe took drum lessons because her mom wanted her to channel her excess energy and anger through something and it was a good idea for drums, Max was taking music lessons out of her own interest as a kid.
  • But also Max has always had a crush on Vic but Vic and her have never really interacted except for photography class until Vic hears her trash talking top lul. 
  • Vic isn’t a huge mega bitch, idk this is college time to grow up vic.
  • Vic starts her internship at the company that usually takes the photos and covers 21pirates Concerts. (”No Taylor you don’t understadn this company has great internship programs, look they have the best equipment too-NO THERE’S NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE TAYLOR.”)
  • Max and Chloe reveal their faces after graduating college through a dumb vine.
  • Chloe is super whippedTM
  • Rachel and Chloe meet because Chloe decides to tag along with Max one time to a photoshoot.(”You just want to see coupons.” “Nawww” “I don’t even know if she’s our model today.”)
  • Chloe and Rachel hit it off pretty well, after Chloe stops being a nervous mess hyper mess.
  • They exchange numbers and hang out more.
  • Unlike Victoria, Rachel is super perceptive and finds out Chloe is Davy after a while. Later on she finds out who Captain is too because Chloe’s a dumb-dumb and lets it slip.
  • Victoria goes through the 5 stages of grief when she finds out who 21pirates is
  • Max and Vic get closer to each other through photography and top stuff.
  • Victoria confronts Max after the face reveal vine which turns into Max calming Vic down and confessing, they get together later.

I’ll add more later

capseycartwright  asked:

hey siri imagine vic buying robert a ridiculous bi pride flag tshirt because she's really proud of him and how he's accepted his sexuality and she wants him to be proud of himself too 😌


excuse me lorna how dare you

i feel attacked right now

(robert, vic :))))

Robert gives Vic the eye as he takes the package. “It’s not my birthday.”

“I know,” Vic says, looking smug. Her smile is the wrong side of mischievous and it’s obvious that whatever is in the package he’s not going to like. “Open it.”

Robert sighs, tearing into the paper. They’re sat on the sofa, her at one end, him at the other, and there’s a box of pizza between them. They’re having one of their Sugden Saturdays while Aaron and Adam are out on the lash, and Vic’s on holiday with Bernice and Gabby. It’s nice, Robert thinks, actually spending time with his sister. 

Peeling off the paper, he sees a purple, blue and pink monstrosity that, once he shakes it out, is actually a t-shirt. “Vic.”

“It’s a bisexual flag,” Vic says, clapping her hands, like Robert doesn’t know that. 

“I can see that,” Robert says, dryly. “Why do I have it?”

Vic’s expression shifts from gleeful to serious in a second and Robert holds his breath, waits for her to say, “I’m proud of you.”

“Shut up.”

“No,” Vic snaps, because she knows him. Maybe not as well as Aaron, but she’s his sister, always been his favourite for obvious reasons, but mostly because she’s the best of them all. “I’m proud of you. For accepting who are you and not - not fighting it.”

Robert snorts. “Did enough of that,” he mutters, running his fingers over the shoulder. “I’ll probably never wear it.”

Vic’s silent for a beat, then she wraps a hand around his wrist, not even caring that her blouse is gonna have tomato stains on it. “I’m proud of you and you should be too.”

The words are on the tip of his tongue. It would be so easy to say dad wouldn’t be, but they’re having a good day, and Robert is proud of himself. 

Still not enough to wear the t-shirt, though. “I’m not wearing it.”

Vic laughs, eyes soft as she punches him in the arm. “I spent a lot of money on that!”

“Shame,” Robert says with a grin, slipping the t-shirt back into the torn paper. “Maybe if I’m really drunk.”

Expression thoughtful, Vic sits back. There’s tomato smushed to her stomach and her hair’s falling out of the braid Robert did not a half hour ago, but she doesn’t care. Robert wonders how he got so lucky to have a sister like here. 

“Thank you,” he says, sincerely. 

“You’re welcome.” She swipes a slice of pizza and waves it halfheartedly at the TV. “So what we watching?”

Robert shrugs, slides back against the arm of the sofa. “Didn’t plan on watching anything. Was just gonna talk.”

He doesn’t know why he says it. They never talk. 

Vic looks just as surprised, but she nods, looking pleased, and yeah, they probably should have done this a long time ago.

Vic Fuentes- If that doesn't turn you on I'll keep talking til something does (request)

(Sorry if I messed up on the kinky part /.\)

(Summary: Vic says he isn’t in the mood and just wants to watch movies. You tease him and when he gives in, you guys have kinky sex and he dominates you)

You walked into the living room to see Vic sitting on the couch. The only clothing you were wearing was your panties and a big t-shirt to cover your body. Vic was going through the movies on Netflix. You sat down next to him and he wrapped his arm around you.

“What are you doing?” you asked in a playful tone.

“Picking a movie” he responded.

He finally found one. It was the movie he had been talking about for the longest. He was always going on about how much he wanted to see it.

“Oh my god. We’re so watching this” he said as he eagerly pressed play. The movie started and you sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“You really wanna just watch movies right now, Vic?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I don’t wanna watch movies. I wanna…” You pressed your lips against his neck.

“Babe, I’m not in the mood. I just want to watch my movie.”

You rolled your eyes. “Come on, Vic. Since when are you not horny?”

“Since now.” Vic chuckled.

“So, you wouldn’t be turned on if I did this?”

You moved your hand to his thigh and kissed his neck again.


You slid your hand up to where his member would be and you started rubbing up and down through his jeans.

“Turned on yet?”

Vic’s voice was shaky. “…Nope…”

You felt the bulge in his pants get harder. “Really? Because I think your boner says otherwise.”

Vic’s eyes tried hard to focus on the screen. You found his sweet spot on his neck. Vic’s breathing got heavier. You smiled against his skin.

Vic snapped out of it. He pushed your hand away and looked into your eyes.

“Fine. But you’re gonna have to do everything Daddy says. Got it?”

You nodded. Vic picked you up on put you on top of him so that you were straddling him. He kissed your neck, definitely leaving hickies. You moaned and tugged at the collar of his shirt. Vic pulled away so he could take his shirt off. When it was off, he pulled yours over your head and threw it across the room. He smiled to see that you weren’t wearing a bra.

He kissed your chest and then gently bit your nipple. You moaned again. Vic suddenly picked you up and put you to the side. He got up from the couch and started to take off his pants. He pulled both his pants and boxers down in one swift motion and kicked them away.

“Suck” he demanded.

You quickly obeyed and slowly moved your head back and forth. Vic grabbed your hair and pushed your head farther, making you gag a little.

“Ugh fuck, (Y/N)”

Vic pushed you away and stood you up. He then sat down on the couch.

“The panties. Take them off.”

You slid them down to your ankles and kicked them off to the side. Vic smirked.

“Come bounce on Daddy’s lap, baby girl.”

You positioned yourself on top of him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and slowly pushed your body down. You moaned as you adjusted to his length. Vic grabbed your hips and moved you up and down. You went faster and felt the knot in your stomach get bigger.

“Vic, I’m-”

“No, baby. Don’t come until Daddy says to, okay?”

You nodded your head and bit your lip. The knot got bigger but did everything you could to hold in your orgasm.

Vic closed his eyes and threw his head back. His grip on your hips got tighter. He dug his nails into your skin making you moan from the mix of pain and pleasure.

“I can’t…I’m gonna…”

“It’s okay, baby girl. Come for Daddy.”

You let the knot unravel and you moaned loudly. Vic came soon after and you both came down from your highs together. You breathed heavily as you turned your head to the screen. The credits were rolling. You laughed softly and looked back at Vic.

You kissed him and smiled against his lips. He rolled you over on the couch so that you were on your back and he was on top of you. He smiled.

“Way better than watching movies.”

You giggled and he kissed you again passionately.

Vic Fuentes- I'm such an animal (request)

(I’m really sorry if this sucks)

(Summary: You tease Vic and he punishes you… I don’t know how else to explain it)

Music filled the house. It was joined by conversation and laughter from all your friends that were in bands. You and your boyfriend, Vic, were throwing a party. Well…he was throwing a party. You kinda wanted it to be over. Not because you weren’t having fun. It wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy the company of the other band members that were there. You did. They were your friends. It was just that you wanted some alone time with Vic. All day you had been teasing him and trying to get him to give in but he wouldn’t budge.

You saw Vic sitting on the couch in the living room. You walked over to him and sat on his lap. You wrapped one arm around his neck and kissed his cheek.

“You having fun, babe?” Vic asked.

“Yeah…” You leaned in closer to his ear so only he could hear your next words. “…but I’d be having a lot more fun if we were somewhere private” you said in a seductive tone.

You placed your hand on his inner thigh and started rubbing up and down. Vic pushed your hand away and looked you in the eyes. His voice was stern.

“Babe…not now. I just wanna hang out with our friends. Maybe later.”

You ignored him and started to kiss his neck in just the right spot. Vic’s breath hitched and his eyes closed. You could tell that he was enjoying it for a moment.

Vic’s eyes shot open and he snapped out of it.

“(Y/N)…” he warned. “Not. Now.”

You rolled your eyes and let out a small sigh.

“Fine… I’ll stop.”

You got up and walked over to the kitchen. Your friend, Jack from All Time Low was at the counter pouring himself another drink. You walked towards him and greeted him.

“Hey there, handsome” you said quite loudly, knowing that your voice would echo into the living room where Vic could hear.

“Hey, (Y/N). Nice party.”

“Yeah…well…it’s kinda more of Vic’s party…I just wanted to stay in tonight…”

“What? You don’t like us or something?” Jack teased.

“No, I do. It’s great having everyone together like this, but…I don’t know…I kinda wanted to spend some time with Vic…you know…alone…”

“Oh” Jack raised his eyebrows and smirked. “Alone, huh?”

“Yeah, but right now he just wants to hang out with you guys I guess…”

You looked over through the doorway leading out of the kitchen and into the living room. Vic was in perfect view. He could see everything you were doing. You smirked as an idea came into your mind. You knew just how to make him jealous.

You poked Jack’s side, making him flinch a little.

“You ticklish?” You knew if you asked him that, he would ask you the same question.

“No. Are you?” Jack asked with his cute, dorky smile.

All the pieces were falling right into place. Now you just had to get Jack to make things a little more physical.

“Um…no…” you responded, clearly lying.

“Well…let’s see about that.”

Jack reached for your sides and started tickling you. You immediately moved away and tried to run, but Jack wrapped his arms around your waist.

He picked you up a little and turned to the side a bit so you wouldn’t run for the door again. You turned your head and saw Vic looking right at the two of you from the couch. He glared at Jack’s hands wrapped around you, his fingers gently digging into your ribs, making you burst into laughter.

You somehow managed to pry Jack’s hands off of you and ran towards the living room. You looked back at Jack who was chasing after you.

Since you weren’t focusing on where you were going, you crashed into another body. You stumbled back a little but Jack caught you and helped you regain your balance. Your eyes looked up to the figure standing in front of you. It was an angry Vic.

“Vic…babe…uh, we were just-”

“Bedroom. Now.”

Vic grabbed your arm and pulled you away from Jack’s embrace. You looked back at Jack before you were led out of the living room. He shrugged and gave you an “oops…sorry” look.

Vic took you up the stairs and into the bedroom. He was practically dragging you. You almost tripped over your own feet multiple times because of how fast he was going.

He pushed you on the bed and locked the door. You sat up and saw Vic taking his shirt off.

“First you think you can tease me all day to get what you want and then you think you can just flirt with another guy and get away with it?”

Vic unbuckled his belt and lowered his jeans so he was only in his boxers. The sight made you bite your lip.

“I think it’s about time you get some punishment.”

Vic walked towards you and roughly pulled off your shirt. He then reached down and unbuttoned your jeans.

“Stand up.” You got up to your feet and Vic unzipped your zipper.

“Lose the pants” he ordered.

You immediately obeyed. You kicked your jeans to the side before you were pushed back onto the bed again.

Vic got on the bed and hovered over your body. His lips attacked your neck, definitely leaving bruises. You knew exactly what he was doing. He was marking you so everyone would know you were his.

You arched your back and he reached for your bra to unhook it. He slid it off and threw it off the bed. His lips moved from your neck to your collarbone to your chest. The feeling of his lips on you made your skin tingle.

“Fuck, Vic ” you moaned out.

Vic looked up at you with a fire in his eyes. His lips left your skin making you whimper from the loss of touch.

Vic sat up and grabbed your hips. Without warning, he flipped you over so you were laying facedown on your stomach. You felt his fingers hook into the fabric of your panties and pull down.

He smirked at the sight for a moment and before surprising you with a hard slap.

You let out a small yelp from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Vic gave you one more spanking before he once again, without warning, picked you up and positioned you so you were on top of him. He lowered his boxers so his length was exposed.

“Ride” he demanded.

You obeyed and adjusted your body. You moved yourself down and let out a loud moan.

Vic’s hand gripped your hips and his nails dug into your skin, motivating you to move faster.

Moans and the sound of heavy breathing filled the room as you felt yourself coming closer to your climax.

“Fuck…oh god…” you moaned.

“Say my name.”

“Vic…” you moaned out breathlessly.

“Louder” Vic growled.


Vic threw his head back and moved your body up and down faster. Your nails raked down his chest and you whimpered a little as you tightened around him.

“Oh fuck…Vic…”

Suddenly Vic picked you up again and moved your body off of him. He stood up on his knees and grabbed a fist full of your hair.

He brought your head down to his length. You wrapped your lips around the tip slowly before he tightened his grip on your hair and pushed himself further into your mouth.

Vic moved your head back and forth quickly, making you gag a little.

“Ugh…fuck” he muttered under his breath before he shot into the back of your throat.

He roughly pulled your head away and smirked.


You did as he said and he loosened his grip on you.

“That’s a good girl” he said, letting go of your hair. “I think you’ve learned you lesson.”

Summary of the Bulletproof Love music video by Pierce The Veil

Fun fact: this is the second least favourite Pierce The Veil song of mine, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. I just hope my jokes are funny

  • This video came out on my cousin’s birthday tf
  • Nice cufflinks bruh
  • Dem car accessories though
  • Is- is she drying a fucking belt? Jeez no wonder he dumped her in the end, she’s a fucking moron. How and why would you even wash a belt? Assuming it’s made up of mostly leather, wouldn’t water damage it? Hell, even if the process of washing the belt didn’t damage it, then what if it rains? I get that this most likely takes place in San Diego or some shit where the weather is (allegedly) nice most of the time but like it has to rain some time right? That would just leave water spots and shit on the belt
  • Though, judging by the vintage car and a shit ton of frankly unnecessary accessories they both seem to wear, it is likely they could just buy a new one
  • What is the point of wearing seductive clothes while hanging up laundry?
  • I never saw the point in those massive earrings like they’re so dangly and get in the way of everything
  • He did not catch the kiss, he just waved wow rude
  • Enter Pierce The Veil
  • Can I just say how much I love Vic’s outfit in this? Like something about Vic being in a tie just does things to me
  • Vic’s outfit also reminds me of TTOYL
  • I mean I failed cooking class but that’s not how you cook
  • Was the stove even on?
  • What even was she making
  • Okay but Tony’s electric guitar isn’t even connected to a fucking amp so like you can’t even hear what he’s playing
  • I miss his stretched ears tbh
  • Also they clearly put the dish (of whatever the hell that was) on the table so why is it back on the stove during Tony’s kitchen scenes? Like we’ve established that it tastes horrible so why put it back on the stove? Why not throw it away? 
  • And if Tony’s music segments took place before the dish was done, then again, why is the stove not on? Why is no one monitoring it? Why would you not continue cooking it until it’s done? I refuse to believe that the dish was from before any form of cooking taking place because that is definitely not how you add in ingredients. Who just dumps everything into a pan and hopes for the best? Even I know this shit. Maybe THAT’S why it turned out so bad
  • Okay but Vic is fucking hot like damn son I want that for my birthday
  • I love how the guy doesn’t even try the whole thing like he just tried out the sauce, like what if the food actually tasted good but he just didn’t like the sauce? I’d be pissed too if my husband were like that
  • How not to be discreet
  • SOMEONE’S triggered
  • I feel the urge to yell out “REJECTED!!!!!!” 
  • My phone that was playing this music video fell scaring the shit out of me
  • You know, I just realised, where the fuck in the house are ptv even performing during the music segments? Like I thought it was the living room but we see it in the next scene and it looks nothing like where they’re playing
  • My second thought is a basement and that just sounds like something a very intense fangirl would do, just kidnap an entire band and force them to play in their basement for all eternity- Actually that doesn’t sound like such a bad plan. Anyone wanna join me? I’ll keep Vic and you can have the rest, deal?
  • That guy’s confusion is literally me in school
  • “Who still throws their jackets over their shoulders?” - me, someone who still throws their jackets over their shoulders
  • Wow she changed outfits quickly, what is she, a sim?
  • Why does he look so offended that she’s talking on the phone? Is she not allowed to talk on the phone? Is she not allowed to have friends? I mean, if it were because of phone bills then I relate and 100% agree with but like if they could own a vintage car and a pretty big house with a shit ton of accessories and incredibly extra outfits, then I assume you can afford a measly phone bill
  • I never saw the point in abstract art tbh like I never see anything in them that means anything
  • Was that phone even connected to anything? How can she talk to someone if the bloody phone isn’t even connected to anything
  • Okay yeah, I mean I’d be annoyed too if someone were to move my legs like that instead of politely saying “hey can you like, not?”
  • It apparently pisses her off so much that she hangs up, if this were a video I would add a triggered count at the side and keep adding to it each time she gets triggered
  • I’m still not over Vic’s bracelet that says “I love boobies” like I cannot take it seriously 
  • Lip-syncing
  • Teleportation
  • Cute dress
  • Sexy Mexican- wait I wasn’t supposed to say that
  • Jaime’s bass is not connected to anything ffs guys use a fucking amp
  • The infamous line with the infamous part of the music video, it gets sexier every time I watch him do it
  • Simultaneous headbang
  • Now that I think about it, I think I actually own the same flannel as Jaime
  • I wish Vic were the one to take off the tie… and shirt… and jeans… and boxe- I mean what
  • Also more teleportation
  • They’re trying too hard to make this look sexual, you know what they could’ve done instead? Made Vic strip or something, that would’ve had a better effect
  • Like they’re trying as hard as me trying to make jokes about wanting to see Vic naked for comedic effect, neither work
  • Shaving is not that fun, stop spreading the lies
  • I was gonna say, that is such a waste of shirt like just take it off normally, but then I realised this guy’s fucking loaded so he could probably afford way more shirts
  • I mean, it’s a good scene, but you know what’d be a better scene? Vic taking his shirt off instead of this guy
  • Also, again, assuming this is San Diego we’re talking about here, there is no reason for that guy to wear so many layers
  • Okay but how is she teleporting? Are there secret tunnels or some shit all around the damn house? What is this quantum physics bullshit? I need answers
  • This scene just makes Vic’s “I love boobies” bracelet all the more amusing for me
  • Did they seriously move the entire drum kit to the bedroom? Props to them for effort honestly, especially seeing as the bedroom is on the second floor
  • Fastest packer ever honestly, like ironically I’m supposed to be packing right now at the time of writing this but instead I’m watching a music video of a song I in all honesty, really dislike, writing comments on everything I don’t get about it, and trying to come up with jokes about envisioning the lead singer of the band that wrote said song naked
  • I want that suitcase tbh
  • *Vic grabbing his collar* Holy damn that is hot… now take it off
  • Again, the leather jacket was washed and left to dry, and by dry I mean die like I feel offended right now by the lack thereof care for leather clothing and accessories
  • Lol NOW she realises she dun fucked up
  • That is a sexy scream right there
  • I feel like I haven’t taken the time to appreciate Vic’s guitar so I’m just gonna take a moment to do so right now

  • Okay moment over, along with the music video and the 20 minutes I’ve spent on this that I will never get back