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Oh man the 'without gravity' thing reminded me of Science Love Song by ASAP Science on YouTube - Victor would probably sing it or dedicate it to Yuuri at some point ❤️

Victor ABSOLUTELY sings this in order to ask Yuuri to go to the Psi Omega Iota Formal with him, even though it’s pretty obvious that they’ll be going together

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For the fic meme #12, Robert and Aaron #13 Robert and Victoria

13. Have you ever wanted to hate someone?

Vic’s been crying. She cries a lot these days, ever since her and Adam brought Billy home from the hospital she’s been a mess. Keeps saying it’s hormones even though that doesn’t make any sense.

“You alright?” Aaron asks, but he’s already sliding past her to coo down at Billy in Adam’s arms.

Robert tries not to think too much about Aaron’s thing for babies, it still cuts a bit close, after everything.

Vic’s bottom lip is wavering and she definitely isn’t alright. Robert’s never been able to help the protective mode he goes into whenever Vic’s hurt. Doesn’t really want to. So he slides an arm around her shoulders, herds her towards the door quickly.

“We’re just going to get some air,” he tells the boys, but he’s far less interesting than the newest Barton and they barely look up.

It’s chilly out, still early, and Vic takes a heaving breath when the door closes behind them.

Robert gives her his coat, seeing as it’s his fault she didn’t have chance to grab hers. He keeps his arm around her as they walk, watches her fist her hands in his too-long sleeves.

There’s no one on earth he’s loved longer than Vic, he can see straight through the brave face she’s putting on.

They walk in silence for a bit, down past the pub, breath fogging in the air. At least the sun’s out, bouncing glitter off frosty grass. He feels lucky sometimes, that he gets to live here.

“You can talk to me, you know?”

Vic nods, arm coming around his waist, holding on. “Can we go and see mum?”

Robert’s not the biggest fan of the cemetery. He doesn’t suppose anyone really likes them but he tends to avoid it usually, unless it’s an occasion. Doesn’t need to see the headstone to remember his mum. He couldn’t forget her if he tried.

Vic crumples when they get there. Sits right now in the cold grass.

Robert huffs a bit but follows suit. Whatever she needs.

Vic reaches out, runs her fingers over Sarah’s name, over her own, swallows hard before she says, “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

That wasn’t exactly what he’d been expecting. “What? Mum?”

She sighs. “Both of them. Wouldn’t it be easier? I miss them so much Rob and I have no idea what I’m doing. I keep looking at Billy and not knowing what he needs or what I’m supposed to do. I need my mum. It’s not fair.”

Robert cannot watch her cry, he can’t do it. He reels her in until she’s half in his lap, tucks her head under his chin.

“Hey, shh. You’re doing great, Vic. She’d be so proud of you, I know it. We all are.”

It takes her a while to compose herself, face blotchy. She rubs at her eyes, laughs at herself. “This is supposed to be the best thing that’s ever happened to, look at me, I’m a mess.”

Robert hugs her tighter, doesn’t let her pull away when she moves to. “We all are. Could be worse, we could be Andy.”

It pulls a laugh from her and makes her punch him in the shoulder, so it does the trick.

“I just wish she was here.”

Robert nods. Because he gets that. He feels that every time Aaron goes over to the pub for his tea, or worse, when Chas pats Robert on the head, makes him a cup of tea and treats him like he’s hers. It’s funny how things can be exactly what you need and still hurt like a knife wound.

“We should probably get back,” Vic says. “I don’t even want to know what those two have dressed him in by now.”

Robert laughs. That’s a fair point. Aaron can barely dress himself and Adam’s not much better.

He curls a hand around the top of the headstone when he gets up, feels it grind rough and solid against his palm, gives her a pat goodbye.

Better go and rescue his nephew.

a different language
robert/aaron, vic, andy, chas, diane, andy

GENRE:    fluff, deaf!character
WORDS:    6,975
SUMMARY:  “He can’t hear you,” Vic says, touching Aaron’s arm. 
Aaron frowns. “What?”
“Robert,” she says, gesturing at the blond standing by
the bar. "He’s deaf, and he doesn’t wear his hearing aid.”

for the anon who wanted “he can’t hear you” instead of “can you hear me”,

Aaron rubs at his forehead with his thumb. “You can help out here if you like.”

Robert blinks, frowning. “Are you being serious?”

“I’d have to talk to Adam,” Aaron says. Adam’s likely to kick off about it, but Aaron doesn’t particularly care. Work is picking up, and if they don’t hire someone soon, they’re going to have to start turning work away. Aaron’s not inclined to do that, not if they actually want this to work.

“I’m deaf,” Robert says, looking at Aaron like he’s grown a second head.

“You saying you can’t do the job?” Aaron says. He doesn’t know why he’s framing it as a challenge, only that something about Robert makes him say it.

Robert looks amused, but he sobers quickly. “I’m serious.”

“Look,” Aaron says, frustrated. “I’m just offering, if you don’t want to take it-” he cuts off at the look on Robert’s face, intense concentration, and Aaron realises he’s talking too quickly. He sighs, rubs at his forehead again, but talks slower. “Sorry. I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t think we could work something out. I haven’t forgotten you’re deaf.”

“Okay,” Robert says. He looks awkward, eyes flicking from the Portacabin then back to Aaron. “Speak to Vic.”

Aaron nods, because if there’s one person who’ll be able to help here, it’s Vic. “Alright.”

Robert hesitates, then signs <thank you>.

“You’re welcome.” Aaron says.

a different language


This is probably the most half-assed comic I’ve ever done like the only thing that I really did was move Vic out the frame via the my ability to move things in a different layer and copy & paste like the thing that took the longest was the bloody table ffs

[Don’t steal and/or repost etc thank]

me: “why is everyone so obsessed with Vic Fuentes’ arms? I mean-” *trips* *hundreds of pictures of Vic Fuentes’ arms fall out of my jacket* “oh my god I don’t know where the-” *falls* *thousands of pictures of Vic Fuentes’ arms fall out* “fuck im just holding these for a friend juSt LISTEN-”


Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,661


Some guy had been following you for a few blocks now and you were starting to get a little creeped out. In front of you stood four guys laughing and joking with each other then you got an idea to throw the creep off you. Three of the guys headed into a restaurant the while one wearing a black beanie scrolled through his mobile. You approach him and tap him cautiously on the shoulder; he turns to face you with a confused look on your face.

‘Can I help you?’

You nod your head quickly.

‘Play along.’

You attach your lips to his and feel his body stiffen then relax after a couple of seconds. You pull back and he smiles.

‘Now I don’t mind a pretty girl coming up and kissing me on the street but I’d like to know why.’

You motion over your shoulder to where the creepy guy leans against a nearby lamppost.

‘That guy has been following me for a few blocks. He keeps wolf whistling and saying inappropriate things and it’s scaring me. I tried to tell him I was meeting my boyfriend but he didn’t believe me, then I saw you and your friends and thought maybe you could fake be my boyfriend until he leaves me alone.’

The guy follows your motion and his lips turn into a scowl before he looks back at you and takes your hand in his and squeezes it. You feel safe around this guy despite not even knowing his name.

‘I’ll be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had…err…

‘y/n, my name is y/n.’

He smirks before kissing you again taking you by surprise, though it was a nice surprise.

‘I’m Vic. Now how about you join me and my band mates for a bite to eat?’

You shake your head and bite the inside of your mouth.

‘I couldn’t intrude Vic.’

He scoffs and waves you off before wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

‘Please what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take my girl out? Come on they don’t bite.’

Before you can protest Vic opens the restaurant door and the two of you enter. The place is relatively empty and you feel three sets of eyes on you from a nearby booth and you tense up.

‘Relax y/n.’

‘Who’s the lovely lady we saw you lock lips with outside Vic?’

You don’t know any of their names so you have no clue who asked the question. Vic slides into the booth and I you follow him.

‘This is y/n. Now y/n the idiot opposite us with the funny hair is Jaime, sitting next to him is Tony but we all call him turtle and this is Mike my brother.’

All the guys mutter a hello before they turn their attention to Vic. You drown out their twenty questions and scan the restaurant and nearly curse seeing the creepy guy sitting at the bar ordering a drink. He really couldn’t take no for an answer.

‘Err Vic I think we have a problem. Look who’s sitting at the bar.’

You tug on Vic’s sleeve and point at the bar, something flashes behind Vic’s eyes and both you and Mike have to stop him from getting up.

‘Woah chill Vic. Who’s the guy?’

Vic clenched his fist on the table before facing his brother.

‘That’s the creep who’s been stalking y/n.’

‘He really is dedicated. Normally they’d give up by now and find someone else. Do you know him y/n?’

You shake your head at Jaime’s question.

‘No, I haven’t really been here long enough to know anyone. I’m visiting an old friend who moved out here after college.’

‘Wait a second y/n. You told him you were meeting your boyfriend right?’

You nod at Tony confused at where he was going.

‘Yeah why?’

Tony shrugs his shoulders.

‘You and Vic aren’t exactly coming across as boyfriend and girlfriend material. Anyone from a mile off could see that there’s something fake going on between you. Maybe if you made your ‘fake’ relationship look more real the guy would take a hint.’

You and Vic look at each other when Jaime snaps his fingers together.

‘Vic put your arm back around her shoulder and y/n get closer to Vic…’

‘Maybe rest your head on his shoulder…’

‘Are you guys enjoying this?’

Mike, Jaime and Tony all nod their heads in sync grinning like mad men at Vic’s question.

‘I’ve always wanted to tell my big brother how to act around girls, plus this just made our night ten times more fun.’

Mike reached over and pinched Vic’s cheek which got him a playful slap back. The two of you do as they say and in the corner of your eye you notice the creep looking uncomfortable. Was this plan really working?

‘Whisper things in her ear Vic and y/n smile and laugh as if he’s said something funny, which is rare may I just add.’

Vic shot Tony the middle finger who raised his hands in mock surrender.


The guys continued giving y/n and I advice on how to actually look like a couple and I found myself becoming more and more relaxed around this girl I hardly knew. I didn’t want to imagine what would have happened to her if she hadn’t seen us, what would that creep have done to her? Just the mere thought of anyone laying a finger on her made my blood boil.

‘Err hello earth to Vic…your staring went from lovely to darn right creepy.’

y/n snapped her fingers in front of my face and I shook my head not realising that I’d zoned out. y/n high-fived Mike across the table and I felt my cheeks redden, how long had I been staring at her?

We ordered food and drinks and as the night went on if anyone saw y/n and I then they’d assume we were a couple. She laughed at my dumb jokes and we learnt a lot about each other. It was also nice to see the guys warming up to her, after my last girlfriend they weren’t happy to see me around girls in case they used me again. But they all seemed pretty taken with y/n.

‘Guys I think he finally took the hint.’

Both y/n and I glance over at the bar and notice the creepy guy leaving; a wave of relief washes over y/n’s face as the rest of the guys high-five each other. I should have been happy but I knew this would be the end of us, yes y/n wanted a fake boyfriend and now the creep was gone why would she need me around. I really wanted to see her again after tonight but once she walked out of that door she’d be out of my life.

‘Shoot it’s my friend I really should take this, I messaged her earlier and she didn’t respond and now she’s freaking out.’

y/n removes herself from my arm and heads outside to answer her phone.

‘I never thought I’d say this so soon Vic but y/n is alright. She seems genuine and I don’t think any of us have seen you this happy since the breakup.’

Mike slaps me on the back and Tony and Jaime nod in agreement.

‘Plus we like her which must be a good sign.’

‘What are you going to do now Vic? I mean the creep has gone so there’s no need to continue your ‘fake’ relationship anymore. Unless you like her.’

Why did Tony have to be the voice of reason? I’d known y/n less than three hours but I knew there was a connection between us and from her blushing and little gestures I knew y/n saw and felt the connection to.

‘What do I do guys?’

‘Go out there and kiss her, then tell her that you like her and ask her out on a real date.’

Jaime was right; I couldn’t just let y/n walk out of my life for good. I decided to take his advice and slid out of the booth. Behind me I heard Mike speak to Jaime.

‘You spurt out that romantic crap and yet you can’t get yourself a chic.’

I grinned as I made my way towards the door. When I pushed it open y/n was just finishing her phone call.

‘Oh hi Vic, I was just going to come back in and say thank you for everything. My best friend wants me back because she’s freaking out. It was nice meeting you and the rest of the guys; I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. Thank you for being the best fake boyfriend Vic…’

I cut her off midsentence by crashing my lips against hers, she jolted slightly before relaxing into the kiss. I now knew the feelings were mutual.

‘What was that for Vic?’

I shuffled on the spot before locking eyes with her.

‘I don’t want to just be your fake boyfriend y/n. I’m not going to ask you to be my real girlfriend right now, but I’d like to take you on a real date because I like you and think there’s a connection between us.’

y/n blushed madly before smiling.

‘I’m so glad you just said that Vic. I didn’t want to say anything in case I misread the signs. I’d love to go on a real date with you, but now I have to get home.’

‘Let me walk you back, the guys can pick me up from your friends address. I don’t want you walking alone especially if that creep is lurking somewhere.’

y/n wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pecked me on the lips before pulling back.

‘Thank you Vic. I’m so glad I forced myself on you and made you be my fake boyfriend.’

I couldn’t help but laugh; this would be a story to tell the children one day. 

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April! Your blog makes me smile so much. I love all your theories and headcanons and soft tummy talk. :) I hope you have an amazing week. You deserve it.

Oh my goodness! You don’t even understand how much I needed this lovely message anon! Thank you so so so much! Come talk to me about theories or Soft Robert Sugden™. Especially The Tummy™ anytime! Wrapping you in the biggest hug and smothering you in loads of love!

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It was called the Hating Tree.

The tree was old, twisted, grey thing in the middle of the forest. Its leaves had left it for good many years ago, so the branches laid bare, reaching skywards like jagged hands. The damn thing, honestly, probably wasn’t even alive anymore. The bark of the tree fell off in pieces, and where it hadn’t already come off, there was carvings. Countless carvings, letters all over the trunk. H.R, K.P, N.M.M, D.R, the list goes on. There didn’t seem barely a place for any more carvings.

The tree was terrifying against the midday sun, the shadow it cast was long and dark. I was only seven years old at the time, but I already knew this tree was a terrible thing.

Derek told me the thing was called the hating tree as we sat on a nearby stump. The tree was about a mile into the forest that surrounded our suburban neighborhood, in a clearing. There were four of us that summer day by the tree. There was myself, our friend Derek with messy sand blond hair and a missing tooth, Victor with his stark black hair and sharp eyes, and Harry, bald and portly. Harry clutched to his chest a power rangers action figure, his favorite toy that he owned. Harry and Victor stood by the tree and muttered about something between each other, occasionally Harry would get animated and Derek and I could hear Harry’s protests to Victor’s idea. Derek leaned back and drank his warm soda.

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Welcome Home (Vic Fuentes ONESHOT)

Hey lovelies! Here is a smutty Vic oneshot for you all. Finally had some inspiration to write this one. I hope you like it - enjoy xx

Anon requested: hey i love your blog so much! i was wondering if you could do one with vic and you two live together and he’s touring and you’re at the apartment you share together and it’s the day that he’s supposed to come home so you get up kinda early to work out and then take a shower and he comes home early while you’re in the shower and he comes in the shower with you and yeah smutty or whatever you want! sorry this is kinda long! but i love your blog! (:

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Vic Fuentes- I'm such an animal (request)

(I’m really sorry if this sucks)

(Summary: You tease Vic and he punishes you… I don’t know how else to explain it)

Music filled the house. It was joined by conversation and laughter from all your friends that were in bands. You and your boyfriend, Vic, were throwing a party. Well…he was throwing a party. You kinda wanted it to be over. Not because you weren’t having fun. It wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy the company of the other band members that were there. You did. They were your friends. It was just that you wanted some alone time with Vic. All day you had been teasing him and trying to get him to give in but he wouldn’t budge.

You saw Vic sitting on the couch in the living room. You walked over to him and sat on his lap. You wrapped one arm around his neck and kissed his cheek.

“You having fun, babe?” Vic asked.

“Yeah…” You leaned in closer to his ear so only he could hear your next words. “…but I’d be having a lot more fun if we were somewhere private” you said in a seductive tone.

You placed your hand on his inner thigh and started rubbing up and down. Vic pushed your hand away and looked you in the eyes. His voice was stern.

“Babe…not now. I just wanna hang out with our friends. Maybe later.”

You ignored him and started to kiss his neck in just the right spot. Vic’s breath hitched and his eyes closed. You could tell that he was enjoying it for a moment.

Vic’s eyes shot open and he snapped out of it.

“(Y/N)…” he warned. “Not. Now.”

You rolled your eyes and let out a small sigh.

“Fine… I’ll stop.”

You got up and walked over to the kitchen. Your friend, Jack from All Time Low was at the counter pouring himself another drink. You walked towards him and greeted him.

“Hey there, handsome” you said quite loudly, knowing that your voice would echo into the living room where Vic could hear.

“Hey, (Y/N). Nice party.”

“Yeah…well…it’s kinda more of Vic’s party…I just wanted to stay in tonight…”

“What? You don’t like us or something?” Jack teased.

“No, I do. It’s great having everyone together like this, but…I don’t know…I kinda wanted to spend some time with Vic…you know…alone…”

“Oh” Jack raised his eyebrows and smirked. “Alone, huh?”

“Yeah, but right now he just wants to hang out with you guys I guess…”

You looked over through the doorway leading out of the kitchen and into the living room. Vic was in perfect view. He could see everything you were doing. You smirked as an idea came into your mind. You knew just how to make him jealous.

You poked Jack’s side, making him flinch a little.

“You ticklish?” You knew if you asked him that, he would ask you the same question.

“No. Are you?” Jack asked with his cute, dorky smile.

All the pieces were falling right into place. Now you just had to get Jack to make things a little more physical.

“Um…no…” you responded, clearly lying.

“Well…let’s see about that.”

Jack reached for your sides and started tickling you. You immediately moved away and tried to run, but Jack wrapped his arms around your waist.

He picked you up a little and turned to the side a bit so you wouldn’t run for the door again. You turned your head and saw Vic looking right at the two of you from the couch. He glared at Jack’s hands wrapped around you, his fingers gently digging into your ribs, making you burst into laughter.

You somehow managed to pry Jack’s hands off of you and ran towards the living room. You looked back at Jack who was chasing after you.

Since you weren’t focusing on where you were going, you crashed into another body. You stumbled back a little but Jack caught you and helped you regain your balance. Your eyes looked up to the figure standing in front of you. It was an angry Vic.

“Vic…babe…uh, we were just-”

“Bedroom. Now.”

Vic grabbed your arm and pulled you away from Jack’s embrace. You looked back at Jack before you were led out of the living room. He shrugged and gave you an “oops…sorry” look.

Vic took you up the stairs and into the bedroom. He was practically dragging you. You almost tripped over your own feet multiple times because of how fast he was going.

He pushed you on the bed and locked the door. You sat up and saw Vic taking his shirt off.

“First you think you can tease me all day to get what you want and then you think you can just flirt with another guy and get away with it?”

Vic unbuckled his belt and lowered his jeans so he was only in his boxers. The sight made you bite your lip.

“I think it’s about time you get some punishment.”

Vic walked towards you and roughly pulled off your shirt. He then reached down and unbuttoned your jeans.

“Stand up.” You got up to your feet and Vic unzipped your zipper.

“Lose the pants” he ordered.

You immediately obeyed. You kicked your jeans to the side before you were pushed back onto the bed again.

Vic got on the bed and hovered over your body. His lips attacked your neck, definitely leaving bruises. You knew exactly what he was doing. He was marking you so everyone would know you were his.

You arched your back and he reached for your bra to unhook it. He slid it off and threw it off the bed. His lips moved from your neck to your collarbone to your chest. The feeling of his lips on you made your skin tingle.

“Fuck, Vic ” you moaned out.

Vic looked up at you with a fire in his eyes. His lips left your skin making you whimper from the loss of touch.

Vic sat up and grabbed your hips. Without warning, he flipped you over so you were laying facedown on your stomach. You felt his fingers hook into the fabric of your panties and pull down.

He smirked at the sight for a moment and before surprising you with a hard slap.

You let out a small yelp from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Vic gave you one more spanking before he once again, without warning, picked you up and positioned you so you were on top of him. He lowered his boxers so his length was exposed.

“Ride” he demanded.

You obeyed and adjusted your body. You moved yourself down and let out a loud moan.

Vic’s hand gripped your hips and his nails dug into your skin, motivating you to move faster.

Moans and the sound of heavy breathing filled the room as you felt yourself coming closer to your climax.

“Fuck…oh god…” you moaned.

“Say my name.”

“Vic…” you moaned out breathlessly.

“Louder” Vic growled.


Vic threw his head back and moved your body up and down faster. Your nails raked down his chest and you whimpered a little as you tightened around him.

“Oh fuck…Vic…”

Suddenly Vic picked you up again and moved your body off of him. He stood up on his knees and grabbed a fist full of your hair.

He brought your head down to his length. You wrapped your lips around the tip slowly before he tightened his grip on your hair and pushed himself further into your mouth.

Vic moved your head back and forth quickly, making you gag a little.

“Ugh…fuck” he muttered under his breath before he shot into the back of your throat.

He roughly pulled your head away and smirked.


You did as he said and he loosened his grip on you.

“That’s a good girl” he said, letting go of your hair. “I think you’ve learned you lesson.”

Imagine (Jaime Preciado & Fuentes Brothers) (PTV) (Requested)

bands4lifez  :  haiz!! um… I was wondering if I could do a request..? um I feel weird doing it o.O but uh XD I was wondering if you could wright one where your Mike and vics little sister and you and jaime have been dating for a while, but Mike and vic didn’t know, and things got kinda uh… steamy..? ;) and vic and mike somehow like caught you and they get like super uber protective..? sorry if it’s too specific. your imagines are uber awesome btw
A/N: thank you love . sorry for being a shitty writer and not updating for centuries. 10k reads had me screaming like a maniac. I love you guys. Please keep on reading, voting and commenting on my stories. And of course, requests are always welcome.

“Baby sister”  Vic cheers, opening his arms to hug me. I drop my bags on the airport floor and run to him, jumping in his arms.
“Vic bear”   I say and Mike chuckles.
“We’ve missed you SO MUCH” Vic says. Mike picks up my bags as Vic places me down. I wave towards Alysha  and Danielle who both give me a genuine smile.
“OH MY GOD, you look so different”
“Vic, I’ve been away for 6 months, you act like you haven’t seen me in ages”
“I swear, he never shuts up. He is always bragging about his smart baby sister and how she went in New York to study with a scholarship. He is so proud of you”  Danielle says, kissing me on the cheeks.
“Mike too. Sometimes I get jealous”  Alysha says hugging me
“Enough. We are going for lunch.”  Mike says, shooting Alysha a warning glare. She sticks her tongue out and we all exit the airport.
“Where is my turtle?”  I ask Vic.
“We are meeting him, Erin and Jaime in the restaurant” Mike says and I smirk, thinking about Jaime.
“Oh, isn’t Jaime bringing his girlfriend?”  I ask innocently, pretending I don’t know who his girlfriend is.
“He hasn’t found one yet. And it is strange cause girls are hitting on him constantly” Mike says, making my blood boil. GIRLS DO WHAT?
“Oh, poor Hime”  Alysha pouts. I fake a smile and enter Vic’s Land Rover.
I sit by the window, staring blankly outside of it. Alysha sits next to me and begins chatting with Danielle. Mike looks at me questionably, probably cause I am being too quiet and that’s clearly not my type.
“Are you ok (Y/N)?” He asks me
“Yeah, just tired from the flight” I lie. Mike pouts and I smile softly, averting my eyes back outside the window. Jaime has a lot of explaining to do once we are alone.
Once we are in the restaurant, Tony waves at us.
“Turtle!” I cheer, walking towards their table. I get some strange looks from people in the restaurant, but fuck off, I haven’t seen my people in ages.
“My little pony!” Tony says, hugging me tightly.
“I’ve missed you my sweet big turtle” I say,taking a deep breath and breathing in his familiar scent.
“I’ve missed you too.What did you bring me from NYC?” He asks me.
“Tonyyy..” Erin whines, smacking his arm.
“It’s fine E. I brought you myself.” I say.He fake groans and I giggle. I sit on the table, between Alysha and Erin, facing Jaime, who sits across of me. He gives me a sweet smile and I simply stare at him, making him pout.
 "Apart from joking, I brought everyone gifts. They are in my luggage and you can gt them tomorrow" I say, Making everyone burst into a chorus of ‘You didn’t have to’.
My phone beeps with my message sound and I pick it out of my bag. It’s a message from Jaime
:you ok?  
I sigh and type my answer.
:I don’t know!
“Oh, texting the boyfriend (Y/N)?” Alysha asks, making me blush. Vic chokes on his drink.
“Well, it is complicated” I say
“Do I know him? Is he a good Guy? Have you slept with him?”   Vic bombards me with questions
“Vic, shsh. She will tell you when she is ready!” Danielle defends me. I thank her and then my phone beeps again.
:I’ve missed you! :c
“Can you at least text each other later?”   Mike asks me, annoyed.
“Sorry bros. ”   I say, smiling at my screen. I shoot a smile to Jaime and mouth an “I’ve missed you too. ”, making him smile.
“So, where are you staying? Going to your guys’ parents? ” Erin asks.
Before I could answer, I feel a foot rubbing my leg:  Jaime plays footsy with me in front of my brothers?
“No, I will stay with Vic until my apartment is ready. Sorry Dan.. ”  I say.
“No problem (Y/N). ” She says, kissing my cheek.
“And when is it going to be ready? ” Jaime asks me.
“Approximately in a week or 2.” I say, like nothing is going on under  the table. “Good. I mean you need your personal space. Maybe your boyfriend could visit you. ” He says and winks.
“Vic, I am going to bed. I am tired. ”I say to my brother, whose lap I was resting my head, while he was stroking my hair; me and Vic always had cute brother-sister moments. Not that I didn’t have them with Mike; boy those two have spoiled me rotten.
“OK (Y/N). Sleep tight. ”He says as I get up. I give him a good night kiss and climb up the stairs.
I get in the guest room and walk to my bed. I get under the fluffy comforter, trying to get comfy. I grab my phone and text Jaime.
To: bf
I am going to bed. Goodnight
He immediately texts back
From: bf
Night princess. I miss you. I wish you were here to cuddle with me.
I pout at his text, thinking how great it would be to cuddle my Hime-time.
I know Hime.I wish I was there too. But I think we can last 1 more week being away from each other. We made it for 9 months… Please, don’t be sad :c
Yes, but I visited you 3 months ago… So technically we were away for 6 months..I chuckle;Jaime  really can’t talk. Sometimes is really hard to understand him, but this makes me love him even more..
I swear Preciado,It took me long enough to apprehend your text…
From: yeah, whatever…I still want to see you though… :c
well, tomorrow morning Vic is going out shopping with Danielle. Maybe you can come over.. ; )
I want you tonight though..
Hold back big boy.Just wait till morning and then I am all yours.Just imagine all the things we are going to do that we haven’t done for 3 months. Just think of my lips being attached to your neck again… ; )
(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) Fuentes, you get yourself into a REALLY bad situation.I giggle at his text.
Goodnight Jaime  :*
Goodnight princess <3I can feel my eyelids becoming heavier, but I can’t help but smile at my sweet boyfriend.
“(Y/N), wake up”  Vic shakes me softly. I groan and bury my face in the pillow.
“Vicccccc….” I whine
“I am leaving. I will be back for lunch, and you should go see mamá  and papá.”  He says.
“What time is it?” I ask, sitting up.
“Almost 10”  He says
“Have fun. And give Dan a kiss from me”  I greet my sweet big brother.
“I will.” He says, exiting the room. I grab my phone and text Jaime.
Morning babe :* Vic is out  ; )
While I wait for Jaime to reply , I get up and head to the bathroom to have a shower, I take my phone with me, to listen to a few songs while I shower. My message notification sound dings and I instantly unlock my phone.
ok babe. I’ll be there in 30 :* I smile and undress myself.
I hop in the cabin and take a quick shower, using my favorite berry gel. I exit the cabin and wrap a towel around me.
I quickly apply some light make-up and brush my hair. I slip into a sexy pair of lingerie; the black lacy bra compliments my breasts and the matching panties stop exactly on the right place to accent my ass. I smile at my reflection and slip in a short black silky romp. I tidy up the room and try to create some atmosphere.

As I spritz some perfume, I hear the doorbell. I run down the stairs and check who is behind the door, using the little whole on it; Jaime. I open the door and a smiley Jaime appears.
“Morning baby”. I greet him. He looks at me stunned, his mouth agape.
“Wow. I have forgot how sexy you loo in this.”  He says, closing the door behind him. I laugh and he grabs me by my waist. He kisses my nose and I bite my lip.
“I’ve missed you” He says. I stand on my tippy-toes and kiss his lips softly.
“I’ve missed you too” I breathe against his lips. He brings my body closer to his and looks into my eyes, making my breath hitch.
“Wanna go upstairs?”  He asks me, his hands tracing my sides.
“I see that we waste no time, Mr Preciado..” I moak him. He picks me up and places me around his waist. His lips instantly attack my neck with kisses and light sucks. He climbs up the stairs and goes straight to my bedroom. He kicks the door closed and places me on my bed.
“Let’s see what’s underneath that romp.” He says as he unties the belt.
“Just like a strip club bedroom scene” He sings. He looks at my belt and then back at me.. and then back at my belt. A smirk plays on his lips as he threateningly approaches me.
“I want to tie you up!”  He says, leaning above me. He grabs my wrists and ies them on the headboard.
“So dominant” I say and bite my lip.
“So beautiful. Like a dirty work of art” He says and strokes my thighs.
“As much as I love those panties on you,I need them to be off your body”  Jaime says, hooking his fingers in my panties. He removes them, leaving my area vulnerable to his touch.

A finger traces my slit, adding extra wetness to the already existing.
“Someone has missed me.” Jaime sings
“Haven’t you missed me at all?” I ask him, already breathing hard.
“You can’t imagine.”
“Please show me!” I moan as his fingers graze my clit. He begins kissing up and down my leg: from my tattooed ankle to my upper inner thigh. He spreads my knees a bit more and places them over his shoulders. His face is inches away from my core, making me anticipate for the touch I crave.

Finally, the impact between his mouth and my core is made, making me see stars. His tongue works in circles on my clit, forcing my head to spin from the pleasure.
“Oh Jaime…”  I moan out, pulling on my *restrainer*. One of his fingers makes its way inside me, going in and out with a slow pace.
“What is it Ms Fuentes?” He asks me and goes back on slurping my clit.
“It feels so good. Please untie me. I want to touch you”
“Not going to happen tonight princess"He says as he teases my clit with the tip of his tongue. He inserts a 2nd finger in me, pumbing them faster and deeper.

He keeps on changing the angle, trying to find my g-spot. His tongue barely touches my bundle of nerves, making me groan. I whimper once he hits my spot, making him smirk against my core. He zig-zags his tongue against me as he curls his fingers on my spot.
"Fucking hell” I groan, feeling the knot in the pit of my stomach tighten. He continues on doing his magic work, putting more effort now.
“Jaime, I am going to cum.”  I say. He sucks on my clit hard and pulls it back a little. My legs start closing, but Jaime’s free hand keeps them open. My back arches as the knot snaps.

“What is going on in here?” Vic yells,making us both jump.
“Vic, you came earlier.” I say as Jaime covers us up.
“And he is not alone” Mike says with a strict voice.
“ Shit” I mumble under my breath.Jaime unties me up.
“Here” Danielle says,handing me an oversized t-shirt from my closet. I slip it on and get up.
“Vic, let me explain you” I say
“No (Y/N). I am the one to clear this shit up.”   Jaime says, grabbing me by my shoulders and placing my small frame back to my bed.
“Vic, let me …” He begins but Mike punches him straight in the eye.
“Mikee..” me and Alysha shout. I am about to jump up to defend Jaime, but Danielle holds me back.
“How dare you,you bastard? She is our baby sister. We have both asked you to stay away from her” Vic growls,kicking him on the crotch. Jaime writhes and falls on the floor.
“Vic”  I yell.
“You are using our baby sister and expect us to be fine? You fucker.” Mike says.
“I am not using her!”
“You are. You left 3 months ago and when I asked you where you went, you told me <<to visit a girl>>. Does (Y/N) know that?”
“He came to visit me!” I protest
“So this has been going on for long?” Mike asks me
“Over a year” I say
“Actually a year and 3 months”  Jaime says, wiping his nose from the blood.
“What?”  They all ask and I nod.
“And you’ve kept it a secret? Jaime you are like a brother to us. And (Y/N), you are our baby sister. And you’ve kept it a secret?” Vic says disappointed.


I’ve been crying my eyes out for hours, since Vic kicked Jaime out of the house. I screwed this up. Not only Jaime is hurt, but there is a great chance of my brothers kicking him out of the band too. Or even worse, the band to break up. I wipe my tears and decide that I should talk to Vic. I get up from my bed and tippy toe towards Vic’s bedroom.

I knock on the door and wait for an answer.
“Come in” Vic mumbles
“Vic can we talk?”  I ask from the door frame. He nods and I go sit on the spot next to him on the bed.
“Are you mad?” I ask. Vic sighs, scratches his head and opens his arms. I go to him and snuggle to his chest.
“I am. But I love both of you and I am going to get over it. And so is Mike”
“I didn’t want you to find out this way. I am sorry”
“You should have told us. Did we hit him really bad?”
“Yeah, but he is fine now… Almost..”
“It was so sudden. Seeing our sister with our best friend, in that position.”
“Anyway… Do you love him?”
“I do”
“Does he?”
“He does. I mean, he endured to keep our relationship a secret for over a year. He travelled to New York and back 2 times to see me. He got beat up. I think he loves me”
“At least our fans won’t have to find a ship name for you”
“What do you mean?”
“You two are the continuation of Fuenciado..” He says and I laugh.
“You have my blessing to see each other. And I am going to talk to Mike.Although I think that he is going to be fine”  Vic says and kisses my forehead.
“Thank you Vic”
“You are welcome (Y/N).”
“You know that I would continue seeing him, with or without your permission.Whether you like it or not”
“It’s because you are my little stubborn, rebellious princess.Me and Mike raised you well”  He says and kisses my forehead again.