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This is probably the most half-assed comic I’ve ever done like the only thing that I really did was move Vic out the frame via the my ability to move things in a different layer and copy & paste like the thing that took the longest was the bloody table ffs

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the fact that you can interpret it both as a legit kiss or just a hug (cuz really, they didn’t let us see the lips touching, there must be a reason why they put vic’s arm there)


it’s like they’re saying: “you can not be 100% sure that they kissed ;))))))) it also looks like it could be a hug ;))))))))))) wait for the next eps and find out ;)))))))))))))))))))))))”

me: “why is everyone so obsessed with Vic Fuentes’ arms? I mean-” *trips* *hundreds of pictures of Vic Fuentes’ arms fall out of my jacket* “oh my god I don’t know where the-” *falls* *thousands of pictures of Vic Fuentes’ arms fall out* “fuck im just holding these for a friend juSt LISTEN-”

Tedoire; A Date

Tedtoire on a date for hpshipweeks, hope I’m not late for the Tedtoire week! (By Bonny, fics4life and becauseimfanvergent )

”I like your hair turquoise” She said as she ruffled his hair.

“Stop that, Vic!” The boy whined, trying to flatten his hair out again. “Ginny spent hours on trying to make it look decent. It’s starting to look a bit like Harry’s, actually, except the color part.”

Victoire laughed at him. “Then tell Aunt Ginny that I like your hair as it is and that she should focus on trying to flatten Uncle Harry’s hair out, not yours.” Teddy shook his head and wrapped his arm around Vic’s slim body. “Let’s not talk about them right now.” He murmured, nuzzling her neck with his nose, making her grin with pleasure.

“I’m sorry about dad, by the way.” She sighed, as he started to kiss her neck lovingly. “You know him, he gets a bit overprotective of me.” Teddy’s head was thrown back as he laughed. A bit overprotective was an understatement.

When Teddy arrived at Shell Cottage to take Victoire out on a date that evening, her father had asked Teddy questions about his life, if he had a decent job and what he was planning for the future even though Bill knew Teddy very well.

“He’s just fulfilling his fatherly duties, as I should be fulfilling my duties as your boyfriend tonight.” He said smiling sheepishly.

“Oh? Is that so? Then what have you planned for tonight’s date, Mr. Lupin?” She answered confidently, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, you know, dinner, dancing… maybe a bit of snogging?” Vic hit him on the back of his head, laughing as he rubbed the spot where she just hit him and then kissed him, fiercely, so that he backed into the tree behind him. “Alright maybe more than a bit of snogging.” He managed to say in between the kisses.

Imagine (Jaime Preciado & Fuentes Brothers) (PTV) (Requested)

bands4lifez  :  haiz!! um… I was wondering if I could do a request..? um I feel weird doing it o.O but uh XD I was wondering if you could wright one where your Mike and vics little sister and you and jaime have been dating for a while, but Mike and vic didn’t know, and things got kinda uh… steamy..? ;) and vic and mike somehow like caught you and they get like super uber protective..? sorry if it’s too specific. your imagines are uber awesome btw
A/N: thank you love . sorry for being a shitty writer and not updating for centuries. 10k reads had me screaming like a maniac. I love you guys. Please keep on reading, voting and commenting on my stories. And of course, requests are always welcome.

“Baby sister”  Vic cheers, opening his arms to hug me. I drop my bags on the airport floor and run to him, jumping in his arms.
“Vic bear”   I say and Mike chuckles.
“We’ve missed you SO MUCH” Vic says. Mike picks up my bags as Vic places me down. I wave towards Alysha  and Danielle who both give me a genuine smile.
“OH MY GOD, you look so different”
“Vic, I’ve been away for 6 months, you act like you haven’t seen me in ages”
“I swear, he never shuts up. He is always bragging about his smart baby sister and how she went in New York to study with a scholarship. He is so proud of you”  Danielle says, kissing me on the cheeks.
“Mike too. Sometimes I get jealous”  Alysha says hugging me
“Enough. We are going for lunch.”  Mike says, shooting Alysha a warning glare. She sticks her tongue out and we all exit the airport.
“Where is my turtle?”  I ask Vic.
“We are meeting him, Erin and Jaime in the restaurant” Mike says and I smirk, thinking about Jaime.
“Oh, isn’t Jaime bringing his girlfriend?”  I ask innocently, pretending I don’t know who his girlfriend is.
“He hasn’t found one yet. And it is strange cause girls are hitting on him constantly” Mike says, making my blood boil. GIRLS DO WHAT?
“Oh, poor Hime”  Alysha pouts. I fake a smile and enter Vic’s Land Rover.
I sit by the window, staring blankly outside of it. Alysha sits next to me and begins chatting with Danielle. Mike looks at me questionably, probably cause I am being too quiet and that’s clearly not my type.
“Are you ok (Y/N)?” He asks me
“Yeah, just tired from the flight” I lie. Mike pouts and I smile softly, averting my eyes back outside the window. Jaime has a lot of explaining to do once we are alone.
Once we are in the restaurant, Tony waves at us.
“Turtle!” I cheer, walking towards their table. I get some strange looks from people in the restaurant, but fuck off, I haven’t seen my people in ages.
“My little pony!” Tony says, hugging me tightly.
“I’ve missed you my sweet big turtle” I say,taking a deep breath and breathing in his familiar scent.
“I’ve missed you too.What did you bring me from NYC?” He asks me.
“Tonyyy..” Erin whines, smacking his arm.
“It’s fine E. I brought you myself.” I say.He fake groans and I giggle. I sit on the table, between Alysha and Erin, facing Jaime, who sits across of me. He gives me a sweet smile and I simply stare at him, making him pout.
 "Apart from joking, I brought everyone gifts. They are in my luggage and you can gt them tomorrow" I say, Making everyone burst into a chorus of ‘You didn’t have to’.
My phone beeps with my message sound and I pick it out of my bag. It’s a message from Jaime
:you ok?  
I sigh and type my answer.
:I don’t know!
“Oh, texting the boyfriend (Y/N)?” Alysha asks, making me blush. Vic chokes on his drink.
“Well, it is complicated” I say
“Do I know him? Is he a good Guy? Have you slept with him?”   Vic bombards me with questions
“Vic, shsh. She will tell you when she is ready!” Danielle defends me. I thank her and then my phone beeps again.
:I’ve missed you! :c
“Can you at least text each other later?”   Mike asks me, annoyed.
“Sorry bros. ”   I say, smiling at my screen. I shoot a smile to Jaime and mouth an “I’ve missed you too. ”, making him smile.
“So, where are you staying? Going to your guys’ parents? ” Erin asks.
Before I could answer, I feel a foot rubbing my leg:  Jaime plays footsy with me in front of my brothers?
“No, I will stay with Vic until my apartment is ready. Sorry Dan.. ”  I say.
“No problem (Y/N). ” She says, kissing my cheek.
“And when is it going to be ready? ” Jaime asks me.
“Approximately in a week or 2.” I say, like nothing is going on under  the table. “Good. I mean you need your personal space. Maybe your boyfriend could visit you. ” He says and winks.
“Vic, I am going to bed. I am tired. ”I say to my brother, whose lap I was resting my head, while he was stroking my hair; me and Vic always had cute brother-sister moments. Not that I didn’t have them with Mike; boy those two have spoiled me rotten.
“OK (Y/N). Sleep tight. ”He says as I get up. I give him a good night kiss and climb up the stairs.
I get in the guest room and walk to my bed. I get under the fluffy comforter, trying to get comfy. I grab my phone and text Jaime.
To: bf
I am going to bed. Goodnight
He immediately texts back
From: bf
Night princess. I miss you. I wish you were here to cuddle with me.
I pout at his text, thinking how great it would be to cuddle my Hime-time.
I know Hime.I wish I was there too. But I think we can last 1 more week being away from each other. We made it for 9 months… Please, don’t be sad :c
Yes, but I visited you 3 months ago… So technically we were away for 6 months..I chuckle;Jaime  really can’t talk. Sometimes is really hard to understand him, but this makes me love him even more..
I swear Preciado,It took me long enough to apprehend your text…
From: yeah, whatever…I still want to see you though… :c
well, tomorrow morning Vic is going out shopping with Danielle. Maybe you can come over.. ; )
I want you tonight though..
Hold back big boy.Just wait till morning and then I am all yours.Just imagine all the things we are going to do that we haven’t done for 3 months. Just think of my lips being attached to your neck again… ; )
(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) Fuentes, you get yourself into a REALLY bad situation.I giggle at his text.
Goodnight Jaime  :*
Goodnight princess <3I can feel my eyelids becoming heavier, but I can’t help but smile at my sweet boyfriend.
“(Y/N), wake up”  Vic shakes me softly. I groan and bury my face in the pillow.
“Vicccccc….” I whine
“I am leaving. I will be back for lunch, and you should go see mamá  and papá.”  He says.
“What time is it?” I ask, sitting up.
“Almost 10”  He says
“Have fun. And give Dan a kiss from me”  I greet my sweet big brother.
“I will.” He says, exiting the room. I grab my phone and text Jaime.
Morning babe :* Vic is out  ; )
While I wait for Jaime to reply , I get up and head to the bathroom to have a shower, I take my phone with me, to listen to a few songs while I shower. My message notification sound dings and I instantly unlock my phone.
ok babe. I’ll be there in 30 :* I smile and undress myself.
I hop in the cabin and take a quick shower, using my favorite berry gel. I exit the cabin and wrap a towel around me.
I quickly apply some light make-up and brush my hair. I slip into a sexy pair of lingerie; the black lacy bra compliments my breasts and the matching panties stop exactly on the right place to accent my ass. I smile at my reflection and slip in a short black silky romp. I tidy up the room and try to create some atmosphere.

As I spritz some perfume, I hear the doorbell. I run down the stairs and check who is behind the door, using the little whole on it; Jaime. I open the door and a smiley Jaime appears.
“Morning baby”. I greet him. He looks at me stunned, his mouth agape.
“Wow. I have forgot how sexy you loo in this.”  He says, closing the door behind him. I laugh and he grabs me by my waist. He kisses my nose and I bite my lip.
“I’ve missed you” He says. I stand on my tippy-toes and kiss his lips softly.
“I’ve missed you too” I breathe against his lips. He brings my body closer to his and looks into my eyes, making my breath hitch.
“Wanna go upstairs?”  He asks me, his hands tracing my sides.
“I see that we waste no time, Mr Preciado..” I moak him. He picks me up and places me around his waist. His lips instantly attack my neck with kisses and light sucks. He climbs up the stairs and goes straight to my bedroom. He kicks the door closed and places me on my bed.
“Let’s see what’s underneath that romp.” He says as he unties the belt.
“Just like a strip club bedroom scene” He sings. He looks at my belt and then back at me.. and then back at my belt. A smirk plays on his lips as he threateningly approaches me.
“I want to tie you up!”  He says, leaning above me. He grabs my wrists and ies them on the headboard.
“So dominant” I say and bite my lip.
“So beautiful. Like a dirty work of art” He says and strokes my thighs.
“As much as I love those panties on you,I need them to be off your body”  Jaime says, hooking his fingers in my panties. He removes them, leaving my area vulnerable to his touch.

A finger traces my slit, adding extra wetness to the already existing.
“Someone has missed me.” Jaime sings
“Haven’t you missed me at all?” I ask him, already breathing hard.
“You can’t imagine.”
“Please show me!” I moan as his fingers graze my clit. He begins kissing up and down my leg: from my tattooed ankle to my upper inner thigh. He spreads my knees a bit more and places them over his shoulders. His face is inches away from my core, making me anticipate for the touch I crave.

Finally, the impact between his mouth and my core is made, making me see stars. His tongue works in circles on my clit, forcing my head to spin from the pleasure.
“Oh Jaime…”  I moan out, pulling on my *restrainer*. One of his fingers makes its way inside me, going in and out with a slow pace.
“What is it Ms Fuentes?” He asks me and goes back on slurping my clit.
“It feels so good. Please untie me. I want to touch you”
“Not going to happen tonight princess"He says as he teases my clit with the tip of his tongue. He inserts a 2nd finger in me, pumbing them faster and deeper.

He keeps on changing the angle, trying to find my g-spot. His tongue barely touches my bundle of nerves, making me groan. I whimper once he hits my spot, making him smirk against my core. He zig-zags his tongue against me as he curls his fingers on my spot.
"Fucking hell” I groan, feeling the knot in the pit of my stomach tighten. He continues on doing his magic work, putting more effort now.
“Jaime, I am going to cum.”  I say. He sucks on my clit hard and pulls it back a little. My legs start closing, but Jaime’s free hand keeps them open. My back arches as the knot snaps.

“What is going on in here?” Vic yells,making us both jump.
“Vic, you came earlier.” I say as Jaime covers us up.
“And he is not alone” Mike says with a strict voice.
“ Shit” I mumble under my breath.Jaime unties me up.
“Here” Danielle says,handing me an oversized t-shirt from my closet. I slip it on and get up.
“Vic, let me explain you” I say
“No (Y/N). I am the one to clear this shit up.”   Jaime says, grabbing me by my shoulders and placing my small frame back to my bed.
“Vic, let me …” He begins but Mike punches him straight in the eye.
“Mikee..” me and Alysha shout. I am about to jump up to defend Jaime, but Danielle holds me back.
“How dare you,you bastard? She is our baby sister. We have both asked you to stay away from her” Vic growls,kicking him on the crotch. Jaime writhes and falls on the floor.
“Vic”  I yell.
“You are using our baby sister and expect us to be fine? You fucker.” Mike says.
“I am not using her!”
“You are. You left 3 months ago and when I asked you where you went, you told me <<to visit a girl>>. Does (Y/N) know that?”
“He came to visit me!” I protest
“So this has been going on for long?” Mike asks me
“Over a year” I say
“Actually a year and 3 months”  Jaime says, wiping his nose from the blood.
“What?”  They all ask and I nod.
“And you’ve kept it a secret? Jaime you are like a brother to us. And (Y/N), you are our baby sister. And you’ve kept it a secret?” Vic says disappointed.


I’ve been crying my eyes out for hours, since Vic kicked Jaime out of the house. I screwed this up. Not only Jaime is hurt, but there is a great chance of my brothers kicking him out of the band too. Or even worse, the band to break up. I wipe my tears and decide that I should talk to Vic. I get up from my bed and tippy toe towards Vic’s bedroom.

I knock on the door and wait for an answer.
“Come in” Vic mumbles
“Vic can we talk?”  I ask from the door frame. He nods and I go sit on the spot next to him on the bed.
“Are you mad?” I ask. Vic sighs, scratches his head and opens his arms. I go to him and snuggle to his chest.
“I am. But I love both of you and I am going to get over it. And so is Mike”
“I didn’t want you to find out this way. I am sorry”
“You should have told us. Did we hit him really bad?”
“Yeah, but he is fine now… Almost..”
“It was so sudden. Seeing our sister with our best friend, in that position.”
“Anyway… Do you love him?”
“I do”
“Does he?”
“He does. I mean, he endured to keep our relationship a secret for over a year. He travelled to New York and back 2 times to see me. He got beat up. I think he loves me”
“At least our fans won’t have to find a ship name for you”
“What do you mean?”
“You two are the continuation of Fuenciado..” He says and I laugh.
“You have my blessing to see each other. And I am going to talk to Mike.Although I think that he is going to be fine”  Vic says and kisses my forehead.
“Thank you Vic”
“You are welcome (Y/N).”
“You know that I would continue seeing him, with or without your permission.Whether you like it or not”
“It’s because you are my little stubborn, rebellious princess.Me and Mike raised you well”  He says and kisses my forehead again.


so, what went wrong then?
there was evidence against him. the gun … the glass from the stolen vase.