vics arm


This is probably the most half-assed comic I’ve ever done like the only thing that I really did was move Vic out the frame via the my ability to move things in a different layer and copy & paste like the thing that took the longest was the bloody table ffs

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the fact that you can interpret it both as a legit kiss or just a hug (cuz really, they didn’t let us see the lips touching, there must be a reason why they put vic’s arm there)


it’s like they’re saying: “you can not be 100% sure that they kissed ;))))))) it also looks like it could be a hug ;))))))))))) wait for the next eps and find out ;)))))))))))))))))))))))”

me: “why is everyone so obsessed with Vic Fuentes’ arms? I mean-” *trips* *hundreds of pictures of Vic Fuentes’ arms fall out of my jacket* “oh my god I don’t know where the-” *falls* *thousands of pictures of Vic Fuentes’ arms fall out* “fuck im just holding these for a friend juSt LISTEN-”

Vic Fuentes-I’m sorry

**Trigger Warning**

 "Damn it (Y/N)“ Vic shouted at me. I looked up at him and cowered into a corner, and I started crying uncontrollably. I started feeling light headed and I looked up and Vic was holding my arm in his hands. I felt his tears dropping on my cuts. It burned, I looked at them, you probably couldn’t even count all of them, and they were just on one arm. Blood everywhere, all over me, Vic, the floor and the bathroom counter I looked down and I seen the pill bottle, and I seen that I had dropped some while trying to take them. Vic ripped his shirt and wrapped it around my arm. 

"Vic, I think. I think I’m slipping away, I love yo” I started to say, then I felt myself slip into an unconscious state. “(Y/N) NO” he screamed his voice full of pain he pulled me to his chest. “MIKE. MIKE” I heard Vic shout. Shouldn’t I be dead I asked myself. I felt so sad, I broke my promise. “What is it” Mike asked. “Holy shit” he added in. “Call 911” Vic shouted even though his brother was standing right next to him. “She  broke her promise” Vic said while rocking himself and I back and fourth. Vic grabbed my hand, and I faintly grabbed his hand back. “Hold on, damn it. Don’t you dare leave me” he said kissing my faintly cold lips. “The ambulance is here” Mike said softly and sadly.

 Damn it, I hurt him too. I hurt people when I am alive, I hurt people as I am dying. Gosh I am such a fuck up. “I’m going with her Mike” Vic said with pain in his voice. I felt him holding my hand the whole way to the hospital, I felt his tears on my hand. Nothing. That’s what I feel, what I hear, what I see. “Am I dead” I ask. “No baby, you’re not” Vic said. I didn’t realized I asked that out loud. “Why would you leave me, you promised me. "I’m so sorry. You weren’t here. And I saw you kissing someone else” I said full of tears. I opened my eyes, Mike and Vic were the only ones here. “They left to get some rest, and get us food. We were all worried about you” Mike said sadly. They both look like they haven’t slept in days. Vic was my boyfriend and Mike was my best friend. “I didn’t kiss her (Y/N) I promise. She kissed me, and I didn’t push her away, but I also did not kiss her back. I am sorry I wasn’t here for you. It was one day, and I would have been there for you.

 I am so glad I got there when I did, or you may not have made it. I am so sorry this will never happen again. I will always be here for you, please don’t ever try to leave me again I need you so much” Vic said sadly. “Yeah what he said. We will miss you if you go (Y/N) I promise you that. You mean so much to all of us” Mike said. Just then all the boys walked in and they shouted my name, and said they were glad I was alive, and honestly I was glad I was alive too. 

Tedoire; A Date

Tedtoire on a date for hpshipweeks, hope I’m not late for the Tedtoire week! (By Bonny, fics4life and becauseimfanvergent )

”I like your hair turquoise” She said as she ruffled his hair.

“Stop that, Vic!” The boy whined, trying to flatten his hair out again. “Ginny spent hours on trying to make it look decent. It’s starting to look a bit like Harry’s, actually, except the color part.”

Victoire laughed at him. “Then tell Aunt Ginny that I like your hair as it is and that she should focus on trying to flatten Uncle Harry’s hair out, not yours.” Teddy shook his head and wrapped his arm around Vic’s slim body. “Let’s not talk about them right now.” He murmured, nuzzling her neck with his nose, making her grin with pleasure.

“I’m sorry about dad, by the way.” She sighed, as he started to kiss her neck lovingly. “You know him, he gets a bit overprotective of me.” Teddy’s head was thrown back as he laughed. A bit overprotective was an understatement.

When Teddy arrived at Shell Cottage to take Victoire out on a date that evening, her father had asked Teddy questions about his life, if he had a decent job and what he was planning for the future even though Bill knew Teddy very well.

“He’s just fulfilling his fatherly duties, as I should be fulfilling my duties as your boyfriend tonight.” He said smiling sheepishly.

“Oh? Is that so? Then what have you planned for tonight’s date, Mr. Lupin?” She answered confidently, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, you know, dinner, dancing… maybe a bit of snogging?” Vic hit him on the back of his head, laughing as he rubbed the spot where she just hit him and then kissed him, fiercely, so that he backed into the tree behind him. “Alright maybe more than a bit of snogging.” He managed to say in between the kisses.