Castle for sale in Ireland

Tulira Castle, Co. Galway. 

  • Situated on 250 acres
  • Approached by a three-quarter mile avenue lined with 95 lime trees
  • Features a Medieval castle, courtyard buildings and a Victorian castle
  • The original Medieval castle burnt down, so today’s building dates from 1882
  • The central hall features marble specimens from across Ireland as well as a chimneypiece designed by the architect of the Palace of Westminster 
  • Some rooms feature original Victorian stained glass and wallpapers, and there are chimneypieces that were originally located in older castles
  • There are seven bedrooms on the first floor
  • The chapel is located on the second floor
  • The gardens include a walled garden, ornamental lakes,  a vegetable garden, fountains, greenhouses, orchards and a herb garden
  • Additional buildings include: courtyard, gate lodge, stable house, butler’s apartment and staff apartments

Princess Maria Amélia de Bragança, daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro I of Brazil and Amélie von Leuchtenberg  by Friedrich Dürck, 1849.

In 1852, Maria Amélia fell in love with her cousin, Austrian Archduke Maximilian. Their engagement was never officially announced and soon after she contracted tuberculosis, dying in 1853 at the tender age of 22.  Archduke Maximilian went on the become the ill-fated Emperor Maximilian the I of Mexico. 

But that wasn’t the end of Maria Amélia’s story.  Maximilian continued to cherish her memory until his death in 1867.  In a last homage to his dead fiancee, as he was being stripped of his belongings to face the revolutionary firing squad, Maximilian tenderly removed from around his neck a small religious medallion Maria Amélia had given him so many years ago and asked that it to be sent to her mother for safekeeping.