the first step to “one thing at a time” is to completely stop giving a fuck about all of it.

release your fucks to the wind, they’re gone forever, it’s over, let it go.

i’m not joking either like forsake all of it and accept that it’s all going to shit, then you can wholly focus on the first thing without wasting time worrying about all the other shit.

one thing at a time.


  • name:  reggie mantle. 
  • age:  seventeen.
  • faceclaim: ross butler.
  • family: vicky  &  richard  mantle.  
  • ↳  SECRET I :    has  a  motive  for  killing  if  it  comes  down  to  it.   for  self  defense.   for  whatever  reason. 
  • ↳  SECRET  II  :  faking  alliances  with  those  around  him  in  hopes  of  getting  the  information  that  might  help  him  figure  out  who  murdered  his  best friend ,  because  he  refuses  to  believe  jason  just  “died”.  he  definitely  has  one  out   against  jughead ,  thinking  he  killed  jason.  


↳     reggie  can  remember  the  last  time  he  spoke   to  jason ,  which  wasn’t  a  worthy  conversation  at  all.  there  held  no  red  flags ,  which  is  all  the  more  reason  to  have  him  suspecting  just  about  everyone  who  might’ve  had  something  against  him.  or  even  the  last  person  who  saw  him.  he’ll  become  the  fakest  of  fake ,  &  do  whatever  he  needs  to  shed  light  on  the  situation. in hopes  of  even  honoring  his  best  friend  ,  because  no  one  should  be  forgotten  or   passed  off  as  just  dead.  jason  was  family  to  reggie ,  &  he  comes  from  an  empty  one.  
   it  turned  reggie  into  something  else.  he  started  to  become  too  interested  in  the  murders  that  occurred ,  &  at  this  point  in  a  mental  state  of  mind  -  will  probably  not  hesitate   to  make  things  as  they  should  be  ;  a  cold  shoulder  to  all  when  they  become  useless. 

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There have been many metas written on the famous tarmac scene, analysing all of the implications the one line presents. Sherlock is actually a girl’s name. It has become a famed unspoken love declaration, I suppose there are no doubts about that. However, in this meta I would like to elaborate on what particularly this one sentence means, taking into account everything that has happened, Sherlock’s and John’s body language during the scene and the parallel scene in “A Scandal in Belgravia.”

Warning: If you don’t ship johnlock, you will probably want to stop reading now.

Let’s begin.

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Chapter 16


“ Ooo Jesus ” I yelled , trying to get all my frustration out but the shit wasn’t working . I’ve been asking The Lord for the last 24 hours to give me some patience and extra nerves to deal with my situation but it was like he just wasn’t hearing my cries .

I punched the punching bag that hung lowly directly in the centre of the work out room , taking all my anger out on it . I watched it swing back and forth as the strength that I mustered up from god knows where helped me punch as hard as I could . With my chest heaving up and Down , I stood there watching the bag swing back and forth not daring to make one move .

Fighting the punching bag as if it could fight me back , I broke down into tears as the anger I thought I was releasing only seemed to be drowned in my emotions . Hitting the punching bag one last time , I found an empty corner in the room and slid down the wall . Putting my face in my shirt , I thought about my life ever since I’ve met Chris . I was finally happy with my self , he came along & made me happier only to take it away as well .

Shaking my head and chuckling bitterly , I couldn’t help but once again feel stupid for the second time in my relationship lifetime . Only this time I felt as if I became too comfortable a little too fast and aloud my guard to weigh its self down . Angry with myself from allowing some one I’ve known for five months put shit in my head , I wished I could take it all back .

Chuckling bitterly for the second time in less than a minute , taking it all back is what I wish I could want . Here I am talking about I wish I could take it all back , but to tell the honest to god truth , Chris made me my happiest and I keep praying to god he comes to his senses and comes over and say ” baby I want you , I want us ” . I would be so happy and overwhelmed beyond extreme measures just knowing that I am who he wants , us is what he wants .

Picking myself up off the floor , I hit the switch for the light to turn off and walked out of the workout room . Sniffling , I wiped my nose with the back of my hand and did squats on my way up the steps . Getting tired by the second to last step , I encouraged myself to go one more before I’m done . Succeeding with the hurtful exercise , I made my way past the empty guest rooms and into my own .

Staring up at the clock , it’s was 7:00 on the dot and I had less than an hour to get showered and dressed for school . Rolling my eyes , school was the last place I wanted to be . Frowning at having to be around two people I don’t have peace with , I was pretty positive it would be permanent for the rest of the day .

Gathering my daily body wash and new set of Vicky secret undergarments , I sashayed into my spacious bathroom and stripped from my sweaty clothes . Turning the knob in the shower , I made sure my water was scolding hot before closing the glass door back .

From the water temperature being so hot , it caused the bathroom to immediately fill with steam , making the mirror fog up . Using my hand , I wiped back and forth against it enough to where I could see myself clearly . Bending over to retrieve my makeup wipes , I started to forcefully wipe my makeup off . Revealing my hurtful bruises , I stared at myself with a tilted head in utter disgust .

How could I let a low down dirty ass nigga hit on me for what I chose to do and not defend myself ? All that was going to allow him to do was feel as if it’s okay to hit me all the time when it’s not . Continuing to scrub my face as hard as I could to remove the loads of makeup from my face , if Alexis would have seen me this morning she would have looked at me crazy and asked why in the hell was I going workout with makeup on as well as telling me to take the shit off . Thankfully , she was still in her room knocked out cold .

I still have yet to tell Alexis about my encounter with Michael yesterday , also I’ve had yet to tell her the exact reason on why I came home earlier . That was weighing me down drastically because I never hide anything from her , I tell her everything .

Only reason why I was holding back on showing and telling her about what has happened is because I’m afraid of being judged . Everyone knew me as the type to never put up with anyone’s shit . ” Jaylin don’t play that , she would dead a nigga . , ” ” jaylin don’t let these niggas play with her , she would drop em like a fly “, is stuff I would hear from people who knew or shall I say thought I could be some what strong in a relationship so I felt that if people thought of me like that , if they were to know about some of the things I put up with they would not only judge me for being stupid but also talk about how I also put on a front .

Sighing heavily , I tried my hardest to clear my head with the way people thought of me and tried to think about how I was going to tell Lexi .Scratching at my scalp , I grabbed my towel and got inside the shower that was still scolding hot . Adding a tad bit of cold water , I stepped under the shower head and let the water cover my body starting with my head first . Letting the water run down my body , I for some strange reason felt at peace and that’s all I’ve been asking for was some peace .

Deciding to wash my hair since it was already wet , I moved my fingers in circular motions all across my head . Hitting the hickie from when Michael threw my head against the window , the soap started to make it burn . Burning as bad as it was , I hopped under the shower head only to burn it some more with the hot water . Letting out a painful scream , I hurried to turn the hot water completely off and let the cold water take over . The cold water helped sooth out the pain , and relieved some of the tension I was feeling and I was grateful .

Whimpering lowly , I quickly washed my body and rinsed off . Walking out the shower , I picked up my big towel and dried myself off . Slowly drying my hair , I whimpered some more with a few tear drops falling from my eyes as the pain seemed to pick up and become unbearable .

Walking inside my bedroom , I quickly picked up my aleve bottle that rested on my nightstand and popped 3 pills , swallowing them dry . Chasing them down with some water , I wiped my mouth as some of it spilled down my chin . Sighing , I wiped my face and searched for my makeup bag so I can apply my heavy makeup for the day .

Getting myself ready , I was together in no time . With my mood being so downhill I dressed very comfortable and carefree . With a simple all white t -shirt and some sweats , I threw on some original pair of J’s and called it a day . Turning my light off , I stopped in front my mirror and checked my makeup before fully walking out and turning the light off .

Hearing the doorbell ring , I took a detour from my trip to the kitchen and walked to the door . Opening it , no one was there but when I looked down all my bags from michaels was sitting there waiting to be picked up . Sticking my head outside the door , I seen his car speeding off down the street.

Looming back down , I picked up my bags and walked inside. As I was walking up the steps , a note fell from off the side of my bag . Reading the note it was all about Michael saying how sorry he was and that only seemed to bring tears to my eyes. A slight shiver took over my body as the air conditioner turned on , seconding my choice on not grabbing a jacket .

Simply throwing my shit inside my room , I sniffled and patted my eyes lightly so my makeup wouldn’t smudge . Although it was some what nice for Michael to apologize I still was deeply hurt & madly upset with him and his consequences . Hauling down the steps , I made my way in the kitchen to see Alexis cooking up a storm .

Taking a seat at the island , I folded my arms and laid them on the counter so I could rest my head in them and continue to watch her In silence . Turning around , she jumped a bit causing a small laugh to escape my lips . Knowing if I went to school , I would my have too many of those but more awkwardness than anything .

” Alexis can I stay home today ? ” I croaked out due to me not speaking since last night or drinking anything to help my dry throat . Taking a sip of the orange juice that she sat in front of me , I rubbed my throat as the cold liquid slid down .

“ jaylin no , I need to pack up the house so we can move in as soon as possible ” she said tucking her hair behind her head . Her baby daddy august brought her this nice big house on her own land and her ass don’t know how to act but ima let her get her shine on .

“ is Michael picking you up this morning ? ” she asked , looking at me through the side of her eye . Licking my lips , I shook my head no .

“ no I’ll be driving myself ” I informed . Nodding her head , she moved around the kitchen and boxed up all the glasses . Hearing the doorbell ring for the second time this morning , I effortlessly hopped out of my seat and walked through the foyer , to the front door .

Opening up the door , Emily stood there with a wide smile on her face and her belly poking out 10 times as much as it was when I seen her a few days ago ” guess who got a car ” she beamed holding up her car keys .

“ let me guess , you ” I smiled lightly with a goofy laugh . Nodding her head , she dangled her keys in the air with a cute smile on her face . Shaking my head at her excited ass , I stepped to the side to let her in .

Walking back in the kitchen , she spoke to Lexi before we both dashed up the stairs to my room . My eyes seemed to immediately land on the clock , and it was 15 minutes till 8 . Shrugging my shoulders , I didn’t care if we were late but considering school didn’t start until 8:15 I had 30 minutes to do whatever .

“ I’m mad your hair looking a hot ass mess right now jaylin . Sit your ass down so I can do something to it ” she said sternly pointing to my vanity rolling chair . Taking a seat , I rolled my eyes at her statement . My hair was perfectly fine in its messy bun , it went with my mood . Messy .

Sitting back , she turned on all my flat fcirons and my curling wand and took my wild hair down from its holder . Sighing , I thought about this long process of her trying to make me look like something .” Come on girl , don’t you wanna look good for your man ” she smirked nudging my shoulder .

Shaking my head , I went on and proceeded to tell her about what Michael has been up to and she could not believe her ears . She tried to tell me that Michael was not like that but I wasn’t trying to hear that bull shit , not at all . No matter what , you don’t talk about someone doing something and you go back and do the same thing . That’s what’s killing me the most , he’s a hypocrite .listening to all the excuses Emily was coming up with for him , it went through one ear and out the other .

Tuning her ass out about Michael , I focused on what I was going to do and how I was going to act when we walked inside of school . Biting my acrylic nervously , I could feel sweat beads forming on my forehead . Gently wiping them , I took a swig from my water bottle and calmed my nerves . What ever happens , happens .

Watching cartoons through the mirror , my eyes stayed glued to it as the daily morning re-runs of Ed Edd & eddy played on my tv. Eating a yogurt and fruit salad that Alexis brought up the stairs to me , it seemed to be the only thing I could stomach everything else made me throw up.

Eating my slight breakfast in silence , I was happy Emily had shut her ass up & I could hear my cartoons clearer . Laughing at how dumb edd was , I couldn’t stop as a thought of Patrick popped into my mind . Laughing harder , I flicked to Nickelodeon in search of an episode of sponge bob . Happily finding one , I laid my remote for band finished up with my breakfast . By the time I was done eating , Emily was finishing up with my hair.

Staring at my hair as emily fluffed my big wand curls out , I smiled as I looked over my appearance . Letting her add a nude shade of lip gloss to my lips , I rubbed them together and got out my seat . Ignoring the pain that was currently shooting up my leg , I grabbed my backpack & out the house we went.

Pulling up to school in Emily’s drop top BMW , we made it here in no time since the school wasn’t far from my house . The ride here was quiet and the only sound that could be heard was from the radio although I didn’t mind .

Getting out , I huffed lowly and straightened out my shirt and fixed my sweats . Looking in the side view mirror , I checked to make sure my makeup and curls was in tact before grabbing my backpack and crutches . Waiting on a slow Emily to finish getting her self together , we made our way inside the school together.

“ oh god there they go ” I groaned , nodding my head in the direction of Michael and Charles .

“ ignore them baby and let’s go so-” Emily was cut off by Charles loud ass mouth yelling for us to come here . Rolling my eyes , I mumbled great under my breath and followed behind em . Walking up to where they were sitting , Emily stood in between Charles legs and Michael rested on side of him .

“ what’s good Jay dog ? ” he questioned with a cute little smile .

“ hey Charlie charl ” I cooed . Taking a seat , all their teammates came piling up at the table next to me . Sitting there for 10 whole minutes , I listened to Michael talk to everyone else but me . He ignored my presence as if I was invisible . No longer wanting to feel awkward , I got myself up and walked away as fast as I could .

“ jaylin where are you going ? ” Emily asked rushing behind me . Turning around to look at her , my eyes were watery and my bottom lip was quivering in a pouty stance . As much as I was upset with him , it still hurt to know that I also hurt him when I said what I said but I didn’t think he would ignore me like I wasn’t shit either .

” anywhere besides that table ” I responded . Sighing , she pulled me in for a tight hug . Wanting to bawl in her shoulder , I kept it together as the thought of someone seeing me cry made me felt weak as well as me not having my makeup bag in my backpack . Hugging Emily , she rubbed my back in a soothing way and it helped .

Pulling away , I looked at her with a warm smile silently telling her thank you . My smile only lasted for so long once I heard the laughter of Naomi coming from the same direction as mikey . Looking over Emily’s shoulder , there that bitch was , laughing and giggling in her face as he did the same .

Rolling my eyes at this hoe hopping ass bitch , she just had to be cute with everybody huh ? First you was in Chris house playing wife and now you all up in tygas face trying to see what you can do for him. Clenching my jaw , this hoe was sickening and made my nerves bad .

Licking my lips , I nodded my head as I watched Michael entertain this bitch as if he didn’t see her open up Chris door the other day but that’s none of my business tho , I hope his ass catch something from her grimy ass . Turning up my lip in disgust , I turned my back to them and walked to class with Emily hot on my tail .

Taking my time with getting to class , the late bell had already rung and I’m pretty sure coach was going to be up my ass with his bitching but at this point I didn’t give a fuck about a damn thing . Walking into the gym through the double doors , all eyes fell on Emily and I .

Looking at everyone , I rolled my eyes ” tf are y’all looking at ? ” I questioned only for everyone to put their head down or go back to the conversation they were previously having . ” carter , you’re late ” coach yelled angrily . Shrugging my shoulders , I helped myself up the bleachers and sat down.

Starting up my own conversation with Emily , I couldn’t help but feel a pair of eyes on me . Looking in the direction of Naomi , the bitch was looking dead at me with a smirk plastered on her face ” bitch do we have a problem ? Cause I mean it can be handled ” I let it be known . Not only was I not in the mood but I didn’t feel like dealing with her shit .

“ look baby girl , If I had a problem with you what I have already done should show you that It could be handled . ” she smiled . Cocking my head to the side , “ wtf that’s suppose to mean ?”

“ I already fucked your man . And I’m about to fuck your other one . Don’t believe me just watch . I mean, didn’t Chris almost split your head wide open ? Yea hoe he told me about what he did ” she cackled , making the rest of the students cackle . Feeling low , I didn’t have a comeback what so ever . Looking around at all the kids laughing , it hurt the most when I seen Michael join in .

Nodding my head at all these fuckers , I took my right crutch and swung as hard as I could and hit Naomi right in her face. Wanting to break her shit in , I Decided the pop across the face was good enough . Looking back over the crowd , everyone had shut up . Smart move on their end cause they could get it to. Placing it back under my arm , I carefully walked down the few steps and out the door .

Looking around for a quiet place to go , I thought about one spot that I was guaranteed no one would find me in. Slowly walking up the hill that was located on side the school , I sat down at the top and brung my legs to my chest . Resting my head on my knees , I looked out onto the lake view and watched the little Nemo fish jump in and out of the water .

Letting the wind breeze through my hair , I felt a presence on side of me but I didn’t bother looking to see who it was . To tell the truth I didn’t have to because I knew that scent from anywhere , it was Chris . Pulling my body close to his , I broke down in his chest as he comforted me by rubbing my back .

Being allowed to feel like it’s okay to cry and get it all out , I took this to my best advantage and cried my eyes out . Bawling all into Chris fresh white T , I had ruined it with my mascara and eyeliner . Hiccuping , I hoped he didn’t get upset with me behind it cause I didn’t mean to .

Few minutes had done passed by and I was still crying like there was no tomorrow. Rolling my eyes , I couldn’t believe that I was actually crying to him right now . Out of all people I let one of the main people who hurt me , comfort me .

Wanting to pull away so bad , I couldn’t bring myself to do so because his warm embrace felt so good up against my body that was desperately crying out for this young man . I never knew that you can want somebody so badly that no matter what they do , you’ll always end up back to them .

Wrapping my arms around his neck tight af , I could hear him struggling to breathe but he didn’t dare tell me to move or let go . Loosening my arms a bit , I wasn’t trying to kill the boy but I was showing him just how much I needed and wanted him .

Sobbing uncontrollably in the crook of his neck , he hummed a happy tune in my ear in attempts to calm me down . I could feel an anxiety attack coming on and I needed to take my medicine . Finding the strength to pull away , I wiped my eyes totally forgetting that I had makeup on , smudging it even more than what his shirt did . Possibly showing my bruises . Digging into my backpack , I pulled out my pill holder and water bottle and took my medicine . Downing my water , I capped it back up and put it back inside my backpack .

Looking at Chris who was already looking at me , he looked concerned ” are you okay ? ” he questioned , wiping his thumb under my eye. Wincing in pain , his face turned up in confusion . Biting my bottom lip nervously, I didn’t want him to know Michael beat on me .

“ no I’m not okay ” I mumbled , answering his question. Still staring at me , I put my head down as his stare was becoming a little too intense for me .

“ pick your fucking head up jay , why you not okay ? ” he barked , forcefully lifting my head . Looking at him , more tears seemed to flow from my eyes , still ruining my makeup . By now I’m sure my bruises were some what visible and it would only be a matter of seconds before Chris blow up .

“ that nigga been beating on you jaylin and you ain’t tell me shit ? Huh ? ” he growled standing to his feet . Standing on my own , I looked at him not knowing what to say . He was clenching and unclenching his fist while flexing his jaw in an angry manner .

“ is this the reason why you not okay ? Because he been beating your ass ” his anger was getting the best of him and his skin color was changing . He went from my yellow crayon to red. Looking at him with a “ are you serious ” expression , I licked over my dry lips.

“ no , you are the reason why I’m not okay Chris . You both are . You accused me of cheating and called me a hoe and treated me like I was nothing to you ” I yelled through my tears all while beating his chest in . Taking his licks like a man , I guess this would be my way out to vent .

“ you was suppose to make me feel like something Chris . You was suppose to make me feel like I was everything and more to you but you didn’t . You called me out my name , disrespected me beyond measures & now you rubbing your hoe in my face ” I sobbed .

Shoving me back a little , I guess I was beginning to work his nerves by laying my hands on him but I wasn’t finished . He is going to physically feel how verbally hurt i am as well on top of that , physically .

Slapping at his chest , he put both hands up and closed his eyes , attempting to eat my licks up but my hands were too heavy . Bringing my abusiveness to a halt , I looked up into his big brown eyes and hiccuped repeatedly . ” I’m here for you jay , let it out ” he assured rubbing my arms .

“ Michael hit me the same day I came to your house trying to make things right . He hurt me because I hurt him by confessing my love to you , only to be kicked in my ass in return .” I hiccuped . Sniffling , I wiped my nose & my eyes with his shirt , neither of us caring .

not uttering a word , I took that as my token to continue cause he was indeed listening to me ” all I wanted was for you to tell me you wanted me back and you wanted us to work and you couldn’t even do that . Instead you let that bitch ass hoe say what she said without even trying to defend me . Do you even love me Chris ? ” my voice cracked .

“ jaylin , I’m sorry baby but you know damn well I love you bruh” he wrapped his arms around me only for me to unwrap them . Grateful for his apology , right now it just wasn’t enough . Being told he loved me made my insides tingle , but my emotions were tripping and has me not wanting to hear that .

“ I swear to god Chris , sometimes I wish I never met you ” I confessed

“ jaylin you don’t mean that shit ” he grumbled through gritted teeth .

“ no Chris , I do mean it . Sometimes I wish I would have never gave you the chance to talk to me . But then there’s the times I’m happy that I met you . Chris you just don’t understand how unstable you have my emotions right now . If it wouldn’t have been for you doing what you did to me , that wouldn’t have pushed me into Michael’s arms , which could have prevented me from getting my head slammed and us getting into a car crash . You just don’t get how us not being together is all your fault ” I tried my hardest to explain but my sobbing probably made my words sound like I was talking with shit in my mouth.

“ Cali , people make mistakes . One of mine happened to be accusing you of something you didn’t do and I admit it , I was wrong & I’m fucking sorry . I swear to god I am but you as a person have to forgive me ” he argued back , calling me by my middle name .

“ people make mistakes right ? ” I asked . Nodding my head , I bit my bottom lip and picked up my things . Placing my crutch under my arm , I looked back at him “ one of my mistakes was letting you in ” and I left him just like that . Carefully walking down the hill , I turned to see Chris standing there with a single tear rolling down his cheek .

Was I really doing this ? Was I really walking away from the man I really wanted to be with ? My heart kept telling me to turn around but my feet kept moving . Trying my hardest not to look back , I ended up doing so anyways and seeing something I never wanted to see , Chris self destruct . Covering my mouth , I watched as he literally beat him self up . Not wanting to see him do anything else , I hurried to get away from that sight .

Making my way down the side walk , I said fuck school . Going home to change my clothes , I had some other things planned so I could take my mind off of things . The walk home was the struggle considering it was hot as hell and the crutches under my arms were starting to hurt .

Walking inside , I slung my crutches across the foyer and into the next room. Angrily walking up the stairs , I had no idea where it was all coming from . Stepping inside my room , the first thing that caught my eye was my appearance . My makeup was all run down and my bruises were clear as day . I felt ugly , I felt disgusted . Punching the mirror , It shattered into millions of little pieces.

Looking down at my bloody hands , I shrugged my shoulders as little glaciers stuck out of my hand . Slowly picking each one out , I hissed out in pain as one piece was a little deep and I had to use scissors to take it out . Staring at the glass on my floor , it intrigued me to damage some more of my stuff and that’s exactly what I did. I felt that it was needed .

Knocking the shit off of my dresser , it all fell onto the floor , creating a mess . Breaking anything that I possibly could , I threw it all across my room . Having an emotional break down , I started throwing some of my items out of the window and into the next doors neighbor pool and I honestly did not care . Breaking my flat screen Tv , I fell onto the floor and cried as the sweat from my forehead trickled down my face along with my tears .

Crying seemed like the only thing I could do for these past few days in my life and I was getting tired of it . It wasn’t helping me , if anything it was weighing me down even more . I needed to be strong , strong for me and not be the old weak girl I use to be back then when I lived in Baton Rouge .

Jumping , a flash of my old life flashed across my eyes , reminding me of the life I never wanted to live again . Watching mark beat me countless of times to a stand still , I was ashamed of myself ” you is a ugly bitch ” his voice blared through out my ears .

Scratching at my ears , I tried to beat him out of my head . Hyperventilating , I didn’t like this not one bit . Soon His voice disappeared from my head and I was relieved .

Rubbing up and down my arms , I clenched my shirt tight as hell . ” you are beautiful jay , you’re so beautiful ” I could hear my mothers sweet voice say to me. Smiling through my tears , I nodded . ” I’m beautiful , yes I am ” I chanted . Still holding my self tight , I continued to repeat that over and over and I wouldn’t stop until I actually felt like it .


Walking around the mall , I was buying some things for the house to make it feel more at home . I wanted to be comfortable in my house , not just living in it . Although the things august purchased for the house was fine , I preferred to do it how I wanted and to do what makes me happy .

Walking around this small cute little picture frame store , I picked out fancy looking family picture frames that I could hang up once the babies get here and we take family pictures . Biting my bottom lip , I was already carrying four big ones and my eyes were skimming over two more .

Shrugging my shoulders , I just said fuck it and asked for some assistance on handing me the frames from the top shelf . Holding my four close to me , the nice man came from the front of the store and helped me get what I wanted . Politely saying thank you , I walked to the front counter with the help of Mariah and sat my things down .

Wanting to some what patch things up , I invited Mariah out with me today to do some house shopping but it seems like ever since we got here , her mood went down hill. Trying my hardest to ignore her funky ass attitude , I continued on as if nothing happened .

I had no idea on what her problem was but she might want to fix it because no matter how big pregnant I am , I would still whoop a bitch ass for playing with me . Sister or not , respect comes with all ages & sizes and if you can’t respect me , I can’t respect you .

“ so how are you and dom ” I questioned , trying to spark some conversation .

“ he good , tf you worried for ? ” she rolled her eyes . Closing my eyes , I bit my bottom lip and counted to 10 in my head .

” a bitch was just asking damn ” I retorted .

“ Well don’t , worry about your own man and how y’all relationship going . Cause from the looks of it , it ain’t going to good ” she chuckled . The fuck was that suppose to mean?

” look if you gonna keep it up with that slick ass mouth you can get the fuck from round me . I may be pregnant but I’ll still bat the fuck out you Mariah ” I was past upset right now . We haven’t hung out in how long and this is how’s she’s acting ?

” fine , I’ll leave ” she said walking away . Bitch better not call me for shit no more . Always ruining some ones mood I swear . Flipping my hair over my shoulder , I grabbed my bags filled with frames and walked out of the store .

Looking left to right , I couldn’t decide on the next store I wanted to go in . Riding the escalator to the second floor of the mall , I stopped at the cookie place and got me some chocolate chip cookies . Placing the warm delicious , substance in my mouth , a moan escaped my lips .

Licking them , I continued to walk down the small strip of fast food places in silence while enjoying my snack . Looking ahead of me , I seen some one with a blue cast and that’s very rare to see . The only person that came to mind was jaylin and I swear if it’s her ima kill her ass for not being in school .

Scrunching up my face to get a better view . Jay ? ” I called out , turning around it was her .
” why the hell you not in school ? ” I hated when she skipped school .

” Lexi I couldn’t take it . I seen Michael with some other girl and it hurt me because that’s the same girl Chris was with . And I had an emotional break down & I wouldn’t have made it all the way through out the day if I would have staid ” she choked out embracing me in a hug . This shit was really breaking her . 
I haven’t seen her so broken like this since her relationship with mark .

That’s how I know she loves Chris , Only bad thing about her acting like this is , he won’t do nothing wrong in her eyes . 
” Just relax baby , you wanna help me shop for the house ? How about you pick out the stuff for your new room ” I said trying to lighten her up . She was hyperventilating and I didn’t wanna draw attention to her .

” that’s fine ” she smiled weakly .

” now stop crying , you too beautiful for that ” I said wiping her tears .

” I love you sis ” 

” I love you too , now come on . I need some ideas for the movie room ” 

” Woaaah the house is that big ? August got fucking money ” she gasped . Laughing loudly at her vine watching ass , she laughed with me .

” hella big shawty , you gotta see it ” I laughed some more .

” can you take me to see it ,? ” she asked picking up some comforters . We had managed to walk into bed , bath and beyond .

” those are cute but , I have some customized ones getting made for you now ” I said still checking them out . They were pretty but more of a guest room type of comforter. Making our way through out all the stores , we stopped at kids footlocker because of our small feet . . We were way over due , we get shoes almost every week and we haven’t got any in like a month or so .

” I’m getting these for my Tutu’s ” Jay gushed holding up three different baby Jordan’s . They were all retro 1’s and were unisex.

” they are cute ” I smiled . Nodding she put them on top of her two boxes . 
Looking around the store , I had managed to pick up 5 different boxes of shoes both for me and jay while she grabbed Air Force 1’s for both her and Chris . Yea I peeped but I thought it was cute . That girl was a sucka for him but wouldn’t admit it .

”your total will be $578.65 ” the cashier said . Watching Jay pull out a wad of cash out her pocket , curiosity played across my face . 
” where’d you get that money ? ” I asked .
” Michael ” she stated simply . I ain’t even say nothing . Shit if a nigga want give you money , take it . But it’s not like she needs it .

” thank you for shopping at kids footlocker have a good day . ” the nice lady said .

” you do the same ” Jay retorted .

” my feet starting to hurt ” Jay complained once we left out the store . Agreeing , we decided we spent enough time in the mall and we’ll come back when we had some off time during the week . I didn’t have much more to get .
” so where’s the house ? ” she asked .

” just 5 minutes away from our house ” I said stopping at a stop sign . Sitting back in her seat , I could tell she was starting to think about chris again considering she had a sad frown plastered across her face .

” you know , I haven’t seen you react this way since you’ve been with mark ” I pointed out .

“I know , and I’m afraid it’s gonna tear me apart once again ” she mumbled . 

” what do you mean ? ” I wanted her to open up to me more .

Blowing air out her mouth , ” when we were together mark would constantly fucked over me with this girl named jennifer and I always took him back . I always forgave him no matter what he did ” she said letting a tear slip .

” how come you never told me ?” I asked , even tho I basically figured it out myself .

” because I didn’t want you to call me stupid ” she chuckled bitterly .

” I wouldn’t have called you stupid . I’m your sister . I’m on your side , right or wrong ” I assured her .

” can I tell you something then ? “ she asked hesitantly looking down . Raising her head , I nodded for her to go on .

” Michael hit me “ she rushed out in hope I wouldn’t hear her but I heard her perfectly . My hands tightened around the steering wheel at the thought of her being physically abused .

” how many times ? “ I asked with my eyes clamped shut.

” just this once “ she mumbled . Shaking my head , I blew air out through my mouth .

” you aren’t allowed to talk to him & I wish someone would come back and tell me you were “ I said with a pointed finger . Nodding her head slowly , she tore her gaze away from me and looked up at the house .

” this bitch is nice ” she smiled jumping out the car , falling in the process , completely leaving the conversation alone .

Cackling , ” that’s what you get bitch ” I hollered with laughter . 

” open the door ” she laughed loudly . Jay was goofy as hell . It didn’t take much to crack her up . Making sure she was good , we both grabbed the bags and walked to the front door .

” Who’s car is that” jay asked, Looking over I seen a brand new Lexus truck .

” Ion know maybe aug got a new car. “ I shrugged .As I was putting the key in , the door opened. And below & behold there stood august & Mariah.

Dropping my bags my fist immediately balled up in a fight stance as I got ready to bop both of these bitches in the face . wtf she doing at my house and on top of that with august while I’m not here .

” What are you doing here? How you know where I stay?“ I asked throwing questions at her left & right.

” Uhh– ” she said like the cat had her tongue.

” I gave her the address “ august spoke up .

” Why?“ I mugged him .

” She wanted to know what she should get for the baby. “ he said .

” How y’all get each other’s number? “ I asked . I was about to get pissed off .

” We exchanged when jay was in the hospital. “ Mariah spoke up this time .

” Mmm we’ll why you was acting like that earlier. “ I asked crossing my arms .

” Dom was just pissing me off" she said looking away .

“ This is him calling I gotta go” she said before hopping in her car & driving off. Something seemed off about this whole thing . Pushing august out the way I went upstairs. Placing my bags from the mall in my closet , I kicked off my flats and walked back out , taking off my dress in the process .

” Babe? ” I heard him call out but I ignored him. You want have bitches in my house ? Okay , you talk to them bitches then .
” Alexis?” He called out again .


” What mane?” I asked rolling my eyes . I didn’t want to be bothered and he act like he don’t get the clue .

“ What the hell wrong with you. ” he asked coming into view .

“ Nothing I just really don’t wanna be bothered right now so can you leave me alone? ” I swear if I would have been around him any longer I would punch him in the face .

“ Mane whatever I’ll be back later. ” He said walking out the door.

“ no tf you you think you going ? ” I asked pulling him back , taking the keys out of his hands .

“ bout my damn business , fuck you worried for ” he mugged me . Oh he’s going about his business ? Nodding my head , I slammed the keys inside his hand and backed away from him .

” ok bye ” I said no longer wanting to fuss with him . Walking back up the stairs , I got into the bed and tried to go to sleep but failed miserably when august couldn’t leave my mind . Fuck him with his lanky ass , he can stay gone for the whole night if he wants to .

Hearing my door creak open , I tore my gaze from towards the tv screen and looked to see jay laying her crutches down on the floor and kicking off her shoes . Climbing into bed , she sat behind me . Sitting up , the thunder and lightening from outside the window caused her to jump and I to laugh .

With it being as dark as it was inside the room , it was the perfect setting for us to have girl talk and get anything off of our chest that we couldn’t get off around our men .

Talking about their previous actions , we both disagreed with their behavior and did not approve of it for future references . August should not and will not ever bring another bitch where i have to lay my head or my kids & the fact she was my sister .

A thought of them having sex floated through out my mind making me cringe . If it came down to it if they were fucking , august and I relationship would be dead game and Mariah would simply be dead . I can’t stomach the thought of august laying with another girl and coming home to me let along my sister .

Something was definitely fishy about the earlier situation tho to say the least . With the way Mariah was talking and how august was backing her up , they made it seem as if they were doing something . Pushing any thought of them doing some the nasty in my house to the back of my head , I listened to jay vent until she talked her self tired .

As she talked her self to sleep she tried her hardest to keep my mind off of august and for the most part it was working because I was so amused with her light sleep talking .” Sleep baby ” I chuckled shutting her eyes . Shutting her mouth , she laid there trying to get her self comfortable . Turning my back to her , I laid there and continued to let my mind race .

Getting under the covers , she scooted closer to me and curled up under me . Smiling, she wrapped her arms around me and rubbed my belly . ” don’t worry about him ok , you got me for the night ” she assured before laying her head on my back and drifting off to sleep, me following behind her shortly after .

Only being able to sleep for an minimal amount of hours , I woke up to see jay on the other side of The bed completely knocked out . Picking up my cell phone , it was 10:00 . Damn I was out for a good lil while . Slowly sliding out of the bed , I slipped my feet into my house slippers and walked out the room . Closing the door , I slowly made my way down the stairs and walked to the kitchen .

There was no signs of august being here and in a way I was happy because I didn’t feel like arguing . I’m sure if he was here , I would have said something and picked a fuss . Yawning , I covered my mouth and pulled out a glass to pour my apple juice in . Pouring a nice talk glass , I walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch .

Turning on the tv , I turned the channel on lifetime and began watching murder on the 13th floor . Taking a sip out of my juice , I tucked my hair behind my ear and sat back . Hearing my phone ring upstairs , I walked back up them as quick as I could . Getting to it before jay could wake up , someone had sent me a picture .

Opening up the message , it was a picture of august throwing money at a naked hoe that was dancing on the stage .” So this nigga at a strip club ” I muttered lowly . Clenching my jaw , I contemplated on taking a ride up there and putting his ass on blast but I decided I would let him have his fun .

Shooting him a quick txt , I told him I was glad he was enjoying himself , he can let himself in tonight . Walking into my closet , I quickly got dressed into something simple and cute . Walking back out I left jay asleep in my bed and grabbed my phone . Walking down the stairs , I grabbed the keys to my Bentley and walked out the house .

If he can go out and enjoy himself , so can I. If he thinks for one second ima be in the house all in my feelings while he’s out tricking money , he got another thing coming . Getting situated inside my car , I laid my head against the steering wheel . Did I really wanna go out or was I just trying to be petty like him ?

Huffing , I go out the car and made my way back inside the house . Stripping from the pieces of clothing I put together , I crawled back into bed with jaylin and turned off the tv . Getting comfortable , I laid my head against my plush pillows and before I could even think about the possibilities of august wilding out , I was knocked out .