After some long couple of weeks, days, hours and alot of ear-pounding, we have finally decided which one of these wonderful pieces of musical creations will be the lucky winner of the “Out of Time Remix Competition”. 

Before we announce the winner we just have to put it out there that every single submission has been a blast to listen to, every submission that has made it this far has been produced and executed to a level of profession that you all need to be proud of.

That said…

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Out of Time Remix Contest is… Chris Barnhart!

Chris was successful in infusing the spirit of today’s Mainroom/EDM music style into his track and really got our ear drums moving to his beat, just as we think others will do too. For his outstanding work he will get the honor to be released in the upcoming Out of Time EP.

Congratulations, Chris!

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We wanna thank everyone who entered the contest. Here are the entries.