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  • Jason: So. To recap:
  • Jason: Dick's playing Batman.
  • Jason: Bruce is playing media whore for Vicky Vale, who things Bruce is Bats.
  • Jason: Steph is trying to pull off Nightwing.
  • Jason: Damian is pretending to be Spoiler.
  • Jason: Carrie's pretending to be Damian/Robin. (Why isn't she playing Spoiler?)
  • Jason: Black Bat is playing Batgirl AND Black Bat. (How tho??)
  • Jason: Timcelot's busy playing Boy Hostage.
  • Jason: Alfred's busy coordinating.
  • Jason: And now someone needs me to play Dick so that Bruce can get away from Ms. Vale?
  • Babs: Yep, sounds about right.
  • Jason: In public?
  • Babs: Yes...?
  • Jason: In front of cameras?
  • Babs: Yeah.
  • Jason: ...
  • Jason: Seeing how I look almost nothing like Dick (anymore)... That's a stupid ass idea and I have a better one.
  • Jason: Dick gets to play Dick to pull Bruce out of the spotlight.
  • Jason: I play Batman and help the mixed-up Batcrew rescue Timbers.
  • Babs: I'm not supposed to let you near the cowl.
  • Babs: ...
  • Dick: So. Uh. Change of plans. I'm going to de-cowl for a bit.
  • Jason: I THOUGHT SO.

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is

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"[Vicki] dying was the thing that a lot of critics and fans point to as the game-changing moment of the series when it became clear that we were not messing around and that no one was safe, and it gave the series some pretty heavy stakes that people really responded to at that time," Plec said. "Maybe television at that time was being a little safe and boring, I don't know why, except to me it seemed fairly obvious it was the thing to do. People were really shocked by that choice and it really

Yeah I’ve read that quote many times. The irony is astounding.

First thing they teach us in first aid and cpr is not to leave piles of clothes on the floor so we don’t create a heat dome for scorpions to come to….what does my sister do? Leave her clothes on the laundry room floor.

What came out at me when I picked it up??