vicky winters


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“You’ll always be special to me.”

Maggie Evans / Victoria Winters || 24 years old || Governess || FC: Bella Heathcote || Taken

  • Sees a ghost named Josette duPres, who is identical looking to herself
  • Goes by Victoria or Vicky, originally named Maggie Evans
  • Has an interest in Barnabas Collins
  • Is eyed by Roger Collins
  • Proper
  • Helps David
  • Has a good relationship with both David and Carolyn
  • Was put into a mental asylum until she escaped and fled New York.
  • Somewhat unsure of herself.

Like everyone living in the Collinwood house, Victoria is different. As a child, she was put into an insane asylum by her parents because she had an invisible friend. Her invisible friend always stayed with her. Also, her invisible friend is real, and is a ghost named Josette duPres. She never gave up hope, and on a rainy night, she escaped the asylum in New York. She went to a coffee shop, Josette sitting across from her, and Josette pointed her toward a job in Collinsport as a governess. She became interested, and headed there, changing her name from Maggie Evans to Victoria Winters. She got the job immediately and moved in. As soon as she spotted Barnabas Collins, she became interested in him. Like they had some sort of connection. Eventually, she jumps off of Widow’s Hill by Josette’s lead, and Josette takes over her body.