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♦ the vampire diaries | this is the end


Warm-ups for film…  I was trying to make a proper model sheet cuz I need to settle on outfits but eh.  I hate drawing digitally and I need a new tablet.

Shane pointed out that I stole Sakurai’s (from Buck Tick) facial structure and hair.  Woops.  I had intended for Vicky to be a typical pointy chinned anime boi, but I guess I have to live with this weebitiude either way. It’s already a japanese RAWK N ROWL vampire, how much more deviantart can i get??



The reptilian brain, as we know it, exhibits only base emotions: fear, aggression, and pleasure. The reptile may adapt to your presence, and recognize that you contribute to its well-being.  Any sign of affection you may see is human narcissism and projection.  She will never love you.  

What I love most about her is her inborn need to possess and dominate. Such power and dignity, unhampered by sentiment. 

Gosh, can y'tell I’ve been listening to a lot of Alice Cooper?  Can y'tell that this poster is a logical progression for this piece?  Can y'tell that I intensely dislike Illustrator but I’m learning to use it for my own nefarious deeds?  And can y'tell me ♪ why I had to be a powerslave ♪?

In other news, I’m rather pleased because my digital tools teacher thinks that Mr. Vicky’s “beautiful”.  Wait in line, ladies!


Getting dressed for the show~

My excuse for why the pages look incongruent: I drew the first page of this 3 weeks ago then I got ~*teen emoshunal*~ and stopped drawing forever until now.

I’ve always had problems with clarity, especially in enclosed panels.  Like, I’d be surprised if anybody could tell what’s going on in the last 2 panels.  This is a subtle plea for help.  Using color is cheating.  Animators should be able to clearly convey action with only line…


Sometimes people ask, “ARE THEY GAY???” when I’m drawing whatever and all I can really respond with is “they’re not boyfriends they’re just bandmates”

If I made for real cartoons for really, I’d like to change the character models every couple of episodes to suit the plot.  Maybe jump from traditional 2D  to CG to stop motion to blah blah.  I DUNNO. LATELY I’VE BEEN VERY FRUSTRATED WITH THE WAY I DRAW.


Still workin’ off on film.  Here are stills.  I guess it’s not the wisest idea to have needlessly detailed linework in animation, but I’m a sexy badass rebel who scoffs at silly things like “functional character design” and “readability”.  

Apparently some people still think the nurse is a lady. All about the luscious hair and diminutive facial features, man.  It’s all cool.


I spent too long drawing this and I can’t believe I spent 8 days thinking about how to reply to this.  Also I hate you for making me watch interview with the vampire.  And now there’s that dawning horrific realization that i am the hot topic anime vampire yaoi

and now I want to make a dating sim


I’m tryna step up my lineless digital painting game.  The main problem I have with myself is that everything has this sort of playdough look to it.  Too soft and smushy lookin’.  I like it hard ya know?

Also!  I’m gonna make some outfits for this guy.  Just like Barbie!  He’ll be the AllSaints/InAisce/Rick Owens thing rather than cali fun n’ sun.  More New York than Los Angeles, nothing skintight and absolutely no RAWKSTARRRR studded/spiked leather and denim.  Fancy boots, but no combat boots because he’s not a 14 year old girl. 

I’m far more interested in clothes than I’d like to be sigh.


thinks_too_much_about_clothes.txt acuz I always had trouble coming up clothes other than stupid suits for this dude.  But…NEVERMORE.  Hipster grandpa forevermore.


  1. Desaturated colors
  2. Soft fabrics, slightly ill-fitting/oversized, NO LEATHER.  Unless shoes/accessories.  
  3. Don’t show too much skin!  Deep v’s are fine though, gotta let the ladies know about yer fineass corpse collarbones.

Okay.  Yes.  Alright.  I’m going to print these out along with the sunset ripper goils, and see if Ed thinks my character designin’ skillz have improved.  Then do his stage costumes.


I just got critique on my overall body of work by my char design teacher, and I’m feeling kinda funky and dumpy. There will definately be crying and whining about that later!

More importantly, are the expressions on these poses obvious and easily readable at first glance? I’m very worried that its not just my lack of technical ability, but also my nonpractical character designs that are making my drawings unclear. I might just scrap these and redo the assignment with an easier design.