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Lil sticker/charm designs of my characters in their Halloween costumes 😗 I keep saying man I may be deep in superheroes but hair metal still beats steady in my kokoro…

I made stickers cuz the charms are taking a while! Lineless art is hard!

Character info under cut :)

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Warm-ups for film…  I was trying to make a proper model sheet cuz I need to settle on outfits but eh.  I hate drawing digitally and I need a new tablet.

Shane pointed out that I stole Sakurai’s (from Buck Tick) facial structure and hair.  Woops.  I had intended for Vicky to be a typical pointy chinned anime boi, but I guess I have to live with this weebitiude either way. It’s already a japanese RAWK N ROWL vampire, how much more deviantart can i get??