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Green-Bucky x Reader

Prompt: Reader has to go to a mission which requires her to pretend to be someone’s lady turning Bucky into a furious puppy at the side being teased by Sam and Steve

You and Thor were told to get information on another Hydra agent. It would have been a lot easier if said agent didn’t spend all of his free time in a sex club. That, however, also meant that you and the God of Thunder had to pretend to be lovers…and very kinky. Great!

You forced your way into a tight black dress that showed far more skin than you would have liked whilst Thor wore a velvet suit. You couldn’t help but look at him because damn, he was good to look at. 

“Lady Y/N, you look splendid.” You felt the blood rush to your cheeks as you thanked Thor. You put his hair into a low bun for him before the pair of you went to talk to Steve.

“Guys, you know what to do, right? Simply get the intel and leave.” He looked pointedly at the pair of you. “Avoid violence.” Both you and Thor nodded and the super soldier let out a shaky breath. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, it was more that he was petrified as to what would happen if the agent found out. It was risky.

“Steve, calm down. We’ll be fine. You’re going to be listening in anyway.” You saw Steve calm  down a little, but you knew that this was personal. Shield was built up by people that he knew and that he cared about. “Also, my contacts mean that you can see everything that I do, calm down.”

“Just don’t forget, Thor, you’re Charles Smith, and Y/N, you’re Vicky Clarke.” You weren’t too fond of your alias but it had to do.


“After you, my dear.” Thor let you through the door first. Immediately, your eyes scanned the room. A woman appeared in front of you, her body was barely covered and her lips were bright red.

“Hello sir and madam, how may we help you today?” She had a bright smile and you let Thor answer. In all honestly, you were taken aback by the club. There were girls on poles and topless males roaming around.

“We are looking for Charlotte, we have booked an appointment with her. I am Charles, and this is my girlfriend Vicky.” Thor looked at you and brushed a stray hair from your face. “Isn’t she beautiful?” 

The lady took you to a private room where you were instructed to wait until Charlotte met you. In your ear, you heard Steve talk. Good job, guys. You knew that he was still holding his breath as something could go wrong at any moment.


“If she kisses him. God, I don’t like it as it is.” Bucky was more than a little unamused at the thought of Y/N potentially kissing Thor as he liked her. Just a little. “Why did you pick him, Steve?”

Sam and Steve looked at each other amused. “A little uncomfortable, Buck?” The two men couldn’t help their amusement at Bucky’s behaviour. For an ex-assassin, he was pretty soft.

“I just don’t like it.” He wiggled his metal arm and let out an angry sigh. He kept his focus on the screen. Nothing was going on just yet.

“If you wanted to go with Y/N, you could have just told us.” Both of them knew that Bucky liked Y/N but teasing him was more fun than anything else and so tease him they did.

“You’re like the hulk: green and angry.” Sam piped up and it sent Steve into hysterics. Bucky wanted to storm off but he had to make sure that Y/N was safe.


A woman walked into the room. She was stunning and automatically took a liking to Thor. “Hello, I am Charlotte. How can I help you? What fantasies would you like to fulfil?”

“Well, our friend Jamie recommended that we see you in particular. He says that you’re very good at keeping a secret.” You smirked at the woman and she smiled back at you. You traced your hand on Thor’s thigh and curled into him a little.

“I can certainly help. You must talk to me about what you want. Be open.” Her hand went to Thor’s arm and she lowered her body a little so her breasts were fully in his view.

“Well, we want Jamie’s location.” You stalked to the door, you hips swayed a little and your stance was more rigid than it was before.

“I thought that you were his friends, why would you need his location?” Charlotte was more alert and she stood up only to have Thor push her back down. “I am not to say where he is, it comes with the whole confidentiality thing.” 

“Now, that would be great for him, but not so good for you. It only takes one phone call before every dirty little secret of yours is dug up.” You took your phone from your bra and let out a smirk. “The choice is up to you.”


Bucky et out a breath. When Y/N looked down, Bucky saw her breasts and he tried to be a gentleman and look away. He really did. “I’m sure you and your lover will be happy to know that I don’t know where Jamie is.” The voice from the monitor drew Bucky from his mind and back to watching the scene unfold.

“Come here, babe.” Y/N called Thor and she kissed him. The pair of them blocked the door still and Bucky felt his blood boil. “Now tell me, where is Jamie?”

“You okay, Buck?” Steve moved slowly to Bucky. “Upset that it wasn’t you Y/N was kissing, right?” Bucky threw a mock punch at Steve which was easily dodged.

“Ah-ah-ah. That’s not very nice, is it Bucky?” Sam couldn’t fight his grin when he said that to Bucky who simply flipped him the finger. “Why don’t you just tell the damn girl that watching her kiss Thor, you actually turned into a giant, green, rage monster?”

At that moment, Bruce walked in. The three men had to explain what was going on to avoid offending the older scientist. Banner laughed and shook his head as he got a mug of coffee and returned to his lab.


You and Thor returned to the Avengers Tower with the intel that you needed. Charlotte said that she would keep her mouth shut about what happened due to the methods employed. Sadly, it was something that Steve did not approve of.

Bucky asked to talk to you privately. Your heart was beating a little faster than normal and you hoped that he didn’t notice that you were a little uncomfortable. “Y/N…so you know I-uh like you.” Bucky’s words were rushed but you caught it.

“Then, it’s a good thing that I like you too then.” You cupped Bucky’s face and kissed him tentatively. He responded straight away and wrapped his metal arm around you.

“You owe me twenty bucks, Cap.” You broke away from the kiss and turned around to see Steve hand, Sam, a note. Bucky threw them the finger and carried you to his room.

“You know, I didn’t like seeing you kiss Thor.” Bucky ground his hips on yours and your focus went from the conversation you were having to the feeling of friction. “Was his lips on yours better than mine? Did you like the taste of him?” 

Bucky sucked at your neck, he purposely left marks on you so that the entire tower knew that you were his.

There are important Superman stories to be told in response to Ferguson, however, precisely because where the Man of Steel might fail, a mild mannered reporter can succeed. When some of our superheroes are billionaires and playboys, the 1% so to speak, we can realize the significance of secret identities with journalistic day jobs (in Ferguson, Lois Lane, Vicki Vale and Iris West might be more useful than their respective heroes). Superman is unique in this respect because as a bulletproof journalist from a small town, Clark Kent is able to report the events, critique injustice and expose the untruths of a complex situation like Ferguson. If comics are to consider the militarization of police, systemic racism and growing inequality in America (and they bloody well should), then perhaps we don’t just need superheroes as much as we need journalists. Perhaps we need stories of small town USA torn apart, writ large enough in mythic metaphor so that our favorite ubermensch can fight for justice, yet also real enough that a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper can tell us the tragic truths we so often need to know. This isn’t just a job for Superman.

This looks like a job for Clark Kent.

—  Anthony Castle, “Truth, Justice and Ferguson." 

Vicki Clark’s Tony speech. I don’t know why I’ve never seen this until now! When she thanks Kelli and she starts crying….oh gracious. tears.

I watched Bernadette and Vicky Clark in Follies on youtube. Well, I’m subjective and the second version was pretty good too….but I missed Bernadette in that. For me, Bernadette WAS there Sally. She doesn’t only play the character, she IS the character she plays. 

And when I listen to “Losing my mind”. I just can’t do nothing more. Bernadette is so fantastic in this role, I want just lay down and die. Because her Sally is so fucking perfect. 

I still think, she was robbed of this Tony.