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The Good Girl and The Model (a danisnotonfire story) Part 1

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I’m backkkkkk!!!! Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in the longest time but I’ve just been going through some personal stuff recently but now everything's a-okay and I am back with a brand new story! Now this is gonna be my first longer story with multiple parts so let’s see how it turns out. ˇhis is just the first chapter so it’s probably not gonna be that great but I will try to update the story and post as much as I can so I hope you enjoy(:

xxx megan

PS This WHOLE story will be from Dan’s POV which should be interesting 

Dan’s POV:

           This whole world is full of greedy bastards. All people want in this world is fame, money and attention. I was born into this world in the hot spotlight with my mom, being a young model at the height of her career. When I was little people would line up with fake smiles and flashing cameras all my life. It was always just something I was used to. I was used to just being surrounded by heartless people with no soul and no feelings towards me. That was until I met her. 

      I strolled to school, with the occasional camera flashes blinding me slightly, as my “girl” Vicky walked next to me, annoyingly pulling on my arms slightly. Vicky’s mother and mine had worked together for quite some time now and thought I would be best if we were seen together in public for both of our careers. Now don’t get me wrong, Vicky is a beautiful young girl, just not my type. As we walked through the gates of my school I noticed a petite girl bent over picking up what looked like some trash that was thrown by other students. Her y/h/c was slightly curled in a high ponytail as a plaid skirt  covered her upper thigh with a white blouse covering her upper half. I curiously looked at the girl as she turned to throw the trash in the bin. A name tag caught my eye as it read “Student Council”. The mysterious girl turned to face me as her eyes widened slightly. She quickly hurried to the sign in table as she shyly greeted us.

      “H-h-hi… are you two here to sign in?…” Her squeaky voice filled my ears as her big y/e/c eyes peered up at us. I smirked slightly before speaking 

     “ I believe this is the sign in table right?” A small blush creeped on her cheeks as she nodded hesitantly 

     “ Last name please?”

      “Howell.” I grinned as I felt Vicky’s eyes burn into my skull, full of jealousy.” 

      “And yours miss?” The innocence girl asked sweetly as she smiled at Vicky, totally unaware of her jealous glare. 

      “I’m not attending this school, just thought I would accompany my BOYFRIEND on registration day.” Vicky spat at the oor girl who’s eyes turned even wider.

     “Oh no no no. I’m sorry Mr. Howell’s GIRLFRIEND but there are no visitors at this hour. I’m afraid you have to leave right away.” Vicky scoffed as she began to open her mouth to argue but I cut in.

     “Vicky go. You heard the young one.” Vicky turned to me wide eyed as she just rolled her eyes and strutted out of the gateway. I turned to the small girl once again who grinned up at me slightly.

      “What’s your name sweetheart?” I asked as she looked up at me as a deer looks at headlights.

      “M-me?” She whispered slightly causing me to laugh and nod “Y/n….” She quietly spoke as she printed out my class info and my dorms info. I bent down slightly so I was her height as I spoke.

       “Don’t you want to know my name?” 

        “ Daniel James Howell…” She read off the info page as she smiled sweetly at me handing me my papers. “You’re rooming with my older brother, Dylan.” I looked down at my papers reading the info quietly as I heard a quiet grumble noise in front of me. I lifted my head to find Y/n holding her stomach gently.

       “You hungry?”


       *Stomach rumbles again*


        “Here,” I placed the papers back down on the table, “let’s go get some lunch.”

        “But what if somebody comes and needs help getting checked in?” She worried, obviously very used to always following the rules. I smirked at her innocence.

      “They can wait. Come on I know this really good place down the street you won’t be gone long.” I whispered as I reached over the table to grab her hand. She looked down at our hands with big eyes as she sighed nodding.

    “Fine. But we have to be back in less than an hour.” 


         “Room B34, This is your room.” Y/N led me to the end of the hallway where she pointed to a door. I nodded as she smiled slightly as she turned to me. “Thank you for a good day Mr. Howell. I had fun.”

       “Please call me Dan sweetie.” She blushed again as she closed her eyes tight

       “Yes of course I don’t know why I called you Mr…. ugh sorry I’m bad at this stuff I don’t talk to cute guys for this long usually.

      I smirked “Cute boys?”

      Her head shot up shocked as she stumbled over her words “NO! I mean yes. I mean no. I mean you’re very attractive but I didn’t mean to say that out loud. I mean I’m sure you get it all the time but I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that out loud. It’s not that you aren’t cute you are VERY cute it’s just….” I chuckled at her nervousness

    “You’re cute when you’re flustered.” I spoke causing her to shut up right away and the rosy pinkness to return to her cheeks. “Wanna do something tonight?” 


     “Yes. Tonight.”

     “Um I don’t know…. sure…. wait what?”

     “Meet me on the roof at 11:15″

      “THE ROOF?!” she squeaked out

      “That is what I said.”

      “That’s not allowed I mean what if we…”

      “ You think too much. Meet me at 11:15.”

      “….. Okay…”

      “Good. See you later Y/N”

       “ Bye Bye Danny.” I turned to face her where she giggled slightly before turning around and walking to her dorm. I smiled to myself as I unlocked the door.

      I think she’s starting to warm up to me.

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is


Dishonor to me (as a potterhead) for not having discovered this show before.

Honestly… I swear… this motherfuckin’ series IS AMAZING, very dark and crude and yet funny and brilliant!

It’s like a roller coaster it brings you up where everything is laughs and joy and then deliberately drops you into the deepest and cruelest feelings ever felt by cause of a tv show.

Everyone should watch it !!