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I finished that doodle I made of The Final Pam and her daughter TurboVicki from that one ask about my soon to be Monster Factory movie idea in a stream, thanks all who stopped by!

(I really appreciate all the kind feedback and amazing comments from you all so far already, especially about how I draw Pam and Vicki ;v; tysm.)

I will also have this available as a small print at Metrocon!


I made an OC for Bendy and the Ink Machine. :) She’s Vicky V. Evans Age: 18

She was working as a studio assistant with Joey when he asked her to bring ink refills to the machine and start it up. Being her first job she Immediately made her way to the ink machine. However after filling up the ink Machine Joey violently shoved her into it. Vicky frantically tried getting out of the machine  Joey struck her across the head with an old cereal mascot bear head and dumped a few bottles of different colors of bright ink into the machine.

Having swallowed giant amounts of the ink in the machine Vicky now is a living cartoon. Her brain literally split in two, now her childish innocence and maturity switch around constantly.  on the outside she looks like a regular girl in bright clothes wearing a mascot head. But she can twist her body in anyway, tear off her limbs, and her mallet can be made into anything Vicky desires. She enjoys tearing off her head and throwing it at folks to scare them. She prefers to be called Vee and she has a soft spot for kids

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Tüm babalarımızın ‘Babalar Günü’nü kutluyorum. Sevgi, saygı ve selamlarımla…
* * *
“Baba bana yürüdüğün
o yolları göster,
baba bana dünyanın
yüreğine inen geçidi,
baba durursam azarla
tökezlersem kaldır beni…

Toprağa süre süre
arıttım yüreğimi,
ellerim kanıyor bak
ısırganlar yolmaktan,
sesim nasıl da kısık
nehirlerin kaynağında
durup da bağırmaktan…

Baba bana yaşamın
çekirdeğini göster,
baba bana bu yolun
sonundaki çiçeği…”

_Ahmet Erhan, Bir Baba İçin -V-
_Görsel: Vickie Wade

Here are some blogs on witchcraft, wicca and paganism that I like. I’ve also included some blogs that post art, pictures of crystals, plants, space, etc. 

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This is a little thank you, since I’m closing in on 5,000 followers. Feel free to add your favourite witchy blogs to this post so that beginner witches find blogs to follow.

Quer dizer, pra que que serve tudo isso? Eu estou tão cansada que nem sei por onde começar. Só sei que estou vivendo uma vida que não é a minha, cheia de amigos que não se importam e com sonhos sufocados pela realidade. Até que nesses dias transbordados de ócio, eu conheci alguém. Mas a diferença que não obtive com os outros, acabou por se tornar a mesmice de sempre nos momentos em que eu me sujeitava a falar com essa pessoa. Não demorou para tudo se tornar igual, e ai esse alguém se tornou só mais um participante do clube da minha-vida-chata-demais. E é aí nessa minha loucura que eu começo a pensar o que diabos eu estou fazendo aqui, porque a vida parece perfeita para todos os outros seres humanos, menos para mim e por mais que eu odeie admitir, nada está bem. E eu não me lembro a última vez em que tudo esteve bem, tipo bem de verdade, sabe? Acho que isso nunca aconteceu.
—  Vicky

Thank you to @madesmeyourown for tagging me to do this ☺️

Name: victoria

Nicknames: v, vicky, occasionally tori when someone wants something

Zodiac sign: aquarius

Height: 5′8″ or just over 172cm

Orientation: as bec said, “lmaooo who fuckin knows NOT ME

Nationality: australian

Favourite fruit: watermelon (does that count as fruit?)

Favourite season: spring

Favourite book: i don’t have one

Favourite flower: rose or daffodil

Favourite scent: rain which is apparently called petrichor

Favourite colour: purple

Favourite animal: elephants, but also tigers and otters and cats

Coffee | Tea | Hot cocoa: not really big on hot drinks but if i had to choose it’d be hot chocolate 

Average sleep hours: according to the app (because i’m the type of person that has an app for that) 7 and a half hours

Cat or dog person: both but cats

Favourite fictional character: my mind has gone blank on all fictional characters… i don’t think i have one? winnie the pooh lol or maybe stewie griffin 

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2 depending on how cold it is

Dream trip: idk but i’ve said london every other time so i’ll stick with that

Blog created: this one was in january 2015

Number of followers: more than i deserve tbh

I tag: @eraofharry, @harrystylesgotmefuckedup and @fairylightsstyles x



HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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