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if anyone thinks the Doctor and his companions have always been good little pacifists beans they could not be more wrong

like, man, first storyline ever the Doctor wants to kill a dude by bashing his head in with a rock (which, funnily enough, is how an audio decades later would dictate he actually did murder someone when he was only a kid) and is stopped by the guy he just essentially kidnapped

a while later the new fifteen year old companion straight up tries to murder Nero and nonchalantly shrugs about it when she tells the Doctor about switching the cups around

I’m not saying One and Vicki are casual murder friends but then again I have always said they’re immensely similar people/kindred spirits despite one being a Time Lord and another being a human teenager so maybe that is exactly what I’m saying

and then you have Leela. who just. straight up murders multiple people. and the Doctor treats this like a pesky quirk like “oh you, stop that” most of the time

so basically what I’m saying is 

that just because Ten is a hypocritical, self-righteous little shit, don’t hold Eleven or Twelve or anyone who writes them to some ridiculous pacifist standard that RTD should not have established (or possibly did not mean to establish, he might have meant it to be interpreted differently)

the Doctor is not a role model of pacifism okay


Ian and Barbara’s lives are changed forever after following Susan home from school.

I wanted to create a video showing some really cool stuff from the first doctor era, as it’s not as widely watched as New Who. So. Here was my try.

Songs: (In Order)
Really Slow Motion - Eternal Courage
Really Slow Motion - Never Ending Adventures

  • Ian: Good. Thanks, dad... Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Vicki: You just called the Doctor "dad". You said "Thanks, dad."
  • Ian: What? No I didn't. I said "Thanks, man."
  • Doctor: Do you see me as a father figure?
  • Ian: No! If anything, I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me!
  • Barbara: Hey! Show your father some respect!

The Chesterdorks: invading each other’s personal space & being completely married since 1963 [2/8]

The First Doctor Era on Tumblr
  • Susan: Lots of cute selfies and flower crown pictures. Tags her grandfather in posts about space because she thinks they're pretty and that he'll like them. Memes. MEMES. MEEMEEES. sO MANY MEMES. Every meme. Changes whole blog during Hallowe'en for skeleton war. Queen of Memes. Her 'When Grandfather isn't Home' video she made with Ian has 38474 notes.
  • Ian: Reblogs every single pun he comes across. Following NASA's blog. Posts on it sort of like a diary, about the going ons on the TARDIS. Posts his own puns, the only notes he gets from them is Barbara liking them out of pity. Lots of silly nonsense poetry. Reblogs all of Barbara's posts, and sometimes sends her sweet anonymous messages to make her day brighter. Theme is a hot mess. Reblogs a few of Susan's memes from time to time.
  • Barbara: Lots of 'This day in History' posts, occasionally rants under one if it's not historically accurate, the occasional gifset of flowers, likes Ian's posts and writes encouraging comments under his posts. Takes rather semi-professional pictures of Team TARDIS and their landings on new lands and planets. Lots of classical music reblogs. Has more followers than Ian, but not as many as Susan.
  • Steven: Posts nothing but pictures of him and Hi-Fi for a while. Lots of photosets of airplanes. Eventually posts silly selfies of him and Vicki, then Katarina and Sara. Thinks the Pepe meme is the greatest thing. After Sara dies, he stops posting, only reblogging his own pictures so he can always see them on his dash. Has a sideblog for Hi-Fi, it has 34003 followers
  • Vicki: Baby animals everywhere, cute animals, scary animals. Everything is animals. Likes everyones posts. Somehow got the Doctor and Steven in a flower crown, so she made that her icon pic. Reblogs 20th and 21st century things and tags them as "vintage" and tags Ian and Barbara in them.
  • Dodo: Practically a Fashion blog. Lots of posts of period clothes from all different types of decades. Likes pictures of the costumes from Back to the Future because she thinks they're the height of fashion. Tags Steven and the Doctor in music she thinks they'll like.
  • Sara Kingdom: Lots of Poetry, mostly others. Reblogs all of Steven's silly pictures. Asks the Doctor anon questions to keep his blog active. Enjoys a good meme or two, always reblogs helpline posts.
  • Katarina: Just one post--I dON't UnDeRstanD
  • Doctor: Runs an intergalactic ask blog. Though the only one who ever asks him questions is Susan, Barbara and Sara. Begrudgingly reblogs any and all pictures he's in. Only follows Ian's blog after he's left the TARDIS. A even mix of space posts and history posts. Has a lots of memes and animals due to Susan and Vicki. Posts extensively about the alien's and people he meets. Complains about Chesterfeild and tags him as such. Though when he talks about Ian and Barbara he refers to them both as the 'Chesterdorks' Made a sideblog for the TARDIS.
Jonathan Creek

Remember that time when Eight had some tea with Churchill?

And that Lucie Miller didn’t care that much about Eight and his TARDIS and stayed with some random magician with long hair and a duffle coat?

Meanwhile Michael Grade was having fun when people freaked out because there had been a murder.

There’s even Five playing a priest. I’m sure he borrowed Churchill’s suit.

But that’s alright, because Romana I is naked…

Vicki managed to travel through time and ended up in UK in ‘97. I wonder how she did it.

There’s even Mr Finch, that disgusting krilitane who enjoys himself playing a magician.

Really, if you don’t remember all that, maybe you remember that time when Six asked someone to make him bark like a sea lion?

And I’m pretty sure Maddie Magellan was a companion of the Doctor, Two, or Four. Anyway, she likes jelly babies.


Doctor Who Companion Name Etymologies - Part ¼

DISCLAIMER: Companions are referred to by their first names here, even if usually referred to by their surnames or another title in series. Nicknames that are short forms of names are used, nicknames that are not a form of the name are not. A good number of the names here are probably not at all what the creators were thinking - they just made up a name, and it coincidentally resembled a real one. Only one name I could not find any real world equivalent of. If a name is officially a short form of a name I cannot find any evidence of being used, but resembles a more common name, I will use the latter. Companions whose names are English words are on the list, companions whose names are puns on English words are not. Companions are ordered as chronologically as possible, but for non-regular companions that's more difficult, and so they are decided according to my judgement. Basically it's all kind of arbitrary but if you don't like it make your own photoset.