Nickhun (Video Message): “This will probably be my last video. In 1 year and 3 months- 456 days, I feet very happy that we were able to be together. We became closer and more comfortable with each other. (Touches ring) Sometimes we fight, and sometimes I get hit, but to me, these are beautiful memories.

In the future, we won’t be able to see each other often anymore. Be careful, take care of yourself. Think of me once in a while…thinking of me a lot is fine too. It’s not illegal to think of me a lot so…think of me a lot. This time [we spent together] was very joyful. Very…-pause- happy.

Victoria (Poster signs): "Do you remember? We met each other for the first time here. Even though it was nervewrecking, I feel relieved. Thank You. In 1 year and 3 months, we made many beautiful memories together. Thanks to Nickhun, I experienced a lot of ‘first times’. Nickhun is the best! Your wish of 'you can cry’…sorry I still can’t make it come true. Thanks for introducing me to your family in Thailand…I was really happy then ^^

In the future, when you are happy…when you are tired…when you are sad…will you think of me? Then….Nickhunssi, 'you can cry’”

My translations might not be too accurate, but no matter how hard I try, I know that none of these words can describe how they felt. Being the WGM couple that stayed together for the longest time, I knew that their last episode would be the most emotional one.

Byebye, Khuntoria~