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name tag!

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Rules: enter your answers and then tag 10 people! use the first letter of your name and then answer each question. Real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice.

name: vicky!

a four letter word: vice
a boy’s name: vincent
an occupation: veterinarian
something you can wear: vest
a food: vineyard products aka grapes (that was a stretch)
something you find in a bathroom: vick’s vaporub
a place: venezuela
a reason for being too late: vehicle…broke……
something you shout: VROOM VROOM
a movie title: V for Vendetta (A+ for creativity wow)
something you drink: vodka. i mean i dont personally drink it buT
a type of car: van does that count

i thought it was going to be so hard bc v is a weird letter but it wasn’t so bad !! and it was fun!! ^^

tagging: @sunshine-stans @mylifeiskpoptrash @shesdreamingofchen @1-2-3-out @sweethao @handsoap-vernon-chwe idk if you guys have done this already haha but even if you haven’t dont feel pressured to!

Vick (Vince's older brother) On Halloween
  • Vick: candy will be out in a minute, ok?
  • Some kid: We want it now!
  • Vick: Nice Ace Savvy Costume
  • The same kid: I'm not wearing a costume.
  • Vick: Then you don't get any fuckin' candy.
Anxiety for unknown reasons

Brain just decided we’re not going to sleep tonight. Little guy woke up with a horrible barking cough. I hope it clears quickly before Medical Appointment on Monday, which cannot be done if he’s sick at all. Kid ALWAYS has a stuffy/runny nose…anyways I came in to cover him in Vicks and he’s not able to sleep deeply enough for me to sneak out again. He keeps hearing me leave and waking up to find out where I am. But I’m pretty comfy here on the floor with his stuffed animal as a pillow and covered in the cuddle blanket and I wasn’t sleeping anyways, so I might just be spending the night. My anxiety is a little better down here listening to his breathing

I met a lady today that worked at one of the shelters where some of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs were brought for rehabilitation. She told me about some of the dogs, and what they thought might have happened to them.

So this is just a reminder that Vick is a dog-torturing monster and he should have gone to jail forever.