“ Our phones & computers became graveyards for thousands of photos taken over the years. Where that skyscraper is today, an old diner stood there years ago. I want to leave a legacy of photos when I leave, that makes you ” Remember when … “ #ArtOfRecovery #VicJames# Photography #Foreel #Inspirations

Be yourself. Create what you like. Don’t rush, its god speed for a reason. Some people would say get up and make it happen. When you pray and things don’t happen at YOUR pace, remember its his pace. People around me say I’m wasting time not going after my dreams. Don’t you realize I am. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Great Wall of China. I have a roof over my head, a beautiful best friend, my bills are paid, I can splurge a little every now and then and well, the images aren’t so bad themselves. I’m not waiting on my big break, I’m living inside my big break. I see so many “15 minutes” of famers, the “ I want it now'rs ” I turn 35 next week and while I’m not where I want to be in life, I’m right where I need to be. Some people served for a season, a reason and simply didn’t serve a purpose to me at all, I served a purpose for them. I’m fine with that. God puts me in people lives to help, change or grant a moment of serenity for them going through a rough time. Just like this shell in the picture I washed up on a beach in South Florida. Some walked on by me, some took a picture of my beauty, some picked me up and threw me down cause I wasn’t to there liking, some kicked me and until the tide takes me out to sea only to wash up on another beach, I will be here posted up on the sand.

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#NashvilleTn I’m visiting in March. Lets lock some time in now. I will be posting print specials at the end of the month. Booking now. Stay tuned to @shopvicjames & @visioniscaptured for more details. Thanks for the continued support. #VicJames